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Csonka’s ROH Honor Re-United London 2018 Review

August 26, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Bald Jay Lethal ROH
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Csonka’s ROH Honor Re-United London 2018 Review  

Csonka’s ROH Honor Re-United London 2018 Review

– Jonathan Gresham defeated Joe Hendry @ 9:20 via pin [***]
– Hangman Page defeated Flip Gordon and Kip Sabian @ 13:06 via pin [***½]
– Kay Lee Ray defeated Ayesha Raymond @ 9:50 via pin [**½]
– Christopher Daniels defeated Mark Briscoe @ 11:15 via DQ [**¾]
Non-Title Street Fight: Punishment Martinez defeated Jimmy Havoc @ 16:30 via pin [****]
– Marty Scurll defeated Jay Briscoe @ 19:20 via pin [***¼]
– The Young Bucks defeated Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch @ 14:30 via pin [****]
ROH Title Match: Champion Jay Lethal defeated Mark Haskins @ 27:05 via pin [****¼]

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My apologies for the delays on these, I thought they would air live on Honor Club, and wasn’t about to pay an extra $30 to cover them live.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Joe Hendry: This will be a battle of catch wrestling vs. free style wrestling. We get a playful start as Hendry is amazed by a Gresham counter and asks him how it’s done, only for Hendry to take advantage of Gresham’s good nature. Gresham escapes, and they work into some really nice and smooth counter exchanges. This is coming off as really refreshing, just smooth and clean multi-level grappling, no rope running, and it’s fun, adding variety to the card. Hendry now wants to teach Gresham some counter, and sends him to the floor. This has been a constant game of one-upping each other. Hendry now dumps Gresham back to the floor again and Gresham is frustrated. Back in and they pick up the pace as Gresham hits a RANA, we get a criss cross and Hendry finally hits a knee strike and Gresham is down. They work into a rolling cradle around the ring and both get near falls. Gresham hits a RANA into a cradle for 2. Uppercut by Hendry, but Gresham cuts him off with a moonsault press and then cradles him for the win. Jonathan Gresham defeated Joe Hendry @ 9:20 via pin [***] This was a good and tremendously fun opener, and a nice change of pace stylistically.

Hangman Page vs. Flip Gordon vs. Kip Sabian: Page drops to the floor as Gordon and Sabian start us off. They work into some back and forth and Page now gives Gordon advice. Sabian knocks Gordon into Page and cradles him for 2. Sabian dumps Gordon, but Page attacks him and lays the boots to him. Sabian fights back, hits a RANA and then misses the dropkick. The suicide dive by Sabian takes out Gordon but Page wipes out Sabian with the apron shooting star press. Back in and Page tries to fire up Gordon, they take Sabian down and hit stereo running shooting star presses. They high five, and Gordon rolls up Page for 2. It’s just a harmless rib. Sabian battles back, but eats an enziguri by Gordon as Page wipes out Gordon with a rolling lariat. Page dumps Gordon and Sabian. He follows and rolls Sabian back in. Page rakes the eyes, and then follows with a toss slam on Sabian; the pump handle bridging slam gets 2. Page knocks Gordon back to the floor, trades strikes with Sabian but Sabian hits a pop up knee strike as Gordon wipes them out with a missile dropkick. Gordon takes control, hits Sabian with kinder surprise and then follows with a plancha. Back in and Gordon rolls through on the 450, Sabian lays in strikes, but Page cuts him off with a powerslam as Gordon makes the save. They argue, trade strikes, and Gordon hits the springboard spear for 2. Gordon up top, Sabian cuts him off and Page is back and we get a snap German from Gordon on Sabian. Page and Gordon trade strikes, Page hits the buckle bomb and lariat. The powerbomb gets 2 as Sabian makes the save. Sabian hits the missile dropkick, enziguri and tornado DDT but Gordon makes the save. Gordon does the deal with a falcon arrow on Sabian for 2. Samoan pop connects and thee running shooting star press follows. Page kills Gordon with the buckshot lariat and hits rite of passage on Sabian for the win. Hangman Page defeated Flip Gordon and Kip Sabian @ 13:06 via pin [***½] This was a very good, fun, and high energy match with all three getting a chance to shine. As mentioned, I loved that the opener was so different from the usual styled match, as it allowed this to pop even more.

