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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 6.12.19

June 12, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 6.12.19  

Csonka’s ROH TV Review 6.12.19

NWA National Championship Match: Champion Colt Cabana vs. James Storm went to a time limit draw @ 15:00 [***]
– Silas Young defeated The Squid @ 2:00 via submission [NR]
– Lifeblood defeated Shane Taylor & Bully Ray @ 0:30 via DQ [NR]

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Champion Colt Cabana vs. James Storm: This match was set up after Cabana’s title win at the Crocket Cup, and is of course, sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance. NWA World Champion Nick Aldis is on commentary. Storm looks in good shape here. They lock up and work to the ropes, as Storm misses with a big right. They lock up again, working to the ropes and then arguing as Cabana wants a clean match. Cabana now starts wrestling, grabbing holds and following with a shoulder tackle and back to a headlock. Storm escapes, hits a sling blade and teases a superkick. Post break and Cabana starts working the arm, grounding Storm and the Superman pin gets 2. Storm takes him to the ropes, follows with knee strikes and then pulls him to the apron and follows with a superkick. Back in and Storm grounds things, covering for 2. Storm follows with strikes, and then chokes him out in the ropes. Cabana fires back with chops, Storm fires back and rakes the eyes and lays the boots to him. Cabana fights off the cravat but runs into a knee strike, and Storm covers for 2. Storm ground the action, looks for eye of the Storm, but cabana fights it off and follows with a head scissors. Cabana follows with strikes, jabs, and the flip flop and fly. The flying asshole connects and the double jump splash follows for 2. Post break and they are brawling on the floor. Storm pulls up the floor padding, they fight over a suplex and Cabana gets sent into the barricade. Cabana fights back with a hip toss, back in and Cabana hits the top rope moonsault for a great near fall. They trade strikes now, superkick by Storm and another follows and he locks on the cloverleaf to send a message to Aldis. Cabana fights as the time runs out. Champion Colt Cabana vs. James Storm went to a time limit draw @ 15:00 [***] Post match, the crowd chanted for rive more minutes, and Cabana was down with this until the Briscoes attacked. They beat down Cabana as Jay said, “To hell with the NWA!” He said the NWA screwed them at Crockett Cup by disqualifying them and ROH has been screwing them for ages so it’s time for them to start screwing back. He said nobody in the NWA has the balls to stop them and addressed Nick Aldis, who was on commentary. Aldis dropped his headset and took off his jacket and tie. He started down the aisle and joined in the fight. Nick Aldis was once again really great on commentary. The match was good, and had the crowd invested. The post math angle was really well done, as The Briscoes ended upstanding tall, leaving the NWA singles champions laid out and setting up a tag match for BITW, so a win all around.

– They air part two of the Jeff Cobb video profile.

– Young claims to be a new man and the best pure wrestler in the business today. So tonight, he wants to push himself, and found one of the best of all time, trained by Thesz, and beat Johnny Saint & Billy Robinson, the Squid.

Silas Young vs. The Squid: They shake hands and lock up. Young grounds him, works the arm and then takes him down. Young counters into a half crab, but the Squid makes the ropes. They shake; Young hits a shoulder tackle and locks on an abdominal stretch for the win. Young kept the hold on after the bell while pulling out a cigarette and lighting it while keeping the Squid in the stretch. Silas Young defeated The Squid @ 2:00 via submission [NR] This was all about the continued build to Young vs. Gresham at BITW. Silas is an amazing asshole right now.

– We get a video package, recapping Bully’s issues with Lifeblood.

– Haskins arrived and challenged Bully to a match, which ended up as a tag as Shane Taylor arrived.

Lifeblood (Haskins & Williams) vs. Shane Taylor & Bully Ray: The Soldiers of Savagery arrived almost immediately, attacking Lifeblood for the DQ. Post match, the Soldiers of Savagery continued to attack Lifeblood as Taylor & Bully grabbed a table. PJ Black tried to make the save, but the numbers got to him and he got powerbombed through a table by Bully Ray.Lifeblood defeated Shane Taylor & Bully Ray @ 0:30 via DQ [NR] Obviously all angle here as they look to establish the Sons of Savagery, while continuing the issues between Bully & Lifeblood.

NEXT WEEK: Jeff Cobb vs. Jay Lethal vs. PCO vs. Rush and The Allure vs. Kelly Klein & Jenny Rose.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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* Intro
* WWE Super Showdown Review: 6:15
* NJPW Dominion 2019 Review: 1:03:30
* Will Ospreay’s Dragon Slaying Tour: 1:42:35
* Early G1 Thoughts (Shingo, MOX, KENTA, Ospreay, Cobb): 1:44:45

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The final score: review Good
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This week’s episode of ROH TV was a good show, focused on current angles and building to the Best in the World PPV.

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