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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 2.19.20

February 20, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 2.19.20  

Csonka’s ROH TV Review 2.19.20

– LifeBlood (Tracy Williams &Mark Haskins) defeated Vincent & Bateman @ 8:10 via DQ [**½]
– Jeff Cobb, Dan Maff, Jay Lethal, & Jonathan Gresham defeated Beer City Bruiser, Brawler Milonas, Silas Young, & Josh Woods @ 16:45 via pin [***¼]

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– We open with highlights of Silas Young & Josh Woods beating the Briscoes to earn a tag title shot.

– Ian & Quinn hype the new talent in ROH, leading to highlights of Alex Zayne defeating Bandido.

– Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry do a photo shoot, with Dalton giving Joe direction in how to pose. Dalton was gloriously wacky here. “Do it less Scottish… maybe more Scottish…”

– Ian & Quinn hype this month’s live events. They then discuss Sumie Sakai’s recent heel turn, and we get highlights of Sakai defeating Nicole Savoy.

Lifeblood vs. VINCENT & Bateman: Bateman & VINCENT attack before the bell and we’re underway. They dump Haskins but he and Williams quickly fight back and dump Bateman. Double teams on VINCENT follow and Chuckles pulls VINCENT to the floor. Haskins takes Bateman down, Williams hits a missile dropkick and covers for 2. VINCENT cheap shots Williams, allowing Bateman to attack, Williams fights off chuckles, until VINCENT hits a cutter on the floor. Back in and Bateman takes the heat on Williams, VINCENT in and double teams follow. VINCENT hits a side effect for 2. Williams fires back, but VINCENT cuts him off and Bateman tags in. He follows with strikes, the heels work quick tags and continue to control Williams in their corner. William counters sliced bread, tags in Haskins and he runs wild until Bateman attacks. Haskins dumps them, hits a PK and suicide dive. Back in, Haskins up top and misses the double stomp, VINCENT in and Vita trips up Haskins and VINCENT cradles him for 2. Haskins fires back with a clothesline for 2. Williams up top, VINCENT follows him up and Williams hits the buckle DDT and Haskins hits soldier shoulder roll into a powerbomb by Williams for 2. It breaks down, Bateman is taken out and Lifeblood isolates VINCENT. The PK/Piledriver combo follows, sharpshooter by Haskins but Chuckles attacks for a DQ. LifeBlood (Tracy Williams &Mark Haskins) defeated Vincent & Bateman @ 8:10 via DQ [**½] This was another solid match, and the DQ didn’t bother me as neither team needed a loss at this time, plus VINCENT and his pack are fucking loons.

Jeff Cobb, Dan Maff, Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham vs. Beer City Bruiser, Brawler Milonas, Silas Young, & Josh Woods: Young and Gresham begin, which is nice full circle shit as Young pushed Gresham to break and turn heel. They lockup, work into counters and separate. Gresham takes him down, Young pops back up and takes Gresham down, covering for 2. Gresham counters to his feet, and they work into a standoff. They lockup, working to the ropes and work into counters, trading monkey flips until Young cradles him for 2. They work into fun exchanges as Young frustrates Gresham early on. Woods tags in, takes Gresham down and he powders. He grabs a chair, tosses it down and tags in Jay. Woods shoots, takes him down and works for an arm bar until Jay escapes. Shoulder tackle by Jay, and the cartwheel dropkick connects. Bruiser tags in and Jay uses his speed to avoid him, attacks with strikes until Bruiser cuts him off with jabs. He bites Jay, and Cobb tags in. They trade shoulder tackles, dropkick by Cobb and Milonas tags in Cobb follows with chops and strikes until Milonas mows him down and his a sit down splash. Maff in and they trade strikes, Maff takes control with machinegun chops but Milonas catches the high cross, Maff escapes and hits a pounce. Cobb in and Milonas mows then down with a running cross body. Woods in and follows with suplexes, knee strikes and the champions drags Woods to the floor and beat him down. Jay tags in and grounds Woods with strikes. he follows with chops, a suplex and covers for 2. Gresham tags in and keeps Woods grounded, tags in Jay and double teams follow. Jay & Gresham keep tagging each other in, frustrating Maff & Cobb. Woods fires back until Gresham attacks the knee as Jay joins in for double teams. They dump the others, Woods fights them off with suplexes and a flying knee strike. Tag to Young and he runs wild on the champions, hits an anarchist suplex, runs Gresham into Maff and the plunge connects on Jay. Maff tags himself in and cuts of Young with a slam and senton. Bruiser tags in, Maff controls, takes out Jay and hits a suicide dive. The spear on Young gets 2. Woods hits him with a German as Cobb tagged in. he takes control, he and Maff hit double teams and Cobb hits a standing moonsault. Bruiser hits an apron cannonball onto the champions on the floor, Milonas hits a black hole slam on Cobb, Bruiser up top with the frog splash for 2. It breaks down again, cutter by Young, and bodies spill to he floor as Cobb finishes Bruiser with tour of the islands. Jeff Cobb, Dan Maff, Jay Lethal, & Jonathan Gresham defeated Beer City Bruiser, Brawler Milonas, Silas Young, & Josh Woods @ 16:45 via pin [***¼] This was a good and fun tag, featuring the champions as well as two of the top contenders.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 92. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Steve Cook review NXT vs. AEW from 2.19.20, hit a news roundup on Tito Ortiz, new WWE Hall of Famers, & much more. Finally, Larry previews Impact Sacrifice 2020. The show is approximately 101-minutes long.

* Intro
* News Roundup (Tito to WWE?, Bulldog to WWE Hall of Fame, WWE vs. MLW, More): 2:35
* AEW Dynamite (2.19.20) Review: 18:45
* NXT (2.19.20) Review: 52:15
* The Head to Head Comparison: 1:18:55
* Impact Sacrifice 2020 Preview: 1:26:18

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– End Scene.

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This week’s episode of ROH TV was a solid, but skippable show.

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