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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 4.17.19

April 18, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 4.17.19  

Csonka’s ROH TV Review 4.17.19

– Shane Taylor defeated The Luchasaurus @ 6:45 via pin [**¾]
– Sumie Sakai & Mayu Iwatani defeated Katie Forbes & Mazzerati @ 8:35 via pin [**]
Crockett Cup Qualifier: The Briscoes defeated Willie Mack & Jeff Cobb @ 18:15 via pin [***¾]

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Shane Taylor vs. The Luchasaurus: They lock up and Luchasaurus shoves him away. He follows with leg kicks, and Taylor lays in jabs and a big right. Luchasaurus fires back with kicks, but Taylor hits the tower of London for 2. Post break and Taylor lays in chops. Luchasaurus fires back with a knee strike but runs into a spinebuster for 2. Luchasaurus lays in strikes, and hits the shining lizard for 2. They trade strikes, and Taylor hits a lariat for 2. Luchasaurus powers up and goozles Taylor, and hits the chokeslam. The standing moonsault eats knees, and Taylor hits a urange, knee strike and greetings from 216 for the win. Shane Taylor defeated The Luchasaurus @ 6:45 via pin [**¾] This was a pretty good big man battle to open the show.

– Silas Young talks shit on Gresham and Gresham arrives. Gresham says Silas can’t beat him without cheating.

– Tenille is on commentary and says she’s cleared… just in time to be gone.

Sumie Sakai & Mayu Iwatani vs. Katie Forbes & Mazzerati: Mazzerati slaps Iwatani and Iwatani follows with arm drags. Forbes tags in and so does Sakai. Thy lock up and Forbes overpowers Sakai. Sakai fires back, laying in Mongolian chops. Forbes slams her down by the hair, and hits a back handspring and rubs her ass in Sakai’s face. Post break and Mazzerati works over Sakai. Sakai fires back, but Mazzerati hits a suplex for 2. She misses the leg drop and Forbes pulls Iwatani to the floor. Mazzerati follows with a kick and DDT for 2. Sakai cuts her off with the neck breaker and tags in Iwatani. The dropkick follows, Forbes in and Iwatani fights them off. The dropkick to both follows. The northern lights follows for 2. Missile dropkick by Iwatani and Sakai hits the high cross for 2. It breaks down, Mazzerati runs her opponents together and Forbes hits the double Samoan drop. Iwatani hits superkicks, and Sakai hits smash mouth for the win. Sumie Sakai & Mayu Iwatani defeated Katie Forbes & Mazzerati @ 8:35 via pin [**] This was ok, but really slow and had no energy. Iwatani is great, Sakai is fine and the crowd loves her. Mazzerati showed potential but Forbes isn’t very good at all, just awkward with poor footwork and timing issues.

– PJ Black discusses coming into ROH with a big ego, which was quickly humbled. He looks to do things the right way going forward, starting with next week’s rematch with Bandido.

The Briscoes vs. Willie Mack & Jeff Cobb: Mark and Mack begin. They lock up and work to the ropes, with Mark choking him out. They trade chops’ Mack then follows with shoulder tackles and the Thesz press and strikes. The elbow drop follows, and Cobb tags in, he lays in uppercuts and follows with a delayed suplex. Mark powders, and Jay tags in. They lock up and Cobb powers out until Jay grounds him. Cobb just powers him to the buckles and Jay fires back with kicks. Post break and Jay lays in uppercuts, tags in Mark and double teams follow. Cobb fires back with a head butt, and clothesline. But Jay cuts him off and dumps him. Mark follows with a moonsault to the floor. Back in and Jay covers for 2. He continues to control with strikes, Mark back in and lays in chops. Quick tags follow as they isolate Cobb in their corner. Jay follows with a suplex, and Mark follows with strikes. Cobb hits a desperation dropkick and Mack tags in and runs wild. The cannonball follows for 2. Jay returns and the Briscoes cut Mack off. Post break and double teams follow on Mack. Mark lays in strikes and kicks, and then grounds the action. Mack tries to fire back, and follows with a pop up flatliner. Tag to Cobb and he starts throwing suplexes. He follows with running uppercuts, and suplexes both Briscoes at once. The standing moonsault gets 2. Cobb lays in chops, but Mark catches him with a PELE. Jay in and hits the lariat for 2. Cob firs back, tags in Mack and the standing moonsault gets 2. They work to the floor and Mark attacks both Mack & Cobb. Back in and Mack fights off Jay driller and hits a uranage for 2. Mack up top, cut off and the doomsday device gets 2 as Cobb makes the save. Mark dumps Cobb, and Cobb cuts off redneck boogie and Mack hits the stunner. Mack up top and the frog splash follows for 2. Cobb gets dumped and superkicked. Mark and Mack brawl, Jay in and hits a RANA. The Jay driller and froggy bow finish Mack. The Briscoes defeated Willie Mack & Jeff Cobb @ 18:15 via pin [***¾] This was a really good match, with Cobb & Mack making a great team, and the Briscoes delivering as always.

– End Scene.

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* Intro
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* Smackdown Shakeup: 51:15
* Sasha Banks, Dean Ambrose, & Luke Harper Discussion: 79:25

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We’re in that lovely ROH TV dead space following a major event, where they show all of the extra/dated stuff they taped to fill TV time for a few weeks. But even with that, this was a really solid show with a very good main event.

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