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Csonka’s ROH Honor Reigns Supreme Review 2.09.18 Review

February 9, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s ROH Honor Reigns Supreme Review 2.09.18 Review  

Csonka’s ROH Honor Reigns Supreme Review 2.09.18

– Punishment Martinez defeated Flip Gordon @ 9:35 via pin [***]
– Kenny King defeated Shane Taylor @ 10:20 via pin [**]
Non-Title Match: TV Champion Silas Young defeated Josh Woods @ 10:50 via pin [**]
– Socal Uncensored defeated Dalton Castle & The Boys @ 14:00 via pin [**½]
– Tenille Dashwood & Mandy Leon defeated Kelly Klein & Stacy Shadows
– Jay Lethal defeated Jonathan Gresham @ 17:58 via submission [****]
– The Kingdom defeated Bullet Club @ 16:30 via pin [***]
– The Young Bucks defeated The Best Friends @ 25:05 via pin [**¾]

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– New “ROH enforcer” Bully Ray is introduced. Bully welcomes us to the show, and says tonight is all about ROH and ROH getting more exposure. He puts over ROH as the best.

Punishment Martinez vs. Flip Gordon: Martinez looks to overpower Flip to begin. Martinez takes things to the corner, but Flip shoves him away and then fires up with strikes and an enziguri. He then dumps Martinez to the floor, and Flip goes for a springboard, but Martinez back in and cuts that off. They work into a fun counter exchange; Flip lays in kicks and is then tossed to the floor. Martinez follows and tosses Flip to the barricade a few times. Back in they go, Martinez hits the corner attack and clotheslines. Martinez follows with rights, and then slams flip down, but the springboard senton misses. Flip fries up with strikes, and then sends Martinez awkwardly to the buckles. Martinez cuts off the Samoan pop, but Flip hits the springboard sling blade. Flip up top and leaps over Martinez, and then hits the Samoan pop and running shooting star press for 2. Martinez quickly fights back, doing the deal with the falcon arrow for 2. Flip counters the psycho driver and hits a superkick. Martinez then decapitates him with a lariat. Martinez heads up top, but Flip crotches him and follows him up, and lays in chops. Kinder surprise and the super RANA follows. Flip up top and the 450 connects, but Martinez kicks out. Flip counters the chokeslam, but gets cut off into a full nelson slam and curb stomp. The south of heaven chokeslam finishes it. Punishment Martinez defeated Flip Gordon @ 9:35 via pin [***] This was a good back and forth opening match, with Martinez maintaining momentum ahead of his world title match on this week’s ROH TV.

– Caprice Coleman joins commentary.

Kenny King vs. Shane Taylor: Taylor refuses the handshake, and here we go. King slaps Taylor, and then works a side headlock. King goes for shoulder blocks, but can’t take Taylor down. Taylor hits a shoulder tackle, and lays in strikes to King in the corner. King gets a sunset flip for 2 and then dropkicks Taylor to the floor. Taylor counters the dive but King lays in strikes. King follows with a senton off the apron and takes a selfie with a fan. Back in they go, and King hits a high cross for 2. Taylor cuts him off with a spinebuster, and then follows with clubbing strikes and chokes out King in the corner. Taylor misses the corner splash, but King misses shotgun knees, and Taylor hits a splash for 2. Taylor now works a modified camel clutch, and rakes the eyes of King. King escapes with a jawbreaker, and follows with a spin kick. They trade strikes; King hits a spin kick again, covering for 1. They work to the apron and King knocks Taylor to the floor and follows with a dive. Back in and King hits the blockbuster, covering for 2. King looks for the royal flush, but Taylor cuts him off with a lariat for 2. Taylor now hits a knee strike and sky high slam for 2. Taylor to the second rope, but King cuts him off. King follows Taylor up top, lands a kick and royal flush for the win. Kenny King defeated Shane Taylor @ 10:20 via pin [**] This was an ok, but flat match. King maintains momentum as he works for a rematch against Young for the TV title.

– It is announced that the 16th competitor in the women of honor tournament is the former Emma, Tenille Dashwood! She’s here to win the title. Bully Ray arrives and says the fans want to see her wrestle tonight; it will be Tenille Dashwood & Mandy Leon vs. Kelly Klein & Stacy Shadows.

