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Csonka’s ROH: Honor For All Preview

July 20, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
ROH Honor For All

WELCOME back to column time with Larry! Today, I am going to discuss and preview tonight’s ROH: Honor For All event. This is one of the many ROH events that will be steaming live on the Honor Club service this year as well as the first non-TV taping live event following the great Best in The World PPV. Feel free to make your picks in the comment section. Thanks for reading! It’s wrestling, we love it and will disagree. The only rules are “have a take, be respectful, and don’t be a dick.”

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Proving Ground Match: WOH Champion Sumie Sakai vs. Karen Q: We start off with the women of honor and a proving ground match. If the challenger (Karen Q in this case) wins the match, they are entitled to a title shot against the champion. Sumie has had some good performances as champion, even if the booking of the division as a whole has left a lot to be desired. Karen Q has also put in some good performances, despite the fact that her booking has been sporadic at best. As of the writing of this preview, Rayne is challenging at the TV taping set for the next day in Atlanta, I can see Karen Q picking up the win here in order to set up a match for after those TV tapings, if she’s sticking around. WINNER: Karen Q

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Bully Ray vs. Chuckie T: Oh boy, not only another Bully Ray match, but it’s a Bully Ray house show match. I am sure he will monologue on the mic about millennials, claim Chuckie is shit because of his past doing comedy wrestling, he’ll ask us if we know who he is, people will then tell me about “the great heat he’s getting,” as he proceeds to do nothing but lazy brawling, Chuckie bumps his ass off for him as Bully hits his sloppy/dangerous powerbomb and pick up another win. From there, he’ll kick the shit out of people like Cheeseburger (again) and Eli Isolm and stand tall as he pretends he’s about to fight with a fan. Colt cabana will run him off, and Ian Riccobani will act disgusted by “the hall of famer” on commentary, while questioning why the stars of ROH or management sits on their hands doing nothing about the situation. WINNER: Bully Ray

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Cody vs. TK O’Ryan: Much like Matt Taven, Cody is coming off of failed attempts to win the world title, and is looking to get back on track here tonight. Kingdom member TK O’Ryan has been putting in good tag team and singles performances as of late, but is facing off with a former world champion here and a former world champion coming off of some hard losses and desperately seeking momentum. With Cody coming off of some big losses, and reuniting with his Bullet Club pals, it will be interesting to see what kind of Cody we get here. Will it be more of the same, or will we see a new, more determined, and serious Cody here. Whatever Cody we get, I see him picking up the rebound win here. WINNER: Cody

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NWA Champion Nick Aldis vs. Flip Gordon: Many people have predicted that Flip Gordon will win the NWA Title, which will get him onto the All In card, and it’s not a completely insane idea. It makes sense, and Cody eventually beating Flip for the title would be a cool moment for Cody and would give the NWA some exposure on ROH TV. But it’s not just as simple as Flip beating Aldis, as Cody has made it his goal to constantly screw over Flip and keep him off the card. On the other hand, the deal was seemingly Cody getting the shot in a title vs. title match if he won the ROH Title, which he failed to do. Cody may be feeling the pressure after failing to win the ROH & IWGP titles, and feel that Flip is the easier road to win gold. Plus, of Aldis loses, he could easily call for his rematch, giving us Cody vs. Flip vs. Aldis at All In. I don’t know how good the match will be, but the overall drama heading into it is interesting. They have a chance to do something cool and make a fun moment here, but I think Cody again ruins the party and costs Flip the match to keep the Aldis vs. Cody match as a singles match, as they have been doing a lot of media to hype it. WINNER: Nick Aldis

