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Csonka’s ROH Global Wars Espectacular Milwaukee 2019 Review

September 8, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s ROH Global Wars Espectacular Milwaukee 2019 Review  

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Csonka’s ROH Global Wars Espectacular Milwaukee 2019 Review

– PCO & Brody King defeated The Bouncers @ 10:10 via pin [**½]
TV Title Match: Champion Shane Taylor vs. Dysfunction @ 2:15 via pin [NR]
– Kelly Klein & Stacy Shadows defeated The Allure @ 7:00 via pin [**]
– Marty Scurll defeated Joe Hendry @ 13:40 via submission [***½]
– Josh Woods & Silas Young defeated Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham @ 17:30 via pin [***½]
– PJ Black defeated Triton & Flip Gordon @ 12:44 via pin [***¼]
– Caristico, Stuka Jr, & Volador Jr. defeated Okumura, Hechicero, & Rey Bucanero @ 12:20 via pin [***]
– Lifeblood defeated The Briscoes & Cavernario @ 15:30 via pin [****]
– Rush & Jeff Cobb defeated Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia @ 13:00 via pin [***¼]

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PCO & Brody King vs. The Bouncers: King and Bruiser begin. They lock up and separate. Lock up again and they trade strikes, chops and Bruiser then takes control with jabs and bites King. Milonas tags in and PCO joins him. PCO attacks with strikes. Milonas fires back and Milonas dumps PCO but PCO pulls him to the floor and works him over as King shoots Bruiser to the barricade. King posts Milonas and Bruiser up top and wipes out the pile with a high cross to the floor. He then misses a cannonball and crashes into the barricade. Back in and they double team Milonas, King follows with chops and PCO joins back in with head butts. John Wooooooooooooo by King who then hip tosses PCO onto Milonas and hits a cannonball. Milonas fights of the double chokeslam. And hits the running cross body to take them out. Tag to Bruiser and he follows with corner clotheslines and ass attacks. The elbow drop follows and then an apron cannonball to the floor. Milonas brawls with King, and King hits a suicide dive. PCO follows with a dive and Milonas is cut off by King. They trade strikes, lariat by King and both men are down. King heads up top and Bruiser crotches him, they look for closing time but Vinny attacks bruiser as King powerbombs Milonas for 2. The PCO-sault follows for the win. PCO & Brody King defeated The Bouncers @ 10:10 via pin [**½] This was a solid opener, although I could have one without the interference.

– TV Champion Shane Taylor arrives.

TV Champion Shane Taylor vs. Dysfunction: Taylor says of Dysfunction lasts 5-minutes, Dysfunction wins the title. Dysfunction runs away and stalls, so Taylor calls him a bitch and puts him hands behind him back and gives him a chance to knock him out. Dysfunction attacks but Taylor head butts him and follows with a lariat. The knee strike and greeting from 216 finishes it. Champion Shane Taylor vs. Dysfunction @ 2:15 via pin [NR] Squash,

The Allure vs. Kelly Klein & Stacy Shadows: Love and Kelly begin, locking up and Kelly grounds things. She works the arm, and Love counters to her feet and slams Kelly down. Shadows tags in and hits a slam. She slams Leon and then Love again. She corner splashes both and covers for 2. Love powders and Kelly follows the Allure to the floor and Shadows attacks. Back in and Leon slams Shadows to the barricade and Love covers for 2. Leon knocks Kelly to the floor and then hits clotheslines on Shadows. Face washes follow, Love tags in and rakes the eyes and the neck breaker gets 2. Leon back in and lays the boots to her. Shadows then hits a suplex and tags in Kelly. She brings Love in and works her over in the corner. The clothesline follows for 2as Leon makes the save. It breaks down, Shadows gets posted and Love cradles Kelly for 2. Kelly follows with a DDT for the win. Kelly Klein & Stacy Shadows defeated The Allure @ 7:00 via pin [**] This was ok, which is an improvement.

– The Allure layout Klein post match.

– Kenny King mocks Rhett Titus for his latest loss.