TV Champion Silas Young vs. Josh Woods: The Bruiser is out with Young. Woods looks to control early, and Young backs off. Woods lays in strikes, but Young pokes him in the eyes, but Woods grounds the action. Young lays in strikes, but Woods hits an overhead belly to belly and follows with knee strikes. Bruiser then pulls him to the floor. Young follows to the floor, and works over Woods, and rolls him back in. The slingshot double stomp follows, and the back breaker, clothesline combo follows for 2. Young slows the pace, working over Woods in the corner and then grounds the action. Woods battles back into an O’Connor roll for 2. Bruiser hits Woods with a beer bottle, and Young follows by accidentally takes out Bruiser. Woods then hits an overhead toss on Young, rolls him back in and lays in elbows and forearm strikes. They trade strikes now, Young counters a German into a cradle for 2. Woods follows with knees and strikes, and covers for 2. Woods now locks on a knee bar, but Young makes the ropes. Young to the apron, hits a knee strike and back in and Wood shit chaos theory for 2. The arm bar follows, but Young counters into a cradle for 2. Young hits misery for the win. TV Champion Silas Young defeated Josh Woods @ 10:50 via pin [**] This was ok, but overbooked for no real reason. The Bruiser continues to drag down Young, who shouldn’t need help against a low card guy like Woods. Also, Woods basically no sold the bottle shot, and the spot and interference meant absolutely nothing to the match. It was there because lizard man is lazy booker.

– The Dawgs join commentary, which is not a good thing.

Dalton Castle & The Boys vs. Socal Uncensored (Daniels, Kazarian, & Sky): Castle & Daniels to begin. Castle overpowers Daniels, they work some back and forth, teasing hitting each other, and Daniels cuts off Castle with an eye poke. The Boys refuse to tag in. Daniels talks shit to Castle and the Boys enter and attack as they and Castle clear the ring. Castle teases a dive and poses with the Boys. Daniels goes to sit on Sky, but Sky rolls to the floor. Kaz tags in and so does a Boy. The Boys work over Kaz, working quick tags, but Kaz cuts him off and Sky pulls the Boy to the floor, where he and Daniels work him over. Sky tags in, hitting a back breaker and they isolate the Boy, with Daniels tagging in. The heels maintain control, hitting slingshot elbows and leg drops, covering for 2. Quick tags follow, and the triple teams follow. Kaz starts tossing the Boy around, Daniels back in and continues to control. The Arabian press connects for 2. The Boys pull the switch, an the new Boy battles back, running wild and tagging in Castle. The champ runs wild with suplexes on all of the heels. The knee strike to Daniels follows, and then the delayed German gets 2 as Kaz makes the save. Sky tries to pull the switch with Daniels, but the ref stops that. Castle runs Sky & Daniels together and then dumps Daniels and Kaz. A Boy tags in and Castle tosses him onto Sky and the other onto Daniels. He keeps tossing them to the floor as the former trios champions have control. Daniels is rolled back in and Kaz joins him. and celebrity rehab gets 2 as Castle makes the save. Castle takes Daniels to he floor, but Sky is in and pins one of the boys. Socal Uncensored defeated Dalton Castle & The Boys @ 14:00 via pin [**½] This was a solid trios match, with Socal Uncensored picking up the win as they work towards a shot at the six-man champions.

– Post match, Socal Uncensored attacks Castle, but he fights them off and lays out Daniels.

– The Briscoes arrive. Jay says that the fans fail to realize is that there is about to be bloodshed, and it will be on the hands of the fans. They will destroy their heroes. Mark tells everyone to shut up. They want the tag titles back. Last week they dropped Chris Sabin on their head, and know Shelley is here tonight. They demand he walkout and hand over the titles. Shelley arrives, and attacks with belt shots. Mark cuts him off and the Briscoes take over, laying the boots to him and choking him out with a chain. Security arrives and the Briscoes take them out. Jay hits a Jay driller, and the Briscoes stand tall. Jay says that this is their house and that they built this place.

– Brandi Rhodes joins commentary, thanks Lizard Man.

– Tenille Dashwood & Mandy Leon defeated Kelly Klein & Stacy Shadows (No recap of the match, I had a power outage.)

