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Csonka’s ROH State of The Art: Portland 2019 Review

June 3, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Matt Taven ROH
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Csonka’s ROH State of The Art: Portland 2019 Review  

Csonka’s ROH State of The art Portland 2019 Review

Anything Goes Match: Tracy Williams defeated Bully Ray @ 8:15 via pin [**½]
– Mazzerati defeated Danika Della Rouge @ 5:10 via pin []
– Mark Briscoe defeated Josh Woods @ 11:15 via pin [***¼]
– Jeff Cobb defeated PJ Black @ 12:05 via pin [***½]
#1 Contender’s Tag Team Gauntlet Match:The Bouncers won @ 34:20 via pin [**½]
– Jay Lethal defeated Jay Briscoe @ 25:10 via pin [***½]
DEFY or DENY: Champion Matt Taven defeated PCO, Flip Gordon, & Mark Haskins @ 26:30 via pin [***¼]

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Bully Rayarrives to kick off the show, calling Todd Sinclair a bastard and revealing he’s in a bad mood. He talks shit to the fans, mocking the fans for looking homeless and having ugly wives. He calls out any piece of crap in ROH right now. Tracy Williams answers the challenge and brings weapons with him, Williams is happy to see Bully here and wants an anything goes match. Bully attacks and accepts.

Bully Ray vs. Tracy Williams: Bully takes control right away, attacking Williams with the mic and following with strikes and whipping him into the trashcan and following with a suplex for 2. Bully argues with the ref, Williams fires back but Bully chokes him out and follows with a German. Low blows him and hits another. Williams fires back with strikes, but Bully takes him up top but Williams gets the hanging arm bar. Williams flies in and Bully cuts him off, but Williams again fires back and then gets backdropped onto the trashcan for 2. Bully gets a table, slides it in and then lays in kendo shots on Williams. He sets up the table, yells at “the marks on Honor Club,” and follows with more kendo shots. More shots follow, and he chokes out Williams. Williams is on the table and Bully is cut off and Williams low blows him and gets the groin claw. It’s broken into a Joey Ryan match here, and Williams looks to suplex him through the table but Bully cuts him off and then misses the senton and Williams cradles him for the win. Tracy Williams defeated Bully Ray @ 8:15 via pin [**½] This was solid with the Bully vs. Lifeblood feud continues.

– Bully attacks post match, Haskins makes the save, but then gets powerbombed through the table.

Danika Della Rouge vs. Mazzerati: They lockup and Mazzerati shoves her away. They lock up again, Mazzerati overpowers her and then slaps her. Danika hits a hip toss and cradles her for 2. The dropkick follows and Mazzerati then rakes the eyes. The code breaker follows, and then chokes her out. Danika fires back, but Mazzerati follows with a kick and the northern lights follows for 2. Mazzerati lays in rights, and follows with another suplex. Danika cuts her off with a suplex, and heads up top but gets cut off. They trade strikes, and Danika hits a German, they miss kicks and Mazzerati rakes the yes and hits the superkick for the win. Mazzerati defeated Danika Della Rouge @ 5:10 via pin [*½] This was not good, and extremely disjointed; Mazzerati looked solid.

– Allure attacks and lays out Danika post match.

Mark Briscoe vs. Josh Woods: They lock up and work for position and then break Woods slams Mark to the buckles and follows with strikes. Mark fires back with redneck kung fu, chops, and strikes. Woods cuts him off with a knee strike but Mark rakes the eyes but Woods hits an overhead toss. Mark powders, Woods follows and slams him to the barricade. The overhead suplex then connects. Back in and Woods follows with kicks, and a gut wrench suplex and rolls for another and hits it. To the floor and Mark slams him to the barricade a few times. Mark lays in chops, they trade and Mark now hits a suplex. The Cactus elbow follows. Mark then slams him on the apron and back in, covers for 2. Mark now follows with chops and strikes, and the suplex gets 2. Kicks and a slam follow from Mark and he then grounds the action. Woods fights, gets to his feet and hits a belly to back suplex to escape. Woods fires up and they trade strikes, and Woods hits the springboard forearm strike. Mark fights off the suplex, lays in chops and they work to the apron and Woods teases a German to the floor and hits it. Back in and Woods hits go to sleep and covers for2 as Mark gets the ropes. He powders, gets a chair and Woods chases him and Mark low blows him and hits the DVD and froggy bow for the win. Mark Briscoe defeated Josh Woods @ 11:15 via pin [***¼ ] This was a good match and one of Woods’ better ROH performances until Mark cheated to win.

