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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 10.30.19

October 31, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 10.30.19  

Csonka’s ROH TV Review 10.30.19

– The Bouncers defeated Chris Bey & Slice Boogie @ 4:45 via pin []
Women of Honor Title Match: Champion Angelina Love defeated Sumie Sakai & Jenny Rose @ 8:15 via pin [**]

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– We open with highlights of the Women Of Honor World Championship match from Death Before Dishonor, where Angelina Love won the title. She defends it tonight despite the fact that SHE ALREADY LOST IT 15-DAYS AGO!

– We get extended highlights from the wildcard eight-man tag from Death Before Dishonor: Fallout where teams were drawn at random. In the match, Jeff Cobb, Kenny King, Brian Johnson, & Josh Woods defeated Silas Young, Cheeseburger, Rhett Titus, & Joe Hendry @ 17:55 via pin.

– We get highlights of The Bouncers vs. Vincent Marseglia & Silas Young in a barroom brawl at Death Before Dishonor, which the Bouncers won.

The Bouncers vs. Chris Bey & Slice Boogie: Boogie and Bruiser begin as Bruiser lays in chops and strikes. Bey & Milonas tag in, Bey hits dropkicks, avoids a charge hits an enziguri and flies off the ropes into a clothesline by Milonas. The Bouncers follow with double teams, Bey tries to battle back and Bruiser bites him. Boogie tries to low bridge Bruiser, fails, and then levels him on the mat. Back in and Bey follow with a sidekick for 2. Boogie & Bey take control, Bey hits a standing moonsault for 1. Spinebuster by Bruiser, slams Boogie onto Bey and Milonas tags in and follows with strikes, corner splashes, and the running cross body. Closing time finishes it. The Bouncers defeated Chris Bey & Slice Boogie @ 4:45 via pin [**] This was a fine extended squash.

– We see footage of Lethal and Gresham after Death Before Dishonor. Lethal said that he and Gresham were ok now and that Gresham showed him that there are other ways to do things and he has to start accepting his partner’s views. That may have been good to air setting up the heel turn that happened last week in the UK.

-We get highlights of Dak Draper defeating Austin Gunn to win the 2019 Top Prospect Tournament. He will get a TV title shot at some point for that win.

Champion Angelina Love vs. Sumie Sakai vs. Jenny Rose: Mandy Leon is at ringside. The faces attack and run wild on Love to begin, working double teams as Love powders. Rose and Sakai trade, and Rose hits the side slam for 2. Love pulls out Sakai, and then clotheslines Rose. Sakai pulls Love to the floor and Rose follows with a fisherman’s suplex for 2. The half crab follows, Love breaks it up and locks on a koji clutch on Sakai. Sakai fights, and makes the ropes. Love follows with a high cross on Rose the floor. Back in and Rose follows with Mongolian chops on Love, but Love dumps her. Sakai follows with a fisherman’s buster for 2. Smash mouth is countered into a cradle for 2. Love dumps Sakai, Rose back in and hits a jawbreaker. She chokes out Love, drags Sakai back in and they trade, take down Love and continue to trade. The spear by Rose gets 2. Sakai then cradles her for 2. Rose hits the uranage but Love makes the save and hits botox injection for 2. Leon distracts Sakai, and the botox injection finishes it. Champion Angelina Love defeated Sumie Sakai& Jenny Rose @ 8:15 via pin [**] So yes, we just had a TV main event featuring a champion that lost the belt 15 days ago. I am at a complete loss for words. The match was ok, but rather lethargic.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 63. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Jeremy Lambert break down week five of the Wednesday Night Wars between NXT & AEW, and preview MLW Superfight. The show is approximately 96-minutes long.

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* The Comparison/Who Won Week Five: 54:45
* MLW Superfight PPV Preview: 1:02:45

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IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 2019, ROH just ran a TV main event featuring a champion that lost the belt 15 days ago. I have repeatedly discussed how ROH needs to fix how they tape & present their TV, it’s like beating a dead horse right now, I just can’t anymore. They have to do better.

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