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Csonka’s ROH 17th Anniversary PPV Preview

March 15, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
ROH 17th Anniversary

WELCOME back to column time with Larry! Today, I am going to discuss and preview the ROH 17th Anniversary PPV. So today, I will break down and preview the show. Thanks for reading! It’s wrestling, we love it and will disagree. The only rules are “have a take, be respectful, and don’t be a dick.”

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Marty Scurll vs. Kenny King: Both men are former TV champions and also failed world title challengers. They have had issues in the past and King won their last meeting. With Scurll challenging for the NWA Title on an upcoming ROH event, and the fact that I feel they will heat him up for one last ROH Title shot before he leaves/contract expires (and they confirmed that he’s challengingfor the title at the G1 Supercard event), I see the villain taking this one. WINNER: Marty Scurll

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Rush vs. Bandido: This one right here has banger/show stealing potential written all over it. Rush is a great performer with charisma for days, while Bandido is an extremely talented and exciting performer. Rush is the bigger star, but Bandido is challenging for the IWGP Jr title at the G1 Supercard show, he really should pick up the win here. WINNER: Bandido

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Lifeblood’s Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams vs. The Kingdom’s Vinny Marseglia & TK O’Ryan: Lifeblood is one of ROH’s newer stables, and they have had some issues with the Kingdom, recently backing up Lethal so he could destroy Taven’s fake world title. The match will have implications on both the regular and six-man tag divisions, as both teams want a regular tag title shot, while Lifeblood gunning for the six-ma titles makes a lot of sense. This will likely be a solid to good match, and I see Lifeblood winning to get a shot at the six-man titles. WINNER: Lifeblood’s Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams

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Jonathan Gresham vs. Silas Young: One thing that has made me happy about ROH in 2019 is that the Lizardman finally feels like he’s using Gresham. He’s been on TV more, made the shows in Japan, and is on PPV now. And it’s about time, because ROH looks silly when they don’t use Gresham and then he works other places, delivering bangers. He’ll have tough task here against Silas Young, who always works hard and gives everyone trouble. This will be an interesting clash of styles, as Young is more the brawling bully, while Gresham is more the pure wrestler. A young win wouldn’t shock me, but I feel it’s time to give Gresham a nice PPV win. WINNER: Jonathan Gresham

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Champion Mayu Iwatani vs. Kelly Klein: Klein won the title at Final Battle in a lack luster match, and then proceeded to do basically nothing with it before losing to Iwatani. The switch to Iwatani was smart because it showed that STARDOM talents have a chance to win championships when they compete, and also because Iwatani is a vastly superior performer to Klein. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them put the title back on Klein, since she’s a regular, but I’d love to see Iwatani retain and the division get some real momentum. WINNER: Kelly Klein

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Champions The Briscoes vs. PCO & Brody King: With the feud getting extremely violent, the Briscoes have petitioned for this match to be No DQ. I am all for this, because all four thrive in the wild brawl setting, and I think the match will be better because of it. The problem I have here is that I fear that there will be a lack of drama for a title change as the Briscoes already challenged the G.O.D. for a Title vs. Title at the G1 Supercard, and the Briscoes are a bigger and more important act than PCO & King. It’s due to that, I see the champions retaining here in what could be a great and violent match. WINNER: The Briscoes

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Champion Jeff Cobb vs. Shane Taylor: This match has some potential. Last year on ROH TV, these two worked an absolutely great, sub-ten minute, hoss style sprint that I thought ruled. Taylor is a guy who I feel has definitely improved over the last 18-months, he’s dropped some weight, is more comfortable in the role he plays, and his confidence looks to be at an all-time high. Jeff Cobb has been great for a long time and his run in ROH is something the company needed. He rarely disappoints in big time matches, and I expect him to deliver here with Taylor and retain heading into the G1 Supercard event. WINNER: Jeff Cobb

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Champion Jay Lethal vs. Matt Taven: And here we come to our main event of the eventing. Champion Jay Lethal, with his two combined reigns is the longest running ROH World champion and has been one of ROH’s most consistent performers for the last few years. He flat out delivers and rarely disappoints. Challenger Matt Taven feels he’s the rightful world champion and even had a fake belt made, which was destroyed by Lethal. In the past, when Lethal wasn’t champion, Taven had his number more often than not, and a win for him would make him the second ever ROH grand slam champion. This is an angle ROH has heavily pushed. Now while MSG is already sold out, I have a hard time seeing Taven in a top match on that show. But the lizard man pulls title changes at the wrong/odd times, so I can see a Taven win. I don’t feel Taven as the champion, and while I wouldn’t call Lethal’s run “super hot,” he’s more than delivered and gave the company stability when Castle was injured. I don’t think I’d pull the title from Lethal for Taven personally, but I think they’ll make the move. WINNER: Matt Taven

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