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Csonka’s Reviews Impact Wrestling’s Free Matches (Vol. 1)

April 7, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Laurel Van Ness
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Csonka’s Reviews Impact Wrestling’s Free Matches (Vol. 1)  

Csonka’s Reviews Impact Wrestling’s Free Matches (Vol. 1)

– Laurel Van Ness defeated Deonna Purrazzo @ 5:40 via pin [**½]
– Jessie Godderz defeated Bad Bones @ 6:00 via submission [**¾]
– Davey Richards defeated Andrew Everett @ 7:00 via submission [***]

* Every week, Impact Wrestling uploads “US Xplosion” exclusive matches to Youtube, I thought I’d bunch some of them together on occasion and review these free matches. Enjoy.

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Laurel Van Ness: Borash and Madison Rayne are on commentary. Deonna Purrazzo continues her trend of working everywhere, which I love. Not many are willing to travel, work and do jobs. This was taped before Laurel Van Ness was dumped at the alter and became the drunken and depressed Laurel Van Mess. Van Ness had an attitude right away, and tried to bully Deonna around, but Deonna started to out wrestle her, taking her to the ground to set up for her submission game. Deonna picked up the pace, leading to Van Ness doing an odd sexy dance and taking a powder to the floor. Van Ness stalled for a while, leading to an eye poke, and that allowed Van Ness to take control. Van Ness then took the heat, choking out Deonna in the corner before hitting some hair mares, and Van Ness covered for 2. She followed with ground and pound, yelled at Hebner a bit, allowing Deonna to fight back. She avoided the charge, hit running forearms and followed with a knee strike for 2. Van Ness the fought back with kicks and hit the unprettier for a near fall. Van Ness yelled at Deonna, who fought back with the Russian leg sweep, but missed a senton and Van Ness hit a curb stomp to the back for the win. Laurel Van Ness defeated Deonna Purrazzo @ 5:40 via pin [**½] Nice back and forth match overall, with Deonna getting a lot in (again) in an Impact appearance. She’d be a really good pick up for anyone, as she is constantly improving. Van Ness’ curb stomp to the back is not a good finish though, she’d be better off using a regular curb stomp or the unprettier.

Bad Bones vs. Jessie Godderz: Borash and Pope are on commentary. I’ve seen some fun work from Bad Bones in wXw. Godderz is a guy that keeps improving, but due to his Hollywood aspirations, doesn’t work enough to really capitalize on it. Godderz tried to negate the size of Bones by taking him to the mat, but Bones hit a dropkick to surprise Godderz. Godderz then worked a full nelson and then knee strikes. Godderz then picked up the speed, hitting the dropkick and then tried for the Adonis crab. Bones escaped, stunning Godderz off the ropes and then hitting a northern lariat. Bones then took control, whipping Godderz to the corner and followed with clubbing strikes. Bones then took his time, beating down Godderz with boots in the corner. The release German suplex by Bones followed for 2. Godderz then scored with a backslide for 2, but Bone quickly came back with a powerslam and transitioned into the crossface. Godderz escaped, but Bones hit the buckle bomb, and covered for 2. Godderz fought back with elbows, hit the Saito suplex and then clotheslines. A back breaker followed, and he then went for the Adonis crab and Bones had to tap. Jessie Godderz defeated Bad Bones @ 6:00 via submission [**¾] Pretty good outing overall, with Bones getting a lot in and looking good. I wish they had given him a chance instead of relying on some of the returns they opted for, but it is what it is. With a better closing stretch, this comes off even better.

Andrew Everett vs. Davey Richards: Mathews and Borash are on commentary. They shake hands, and Everett attacks right away, sending Richards to the floor; Everett then wiped him put with a dive. Back in and Everett covers for 2. Everett lays in rights, misses a corner charge and Richards hits a dragon screw leg whip out of the corner. Richards follows with a running clothesline, hits a snap suplex and that gets 2. Everett fired back with rights, but gets turned inside out with a lariat. Richards then grounded Everett, working the legs. Everett then escaped the suplex, but Richards cut him off immediately. Richards followed with the Saito suplex, and grounded Everett with a side headlock. Everett fought to his feet and escaped, but Richards laid in a series of kicks, but is then low bridged to the floor. Everett cuts off the suicide dive and follows with a springboard leg lariat for the near fall. Everett then looked for a suplex, but Richards fought that off, and then fought off a sunset flip and hit a standing double stomp for 2. Richards then set Everett up top, but Everett shoved him off and rolled through on the 450, Richards rolled him up for 2. Everett hit a PELE, but Richards hit the toss up kick and transitioned to the ankle lock and had to tap. Davey Richards defeated Andrew Everett @ 7:00 via submission [***] Good back and forth match here, with a ton of energy and nice sense of urgency from both guys. This was easily the best of the three matches here today.

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This was a solid collection of matches; it’s nice that Impact uploads these and hopefully the matches to come provide some hidden gems.