Kay Lee Ray vs. Ayesha Raymond: Raymond attacks before the bell, and works over KLR with strikes. KLR fights off a powerbomb, lays in strikes, and then locks on a guillotine. Raymond slams her to the buckles for the break, but KLR fires back with an enziguri and missile dropkick. KLR looks for a high cross, gets caught, and Raymond hits the fall away slam. They work to the floor, Raymond slams her to the barricade, but KLR fights back and dropkicks her to the post. KLR fires up but Raymond cuts off the suicide dive and then slams KLR to the post. Back in and Raymond beats down KLR with strikes. The German follows and Raymond then hits a toss slam for 2. Raymond looks for the powerbomb, but KLR counters out and hits a tornado DDT for 2. Back to the guillotine, but Raymond powers back to her feet and KLR counters into another DDT for 2. KLR heads up top, hops over Raymond but Raymond shits a fisherman’s suplex for 2. The sitout powerbomb gets 2. KLR gets a cradle and that gets 2. The superkick and Gory bomb finishes gets 2. KLR heads up top and Raymond cuts her off with strikes but KLR counters into a cradle for the win. Kay Lee Ray defeated Ayesha Raymond @ 9:50 via pin [**½] This was a basic and solid David vs. Goliath style match, with KLR delivering fun and moving parts.

Christopher Daniels vs. Mark Briscoe: This is part of the build to the upcoming Briscoes vs. Addiction tag title match. They lock up and work to the corner. Mark with a cheap shot and then follows with chops. Mark then uses the ref as a shield and cheap shots Daniels again and hits an elbow drop for 2. They work into a series of counters; Daniels hits a jab and lays on more strikes. The leg lariat follows, and Daniels then whips Mark to the buckles Daniels dumps him to the floor and follows, but Mark quickly posts him. Mark peels up the mats, they tease a suplex on the floor and Mark posts Daniels. Daniels battles back and hits a suplex onto the exposed floor. They brawl into the entrance and Daniels hits another suplex. Back in and Mark begs off. To the floor they go, Mark tosses in a chair and then low blows Daniels on the way back in. The Cactus elbow to the floor follows from Mark. Mark follows with the running boot, and back in, Mark follows with a suplex for 2. Daniels fights off the rear naked choke, but Mark hits another running boot for 2. Mark now works a seated abdominal stretch. Daniels fights to his feet, but Mark hits a clothesline and again covers for 2. Mark follows with a slam, heads up top, and Daniels cuts him off and press slams him back to the mat. Daniels fires up and runs wild, hitting an STO. The Angle slam follows for 2. Mark fights off angel’s wings and gets the rear naked choke. Daniels fights and makes the ropes. The rolling DVD connects by Mark, heads up top and misses froggy bow and Daniels connects with the blue thunder bomb. Jay is out and distracts him and they brawl on the floor. Mark has a chain and KOs Daniels and then chokes him out with it. Daniels is out and the ref rings the bell. But the ref sees the chain and DQs Mark. Christopher Daniels defeated Mark Briscoe @ 11:15 via DQ [**¾] This was a pretty good match, and worked well enough to sell the established feud.

– Post match, the Briscoes attack Daniels. Gordon & Hendry make the save.

Punishment Martinez vs. Jimmy Havoc: Havoc’s matches haven’t done much for me on this tour, but this match plays to his strengths and Martinez is really good in gimmick matches. Havoc slaps Martinez and we’re underway. Martinez is pissed, hits the stomp and then follows with corner attacks. He then does the deal with a toss version of a falcon arrow. Havoc low bridges him to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. Havoc gets baking pans and lays into Martinez repeatedly with them. Martinez then just tosses him into the barricade and then again. Martinez now pummels him with strikes, but Havoc gets a kendo stick and fires back with repeated shots. This just angers Martinez who cuts him off and rolls Havoc back in the ring. Martinez catches him with a superkick and Havoc spills back to the floor. Martinez attacks, but Havoc cuts him off with the 8×10 paper cut spot. Havoc follows with chair shots, more paper cuts and then squeezes a lemon onto the cuts. What a dick. Martinez cuts him off, takes the staple gun and staples the 8×10 to Havoc’s face. Martinez now has a pizza cutter and cuts Havoc’s arm. Martinez smiles and then gets the lemon and squeezes it onto Havoc’s arm. Havoc counters with a PELE and then “staples his arm closed.” He then throws a chair at Martinez, and pulls out an ironing board and attacks. Back in and they trade strikes until Martinez kills him with a clothesline and hits a tombstone into the baking pan for 2. Martinez sets up the ironing board, takes Havoc up top, and Havoc slips out and low blows Martinez and powerbombs him through the ironing board. Havoc follows with chair shots on the floor, and then sits Martinez in the chair. He takes a drink of beer and then gets met with a superman punch (and gets a “You’re the Big Dog” chants). Havoc tries for a suicide dive gets blocked, and Martinez hits a chokeslam to the apron. Martinez tosses a bunch of chairs into the ring, sets them up and Havoc cuts him off and hits the rolling DVD onto he chairs for 2. Martinez counters the acid rainmaker, but Havoc gets a cradle for 2. The acid rainmaker follows for 2. Havoc now gets a bag of tacks, spills them out and Martinez cuts him off. He curb stomps him onto a chair repeatedly, and then hits a psycho driver into the tacks for 2. Martinez now curb stomps him into the tacks but Havoc kicks out again! Havoc asks for more so Martinez chokeslams him into the tacks and finally puts him away. Punishment Martinez defeated Jimmy Havoc @ 16:30 via pin [****] For the most part, I find that Jimmy Havoc isn’t my cup of tea, but I will gladly say that this delivered. They promised a no rules street fight, and these fans wanted a wild Jimmy Havoc match and that’s exactly what they got and they were into it big time. It was wild, it was violent, and Havoc looked as if he could win, but in the end, finally fell to Martinez, who continues to thrive in these wild matches. This was great stuff.

