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Csonka’s ROH Road to G1 Supercard Preview

March 31, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
ROH Road to G1 Supercard

WELCOME back to column time with Larry! Today, I am going to discuss and preview the ROH Road to G1 Supercard event. The show is a preview of sorts for the G1 Supercard, which is a collaboration between ROH & NJPW, and the first show in decades to grace the Garden that isn’t promoted by WWE. So today, I will break down and preview the show; thanks for reading! It’s wrestling, we love it and will disagree. The only rules are “have a take, be respectful, and don’t be a dick.”

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Sumie Sakai & Jenny Rose vs. Karissa Rivera & Gabby Ortiz vs. Tasha Steels & Kris Stadtlander: This was one of the later additions to the show, with Sumie Sakai & Jenny Rose being the only regulars for ROH in the match. The layout of ROH women’s matches tends to be weak, so the talent will have to be working really hard to overcome that and stop this from being a lethargic mess. The regulars should take this one. WINNER: Sumie Sakai & Jenny Rose

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Cheeseburger, Eli Isom & Ryan Nova vs. Coast 2 Coast & Colin Delaney: This one’s a hard one to call. Cheeseburger is wildly over still and ROH feels like they are invested in Eli Isom. Coast 2 Coast was looking to get a big push before Ali suffered an injury following a car accident and they then took an excursion overseas and worked a ton of dates. They are a team that ROH should get behind, but the lizard man looks to only see them as a filler team. Burger and his boys, who he had part in training, go by Shinobi Shadow Squad and are honestly a fun little team and if booked right could make for really fun, underdog challengers for the six-man titles. But this may be a chance for Coast 2 Coast to pick up some momentum, which is needed as the tag team division moves forward. WINNER: Coast 2 Coast & Colin Delaney

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Mark Haskins vs. Silas Young: Silas Yong opted stay with ROH & re-sign even though there was reportedly interest from WWE, a decision he looks to be regretting now following some extremely lackluster booking so far in 2019…

Now don’t get me wrong, I like Young and think he’s a valuable part of the card and works hard, but there’s a reason that not many trust the lizard man. Haskins impressed during last year’s UK tour and after rumors, got signed and is part of the new Lifeblood stable. I feel that Haskins and Lifeblood have more upside right now and that he’ll pickup the win here. WINNER: Mark Haskins

 photo D2JGp8cXcAEkJAG_zps0xdgjvsi.jpg

PJ Black vs. Kenny King: Depending on if the guys are motivated here, this could be a fun match, but I find both guys very hit and miss. They have a ton of athletic ability and potential, so I am hoping for the best here. Black feels like more of a part time attraction, while King is coming off of a PPV loss, but ROH remains high on him. He should pick up the rebound victory here. WINNER: Kenny King

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Marty Scurll vs. Shane Taylor: This has the potential to be a fun match. Marty is really good and Taylor has really improved and upped his game over the last year. The key will be playing to the size difference well, and Marty’s villain tendencies should be a big part of that. With Scurll being in the ROH title match at the G1 Supercard, he’ should win here, even if say by DQ or countout; by no means should he lose here.WINNER: Marty Scurll

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Rush vs. Tracy Williams: This is an odd match to book, as it is an extreme clash of styles. The good news is that while their styles are very different, Williams is used to working with lucha styled talents from his time in CHIKARA. Also, Rush was extra motivated at the 17th anniversary PPV, so I think this has a chance to succeed, With Rush having a match at G1 Supercard, he should pick up the win here, if he doesn’t, fire the Lizard man. WINNER: Rush

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Jay Lethal & Jeff Cobb vs. TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia vs. Bandido & Juice Robinson: This is a potentially fun tag match. Lethal & Cobb are great and have worked well together in the past. Bandido and Juice are also really good and will bring a ton of energy and charisma to the match. TK& Vinny actually thrive in multi-man cluster style tags as opposed to regular tags, which I think bodes well for this match as their chaotic style and fun double team moves should add to the match. With Lethal & Cobb having big title matches at the G1 Supercard show, they should win here, pinning one of Taven’s geeks. WINNER: Jay Lethal & Jeff Cobb

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Champions PCO & Brody King vs. The Briscoes: This is a rematch from the great street fight at the 17th anniversary PPV, where the Briscoes lost the titles. All four men are crazy and work really well together, which makes me hopeful for another great match here. I think with Villain Enterprises winning the six-man titles and feeling that the Briscoes need to be on and deserve to be on this MSG show, I think that the Briscoes were winning the titles back until the MSG match was made into a four-way, so they don’t need to win them back here.WINNER: PCO & Brody King

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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