Marty Scurll vs. Joe Hendry: They lock up and work to the ropes. They lock up, working into counters, and Marty follows with chops and then backs off. Lock up again, Marty outwrestles him and takes him down with ease. Hendry counters back, hits a shoulder tackle and follows with uppercuts. Marty fires back with chops and a running back elbow. Hendry powders, and Marty then gets a sunset flip for 2. He attacks the arm, hits a superkick and covers for 2. They spill to the floor, and Marty lays in strikes and a running back elbow. Back in and Marty follows with clotheslines but Hendry counters the tornado DDT into a suplex for 2. He whips Marty to the buckles and the delayed suplex follows for 2. Hendry grounds things and has control. He follows with throws and the hip toss connects as he works back into a cobra clutch. Marty fights to his feet, hits uppercuts and dumps Hendry and follows with the apron superkick. Back in and Marty looks for a powerbomb countered and Hendry cradles him for 2. Marty cuts him of and the powerbomb connects for 2. Hendry counters graduation, hits a DDT and rolls into a face buster and lariat for 2. Marty counters the fall away slam, snapdragon by Marty and then takes Hendry up top. He follows him up and the superplex follows for 2. Hendry fights off the Villain driver, and rolls into an ankle lock. Marty fights, and makes the ropes. Marty follows with a lariat, looks for the chicken wing and Hendry cuts him off and hits the code breaker for 2. Dalton Castle’s music hits and this distracts Hendry. This allows Marty to lock on the chicken wing and Hendry taps. Marty Scurll defeated Joe Hendry @ 13:40 via submission [***½] This was a really good and competitive match that did a lot for Hendry who has been cold since debuting. The finish, while it makes sense, was an extremely flat and not needed sportz entertainment one.

– Brian Johnson is in the ring and rants. He lost in the top prospect tournament and Maria Manic arrives. Security arrives, she kicks their asses and Johnson runs for his life.

Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham vs. Silas Young & Josh Woods: Wood and Gresham begin, locking up and working go the mat for some grappling. They work into a standoff, and Jay tags in. They lock up and Woods grounds things, and then follows with a shoulder tackle and cradles Jay for 2. He transitions to an arm bar, but Jay makes the ropes. They shake hands, which Silas doesn’t approve of. Gresham and Silas tag in, Silas looks to overpower him as they work to the mat. Gresham starts outwrestling Silas, and trade pin attempts. The tumbleweed follows for 2 as they end in a standoff. They trade strikes and chops, and Gresham then Bangkoks Silas. Jay tags in and is not pleased. Gresham then low bridges Silas and works him over on the floor to the dismay of Jay. They argue and Silas fights them off, and gets a cradle for 2. Woods tags in and follows wit a German and overhead toss. The running knees strike follows for 2. Jay cradles him for 2,andWoods then lays in a flurry of kicks as Silas hits a clothesline on Jay on the floor. Back in and Woods covers for 2. Silas takes control, working over Jay and talking shit. Woods tag in and the catapult into a knee strike follows for 2. Woods follows with gut wrench suplexes but Jay counters back with the lethal combination. Tags to Gresham and Silas, They trade strikes and chops, Silas fights off a suplex and Woods joins in, Gresham cuts him off and Silas runs into Woods. Enziguri by Gresham and the German follows for 2. Wood tags in, Jay joins them as it breaks down into a four-way free for all. Gresham hits the delayed German and ay hits a suicide dive. Silas pulls him to the floor, moonsault press by Gresham and the suicide dive follows but Jay flies in with an elbow drop but Woods catches him with a triangle. He transitions to an ankle lock and into a delayed German for 2. It breaks down as Silas and Woods follow with double teams for 2. Silas grabs a chair, Gresham slides one to Jay as Woods attacks and Silas hits misery on Jay for the win. Josh Woods & Silas Young defeated Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham @ 17:30 via pin [***½] This was a very good high energy tag with the two team dynamics playing well throughout.

– Gresham berates Lethal for losing post match, and they finally snap and brawl. After weeks of teases, it’s safe to say that after this and the promo with Shelley in Dearborn, Gresham officially a heel, which I like.

