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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 3.08.19

March 8, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 3.08.19  

Csonka’s ROH TV Review 3.07.19

TV Title Match: Champion Jeff Cobb defeated Silas Young @ 14:55 via pin [***]
– Rush defeated Vinny Marseglia @ 9:30 via pin [**½]
– Jonathan Gresham defeated Matt Taven @ 1:20 via DQ [NR]

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Champion Jeff Cobb vs. Silas Young: Cobb overpowers Young early on, and then grounds the game, working his amateur wrestling skills. It’s all Cobb early on as Young powders. Young now offers the handshake, and then cheap shots Cobb. Cobb cuts him off, follows with strikes, and then a dropkick. The standing moonsault gets 2. Young with another cheap shot and follows with a stun gun. They brawl to the floor, with Young controlling, posting Cobb. Young follows with a double stomp back in the ring. Young works over Cobb in the corner, but Cobb fires back and then misses the dropkick. Young grounds things, rakes the back, and clotheslines Cobb to the apron. Young then starts attacking the ribs again. Young grounds things, but Cobb starts to power up but Young hits a rolling DVD and double stomp for 2. They trade strikes, Cobb follows with clotheslines and a back elbow. Young counters the suplex and hits the backbreaker/lariat combo for 2. Cobb escapes the full nelson, but Young hits the anarchist suplex for 2. Young talks shit, Cobb fires up and unloads on him. The overhead suplex follows. The swinging Saito connects, and then tour of the islands is countered. Cobb hits rolling Germans, and tour of the islands finishes it. Champion Jeff Cobb defeated Silas Young @ 14:55 via pin [***] This was a good and competitive opening match. Young has enough credibility and experience that him giving Cobb some trouble is believable.

Rush vs. Vinny Marseglia: Rush beat TK O’Ryan, but the Kingdom attacked post match and triple conchairto’d him, setting up this match. Rush is fired up and they brawl at the bell. They trade clotheslines and Marseglia lays in ground and pound. They spill to the floor, with Marseglia in control. They continue to brawl on the floor, with Rush being tossed into he barricades. He peels up the mats, and follows with a knee strike. Back in and Marseglia lays in more strikes. Marseglia hits a suplex and covers for 2. Rush fires up, takes things to the floor and slams Marseglia to the barricades. He teases using a chair; tosses Marseglia back in and follows with strikes. The boot to the face follows. The suplex connects for 2. Rush then hits a German, but Marseglia hits a side effect and back breaker for 2. Rush battles back with an overhead suplex to the buckles, hits la lanza, and covers for the win. Rush defeated Vinny Marseglia @ 9:30 via pin [**½] This was a solid match, with Rush getting some revenge along with his win.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Matt Taven: This was an open challenge to anyone but Jay Lethal from Taven. Vinny & TK are at ringside. Taven recently backed out of a match with Gresham, who regularly teams with Lethal. The ref sends TK & Vinny to the back. Taven attacks at the bell, follows with ground and pound, and then chokes him out. Gresham battles back, works slick counters and attacks the arm of Taven. Gresham takes control as the Kingdom rushes the ring for the DQ. Jonathan Gresham defeated Matt Taven @ 1:20 via DQ [NR] It was all angle…

– Post match, the Kingdom assaults Gresham and knocks him out. Lethal makes the save, brawls with Taven but gets cut off. Taven gets a table, but Lifeblood (Juice, Williams, Haskins, Finlay, Tenille, & Bandido) makes the save. They steal Taven’s fake belt, gives it to Lethal, and he destroys it with TK’s bat & then Vinny’s axe.

– End Scene.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns after a long hiatus to the 411 Podcasting Network. On today’s show, 411’s Larry Csonka discuses Jushin Liger’s retirement, Tommaso Ciampa’s neck injury, previews the WWE Fastlane PPV, and discusses his recent medical issues, which led to his absence in early 2019. The show is approximately 33 minutes long.

Liger – 3:30
Ciampa – 6:20
Fastlane – 9:40
Personal Update – 23:45

The final score: review Average
The 411
This week’s ROH TV was a perfectly average show, solid and unspectacular.

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