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Csonka’s ROH Final Battle Fallout 2019 Review

December 16, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
roh final battle fallout 2019
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Csonka’s ROH Final Battle Fallout 2019 Review  

Csonka’s Final Battle Fallout 2019 Review

– Mark Haskins defeated Hallowicked @ 11:00 via pin [***¼]
– Nicole Savoy defeated Sumie Sakai @ 11:50 via pin [***]
– Jonathan Gresham defeated Alex Shelley @ 11:30 via pin [***¾]
– Bateman defeated Tracy Williams @ 13:30 via pin [***]
#1 Contender’s Match: Silas Young and Josh Woods defeated The Briscoes @ 15:10 via pin [***½]
– Flip Gordon defeated Rey Horus @ 11:55 via submission [***]
– PCO & Marty Scurll defeated Jeff Cobb & Dan Maff @ 16:30 via pin [***¼]

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– Caprice & Ian are on commentary

– We open with Villain Enterprises heading to the ring. Destro is even out with PCO. Marty says it’s an exciting time for them all, and teases an announcement following his NWA appearance, and then reveals he has some sick new sneakers. He tells Flip he looks like an asshole wearing a scarf and then puts over PCO’s title win, noting that no one deserves it more. PCO gets to speak and says he feels damn good. He finally became a world champion, something that took him two life times, and he accomplished thanks to Destro. He thanks the fans for their support. Via video, Rush interrupts and informs us that he, Dragon Lee, and Kenny King w/manager Amy Rose (REALLY, KENNY FUCKING KING?) are now a “La Faction Ingobernoble” trio here in ROH. PCO says that he will not give the title back to him, he has his faction, but they are Villain Enterprises.

Mark Haskins vs. Hallowicked: Vicki is at ringside. They lockup, working into counters and end in a standoff. They grapple to the mat and again end in a standoff. Haskins takes control, Hallowicked counters and a cradle follows for 2. Knee strike by Haskins and that gets 2. He grounds things, attacking the arm and taking control. Hallowicked looks to counter, but Haskins locks on a rings of Saturn. Hallowicked rolls and makes the ropes. Hallowicked follow with arm drags, a RANA and Haskins powders. Hallowicked follows and attacks, back in and Hallowicked covers for 2. He follows with kicks, uppercuts and hits an XPLODER for 2. Hallowicked now works a modified dragon sleeper, Haskins powers out into a cradle for 2. They trade pin attempts and Haskins fires back with kicks and we get a double down. back to the feet, Haskins does the deal with the falcon arrow and the arm bar follows until Hallowicked rolls to the floor. PK by Haskins and the running knee strike connects. Back in and Haskins up top, leaps over Hallowicked but Hallowicked hits go to sleepy hollow and then a suicide dive. Back in and the yakuza kick gets 2. The running knee strike and iconoclasm follows. The senton eats knees. Haskins hits the shoulder solider roll and double stomp finishes it. Mark Haskins defeated Hallowicked @ 11:00 via pin [***¼] Good opening match as Haskins maintains momentum and Hallowicked looked good. I’d love to see more of him in ROH in 2020.

– We get a Flamita video package.

Nicole Savoy vs. Sumie Sakai: They lockup and work to the ropes. Sakai wants to grapple and looks for a knee bar, and they roll to the ropes. Lockup and Savoy grounds things. Sakai counters but Savoy maintains control until Sakai gets a head scissors. Savoy escapes and Sakai attacks with kicks, takes her down and Savoy uses butterfly guard to escape as they look for heel hooks and make the ropes. Sakai attacks with strikes, Savoy fires back and grounds her with a choke until Sakai sweeps and dumps her. The high cross to the floor follows and then a dropkick into the chairs at ringside. Back in and Sakai heads up top and hits a missile dropkick for 2. Savoy cuts her off and follows with a draping dropkick. The deathlock follows, Sakai makes the ropes and Savoy follows with a suplex for 2. The arm bar follows, transitions to a rings of Saturn, adds in the leg and Sakai fights and makes the ropes. The Saito suplex connects for 2. Savoy lays in knee strikes, strikes and Sakai fires back. The neck breaker follows, they trade and Sakai hits a standing double stomp. The RANA and cradle follows for 2. Savoy counters back, hits a head kick, XPLODER and that gets 2. The TKO gets 2. Savoy heads up top, Sakai cuts her off and follows her up. Savoy counters and Sakai misses the moonsault and Savoy covers for 2. The rings of Saturn follows but Sakai makes the ropes. German by Sakai and that gets 2. German by Savoy, knee strike and the bridging half and half finishes it. Nicole Savoy defeated Sumie Sakai @ 11:50 via pin [***] I love Savoy and she’s certainly someone that ROH needs if they want to make this women’s division worth anything. Maybe a bit long but a good match, easily the best women of honor match in what feels like an eternity.