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Kenny King vs. Shane Taylor vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jonathan Gresham: This is a match featuring four men looking for a shot at the ROH World Television Championship. King is a former TV champion and coming off of a loss to Austin Aries at BITW. Shane Taylor has been putting in solid performances despite uneven and unfocused booking, and is looking for an opportunity. Sabin is coming off of a good NJPW BOSJ run, where he showed that he has a lot left in the tank in terms of being a singles performer. And then we have Jonathan Gresham, the best pure wrestler in the company, but a man with absolutely no direction, and likely a guy that the company only values as a quality role player judging by his booking. As far as the match, it could be fine, or it could b quite good but one thing I know is that these four-way survival matches feel completely overdone by ROH, largely feature the same guys, and they deliver very little in terms of consequences for the losers, as they will make their way into a similar match in the next month. One thing is for sure; I don’t want Kenny King winning, as they have a real chance to mix up the TV Title scene here until Page returns. Taylor would give us a fun hoss battle, Gresham the under dog story, but I think that Sabin winning is the best call, as him working with Martinez would not only be fun but also offer Martinez more on the job training against a proven veteran as he continues to grown and evolve as a performer. WINNER: Chris Sabin

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Marty Scurll vs. Matt Taven: Marty Scurll & Matt Taven are both former world title contenders, one losing at BITW, and the other the next night. Both men are in desperate need of a win and momentum if they have any chance of working their way back to an ROH World title shot, and that road stars here. Taven has been having a strong 2018 with a lot of good outings, and while he’s missing some really great performances, he’s been extremely consistent and I’ve really turned the corner on him and have become a fan. Scurll has also had a good year with a lot of good performances as well as some absolutely great outings and a very strong NJPW BOSJ tournament. This match has a ton of potential, and may be a sleeper match on the show in terms of overall match quality as long as it’s not overbooked by Kingdom shenanigans. I still feel that the end game is pushing Taven with the Kingdom conspiracy and his quest for the ROH grand slam, which makes me feel he’ll take the win here. WINNER: Matt Taven

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The Briscoes vs. The Young Bucks vs. The Addiction: On paper, this is a hell of a match with three great tag teams, and certainly has match of the night potential. This one will get wild, between the Briscoes desire to brawl and the Bucks willingness to pay into that to play their high risk game along with the Addiction’s ability to adapt and work anywhere, these three will go to war. The Briscoes seem revitalized following their BITW match with the Bucks, the Bucks continue to deliver, but ROH has seemingly forgotten about the contract angle they have been running with the Addiction. With the Briscoes beating the Bucks at BITW, and the fact that I don’t think they will go back to them on top of the fact that the Addiction made the save at BITW to set up a feud with the champions, I feel that the Addiction takes this one, and hopefully they get back on track with the angle they had established with them. WINNERS: The Addiction

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ROH TV Champion Punishment Martinez vs. Scorpio Sky: Punishment Martinez captured the TV title heading into the BITW PPV and then successfully defended it at BITW against rival; Adam Page in a great street fight. Page is off to compete in the G1 for NJPW, which leaves Punishment Martinez with an open dance card in his absence. I have absolutely no idea why Sky is getting a title shot, other than he’s a solid hand that will serve as a warm body for Martinez to win over and keep his momentum going. This should serve as a good second title defense in order to continue to get Punishment Martinez’s TV title run off to a positive and dominant start. WINNER: Champion Punishment Martinez

ROH Champion Jay Lethal vs. Silas Young: Following the great Best in The World PPV, the Castle crumbled, and the next day, Jay Lethal completed his journey and won the ROH Title for a second time. Jay Lethal defeated Silas Young at Best in the World 2017, but at the 2017 ROH Death Before Dishonor event, Young defeated Lethal in a great last man standing match. While Lethal had gone back and went back to beat everyone who beat him since the last time he was World Champion en route to winning back the World Title, he had seemingly forgotten about the last real man, setting up tonight’s main event. For as much as I criticize ROH’s booking for its gaps in logic, I will say that this is a welcomed bit of continuity. These two have a history of having very good to great matches, and on top of that, Lethal is the most consistent singles performer in the company and on his second world title run, will be motivated to keep delivering, while Young is in limbo and will be looking to impress to get into his next program. Lethal just won the title, and there is no reason to change it up here, so he wins and retains in what I hope is a great main event. WINNER: Champion Jay Lethal


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