Flip Gordon vs. PJ Black vs. Triton: Triton is back to his super small tights, due to fan demand. Flip powders and takes a seat on the floor. Black and Triton get to action and Triton follows with a dropkick. Black counters back, trips him up and covers for 2. The arm drag an double stomp follows. He dropkicks Flip back to the floor and follows with a dive. Triton fires up and hits a step up moonsault to the floor. the super small tights make him more aerodynamic Black follows with a plancha onto Flip and then delivers chops to Triton. Back in an Black superkicks Triton. Flip counters back but spears to hurt his knee and heads to the back. Fuck I hope he’s faking, Flip’s had a bad year. Black and Triton continue and work into a double down. Yup, Flip was faking and runs back into attack. Flip runs wild and covers for 2. He cuts off Triton and dumps him. Flip follows with strikes, an enziguri and tornado DDT on Triton. Black counters back and the brainbuster follows for 2. he slams Triton onto Flip and hits the moonsault on both for 2. The Gory special/half crab follow son both. He dumps Flip and heads up top, but Flip crotches him. Kinder surprise follows and Triton then hits the super RANA. Top rope Spanish fly on Flip follows for 2. Triton runs wild with a RANA, arm drags and the run up high cross to the floor. Back in and Triton heads up top, and hits the frog splash onto both covering for 2. the superkick and back handspring kick follows, but Flip makes the save. Flip rips off his mask and eye pokes Black. He gets a chair and Williams arrives and chases Flip to the back. Dropkick by Triton and the moonsault eats feet. The springboard 450 finishes it. PJ Black defeated Triton & Flip Gordon @ 12:44 via pin [***¼] This was a good and fun match, but again had an overbooked finish, which while it plays into a feud, means less the more they do them.

Caristico, Stuka Jr, & Volador Jr. vs. Okumura, Hechicero, & Rey Bucanero: Stuka and Hechicero begin, working into counters and into a standoff. They then work into some sloppy exchanges, and as Hechicero grounds the action. Stuka battles back and Hechicero follows with chops and connects with a takedown and elbow drop. The inverted cloverleaf follow but Stuka powers up and hits ahead scissors. Rey & Volador tag in and Volador follows with a RANA. Caristico and Okumura tag in, they trade chops and Okumura follows with a back elbow but Caristico counters back with an enziguri and a RANA, The plancha follows and Stuka & Hechicero trade chops and drop the straps and Rey joins in for double teams. It breaks down as the rudos take control with an AWA special and triple teams. Caristico makes the save and they take him out. Stuka battles back, runs wild on the rudos and tags in Volador as it continues to break down. The technicos follow with dives and back in Hechicero cuts off Volador and the rudos work him over. Rey follows with the assisted senton for 2. Hechicero follows with strikes and Caristico flies in with the high cross. Hechicero cuts him off but Caristico battles back with RANAs. Double teams on the rudos follow and Stuka covers for 2. Hechicero locks on a sleeper, follows with kicks and heads up top Volador cuts him off and we get a tower of dom. Torpedo splash by Stuka follows for 2. He dumps Rey and the technicos isolate Okumura and Caristico follows with a suicide dive. Moonsault to the floor by Stuka and Hechicero takes Volador up top, but the Volador special super RANA finishes it. Caristico, Stuka Jr, & Volador Jr. defeated Okumura, Hechicero, & Rey Bucanero @ 12:20 via pin [***] It was a bit disjointed early on, but worked itself into a good and fun match,

– Silas Young & Josh Woods arrive and Silas mocks the fans but says he’s glad to be here tonight. He’s giving back by taking Woods under his wing and says they went 3-0 this weekend. He brings out the Bouncers. Silas says he knows they have has their issues but wants to put them aside with a handshake. Bruiser is glad to put it all behind them and says they are all doing their own thing, and wants to celebrate Silas’ birthday. The crowd sings happy birthday to Silas and Silas attacks Bruiser as Vinny arrives and attacks Milonas with chair shots. They zip tie Milonas to the ropes as Woods tries to stop Silas. Vinny grabs a turnbuckle and attacks Bruiser, busing his mouth open. Woods just looks confused and leaves. Vinny poses with a tooth of Bruiser that he knocked out.

