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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 12.21.16

December 21, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 12.21.16  

Csonka’s ROH TV Review 12.21.16

Decade of Excellence Tournament: Christopher Daniels defeated Mark Briscoe @ 12:00 via pin [***]
– Lio Rush defeated Caprice Coleman @ 0:30 via pin [NR]
– Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish, and Dalton Castle defeated Adam Cole and The Young Bucks @ 12:30 via pin [***½]

Kyle O’Reilly Talks: We get footage of Kyle O’ Reilly defeating Adam Cole and capturing the ROH World Championship at Final Battle. The crowd was happy to see the new champion, but before he could get too far, Adam Cole (BAY BAY) arrived and claimed O’Reilly shouldn’t be celebrating but should instead be apologizing for steeling the title. Cole feels O’Reilly got lucky by getting the stipulation changed at Final battle and says he would have won a regular wrestling match. We’re doing the Raw revolving promo segment as Dalton Castle arrives. He congratulates O’Reilly and is making it known that he wants in the title picture. This leads to Bobby Fish coming out, he’s happy for his tag team partner, saying that O’ Reilly lived up to his promises. Cole gets pissed at everyone, and O’Reilly proclaims that he will die to defend the title. This was ok, but felt too much like the cliché WWE talking heads segment.

Decade of Excellence Tournament: Christopher Daniels vs. Mark Briscoe: This is the first Decade of Excellence Tournament match, the winner gets an ROH Title shot at the 15th anniversary show. After the lock up, basic back and forth and the like; Briscoe took control and actually took Daniels down and out grappled him for a bit. Briscoe sent him to the floor, but Kaz caused a distraction allowing Daniels to hit the STO and cover for 2. Post break, Daniels took the heat, and kept Briscoe down, scoring several near falls. Briscoe avoided the moonsault, fired up and made his comeback with strikes. Briscoe followed with the XPLODER and then hit the suicide dive. Back in and the running kick connected, and the cover got 2. fought back, hit the blue thunder bomb, which got 2. Daniels then hit the uranage, Briscoe avoided the best moonsault ever, and they brawled to the floor. Briscoe hit the Cactus Jack elbow to the floor. Back in and the DVD connected, but Briscoe missed froggy bow. Angel’s wings by Daniels and he picks up the win. Christopher Daniels defeated Mark Briscoe @ 12:00 via pin [***] This was a good back and forth math between two guys who know how to work with each other. It’s also refreshing to see a heel win a match clean, to give him some credibility.

– The Rebellion claims that they love ROH & wresting, and they do what they have to do. They want Rush to join them and take a stand. Rush refuses, because he stands for respect. Coleman mocks his promo ability, and then says Rush is looking to use ROH to move on. Coleman rambled on, claiming he’s beat Rush all over the ring.

Caprice Coleman vs. Lio Rush: Coleman attacked, failed and Rush rolled him up and won. Lio Rush defeated Caprice Coleman @ 0:30 via pin [NR] On one hand, Rush is the right winner, but on the other hand, stuff like this makes the Rebellion hard to buy as credible in any way.

– The rebellion attacked Rush, leading to Jay White and Donovan Dijak making the save.

The Young Bucks & Adam Cole vs. Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly & Dalton Castle: Bullet Club attacked right away, it broke down with all six men in, as Cole and O’Reilly brawling center ring. Fish hit a dive, running knee off the apron by O’Reilly followed. O’Reilly worked the hanging arm bar in the ropes, but then ate superkicks. The crowd loves Bullet Club, and they then hit the rise of the terminator dives to take the heat. They followed with apron bombs to the faces, focusing on O’Reilly. Bullet Club continued to control and we went to the break. Post break, O’Reilly was isolated as Fish and Castle were pulled to the floor. Superkicks to O’Reilly, sent him to the floor and the triple teams followed. Castle finally got the tag, and ran wild with suplexes. Suplexes from the faces, Matt escapes the bangarang, leading to a double down. Fish in, he cleaned house and scored a near fall on Cole. Fish and O’Reilly worked over Cole for a bit. Nick in and ran wild on the faces, hit a dive onto Castle and superkick to the boys followed. O’Reilly caught Nick with the triangle choke, but Castle takes out Matt with bangarang, Fish hit the falcon arrow on Cole (HE DID THE DEAL) and Nick tapped for the finish. Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish, and Dalton Castle defeated Adam Cole and The Young Bucks @ 12:30 via pin [***½] This was a very good main event, featuring all of the action and insanity you’d expect. The Bucks obviously play well off of Fish & O’Reilly, and Bullet Club works very well together as a team. This clicked from the opening bell and had an awesome energy.

– Next week is a best of show.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Good
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Good show this week, they did a lot of work around thee title contenders and also kicked off the Decade of Excellence Tournament. This was an overall enjoyable hour of TV.