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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 7.10.19

July 10, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 7.10.19  

Csonka’s ROH TV Review 7.10.19

– The Kingdom defeated The Bouncers @ 10:15 via pin [**½]
– Josh Woods defeated Brian Johnson @ 6:55 via pin [**]
ROH World Title Match: ROH Champion Matt Taven defeated Tracy Williams @ 16:10 via pin [***½]

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The Kingdom vs. The Bouncers: Milonas and O’Ryan begin, with Milonas overpowering O’Ryan with ease. O’Ryan fires back with chops, but Milonas slams him to the buckles and follows with a backdrop and chops. O’Ryan picks up the pace and tires out Milonas by making him run. O’Ryan follows with a dropkick, celebrates but Milonas falls on him. It’s funny you see, because he’s fat. Bruiser tags in and O’Ryan tags in Vinny. Bruiser charges him, eats knee and then follows with strikes on both. He bites Vinny, tags in Milonas and the brawler slam connects. Double teams on O’Ryan follow and Bruiser tags back in and hits the apron cannonball to the floor. Vinny posts Bruiser and then slams him to he barricade. Post break and Vinny grounds him and chokes him out in the ropes. O’Ryan gets in cheap shots, and Vinny follows with corner forearms and hits sliced bread for 2. He follows with uppercuts, but Bruiser fights of both with the double sidewalk slam. Hot tag to Milonas, He strolls mildly and hits a running cross body and the Bouncers look for last call but Vinny makes the save, trips up Milonas and v lands on top for the pin. The Kingdom defeated The Bouncers @ 10:15 via pin [**½] This was a perfectly solid, albeit slow match. The booking here was especially stupid, as the Bouncers have been undefeated on ROH TV in 2019 and have a tag title match set for next weekend (the 21st) so airing their first loss on TV the week before shows extremely poor planning, and the continue issues with ROH TV.

– Post match, The Bouncers offered the post-match toast of honor and The Kingdom accepted. O’Ryan then said ROH is built on elite tag team wrestling and there’s no doubt in his mind that The Bouncers are an elite tag team… but tonight they proved that they’re big fat losers just like all the fans. O’Ryan and Marseglia poured their beers on the floor so the Bouncers attacked and cleared the ring.

– Matt Taven was backstage and said to beware the quiet man. While others talk, he listens, and while others act, he bides his time. He will never rest, because he’s not satisfied and there’s no finish line in sight. Tracy Williams was backstage, and said that the ROH world title has been held by some of the greatest wrestlers in history so he doesn’t take this opportunity lightly. The Kingdom are banned from ringside and he knows he can outwrestle Taven so tonight the title will be his.

Josh Woods vs. Brian Johnson: Johnson has claimed he’s winning this year’s top prospect tournament and looks to prove himself against the 2017 winner here. Johnson talks trash and Woods slams him down. Johnson makes the ropes, but Woods follows with kicks until Johnson fires back with elbows and then corner attacks until Woods hits an overhead toss. He follows with strikes, but misses a charge and posts himself. Post break and Johnson has things grounded. Woods tries to fire back, lays in rights, but Johnson hits a lariat for 2. He attacks the arm, hits divorce court, and grounds things again. Woods fights to his feet, lays in strikes, a knee strike and forearms. The overhead belly to belly follows, and then a running knee strike gets 2. Johnson kicks away at the shoulder, and covers with the ropes for 2. He argues with the ref, but the knee strike and seismic toss finishes it. Josh Woods defeated Brian Johnson @ 6:55 via pin [**] This was ok, but really lacked in intensity and excitement.

– Next is video of Tracy Williams pinning Eli Isom in a four-way at War Of The Worlds: Grand Rapids on May 11th to earn tonight’s world title match.

– Jay Lethal joins commentary for the main event because he has a world title match next weekend.

ROH Champion Matt Taven vs. Tracy Williams: They shake hands and here we go. Taven retreats to he ropes right away. Taven starts working the arm, grounds things and Williams escapes. Taven then cradles him for 2. Taven backs off to the ropes, and post break, Williams grounds the action and starts working the leg until Taven makes the ropes. Taven then attacks with a cheap shot but Williams fires back with chops and a Saito suplex. He lays in more chops, but Taven drives him to the buckles and runs into a boot. They go to the floor, with Williams laying in strikes, and chops as he takes control. Taven then posts him on the bad shoulder, and into the barricade. Back in and Taven then teases walking off. Williams chases and attacks with strikes. He slams Taven into the steps and follows with a fling clothesline off of the stage. Back in and Williams follows with kicks, heads up top but Taven cuts him off. They fight up top and Taven Russian leg sweeps Williams onto the apron. Taven dropkicks him to the floor. Post break and Williams follows with chops and a leg drop off the ropes. The double stomp misses, and Williams gets the sleeper. Taven escapes, follows with an enziguri and another. Taven takes him up top and follows with strikes. They work up top and Williams hits the buckle DDT and then deep impact gets 2. Taven fights off the piledriver, hits just the tip and both men are down. Taven misses a charge, but rebounds with an enziguri but Williams levels him with a lariat for 2. The crossface follows, he transitions to an ankle lock and transitions into an STF until Taven makes the ropes. Williams stomps away at him, Taven hits just the tip and the climax for 2. Taven follows by heading up top and the frog splash eats knees and Williams cradles him for 2. The piledriver follows for 2 again. Taven sends Williams to the exposed buckles and hits the climax for thee win. ROH Champion Matt Taven defeated Tracy Williams @ 16:10 via pin [***½] Death, taxes, me having one leg, and Lifeblood losing in ROH are all guarantees in life. The match was really good with a smart lay out, and Taven winning without the help of the Kingdom.

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We’ve entered that post ROH PPV lull where we get pre-recorded stuff and no PPV fallout for weeks. The show was solid overall, with a very good main event, but some poor booking in the opener.

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