Lifeblood (Bandido, Haskins, & Williams) vs. The Briscoes & Cavernario: The Briscoes and Cavernario attack before the bell and here we go. They run wild on Haskins after clearing out the others. Jay grounds things and Williams tags in and Lifeblood takes control working triple teams on Jay. Williams follows with chops and a suplex for 2. Bandido tags in and Jay cuts him off as Mark tags in with strikes. The suplex follows for 2. v tags in, working over Bandido. The dropkick follows. Jay tags in and follow with uppercut as Mark joins in for double teams. Bandido fires back tags in Williams and he trades chops with Mark. They work into counters, Jay tags in and the clothesline follows. They dump Williams as the brawl heads to the floor. Mark follows with the cactus elbow drop and back in, Jay works over Williams with uppercuts & kicks. Williams battles back with a leg drop off the ropes and Cavernario cuts off the tag, but Bandido files in and runs wild on all three opponents and the tornado DDT connects. Lifeblood follows with dives and are back in control. Back in and Bandido hits the Spanish fly on Cavernario or 2. Cavernario fires up with the worm and hits the hammerlock suplex for 2. Bandido fights of Mark and then gets decapitated with a lariat and redneck boogie follows for 2. It breaks down, pop up cutter by Bandido and then trades with Mark until Mark hits the fisherman’s buster for 2. Jay tags in but Bandido fights off the Jay driller with a knee strike, Williams in and hits the buckle DDT as Haskins tags in with the shoulder soldier roll. Assisted 450 by Bandido gets 2 as Cavernario & Mark make the save. Cavernario runs wild and hits ushigoroshi for 2. He dumps Williams &Haskins, and hits aback breaker on Bandido. The Vader bomb follows and Mark hits froggy bow for 2. The Briscoes look for doomsday on Bandido but he counters out, hits x-knee and Williams takes out Cavernario. X-knee by Bandido on Mark and the Williams piledriver follows. Stomp boy by Haskins as Bandido hits a moonsault to the floor follows and Mark is done. Lifeblood defeated The Briscoes & Cavernario @ 15:30 via pin [****] This was a great, high octane tag match, further positioning Lifeblood as threats for the tag team titles.

Rush & Jeff Cobb vs. Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia: Rush and Taven to begin. Nope, Taven talks shit and tags in Marseglia. Rush immediately takes control, hits a basement dropkick and tags in Cobb. They double team Marseglia and control with ease. Cobb follows with strikes & chops, and then tosses Marseglia across the ring. Rush tags in and grounds the action. He lays the boots to Marseglia, Cobb tags back in and the standing moonsault follows for 2. Marseglia fires back, but Cobb lights him up with chops. Taven hits an enziguri but Cobb looks for a suplex until Marseglia hits the cutter and follows with strikes. Taven takes the heat, tags in Marseglia and they ground Cobb. Marseglia follow with corner attacks, a neck breaker and covers for 2. Marseglia keeps him grounded, Taven hits a dropkick and Marseglia follows with the Saito suplex for 2. Taven hits the DDT for 2. Taven talks shit and follows with strikes and chokes out Cobb. Marseglia tags in and continues to keep Cobb grounded. Cobb fires up and follows with a lariat and tags in Rush. They trade chops, strikes, and Marseglia jumps Rush from behind. Rush fires back hits a snap German, knee strike and then suplexes Taven to the buckles. Rush then straight up kicks him in the face and tranquilos. He suplexes Marseglia and covers for 2. Marseglia fires back, hits the side effect and Taven follows with the frog slash but Rush kicks out at 2. Rush cuts him off wit ahead butt, Cob tags in and runs wild with uppercuts, the overhead toss and helicopter slam. Marseglia cuts him off and Taven hits just the tip, red rum by Marseglia and Rush makes the save. Rush dumps Taven, Marseglia cuts him off and Cobb counters sliced bread into tour of the islands for the win. Rush & Jeff Cobb defeated Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia @ 13:00 via pin [***¼] Good main event, setting up the stage for Rush vs. Taven well while reminding us that Cobb also has a guaranteed title shot coming up.

– Post match, Taven says he’s beaten everyone and Rush will not be the man to beat him. Marseglia cuts off Rush and Taven hits a belt shot and just the tip and two more. Taven then hits Rush’s bulls horns on Rush

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