Jeff Cobb vs. PJ Black: They shake hands and lock up. Cobb grounds the action, but Black scrambles back to his feet. Black now attacks the arm, but Cobb takes him down and then powers him to the ropes. Lock up and they work to the mat, but Black fires backs with kicks and a clothesline. He continues to attack, lays in kicks and follows with a double stomp. Cobb then cuts him off with a dropkick. The head butt follows, and he then whips Black to the buckles. Chops follow but Black fires back with a spin kick and corner knee strike. The high cross follows, but Cobb rolls through and into a stalling vertical suplex. They trade chops and strikes, but Cobb hits the powerslam but Black locks on the koji clutch. Cobb makes the ropes, follows with strikes but Black locks on a hanging guillotine. Cobb powers out but Black counters into a DDT. He heads up top and hits the big double stomp, and covers for 2. Black then hits a springboard moonsault for 2. Cobb fights off the piledriver, Cobb up op and Black hits the Spanish fly for 2. Black back up top and Cobb crotches him, follows him up and slams him off, hits the German and the tour of the islands finishes it. Jeff Cobb defeated PJ Black @ 12:05 via pin [***½] This was a very good, fun, and competitive match with Black looking good against the #1 contender, but ultimately falling to the tour of the islands

– Mark Haskins is out of tonight’s main event due to Bully Ray’s attack.

#1 Contender’s Tag Team Gauntlet Match: The Bouncers vs. The Kingdom vs. Coast to Coast vs. Shane Taylor & Silas Young vs. Rush & Dalton Castle vs. The Voros Twins: Taylor & Young start off with the Voros Twins. Young starts off and is working clean and shaking hands. He then grounds things, but the Voros counters back and is then cut off with a side back breaker. Young then cradles him for 2. The other Voros tags in and Young cuts him off with a neck breaker and covers for 2. Taylor tags in and hits shoulder tackles. The pounce follows and the other Voros is in and works into counters and Young tags back in but gets cut off. The feed dies. It returns and Young & Taylor run wild, just beating down the ads and submitting them @ 7:00. Castle & Rush are next. They argue, and then attack Taylor and Young. They argue again and the heels attack, taking Castle to the floor. They all brawl, and Young posts Castle. Taylor joins in and they roll Castle back in. Double teams on Castle follow; Taylor follows with strikes and covers for 2. Young back in and beats Castle down with kicks and strikes. Young talks shit and beats on Castle but Castle fires back and Rush tags in. he runs wild and hits a snap German. Castle tags himself in and hits a knee strike and slam on Young. Rush tags himself back in and they double team Young but Taylor cuts then off and hits the knee strike on Castle and then is cut off by the knee strike/German combo. The bulls horns finishes Young @ 15:35. C2C arrive as the next team and attack. They get cut off and Castle & Rush start working together and take control until Ali superkicks Castle. He follows with chops and strikes, grounds Castle and tags in LSG. The superkick follows for 2. They work quick tags, isolating Castle and Castle then counters the senton atomico with the knees. Rush turns his back on Castle, and then shoots him the middle finger. Castle maintains control and Castle gets sent into Rush and he tags in. Rush run wild, and tranquilos. Castle is pissed and they argue and then double team Ali. The bulls horns is cut off by a Castle trip. Castle walks off, and Rush follows and they brawl onto he stage as C2C win the fall via countout @ 21:00. The Bouncers are next. C2C attacks as they make their entrance, and send Milonas into the barricade but Bruiser hits an apron cannonball. The Bouncers take control until LSG hits a blockbuster back in the ring. It breaks down; Bruiser cuts off Ali and bites him. He follows with chops on LSG, but C2C cuts him off and Milonas then posts Ali. Bruiser hits The Samoan drop and Ali is back, tries to fight off both but the last call finishes him @ 26:30. The Kingdom is the final team. They hit the ring and attack right away. They post Milonas, and then isolate the Bruiser. The Kingdom works quick tags and double teams, and then dumps Bruiser. Vinny follow with a RANA to the floor and slams him to the barricade. Back in and TK covers for 2. They ground the Bruiser and continue with double teams. TK rakes the eyes, and again grounds things. Bruiser finally fires back and hits a DDT and slams Vinny onto TK, countering sliced bread. Milonas tags in and he follows with slams and corner splashes. Clotheslines connect, Bruiser takes out Vinny, and Milonas takes TK up top and closing time finishes it. The Bouncers won @ 34:20 via pin [**½] This was a solid match overall, a bit too log with some dead spots, but solid with the Castle & Rush dynamic being the best part of the whole thing.

– Kenny King joins commentary.

