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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 2.05.20

February 6, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
ROH Atlanta - ncs20-briscoes
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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 2.05.20  

Csonka’s ROH TV Review 2.05.20

– Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry defeated Master & Machine @ 10:45 via pin [***]
– Rhett Titus defeated Danhausen @ 7:40 via pin [**½]
– The Briscoes defeated Maff & Cobb and Lifeblood @ 12:30 via pin [***½]

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– Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay greet welcome us to the show.

– Castle & Hendry have a wacky meeting in what I guess was catering (or a college dormitory kitchenette), talking about how they have to start putting together wins.

Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry vs. Master & Machine (Cross & Garrison): Hendry and Cross begin, they lockup as Hendry grounds the action. He takes control with ease, Cross picks up the pace and Hendry runs him over with tackles until Cross hits the RANA. Hendry rolls through into a slam and they standoff. Post break as Castle and Garrison tag in. Castle grounds him, follows with elbow strikes, Garrison fires back but walks into an overhead belly to belly. Castle delivers strikes, and grounds him with a body scissors. Garrison fights out, counters bangarang and hits a slam, Cross in as double teams follow for 2. Cross delivers kicks, a standing double stomp and that gets 2. Hendry tags in, hits a big lariat and covers for 2. The delayed suplex also gets 2. Castle tags back in and double teams follow for 2. Castle grounds things, Cross fights to his feet and eats a clothesline. Hendry in, and he grounds things once again. Cross to his feet, but runs into a back elbow. Castle in and works a the knee, follows with a suplex as Hendry tags in and uppercuts follow for 2. Castle hits a suplex, Cross hits a desperation enziguri as Garrison tags in, runs wild as he hits the double spear. Cross in and the Skywalker elbow follows for 2. Castle cuts off Cross as Hendry then slams them both. Castle in and he hits a knee strike, slam and knee strike. Hendry dumps Garrison as the code breaker and reverse sling blade finishes it. Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry defeated Master & Machine @ 10:45 via pin [***] This was good, Hendry &castle are coming together well as a team and again, I think it’s the right call for them. This was Master & Machine’s best outing to date, they have a lot of potential but just need more in ring time.

– We get a video package on PJ Black wanting to mentor Brian Johnson, see highlights of Black and Mecca’s win over Master and Machine where Johnson takes all the credit for the win.

– Quinn McKay is with Tracey Williams and Mark Haskins. Haskins says he’s finished with Bully Ray, and is focused on the ROH World Championship. Williams didn’t exactly look pleased.

– Ian & Quinn hype future events.

Rhett Titus vs. Danhausen: They lock up after Danhausen dances the Pee Wee Herman dance, with Titus taking him down. Danhausen counters out and teases the chokeslam, Titus easily fights him off and Danhausen yells at him for swearing. Tutus attacks with strikes. Post break and Titus misses the big boot and Danhausen crotches him on the ropes. He dropkicks him to the floor, dances and follows with kicks. Back in and Titus cuts him off with a northern lights suplex for 2. He lays the boots to Danhausen, hits a face wash and covers for 2. Titus follows with short clotheslines, transitions to a backbreaker submission and hits the spinning slam for 2. Danhausen counters back, follows with uppercuts and a German. He gets his wacky jar of teeth, spills them in Titus’ mouth and the big boot gets 2. Titus counters and they trade pin attempts until Titus hits a dropkick and… wins. Rhett Titus defeated Danhausen @ 7:40 via pin [**½] This was solid, but I felt that the wrong man won, They seem to be heading to a King vs. Titus rematch so I get why Titus won, but for as wacky as Danhausen is, he’s gotten over but still hasn’t found success in the win column.

Jeff Cobb & Dan Maff vs. The Briscoes vs. Lifeblood: The Bouncers join commentary. Haskins and Cobb begin with Haskins working kicks until Cobb tosses him away. Mark tags in and follows with strikes on Cobb. Cobb picks up the pace, hits a dropkick and Williams tags in. He trades with Cobb, Haskins tags in and they double team Cobb and dumps the Briscoes, covering for 2. Haskins grounds things, attacking the arm and Jay tags in. He follows with kick and strikes, Mark in as double teams follow. Williams tags in and lays the boots to Cobb. Haskins joins in and hits a basement dropkick for 2. The Briscoes work quick tags, isolating Cobb and chops Haskins to tag him in. Haskins does the same, he and Mark brawl and Cobb lariats them both. Maff tag in, runs wild on everyone until Lifeblood cuts him off, it breaks down, Lifeblood hit dives and Mark hits the blockbuster to the floor as the Briscoes take control. Back in and the Briscoes double team Maff until Maff hits a spar on Jay. Maff then follows with a suicide dive. Back in and Cobb & Maff isolate Williams with double teams, sidewinder suplex by Cobb and Maff hits the senton for 2. Cobb is dumped, PK by Haskins and Lifeblood takes control and covers for 2. Maff fires up and shakes off the double teams, Williams counters the burning hammer and the ankle lock and double stomp follows from Lifeblood. Mark flies in with froggy bow for the save, superkick by Cobb and it completely breaks down. Mark clears out some bodies, and redneck boogie gets 2 on Williams. Williams fights back, hits a DVD and the STF follows on Mark. He transitions to a crossface, Jay powerbombs Haskins onto Williams and the Jay driller finishes it. The Briscoes defeated Maff & Cobb and Lifeblood @ 12:30 via pin [***½] Cobb & Maff have a tag title shot coming up, and while they didn’t take the pin, they surprisingly didn’t win here. The match was very good with a hot closing stretch as the ROH tag ranks grow in strength.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 88. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Steve Cook hit a quick news roundup, break down the latest between NXT & AEW, including Cody getting lashed and Charlotte returning to NXT, while Larry previews NJPW New Beginning in Osaka & ROH Free Enterprise. The show is approximately 130-minutes long.

* Intro
* Quick News Roundup (Goldberg, Kross, Thatcher, Thunder Rosa, Tiered Network Announcement, More): 7:15
* AEW Dynamite (2.05.20) Review: 28:15
* NXT (2.05.20) Review: 1:04:55
* The head to head comparison: 1:29:25
* Larry’s NJPW New Beginning in Osaka & ROH Free Enterprise Previews: 1:35:40

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This week’s episode of ROH TV was an overall solid show with a very good main event. But the problem is that the “added content,” in terms of matches we didn’t see and backstage stuff isn’t really adding to the shows, and often drags them down. They are heavily relying on the week’s main event, which many have already watched, to carry the show. Solid to good is barely acceptable in 2020, there is way too much easily accessible content out there, which makes ROH one of the most likely to skip TV products going today. I wish that they would aspire for their TV to be more. Again, it’s far from bad, but it could be much more.

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