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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 11.06.19

November 7, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 11.06.19  

Csonka’s ROH TV Review 11.06.19

– Alex Shelley defeated Jonathan Gresham @ 14:30 via pin [****]
ROH Title Match: ROH Champion Rush defeated Silas Young @ 10:25 via pin [**½]

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– We get highlights of Silas Young winning a battle royal to earn a title shot against Rush.

– Ian Riccabani and Quinn McKay run down the recent events in ROH involving the heel turn by Jonathan Gresham.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Alex Shelley: They lock up and work into counters as Shelley looks to take control but Gresham quickly escapes. They lock back up and Gresham starts attacking the arm. Shelley counters into an abdominal stretch, transitions to a cravat but Gresham counters out. Shelley shoots him to the buckles, but Gresham counters, and hits the dropkick. Shelley hits a knee strike, PK, snap suplex and then a knee drop for 1. Shelley dirties things up a bit, and locks on a Detroit love bucket. The cradle follows for 2. Gresham escapes the full nelson, hits the springboard moonsault press and attacks the arm. Gresham maintains focus on the arm, drags him down and follows with a hammerlock, adds in the other arm and transitions into a bridge. He now adds in the leg, going all ZSJ here, torturing Shelley and cradling him for 2. He stomps away at the arm, and covers for 2. Gresham keeps attacking that arm, and again covers for 2. The crucifix follows for 2. Gresham keeps it grounded, constantly attacking the arm and Shelley counters back and eats an enziguri but he then dropkicks the knee of Gresham. He follows with an enziguri and heads up top, hits the high cross but Gresham rolls through they tumble weed around and Gresham gets the cradle for 2. Gresham attacks the arm and the cradle follows for 2. Gresham grounds him and Shelley counters the surfboard into a over for 2. Gresham then counters into a cradle for a great near fall. Shelley fires back with kicks, but Gresham dropkicks the arm and they work up top. Shelley gets the atomic drop, Gresham counters sliced bread but Shelley cuts him off, hits the superkick and Gedo clutch for the win. Alex Shelley defeated Jonathan Gresham @ 14:30 via pin [****] This was a great technical battle and was completely different than anything else on the card. It’s just a shame that they didn’t follow up on Gresham’s big win over Lethal here.

– Shane Taylor enters the building and declares himself the greatest ROH TV Champion of all time. Taylor references Muhammed Ali, Tommie Smith and Arthur Ashe as the legacies that he’s chasing. He vows to break the single reign defense record.

– We go to backstage footage of TK O’Ryan and Vincent Marseglia laid out.. Marseglia is unable to identify his attacker and runs off the backstage workers trying to help him. He says the truth is like a knife, and warns the attacker that he’ll find him.

– Ian and Quinn are talking about the upcoming tour events.

– We see the video of Bully Ray attacking Mark Haskins, with comments from Bully Ray. He insults and threatens Haskins’ wife. Haskins vows revenge.

– Next week’s main event is PCO vs. Marty Scurll in the #1 Contenders Tournament

– We are shown highlights of Rush’s title win over Matt Taven..

ROH Champion Rush vs. Silas Young: They lock up and work into passes, Rush follows with a knee strike and Young spears him to counter the bull’s horns. He lays the boots to Rush, hits the anarchist suplex and covers for 2. Young talks shit to Rush, and dumps him. He follows him out and hits a double sledge. Young posts him and then lays the boots to him. Back in and Young hits the slingshot double stomp. Young follows with knee strikes, a DDT and covers for 1. The suplex follows for 1. Young grounds the action. Rush battles back with a German, knee strike and then whips Young to the barricades. He slams Young off of a table at ringside, and back in follows with corner kicks. He teases the bull’s horns, kicks Young in the face and traquilos. Rush follows with a slam, heads up top and misses the senton. Young hits the Finlay roll and moonsault for 2. Rush counters misery, but Young hits the anarchist suplex for 2. Rush suplexes Young to the buckles, hits a superman punch and bull’s horns for the win. ROH Champion Rush defeated Silas Young @ 10:25 via pin [**½] This was a solid but flat match, with Young getting in way too much in Rush’s first title defense.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 65. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Steve Cook review week 6 of the AEW vs. NXT Wednesday night war and then preview Saturday’s AEW Full Gear PPV. The show is approximately 96-minutes long.

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* AEW Full Gear Preview: 1:01:00

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We’re still almost a month behind, but the Shelley vs. Gresham match is great if you haven’t seen it.

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