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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 2.14.18

February 14, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Dalton Castle ROH TV
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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 2.14.18  

Csonka’s ROH TV Review 2.14.18

– Coast to Coast (Ali & LSG) vs. Brian Milonas, & The Beer City Bruiser went to a no contest @ 3:02 [NR]
– Kenny King & Coast to Coast (Ali & LSG) defeated Silas Young, Brian Milonas, & The Beer City Bruiser @ 5:44 via pin [**]
Women on Honor Title Tournament Match: Mandy Leon defeated Madison Rayne @ 9:16 via pin [**]
ROH Title Match: Champion Dalton Castle defeated Punishment Martinez @ 13:50 via pin [***]

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– Dalton Castle cuts a promo about tonight’s tile defense. He understands why Martinez has been attacking him, and he know what he wants, but Castle says he’s a much different man now that he’s the champion, and he plans to stay champion.

Coast to Coast (Ali & LSG) vs. Brian Milonas, & The Beer City Bruiser: Coast to Coast are coming off of the huge win over the now NXT bound War machine, while Milonas & The Bruiser are a new team. Bruiser and Milonas attack at the bell, and run wild, isolating LSG. They immediately slow things down, and Milonas works over LSG by using his ass. Bruiser back in, but LSG runs the big boys together and tags in Ali. C2C starts working double teams, hitting the complete shot on Bruiser for the near fall. Silas gets involved, and then attacks Ali. Kenny King arrives to make the save and it breaks down and we have a no contest. Coast to Coast (Ali & LSG) vs. Brian Milonas, & The Beer City Bruiser went to a no contest @ 3:02 [NR] This was more of an angle than a match, to set up a six-man tag, which I really wish they would have just done at first.

Kenny King & Coast to Coast (Ali & LSG) vs. Silas Young, Brian Milonas, & The Beer City Bruiser: And here we go with six-man tag team action, as King hits a dive onto Milonas. Bruiser wipes him out with the apron cannonball. Ali follows with a dive and Young follows, taking out Ali and King. Young back in and LSG cuts him off and tosses him but Milonas attacks him. He and Bruiser work double teams, isolating LSG. Young tags in and continues to control on LSG. Young & LSG trade strikes, and Ali tags in and runs wild on Young, hitting a complete shot for 2. King tags in and trades strikes with Young, and follows with a spin kick. Bruiser cuts him off, and Milonas tags in for some double teams. Young then covers King for 2. C2C dumps the big boys, LSG up top and hits the450 to the floor onto them. Ali works over Young, gets cut off, but King hits the royal flush for the win. Kenny King & Coast to Coast (Ali & LSG) defeated Silas Young, Brian Milonas, & The Beer City Bruiser @ 5:44 via pin [**] There wasn’t much to the match, which was ok, but the important thing is that King gets momentum for his TV title shot and Coast to Coast continued to win after the big victory over War Machine.

– We get a promo from The Dawgs, running down Coast to Coast. They promise to send them packing.

– Mandy Leon and Madison Rayne cut pre-taped promos on tonight’s match and the Women on Honor Title Tournament.

Women on Honor Title Tournament Match: Mandy Leon vs. Madison Rayne: Deonna Purrazzo is on commentary. They lock up, work to the corner, and we get a clean break. Rayne works a side headlock, Leon counters, and hits a shoulder tackle. They work some back and forth, and trade arm drags into a standoff. Leon hits a snap mare, and strolling kick. The Henning neck snap follows. Rayne then gets a roll up for 2. Leon with a cradle for 2. Rayne then hits the spear. Post break, and Rayne hits a neck breaker for 2. They work into a double down, and trade strikes. Leon hits a flatliner into a koji clutch, but Rayne fights and makes the ropes. To the floor and Leon hits a PK and apron cannonball. Back in and Leon heads up top, and hits a missile dropkick for 2. Rayne hits a desperation cutter, covering for 2. Leon gets a roll up for 2. But Rayne battles back, hitting the Rayne drop, and that gets 2. Rayne heads up top and misses the high cross. Leon hits astral projection for the win. Mandy Leon defeated Madison Rayne @ 9:16 via pin [**] This was ok, but it was very obvious that Rayne was on a completely different level than Leon. The thing that held this back was what holds all Leon matches back, her slow and awkward offense, and the fact that the work has very little flow and just meanders from spot to spot to spot.

– They shake hands and hug post match.

– We see Cody meeting with the Bucks post match last week and Cody is pissed that they didn’t save him when the Kingdom attacked him, They claim they were late, and that it better not be a “Kenny” thing.

– The Briscoes cut a promo about becoming tag team champions again. At this point in their careers all they care about is making statements and being the baddest tag team to ever walk this planet. Jay said that it’s nothing personal against the Guns, because it’s personal against everybody. They are coming to take their property back.

– Marty Scurll joins commentary.

ROH Title Match: Champion Dalton Castle vs. Punishment Martinez: Martinez won Survival of The Fittest to earn his title shot. Castle slaps Martinez and then works him over with strikes. Castle is all fired up to start, and dumps Martinez and hits the suicide dive. They brawl on the floor, but Martinez cuts him off but Castle posts him. Post break, and castle starts to overpower the champion. Scurll just used “skulduggery” on commentary, as if I need a reason to love him more. Martinez hits a big spin kick and sends Castle to the floor. Martinez follows with an apron bomb, taking control. Martinez follows with strikes, and rolls Castle back in. Martinez now starts whipping Castle to the buckles, and then covers for 2. Castle rolls to the floor, Martinez follows and chases off the boys. Castle fires up and attacks, gets cut off and Martinez follows with a superkick. He then whips Castle to the barricade a few times. Back in they go, and Martinez covers for 2. Post break, and Castle is fighting back and catches Martinez and hits a dead lift bridging German for 2. Castle follows with strikes, and looks for another German, and after avoiding kicks, Castle gets it and follows with another throw. Martinez keeps rising to his feet and scores with a lariat. Martinez now does the deal, hitting the falcon arrow for 2. Castle fights off the powerbomb, but Martinez lays him out with the big boot as he charged in. Castle to the floor, and Martinez hits the over the post dive to wipe out Castle and the Boys. Back in and Martinez hits the spin kick off the top for 2. Martinez sets for the chokeslam, but castle counters out only to eat a head kick. Martinez works the torture rack, but Castle counters the psycho driver into a cradle to retain. Champion Dalton Castle defeated Punishment Martinez @ 13:50 via pin [***] This was an overall good main event, with both guys working well together and making the stylistic differences work nicely. Unfortunately, with there being absolutely no drama in terms of Martinez actually winning the title, good is all it was.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
While far from a bad show, I’d call this week’s episode of ROH TV the weakest of 2018 so far. The best thing on the card was the main event, but other than that, there wasn’t a lot of interesting things happening here, other than the fun Briscoes promo.

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