Jay Lethal vs. Jonathan Gresham: Gresham looks to out grapple Jay early on. Gresham starts to target the arm, Jay looks to cut him off, but Gresham grounds him and Jay makes the ropes. Gresham again targets the arm, they work some nice counters, but Jay cuts him off with chops. Gresham fires back with some of his own. Jay follows with the Saito suplex, covering for 2. He follows with rights, and then uppercuts. The suplex follows for 2. Gresham picks up the pace, but Jay hits the cartwheel into the dropkick. Jay follows with rights again, but Gresham cuts him off and then attacks the arm. Gresham grounds things, working the arm and keeping Jay down. Really nice work by Gresham here, his work is so clean, crisp and with total purpose. Jay tries to escape, but Gresham stomps away at the arm. Jay fires back with strikes, but Gresham goes back to the arm, and then dropkicks Jay to the floor. Gresham to the apron and hits the PK to the arm. Jay then hits a desperation cutter on the floor. Back in they go, they trade strikes, Jay is pissed and starts attacking the knee of Gresham, which he started to favor on the floor. Leg kicks by Jay follow, things get heated as they trade strikes center ring. Both guys are fired up, Gresham hits the snap German, but Jay collapses going for the lethal injection and Gresham attacks the arm and then transitions into the crossface. Jay makes the ropes. Gresham follows with the enziguri, but Jay hits the lethal combination for 2. jay again attacks the knee but Gresham counters the figure four into a cradle for 2. Jay back to he knee, with the Flair like shin beakers and follows with a dragon screw leg whip, and covers for 2. Jay now heads up top, looking for the elbow drop, but Gresham cuts him off and attacks the arm again. He follows him up and Jay looks for a sunset bomb, but Gresham escapes that. The tornado DDT follows and then the bridging German connects for 2. Both fire up, jay talks some shit as they trade strikes. Superkick by Jay, but Gresham kicks the arm, countering the lethal injection and Gresham then locks on the octopus. Jay slams him down to escape, heads up top and hits the elbow drop, covering for 2. Jay locks in the figure four, Gresham fights, but has to tap. Jay Lethal defeated Jonathan Gresham @ 17:58 via submission [****] This was a great match, and easily the best thing on the show so far. The limb work was really great, and Gresham’s counter work was really excellent, as was Lethal’s selling. Gresham gains a lot, going toe to toe with Lethal like this, and not only delivered, but looked in Lethal’s league. Lethal continues to deliver, which is something many overlook, he was the best singles performer in ROH during 2017, and is off to a good start here in 2018. If you have time, make sure to check this out.

Cody Rhodes, Adam Page, & Marty Scurll vs. The Kingdom (Taven, O’Ryan, & Vinny): Brandi is out with Cody. Marty & Vinny to begin. Vinny hits a dropkick, Marty gets the umbrella and Vinny gets his ax, so Marty tags out. The ref gets rid of the ax, and Page tags in, as does O’Ryan. O’Ryan lays in chops, but page fires back and hits a shoulder block. Page cuts off O’Ryan, and sends him to the floor. Taven tags in and Cody goes after him, as he wants his ring back. Taven stalls, putting on his shirt and then demands Cody kiss the ring. Cody says fuck that and hits the disaster kick. Bullet Club clears the ring, Marty hits a suicide dive and Cody follows with a run up dive. Page then moonsaults onto the pile! Back in and Page runs wild on Vinny & Taven, hitting the dropsault for 2. O’Ryan cuts him off, as the Kingdom isolate page on their corner and works him over with double teams. Page cuts off O’Ryan and tags in Marty. He stomps on Vinny’s hands and follows with the dropkick. He follows with the superkick on O’Ryan, and cradles Vinny for 2. Vinny heads up top, gets cut off and Marty suplexes v to the buckles and follows Vinny up top. The superplex follows, but Taven blind tagged in and stuns Marty off the ropes and dumps him. The Kingdom work over Marty on the floor, and then rolls him back in for Taven to attack. He takes the heat, and then the Kingdom works quick tags. Taven back in and talks shit to Mart as he continues to work him over. Vinny pulls him to the floor, Marty fights back, but back in, Taven wipes him out with a knee strike, covering for 2. The Kingdom maintains control, but Marty fights off rock star super nova, but O’Ryan hits the cutter. Vinny looks for the senton but that eats knees. Hot tag to Cody and he runs wild on Taven, sends O’Ryan to the floor and hits a snap slam on Taven. The snapdragon suplex gets 2. Bullet Club now works triple teams, and Cody springboards on, but O’Ryan cuts him off. Marty cuts him off, attacking the hands, and this completely breaks down into the signature move buffet. Cody locks on the American death lock on Taven, but he makes the ropes. Cody counters a low blow, and sets up Taven n the corner and looks for shattered dreams, but O’Ryan distracts him. Taven grabs the ring and Brandi gets tossed to the back. Taven punches Cody with the ring and steals the win. The Kingdom defeated Bullet Club @ 16:30 via pin [***] This was a good and sometimes chaotic match, but also a lot of fun. They kept a good pace, the Kingdom pick up a mush needed win, and more importantly, continued the Cody vs. Taven issues.

