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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 6.05.19

June 7, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 6.05.19  

Csonka’s ROH TV Review 6.05.19

– The Bouncers defeated The Kingdom (Vinny & TK), Coast to Coast, and Clark Connors & Alex Coughlin @ 9:00 via pin [**¾]
– Josh Woods defeated Maverick Boom @ 0:40 via pin [NR]
– EVIL & SANADA defeated Kojima & Nagata @ 12:46 via pin [***¼]

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The Allure Speak: The Allure (Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, & Mandy Leon) made their entrance, Sky took credit for she and Love starting the women’s revolution in wrestling before Women Of Honor or WWE. She then said that they were the most credible women to ever step foot in ROH because they know how to make an impact. Leon mentioned the Twitter trolls in their mom’s basements and added that she’s the foundation of Women of Honor. Reluctant allies Jenny Rose & Kelly Klein arrived, they all brawled and the Allure hair sprayed Rose and escaped. Klein then challenged them to a tag match. The feud continues to be heatless and lifeless, but the good news is that Velvet Sky has promised she won’t be wrestling. I thank God for this. Hopefully Bully doesn’t read this and give me a talking to.

The Bouncers vs. The Kingdom (Vinny & TK) vs. Coast to Coast vs. Clark Connors & Alex Coughlin: Milonas and LSG to begin, Milonas runs him over and Vinny tags in. He attacks with chops, but Milonas puts stop to that but Vinny follows with kicks until Milonas hits a running cross body. Bruiser tags in and follows with jabs, and then bites him. TK in and hits a dropkick and Coughlin tag sin and follows wit chops and a slam. Connors in and double teams follow. The lions run wild and Bruiser hits an apron cannonball as TK takes control. LSG posts Milonas. Post break and the Kingdom is in control, working double teams on Connors, covering for 2. Vinny hits a Saito suplex, but Ali tags himself in and follows with slams. The senton atomico follows for 2. C2C double team Connors and cover for 2. LSG grounds the action, but Connors fights back and tags in Coughlin. He lays into LSG with chops, follows with dropkicks, and Bruiser tags himself in and the Bouncers now take control. They dump Ali, and cut off TK and double teams follow. Vinny makes the save, but runs into a black hole slam. C2C back in, they take control and brawl with the lions. The Kingdom cut off the lions, it breaks down and Bruiser makes the save. They isolate Coughlin, and closing time finishes it. The Bouncers defeated The Kingdom (Vinny & TK), Coast to Coast, and Clark Connors & Alex Coughlin @ 9:00 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good, almost all action, and the Bouncers maintain their momentum as they head towards a tag title shot.

– Williams & Haskins are asked about their issues with Bully Ray. Haskins said they’re fed up, and Williams admitted Lifeblood’s numbers are low with Juice Robinson and Bandido in Japan, David Finlay injured, and Tenille Dashwood being taken out. PJ Black walked up, said they like what they’re doing and offered to watch their back. They walked away without responding.

– We get a video of Colt Cabana pinning Willie Mack to win the NWA National Championship at Crockett Cup and James Storm confronting him after the match.

– Commentary announced Klein & Rose vs. The Allure will take place in two weeks on TV. What did we do to deserve this?

– We get a profile video on Jeff Cobb.

Josh Woods vs. Maverick Boom: Kick, seismic toss, pin. Josh Woods defeated Maverick Boom @ 0:40 via pin [NR] A delicious serving of squash.

EVIL & SANADA vs. Kojima & Nagata: Nagata and SANADA begin. They lock up, working to the ropes and Nagata avoids strikes, follows with rights, and they then work into a stalemate SANADA offers the handshake, and then attacks. EVIL & Kojima get involved, Nagata follows with kicks and takes down SANADA. Kojima tags in and lays the boots to SANADA, and then follows with a shoulder tackle. SANADA cuts him off with the dropkick as EVIL takes Nagata to the floor. SANADA follows with the paradise lock, and then unlocks him with the dropkick to the ass. Kojima battles back, runs them together, and follows with a DDT. Nagata tags in and follows with a flurry of kicks on SANADA. The running boot and XPLODER follows for 2. They trade strikes, but SANADA cuts him off. Nagata fights off the paradise lock, and pulls an arm bar as Kojima plays defense. EVIL finally makes the save, but Nagata dumps him. SANADA battles back, hitting the missile dropkick and EVIL tags in and follows with chops. Nagata fakes him out and dropkicks the knee and tags in Kojima. Machinegun chops follow on both LIJ members, the running forearm follows and then the top rope elbow drop gets 2. EVIL battles back, they trade strikes, but EVIL cuts him off, SANADA takes out Nagata and EVIL hits a lariat for 2. Nagata makes the save, and the koji cutter follows for 2. Brainbuster by Kojima and that gets 2. Kojima fires up, hits a lariat, SANADA back in and the magic killer finishes it. EVIL & SANADA defeated Kojima & Nagata @ 12:46 via pin [***¼] This was a good and fun main event, with LIJ delivering as usual and the dads showing good fight before losing.

-Dalton Castle arrives and says he lost at G1 Supercard to a dirty, filthy, cheater in Rush. Cheaters need to be punished so he is challenging Rush’s brother, Dragon Lee, to a match at Best In The World. Castle said Rush would pay with his family and Castle would break every bone in Lee’s body. The Boys arrive and they attack, taking the advantage until Castle slams on onto the timekeeper’s table and then slams the other boy onto him, but I AM THE TABLE, so no break.

NEXT WEEK: Champion Colt Cabana vs. James Storm for the NWA national title and Lifeblood vs. Shane Taylor & Bully Ray.

– End Scene.

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* NJPW Dominion Preview: 45:50
* Exploring an AEW & NJPW Working Relationship: 1:18:50

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The final score: review Good
The 411
This week’s episode of ROH TV was an overall good show as the Bouncers continue to gain momentum, Woods picks up another win, a good main event, and the build to Best in The World continuing.

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