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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 7.17.19

July 17, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Jay Lethal ROH TV
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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 7.17.19  

Csonka’s ROH TV Review 7.17.19

Non-Title Match: TV Champion Shane Taylor defeated Rhett Titus @ 6:28 via pin [**]
– Tasha Steelz defeated Jenny Rose, Angelina Love, and Stella Grey @ 9:05 via pin [**½]
– Jay Lethal & The Bouncers defeated The Kingdom @ 10:04 via pin []

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– We open with highlights from Best n the World, which feels like it took place last year in the ROH TV Universe.

TV Champion Shane Taylor vs. Rhett Titus: If Titus can win or survive to a ten-minute time limit he would earn a future TV title match. Kenny King is on commentary. Taylor refuses the handshake, spitting in Titus’ hand. They lock up and Taylor shoves him down to begin. The full nelson follows, Titus powers out and grabs a headlock. Taylor quickly mows him down with a shoulder tackle. Titus hits a dropkick, tries to pick up Taylor, fails and eats a lariat. Post break and Titus takes Taylor to the floor but Taylor cuts him off as Titus poses Taylor follows with an apron leg drop, chops and back in, Taylor follows with rights. Titus fires back, but is cut off with strikes. Titus picks up the pace, hits a corner splash and running boots. He looks for a Samoan drop and hits it for 2. Taylor shoves him down, hits the knee strike and that gets 2. Taylor slaps him around, Titus fires back and Taylor head butts him for the win. TV Champion Shane Taylor defeated Rhett Titus @ 6:28 via pin [**] This was ok and basically an extended squash to setup the post match angle…

– Kenny King arrived and addressed his former All-Night Express partner and asked what happened to him. King said management put them together but they fought and scrapped and went on to beat the Briscoes, the Young Bucks, Roderick Strong, Seth Rollins, and everybody. Titus has the body of a god but no fight. If he was Joe Koff he’d tear up Titus’ contract for embarrassing his pregnant wife (shown in the crowd). King then said Titus’ son knows his father’s a coward, which fired up Titus, but he quickly backed down. King begged him to punch him but a humbled Titus left and King called him a punk ass bitch.

– Women Of Honor World Champion Kelly Klein was backstage. She said WOH has some of the best women’s wrestling around (oh honey, no) and then spoke about Maria Manic, Tasha Steelz, Jenny Rose, and The Allure; noting that she’d taken on all challengers and defend her championship.

– We get footage from June 29th in Philadelphia with a promo between Jay Lethal and ROH World Champion Matt Taven regarding Lethal’s upcoming title challenge. Alex Shelley showed up and said he never actually “retired” in his last appearance. He’s competed for 17 years and was playing his veteran’s card to challenge the winner of Taven-Lethal for the ROH world title. On commentary, Riccaboni confirmed Shelley will get that title match at Summer Supercard on August 9th in Toronto, facing the winner of Taven vs. Lethal.

– Kelly Klein joins commentary.

Tasha Steelz vs. Jenny Rose vs. Angelina Love vs. Stella Grey: Sky, Leon, & a dog are at ringside. Leon attacks Love to begin as Grey & Steelz brawl. Steelz takes control, follows with arm drags and Love joins in and slams Grey down. She runs her into Steelz, and then dumps Grey until Rose spears her for 2. Love and Steelz face off, they lock up and Love hits a shoulder tackle, but Steelz hits a hip toss and then runs into a side slam for 2. Steelz follows with strikes, hits a drop toehold and they work into a stalemate. They trade strikes, Leon trips up Steelz and the Allure get tossed to the back, including the dog. Pot break and Steelz gets the roll up for 2, Grey then rolls Love up and Rose attacks. Rose works over Love and Love gets posted. Rose takes Grey to the floor but Steelz wipes them pout with a plancha. Love heads up top and hits a high cross onto the pile. She celebrates, talks shit to Klein and Klein heads to ringside. She distracts Love, Steelz attacks and we get a tower of doom. Klein returns to the booth and Grey looks in a sleeper on Steelz, but Love breaks it up and koji clutches Rose. Love escapes, Rose hits a jawbreaker and Germans Steelz. Botox injection on Rose and Grey makes the save. Botox injection on Grey, Steelz dumps Love and hits the cutter on Grey for the win. Tasha Steelz defeated Jenny Rose, Angelina Love, and Stella Grey @ 9:05 via pin [**½] Steelz will now challenge for the championship in Toronto in August. The match was surprisingly solid with a fresh face winning.

– Post match, Maria Manic arrived and had a face off with Steelz before beating up security.

– Rush hyped his upcoming rematch with Dalton Castle.

Jay Lethal & The Bouncers vs. The Kingdom: Jay and Vinny lock up to begin, they work to the ropes and trade strikes. Vinny follows with chops, and now Jay fires back with chops and Vinny attacks with knee strikes but Jay hits the cartwheel into a dropkick. Milonas & O’Ryan tag in and lock up. Milonas shoves him down, O’Ryan talks shit and wants Jay back in. Jay tags in and they lock up, O’Ryan hits a shoulder tackle, but Jay hits him with the cartwheel into a dropkick. Bruiser tags in and Taven joins him. Taven wants Jay, and offers him his back. Jay tags in and they trade strikes, chops by Taven follow but Jay fires back and Jay then takes out Vinny & O’Ryan until Taven slams him to the barricade. Back in and Taven lays the boots to him, tags in Vinny and he lays in grounded strikes. Post break and the Kingdom works over Jay in their corner. Taven follows with chops, and then Jay fights of O’Ryan & Vinny and tags in Bruiser. He runs wild, hitting clotheslines and the DDT for 2. Bruiser bites Vinny, O’Ryan joins in and hits a DDT and Milonas takes him out as it breaks down. Splash by Milonas, cross body to Vinny and that gets 2.Taven cuts him off, but Milonas takes he and O’Ryan out with a fall away slam/Samoan drop combo. Jay hits the suicide dive, another, and then a third, taking out all of the Kingdom. Vinny back in and O’Ryan tags in, black hole slam on Vinny, compactor on O’Ryan and closing time finishes it. Jay Lethal & The Bouncers defeated The Kingdom @ 10:04 via pin [***] Good main event overall, helping to build to Lethal vs. Taven and keeping momentum on the Bouncers ahead of challenging for the tag titles.

– Post match, Taven lays out Lethal on the floor with the climax.

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– End Scene.

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This was an overall solid hour of TV as they set up two matches for Toronto and looked to kick off a new angle for Rhett Titus, while building to matches this weekend.

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