The Young Bucks vs. The Best Friends (Trent & Chuckie T): Matt & Trent to begin. Matt hits a shoulder block and the Bucks go for double sharpshooter, but the Best Friends escape to the floor. Back in and the Bucks work double teams, and are in control with ease. Trent & Chuckie T fight back, and pose until Nick wipes them out with a high cross. The Bucks get tossed and Trent follows with a tope. He and Chuckie T hug. The Bucks return and clear the ring. They look for rise of the Terminator, and the suicide dives follow. The Bucks then hug to mock their opponents. Matt looks for sliced bread, but it gets countered into the double team lawn dart cutter. Trent now works the lower back on Matt, which was “injured” in NJPW. He and Chuckie T work quick tags, isolating Matt and focusing on the back. Trent now puts on sunglasses as he works over Matt with an abdominal stretch. Chuckie T helps out, and then tags in, covering for 2. Chuckie T now puts on the glasses, because they are dicks in real life. They continue to work the back of Matt, as the pace has slowed to a crawl. Trent is now smoking as he works over Matt. Matt finally escapes and fights back. Trent cuts him off, and knocks Nick to the floor. Matt hits a desperation superkick and Nick finally gets the hot tag and he runs wild. Matt in but his back gives out on the powerbomb. Nick flies back in with a frog splash, covering for 2. Nick sends Chuckie T to the floor and continues to control, fighting on his own. Matt back in to help, but more bang for your buck is cut off. Trent hits Nick with a superplex and Chuckie T hits the top rope double stomp for 2. Chuckie T works over Nick, and the soul food/Saito suplex double team follows for 2. Nick cuts of the tornado DDT, and Matt tags in and is slowed due to his back. Trent cuts him off with a belly-to-belly suplex, and Chuckie T but Matt fights them off. Trent cuts him off, attacking the back. Trent up top, but Matt pulls him of and Nick follows with an apron German. Matt hits Chuckie T with a superkick, and the Bucks hit the assisted swanton for 2. Matt heads up top, Trent cuts him off, and follows him up. Matt knocks him to the mat, but Trent returns and hits a RANA and locks on the sharpshooter. Nick with the superkick and he locks on the sharpshooter, but Chuckie T gets a sharpshooter on Matt. The ref breaks it up as they weren’t legal. Nick and Chuckie T get tagged in proper, trading strikes, but Trent in and suplexes Nick o the buckles. Trent goes after Matt, and Chuckie T joins in and double teams follow. Trent then hits the apron piledriver on Matt. Chuckie T up top and Nick makes the save, stopping ground zero to the floor. Nick hits the 450 on Chuckie T and that only gets 2. Chuckie T now hits awful waffle, but matt makes the save. Matt now tags in and immediately gets cut off with back breakers by Chuckie T. But Matt hits the desperation spear, and superkick. Trent in and gets a roll up for 2. Superkick by Matt, another and the Meltzer driver finishes it. The Young Bucks defeated The Best Friends @ 25:05 via pin [**¾] First of all let me say that Matt Jackson’s selling of the back was once again great here. I appreciate them bringing that over from NJPW, and also think it’s a story being built in for the Bucks & page to drop the trios titles. But overall, while far from a bad match, I found it to be completely disappointing, and feel that it went way too long. The story of Matt’s back wad good, but it’s not the match I would have put on here. With the crowd tiring and this being a big opportunity for ROH to get new fans with a free show, this really should have been a balls to the wall and wild Young Bucks style match, with both teams throwing everything out there. So while not bad, I felt it was the wrong style of match and that it went too long.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Average
The 411
It was a smart idea for ROH to offer a free show as a test/teaser for their new streaming service to come. I appreciate and respect that, but overall, found tonight’s effort to be very average. Hopefully, when the service launches and they stream shows regularly, the effort will be better; the first half was nothing worth your time at all, and there was only one must see match out of the bunch, which was Lethal vs. Gresham.