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Csonka’s ROH Mass Hysteria 2019 Preview

July 21, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka

WELCOME back to column time with Larry! Today, I am going to discuss and preview the ROH Mass Hysteria 2019 event. The show will feature Rush vs. Dalton Castle, ROH Six man Champions Villain Enterprises vs. Lifeblood, and more. So today I will breakdown and preview the event. Feel free to make your picks in the comment section. Thanks for reading! It’s wrestling, we love it and will disagree. The only rules are “have a take, be respectful, and don’t be a dick.”

Champions The Briscoes vs. The Bouncers: The Briscoes won the titles back last night at Manhattan Mayhem, after a long chase against the Guerrillas of Destiny. It was a great match, and them regaining the titles felt like a ling time coming. The Bouncers have gotten extremely over on ROH, and have a great record in ROH this year. I see no reason why the Briscoes should lose the titles here, and would expect the Kingdom to get involved or added to the match to set them up for a tag title program. WINNERS: The Briscoes

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Silas Young vs. PJ Black: Both men are coming off of losses at BITW and looking for a direction. It seems that Black isn’t officially a part of Lifeblood after trying his best to join them, Young lost to Gresham, and that feud looks to be done so he’s in need of something new. The two certainly have the ability to have a good match, which I expect Young to win but am more curious about Black moving forward. Will he fall back to his heelish ways following his failure to join Lifeblood? If he loses here, that may be the case. Both men are in desperate need of a fresh direction, and hopefully they get that here. WINNER: Silas Young

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Dalton Castle vs. Rush: This is the long awaited rematch from the G1 Supercard, where Rush ended Castle in seconds, sending him into a downward spiral where he dumped the boys, turned heel, and then beat Rush’s brother Dragon Lee t get some revenge and much-needed momentum. Rush has been booked extremely well and treated like a superstar in ROH, which they desperately need. It feels like this is where they give back his win, which I feel would be a mistake at this time because I think that they should continue to run with Rush and eventually pay it off with a match with Taven for the ROH Title, to play off of their history in CMLL. But while I think that’s what should happen, I think they go with Castle here. WINNER: Dalton Castle

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Kenny King vs. Dragon Lee: Kenny King is coming off of a big win over Jay Lethal at BITW and has a world title shot in his pocket. He is being given a golden opportunity here to deliver in a great showcase match with one of the best in the world in Dragon Lee. King is a guy that ROH has seemingly been trying to make a singles star for years, and while he can be good, I also find him wildly inconsistent. The Lethal matches were really good, as one would expect. But if he doesn’t deliver here against Lee here, you have to ask questions. Anyway, if King is motivated and working hard this certainly has potential to not only be good but possibly great. With King being primed for a world title shot, and coming off of the Lethal win, he really should pick up a win here to follow up on all of that. WINNER: Kenny King

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TV Champion Shane Taylor vs. Eli Isom: Eli Isom is one of the ROH dojo guys who they see a lot in and have been giving a lot of opportunities to. Way before Taylor winning the TV Title, Isom actually pinned him on a four-way in one of his first big wins. I have mentioned in previous previews, but it really feels like Taylor is hitting his stride and coming into his won this year as an overall performer, and has done well as TV champion. This will be your basic underdog babyface vs. monster heel, and that’s all it needs to be because the ROH crowds really like Isom and Taylor is an extremely effective heel. I am sure Isom will get some run and look good here, but he’s likely getting knocked the fuck out as Taylor takes his soul. WINNER: Shane Taylor

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Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal, & Jonathan Gresham vs. The Kingdom: Judging on talent alone, this match should be a good one as the Kingdom work well as a trios unit, while Gresham, Lethal, & Shelley are all great. This trios match is all about adding to the set up for Shelley vs. Taven at the big August show during Summerslam weekend. I love that Shelley is back, and I love that they are going to feature him right away. Shelley is such a great talent, and is a guy that should have made millions in wrestling, but instead, poor booking and various injuries led to others making money off of things he pioneered. I would absolutely love to see him come back and win the ROH Title, and he’s going to get that chance. With him locked into the title match, he should really be booked to take the pin here, and should do so over Taven, who has been protected as champion. WINNERS: Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal, & Jonathan Gresham

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ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions Villain Enterprises vs. Lifeblood: And here we come to our main event of he evening, the ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions Villain Enterprises, who always deliver and have been booked great, against Lifeblood, who are also great but have been booked like a bunch of losers in almost every major match they have been in and are in desperate need of a victory. This one has the chance to be a real banger as these guys never disappoint, as it likely gets wild and crazy with PCO doing some insane shit, which is always a sight to see. I think that Lifeblood gets the major win that they need here, which I feel leads to PCO & King defending the NWA tag titles at the August super event while Marty challenges Aldis again for the NWA Title… and possibly his exit from ROH. WINNERS: Lifeblood

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