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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 7.03.19

July 4, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 7.03.19  

Csonka’s ROH TV Review 7.03.19

– PCO defeated Jay Briscoe @ 9:25 via DQ [**¾]
– Shane Taylor & Bully Ray defeated Coast to Coast @ 9:00 via pin [**½]
– Jeff Cobb defeated Mark Haskins @ 14:15 via pin [***¼]

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PCO vs. Jay Briscoe: They lock up and separate. Lock up again and Jay looks to take control, but PCO fights him off, they trade strikes but Jay hits the running boot. PCO then runs him over and chokes him out in the ropes until Jay dumps him and they brawl on the floor. PCO follows with kicks and then gets backdropped onto the apron. Post break and they are back in and PCO hits the kryptonite crunch for 2.The doctor bomb and knee strike follow and then a lariat connects. PCO up top and hits the senton for 2. They trade again, dragon screw by PCO and the cactus clothesline follows as both tumble to the floor. PCO then hits the suicide cannonball to the floor. Jay stuns PCO off of the apron and grabs a chair. He sits PCO in the chair and hits a running cross body. Back in and Jay has the chair, argues with the ref and PCO fires back. They trade, and PCO hits the pop up powerbomb. The sidewinder suplex follows and PCO-sault is cut off with a chair shot for the DQ. PCO defeated Jay Briscoe @ 9:25 via DQ [**¾] This was pretty good overall but felt as if it was really just getting going when the DQ happened. The post match angle was good and furthered the Briscoe’s issues with the NWA as PCO & King are the NWA tag team champions.

– Post match, Mark Briscoe arrives and froggy bows PCO through a table, but PCO is a monster, no sells and fights off the Briscoes.

– In a backstage interview, Mark Haskins says he has mad respect for Jeff Cobb but he’s wanted this match for a while. His kids, his wife, and he himself need him to pick up a win over Cobb. Cobb said he was excited about facing someone new that he hasn’t gotten to suplex yet, and added that he might toss Haskins all the way back to England.

– Josh Woods was taping his wrists in the locker room when he was interrupted by “#1” Brian Johnson. Johnson said all the tape wouldn’t fix with what Woods did to the Top Prospect Tournament. Johnson said he’d win the 2019 installment and wouldn’t be a failure like Woods has been since winning the 2017 tournament.

Shane Taylor & Bully Ray vs. Coast to Coast: Ali and Taylor begin as Bully threatens a young kid. Ali and Taylor lock up and trade shoulder tackles. Ali slaps him and follows with rights but Taylor fights back until Ali hits a head butt and LSG tags in. Post break and Ali fires back but Bully trips him up and crotches him on the post. Taylor follows with strikes and talks trash. Ali fires back, but the heels cut him off as Bully tags in and lays in jabs until Ali hits a desperation superkick. Bully cuts him off with a powerbomb and then misses a running splash. Tag to LSG and he runs wild with strikes as he works over Taylor. LSG up top and the blockbuster follows. LSG then hits the high cross for 2. Bully cuts off Ali but gets dumped. C2C hits double splashes and that gets 2 on Taylor. LSG takes out Bully, they look to go coast to coast, but Bully sends LSG to the floor, but Taylor hits greetings from 216 for the win. Shane Taylor & Bully Ray defeated Coast to Coast @ 9:00 via pin [**½] ROH continues to do nothing with Coast to Coast, which is a shame as ROH has taken a promising team and turned them into high level enhancement talent. The match was solid.

– We get of Tracy Williams pinning Eli Isom in a four-way at War Of The Worlds: Grand Rapids on May 11th to earn a future world title match, which happens next week.

Jeff Cobb vs. Mark Haskins: They shake hands and lockup as Cobb grounds him right away. Haskins escapes and looks for an ankle lock but Cobb makes the ropes. They lock up and Haskins works a cravat, grounding the action. Cobb counters and they work back up and into a stalemate. Post break and Cobb lays in chops until Haskins fires back. Cobb cuts him off with a slam but Haskins fires back with kicks until Cobb single arm flings him to the buckles and covers for 2. Cobb follows with head butts, grounding Haskins. He lays in strikes, and then applies a bear hug. Haskins fires away, escapes, but Cobb follows with crossface strikes. Haskins grabs the ropes but Cobb lights him up with body strikes. Cobb to the floor and Haskins hits the suicide dive. Back in and he takes out the knee and hits from Haskins with love and the top rope double stomp follows for 2. The leg lariat follows but Cobb cuts him off with strikes and follows with a piledriver for 2. Post break and Cobb looks for strikes, but Haskins attacks the arm and running kick, The arm bar follows but Cobb makes the ropes. Haskins hits an apron PK. but Cobb hits the swinging Saito on the floor. Back in and they come face-to-face, trading strikes, they work to their feet and Haskins fires up with a flurry but runs into a snap German. Haskins counters tour of the islands, but the pop up flapjack and standing moonsault follows for 2 for Cobb. Cobb follows with strikes, but Haskins counters into a sharpshooter attempt but transitions into the soldier shoulder roll for 2. Haskins up top, gets cut off and Cobb hits a dropkick. He follows him up and Haskins counters and fires away with strikes and knocks Cobb to the mat. Haskins then hits an enziguri and misses the double stomp and runs into tour of the islands for the win. Jeff Cobb defeated Mark Haskins @ 14:15 via pin [***¼] This was a good main event that really picked up in the final moments, as Haskins put in another good performance, but in true Lifeblood fashion, lost in the end.

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We’ve entered that post ROH PPV lull where we get pre-recorded stuff and no PPV fallout for weeks. But with that being said, this week’s episode of ROH TV was a pretty good show that was easy to watch

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