Marty Scurll vs. Jay Briscoe: They lock up, Jay attacks with kicks and strikes, but Scurll counters the enziguri and teases a Romero special but instead just stomps on the knees. They trade chops and strikes, Scurll cuts off Jay and knocks him to the floor and follows with the apron superkick. Scurll then follows with a suicide dive. They brawl on the floor with Scurll laying in chops and back rakes. Jay cuts him off with uppercuts and slams Scurll into the barricade. Scurll fires back and he whips Jay to the barricade. The crowd loves Scurll so much. Scurll now starts to attack the arm, and back in we go. Scurll heads up top, gets cut off, and Jay follows him up and hits the superplex. Jay now hits the running boot and locks on a camel clutch variation. He then follows with uppercuts and lays the boots to Scurll. Jay then connects with head butts and a snap suplex. Jay tells Scurll he ain’t worth shit, which fires Scurll up and they trade strikes until Jay rakes the eyes. They brawl back to the floor; Jay whips Scurll to the barricades, and chokes him out with a cable. Back in they go and Jay maintains control, working a stranglehold to ground Scurll. Scurll finally fights to his feet and counters out with a backstabber. Scurll lays in uppercuts and forearm; the fake out superkick follows and then hits the powerbomb for 2. Jay fights off the brainbuster, lays in forearm strikes, and Scurll fires back. Scurll slaps Jay and then hits the brainbuster for a good near fall. Scurll follows with clotheslines; Jay dares him to throw more, and then cuts him off and hits the neck breaker for 2. Jay hits a head butt, and then heads up top but Scurll cuts him off, follows him up and hits the superplex. Scurll looks for a chicken wing, but Jay cuts him off, they work into counters and Scurll hits the Ghostbuster. He stomps away at Jay’s hand and arm, does the finger break spot, and hits three superkicks to a kneeling Jay. He then stomps away at Jay, and hits the black plague for 2 as Mark pulls out the ref. Jay rolls up Scurll for 2. v fires back with a big lariat, but Jay hits the Jay driller for 2. Mark again distracts the ref, Daniels arrives and attacks as they brawl on the floor. Scurll hits Jay with the umbrella, and the graduation finishes Jay. Marty Scurll defeated Jay Briscoe @ 19:20 via pin [***¼] Scurll goes 3-0 on the tour, picking up a huge singles win over a former ROH champion. Scurll is over huge in ROH no matter where they are, but him going undefeated on the UK tour is smart. The match was good overall, the crowd loved Scurll as expected, but it was maybe a bit long, and the middle lacked heat, and honestly I am just sick of overbooking here in 2018 so the end didn’t add anything for me (but at least it advanced an angle). Hopefully this win means he’ll be competitive against Okada at All in and not sent packing to 205 Live as Okada has teased (it’s a joke from Being the Elite for those that don’t follow the web series.).