– The Allure attack post match. Love calls Maria manic a failure and calls her out, calling her an ugly bitch. Maria Manic arrives to clean house, but before she can powerbomb Love through a table, Bully Ray made the save and chokeslammed her through the table, because of fucking course he did, he has to leech off of another potential star.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Alex Shelley: Lethal is at ringside. They immediately work into a counter filled grappling exchange. Lockup and they work into standing switches, Gresham grounds him and Shelley counters and they end in a standoff. Of the ropes, Gresham misses the springboard moonsault as Shelley then hits a flatliner to the buckles. Shelley works a straightjacket, Gresham escapes and starts attacking the knee of Shelley. He follows with strikes, counters follow and Gresham gets the figure four center ring. Shelley works to escape, does and Gresham delivers chops and goes back to the knee. Shelley is down, fights back and stuns Gresham off the ropes. Gresham dropkicks the knee and dragon screws him in the ropes. Shelley fires back, Gresham attacks the knee but Shelley counters back, they trade and both men are down. Back to the feet, they trade chops and Gresham cradles him for 2, Shelley then cradles him for 2. They keep trading near falls, superkick by Shelley and They work into another series of cradles, as Gresham finally puts Shelley away. Jonathan Gresham defeated Alex Shelley @ 11:30 via pin [***¾] Gresham gets revenge after losing to Shelley earlier this year. This was really good stuff, not quite as good as their first match, but the best thing on the show so far and I loved that Gresham just won clean, because sometimes it’s ok for heels to win clean.

– ROH announced Australian star Slex has signed with the company; he’s a good pickup if actually used properly.

Bateman vs. Tracy Williams: Williams attacks and runs wild at the bell, looking for revenge for previous Bateman attacks. Bateman cuts him off with strikes & chops but Williams fires back and they trade. He works over Williams in the corner, Williams fires back and dropkicks him to the floor. They brawl on the floor, and Bateman sends him to the barricade. Williams slowly fires back, hits a suplex and back in, Bateman stuns him off the ropes. He chokes out Williams in the ropes, lays in chops and they trade. Williams quickly cuts him off, follows with chops and Williams fires back again. Williams follows with a bulldog shining wizard and covers for 2. Bateman counters back with kicks and grounds Williams. Williams fires up, and follows with a springboard missile dropkick. Bateman quickly cuts him off with a neck breaker for 2. They trade, Angle slam by Williams and chops and a hammerlock suplex connects. Williams takes him up top, and the superplex follows for 2. Bateman fights off a TKO, they trade until Williams hits a big lariat. Bateman fires back, but Williams pulls a crossface, Bateman escapes and Williams hits a DVD for 2. Williams delivers more strikes, and covers for 2. Bateman battles back and hits the brainbuster for 2. Williams up top, and the buckle DDT follows for 2. Balloons arrive and Williams is distracted. A new woman distracts Williams, some homeless dude gets involved, dumped, and Bateman hits the tombstone to finish it.Bateman defeated Tracy Williams @ 13:30 via pin [***] So VINCENT is leading the Menagerie 2.0. The match was good, but held back from being anything more due to poor transitional work from Bateman, and the finish. Williams is reportedly done with ROH, which is a same since he was one of the most consistent guys they had in 2019.

– Post match, VINCENT and two new members of his group (one man, one woman) celebrate with Bateman. VINCENT takes the mic and claims Taven was ROH champion because of him, but he didn’t get to enjoy any of it because it wasn’t him. He did all the hard work, all the dirty work, but didn’t get to be the man. He didn’t do anything wrong man, he’s a good leader and closed the gates of the Kingdom. Welcome to Ring of Horror.

– PCO will defend against Rush on January 11th. Nicole Savoy also returns that night (YAY!).

Silas Young and Josh Woods vs. The Briscoes: Mark and Woods begin, working to the mat and Mark controlling early on until Woods cradles him for 2. Woods then outwrestles Mark and slaps his ass. Mark fires back and Young tags in. They lockup, work into counters as follows with a shoulder tackle. The dropkick follows, he dumps Jay but Jay rushes back in as the Briscoes take control and they brawl to the floor. Mark follows with a dive as they continue to control on the floor. Back in and Jay takes the heat on Young, tags in Mark and double teams follow. Mark hits chops and a suplex for 2. They continue to isolate Young, Woods tags in and follows with suplexes. Woods grounds things, working the arm and Mark breaks it up. Woods keep the heat on Jay, Young tags in and double teams follow for 2. He whips Jay to the buckles, Woods tags in and pummels Jay with strikes. Young back in, and he grounds things. Jay fights back and wholesale changes to Woods and Mark follow. Mark runs wild, hits a DVD & strikes and an XPLODER on Young. Brainbuster on Woods, but Woods counters froggy bow into an arm bar, transitions to an ankle lock and Young takes out Jay. German by Woods and jay rushes in to cut him off. The neck breaker follows for 2. Mark dumps Young, and redneck boogie follows for 2 on Woods. Jay follows with uppercuts, takes Woods up top and Young makes the save, anarchist suplex on Jay, Mark takes him out and he Woods head up top. They trade, avalanche belly to belly by Woods and everyone is down. They all brawl, the Briscoes isolate Woods and doomsday is stopped by Gresham and Woods hits chaos theory for the win. Silas Young and Josh Woods defeated The Briscoes @ 15:10 via pin [***½] Young and Woos winning made the most sense here. They were undefeated, actually hold a win over the new champions, and it also keeps us from an immediate rematch between the Briscoes and new champions. Gresham & Lethal screwing the Briscoes again played well, and overall this was very good.