Jay Lethal vs. Jay Briscoe: They circle and lockup. Briscoe starts working the arm, but Lethal counters back and Briscoe counters out and they work to the corner. Lethal ground things, but Briscoe slides to the floor. He teases using a chair, but slides back in as they lock up. Briscoe grounds the action, and then follows with a shoulder tackle and thy work into a stand off. Lethal follows with chops, dumps Briscoe and Briscoe grabs a chair to stop the suicide dive as Lethal holds up. Lethal grabs the mic and calls out Briscoe on his bullshit. He says ROH & Briscoe need to get back on track. He then tells Briscoe to man up. The feed gets shitty again and we’re back with Briscoe in control. He follow with uppercuts and back in, Briscoe lays the boots to him. He follows with more uppercuts, and then the dropkick follows and Briscoe covers for 2. Briscoe’s right eye is bleeding, which just pisses him off as he lays in chops. Lethal fires back with the cartwheel dropkick and covers for 2. He lays in chops, and the belly to back suplex follows for 2. Lethal hits a basement dropkick, covering for 2. They trade strikes, dropkick by Lethal, but Briscoe fights back and hits the missile dropkick. Briscoe follows with uppercuts, knocking Lethal to the floor. Briscoe follows and rolls him back in and hits the clothesline for 2. Briscoe grounds the action, working a neck crank. Lethal fights to his feet, lays in elbows, and follows with chops. They fight over a suplex; Briscoe to the apron and Lethal dropkicks him to the floor. The suicide dive follows. Lethal then hits a second. He follows with a third. Back in and they trade strikes, lighting each other up and just unloading on each other. The lethal combination follows, and Lethal heads up top and Briscoe cuts him off and follows him up. The superplex follows and both men are down. Briscoe fires up and lays in more uppercuts, but lethal cradles him and transitions into the figure four. Briscoe makes the ropes. Lethal follows with kicks to the knee, and the enziguri follows. Lethal up top and King heads to the ring to distract Lethal. Briscoe then cradles Lethal for 2. The RANA and lariat connect and the Jay driller gets 2. King gets a chair, slides it in and Briscoe picks it up, but refuses to use it. Lethal then hits lethal injection for the win. Jay Lethal defeated Jay Briscoe @ 25:10 via pin [***½] Despite the overbooked finish, this was really good as you would expect with both guys delivering and working hard.

DEFY or DENY: Champion Matt Taven vs. PCO vs. Flip Gordon vs. Mark Haskins: If Taven wins, the last man he beats cannot challenge for the title for as long as he is champion. If Haskins, Flip, or PCO win, they earn a world title shot. This is also elimination rules. Haskins, despite the earlier attack, is out to compete. Taven talks shit and powders at ringside. Looooooooots of stalling here. They finally begin, with PCO taking early control until he misses a charge. Flip and Haskins work him over and dump him. Head scissors by Flip, but Taven sneaks in and cradles him for 2. Flip is dumped and Haskins is cradled by Taven for 2. PCO is back in and they trade strikes. He takes Haskins down, and then follows with chops but Haskins fires back with kicks but PCO hits a head butt and running knee strike. Taven attacks PCO, he apologizes and powders. Flip and Haskins attack him and roll him back in. Taven tries to make alliances, but fails as PCO lights him up wit PCO hits machinegun chops and h chops and then Haskins & Flip join in. They take turns beating on Taven, and then triple teams on Taven follow as PCO hits the cannonball. Flip follows with a suicide dive, but Taven battles back and slams Haskins to the barricade as PCO hits him with a suicide cannonball. Back in and Taven rakes the eyes of PCO, follows with knee strikes and boots. PCO counters the climax, but Taven hits kick of the king and sends Flip and Haskins into PCO. Flip then powerbombs PCO to the floor with some help from Haskins. Haskins hits the suicide dive and Taven follows with the tope con HELLO. Flip follows with a dive, and PCO is back up and wipes out the pile with the PCO-sault to the floor. The crowd loves PCO. Back in and Taven cuts him off, but then runs into a pop up powerbomb. Haskins & Flip return, but PCO fights the off and hits a tombstone/double chokeslam combo on all three. The fucking Kingdom arrives, Taven hits PCO with a chair but PCO grabs the chair, uses it and gets DQ’d for the elimination @ 15:00. Taven and Haskins brawl, with Taven taking control. Taven monologues, the mistake of every villain, allowing Haskins to battle back and hits from Haskins with love. Flip is back hits the suicide dive, and back in and Haskins takes him to the floor and he hits a suicide dive. Taven cuts him off, they work up top and Flip hits Kinder surprise on Taven and Haskins follows with the double stomp. The soldier shoulder roll follows on Flip for 2. Haskins hits the double stomp but Taven cradles him for the elimination @ 19:30. Taven and Flip trade strikes, kicks, and Flip hits the Cactus clothesline to the floor. They now trade chops on the floor, working onto the stage, and Flip hits a superkick. He then dives off the stage and hits a blockbuster on Taven. They work back in and Flip heads up top and the 450 misses; to the floor and Taven powerbombs Flip through the timekeeper’s table. Back in and Taven hits the frog splash for 2. Flip fires up, hits sling blade, and the nightmare on Helms start follows for 2. Flip then does the deal with a falcon arrow for 2. Taven counters Flip5 with the climax for the win. Champion Matt Taven defeated PCO, Flip Gordon, & Mark Haskins @ 26:30 via pin [***¼] This was an overall good main event, with Taven picking up the big win and taking Flip out of contention. The loses for PCO & Haskins were done in a protective way, while Taven got to pin Flip clean, which I was fine with. Taven’s early heel antics were also really entertaining.

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* AEW Double or Nothing Does 98,000 Buys: 22:10
* The Most Frustrating Aspect of an NXT Takeover Special: 28:30
* WWE Counter Programming All Out & NJPW in London: 50:30
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The final score: review Average
The 411
It didn’t look like much of s show going into it, but ROH State of The Art: Portland 2019 was a pretty good show, that delivered mostly good wrestling, continue some angles, and crowned new tag tile contenders.