205The Young Bucks vs. Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch: This match is a trip as it’s not something I ever expected in 2018. Matt and Jonny to begin. They work into some back and forth and Matt looks to grapple, Jonny is happy to do so as he easily out wrestles him. Matt says he can do Johnny Saint stuff too, but Jonny cuts him off and slaps him. he then slaps Nick and Jonny cradles Matt for 2. Jody tags in and dude is in fantastic shape. Nick tags in and they work into some fun and fast paced back and forth. Jody hits an enziguri and then gets dumped and Nick wipes him out with a moonsault, Jonny follows and Matt wipes him out. Back in and the Bucks run wild with double teams. The Bucks now isolate Jody, working more double teams and quick tags. Matt lays in elbow strikes, but Joy fights back and hits the rolling back elbow strike. Jonny tags in and hits a RANA for 2. The Bucks cut him off with a double dropkick and pose. Jonny kips up and DDTs both of them. Tag to Jody and he slams Matt and the spilt legged moonsault gets 2. Jonny back in and rakes the eyes of Matt. Jody tags back in and Matt fights them off with a double clothesline. HOT TAG NICK TIME! He runs wild, working over both and the crowd loves it. The Bucks follow with stereo suicide dives. Back in and Jonny now wipes out the Bucks with a tope. Jody then follows with the springboard shooting star press to the floor. Back in and Jody hits a RANA for 2. It breaks down into a massive superkick party and Jody flies in with a springboard destroyer! My word, everyone is down. The Bucks now roll into double sharpshooters, but Jody & Jonny make the ropes. Double teams to Jody follow and Matt covers for 2. The Bucks look for more bang for your buck, but Jody fights it off and hits a reverse RANA, Jonny hits perfect Storm for a great near fall! Jody and Jonny work double teams, and Jonny hits the springboard moonsault for 2. Jody up top and Matt cuts he and Jonny off. The Meltzer driver finally finishes Jody. The Young Bucks defeated Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch @ 14:30 via pin [****] This was great stuff, with tremendous action and Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch turning back the hands of time to deliver a banger. To the Bucks credit, they were really tremendous here, similar to their matches with the Hardys, playing to the strengths of their opponents and allowing the ledges to shine. This was just a blast.

Champion Jay Lethal vs. Mark Haskins: Both guys are coming off of great matches in Doncaster. Haskins is fast to attack, looking for big strikes and pin attempts. He then looks to ground the action and work the arm, but they work to the ropes and Jay gets the break. They work into some slick exchanges and then into a stand off. Haskins goes back after the arm, but Jay hits the cartwheel but misses the dropkick, allowing Haskins to lock on an arm bar for a quick moment as Jay makes the ropes. Haskins now lays in strikes and lights Jay up but Jay finally cuts him off with the cartwheel/dropkick combo for 2. Haskins wants to keep it on the ground, looking to pull guard, and Jay demands he gets up and then lays in leg kicks. Haskins fights of the figure four, looks for a sharpshooter, but Jay escapes until Haskins dropkicks the knee. Haskins lays in kicks now, cuts off the sunset flip and stomps away at the arm. Haskins lights up Jay with chops, but Jay hits a desperation suplex for 2. Jay now grounds the action, delivering knee strikes, and follows with a side backbreaker for 2. More knee strikes follow, and now locks on a variation on the old trailer hitch. Uppercuts follow by Jay and then a back breaker as Haskins powders to the floor. Jay follows and continues to work the back, slamming Haskins to the apron. Jay then misses the dropkick, and Haskins hits an apron PK. Back in and Haskins delivers knee drops and covers for 2. Haskins goes back on the attack of the arm, and transitions into the crossface. He then locks in the other arm but Jay makes the ropes. Haskins now kicks away at the arm, they fight over a suplex, and Haskins counters out and Jay suplexes them both to the floor. They fight to their feet and roll back in. Haskins hits an enziguri but Jay hits the lethal combination for 2. Jay heads up top, taking way too long, Haskins is up, Jay drops down and hits the rolling torture rack. Back up top and elbow drops into a crucifix for 2. Haskins counters lethal injection, and rolls for a sharp shooter, but then opts for made in England for 2. Haskins follows with a kick, heads up top and Jay cuts him off. He follows him up and Haskins fights off the superplex, but Jay hits it anyway and transitions into a tiger driver for a good near fall. Jay looks for a figure four, but Haskins cradles him for 2. They trade strikes, lighting each other up as they go crazy fists. Haskins now hits a destroyer, and then a suicide dive. Back in and the double stomp follows for a great near fall. Jay fights off the sharpshooter, but Haskins fights through and locks it in. Jay fights and just barely makes the ropes. Jay now fights and gets a cradle for 2. The lethal injection connects and only gets 2! Jay is stunned, picks up Haskins, but Haskins fights back and then counters lethal injection into an arm bar, and hits made in England for another great near fall! They work to the apron, Jay fights back with chops and slips back into the ring and dropkicks Haskins to the floor. he follows with a suicide dive and another. Haskins cuts off the third, back in and Jay hits a cutter and then lethal injection for the win! Champion Jay Lethal defeated Mark Haskins @ 27:05 via pin [****¼] This was an absolutely great match, and in my opinion, the match of the tour. It was structured differently than most Lethal matches, and thrived due to that. It felt fresh and different, and Haskins came off like a legit threat. The closing stretch was awesome, with great near falls, an invested crowd, and the feeling that Haskins actually had a real chance to win this, which is a great accomplishment. I said it before, Haskins would be a great get for ROH, even on a part-time basis, as he more than proved himself this weekend.

– End Scene.

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The final score: review Very Good
The 411
ROH Honor Re-United: London was an overall great show and the best of the Re-United tour. The tour overall was a ton of fun and offered a lot of good to great wrestling and was more than worth the time invested.