Flip Gordon vs. Rey Horus: They lockup and work to the ropes for the clean break. Gordon then cradles him for 2. They work into counter and end in a standoff. Horus offers a handshake, but Gordon attacks and they pick up the pace as Horus hits a leg lariat. To the floor and Gordon cuts him off. Back in and Gordon follows with chops. Gordon tips him up and pulls him to the floor, following with a German. Back in and Gordon follows with uppercuts, a head kick and covers for 2. Gordon takes him up top, attacks the mask and gets him on the tree of WHOA and works him over. Gordon misses a charge, posts himself and Horus follows with a springboard arm drag. He then hits an over the post tope. Horus lays in chops, back in and hits forearms and clotheslines for 2. Gordon fires back, follow with kicks and does the deal with a falcon arrow for 2. Horus battles back, follows with strikes and the Spanish fly gets 2. They trade chops, fire up and keep trading. Gordon hits a knee strike, takes him up top and follows him up but Horus fights him off but Gordon hits kinder surprise. Gordon then hits a suicide dive, and back in, heads up top and drops down, covering for 2. Flip sys fuck your flips. Gordon follows with a PELE and nightmare on Helms street for 2. Horus fires back, they head up top and Gordon counters but Horus hits the wheelbarrow driver for 2. Horus up top, PELE by Gordon and Flip 5 connects. The STF follows and Horus taps. Flip Gordon defeated Rey Horus @ 11:55 via submission [***] This was good, with Flip winning as expected, but Horus impressing in his loss.

PCO & Marty Scurll vs. Jeff Cobb & Dan Maff: Destro is at ringside. Cobb and Marty begin, locking up and working into counters as they trade shoulder tackles. Cobb cuts him off with the dropkick and tags in Maff. Double teams follow until Marty runs away. He tags in PCO and he and Maff collide. Shoulder tackle by PCO, Marty joins in but so does Cobb and the suplex PCO & Marty. To the floor and Maff brawls with PCO, superkick by Marty and back in, PCO dropkicks Maff. Marty tags back in and Cobb clotheslines him, and follows with the overhead belly to belly for 2. The standing moonsault follows for 2. He hits a superkick and dead lift superplexes PCO. PCO pops up and counters a German and follows with a lariat. He hits knee strikes, Marty in and double teams follow. Marty hits a flurry of kicks and covers for 2. He lays in chops and strikes, Cobb cuts him off and Maff is in and runs wild. He spears PCO, Cobb joins in and Cobb hits a sidewinder slam on PCO as Maff hits the senton for 2. Cobb follows with head butts and chops, Maff in and he delivers chops to PCO. PCO fires back, but Cobb cuts him off with a slam. Maff follows with strikes, quick tags follow and PCO cuts them off with clotheslines. Tag to Marty and he runs wild with strikes, runs them together and follows with the superkick. He works over Maff, Cobb accidentally hits Maff and Marty hits a tornado DDT on Cobb and then Maff. PCO in and the assisted dive follows. The Quebec guillotine follows and Marty covers for 2. Marty then cradles Cobb for 2. Cobb fires back, but Marty hits the suplex for 2. Cobb cuts him off with a head butt, Maff tags in and hits the cutter for 2. He hits another but PCO makes the save. It breaks down, destroyer by PCO and Marty covers for 2. The Quebec cannonball follows and Marty covers for 2 as Cobb makes the save. Cobb is dumped and PCO almost dies on a suicide cannonball. Pounce by Maff, and he accidentally suicide dives onto Cobb. PCO up top and the senton misses as he crashes to the apron. Marty counters the burning hammer into a cradle and pins Maff. PCO & Marty Scurll defeated Jeff Cobb & Dan Maff @ 16:30 via pin [***¼]

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The final score: review Good
The 411
While ROH Final Battle Fallout 2019 didn’t have the highs of Final Battle, it also didn’t have the lows. What it had going for it was that it was consistently good throughout in the ring, introduced some new faces, and set some angles in motion heading into 2020,including a lot of doubt in Marty’s future. It was a good show and also an easy watch at 2.5 hours long.