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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 8.14.19

August 14, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
roh tv 81419
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Csonka’s ROH TV Review 8.14.19  

Csonka’s ROH TV Review 8.14.19

– Lifeblood defeated Villain Enterprises @ 17:35 via pin [****¼]

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– We get a video recap from Best In The World of Flip Gordon pretending to join Lifeblood, turning on Lifeblood, actually joining Villain Enterprises.

– Next is footage of Dragon Lee beating Jonathan Gresham at Manhattan Mayhem. Lee then said that he came to Japan and the US to spread the name of CMLL. His match with Gresham is the kind of wrestling people want to see and said that he and his brother Rush bring surprises and another one is coming soon. Gresham then blamed Jay Lethal’s voice being in his head for the loss. He wants the championship lifestyle that Lethal’s had but Lethal’s conscience cost him the match and prevented him from doing what he needed to in order to win.

– Shinobi Shadow Squad were shown training at a gym, they face Villain Enterprises for the titles next week.

We get footage of Karissa Rivera pinning Sumie Sakai two weeks ago on TV. She challenges Kelly Klein for the Women Of Honor title next week. Rivera then said that she’s here on a mission to become the best women’s wrestler in the world. Klein holds that stature right now but she has the confidence that she has what it takes to beat her.

– In a video package, Rhett titus spoke about his time in ROH with Kenny King as The All-Night Express, their 2011 ladder war against The Briscoes and winning the tag titles from World’s Greatest Tag Team. When King left, Titus tried teaming with BJ Whitmer and Cliff Compton but they never matched that same success. Three years later King returned to ROH to re-form ANX. They beat The Briscoes in their first night back and would go on to face War Machine, Coast 2 Coast, and other teams but never had the same success as their first run and then formed Rebellion. When The Rebellion were forced to disband he picked up “Little Willy” Will Ferrara and formed The Dawgs. Ferrara grew discouraged and took his ball and went home. On July 14 TV, he had a proving ground match against Shane Taylor but lost. After the match King came out and ran down Titus, calling him disgusting and an embarrassment to his wife and baby. Titus said he’s made a lot of mistakes in ROH but the biggest one was walking away on that day instead of slapping King. This was good.

– The Soldiers of Savagery beat Joey & Jimmy Kickpads in 0:45. There has been no real viable follow upon the Soldiers of Savagery debut and attacking Lifeblood.

– We get highlights of The Briscoes vs. The Bouncers for the tag titles at Mass Hysteria, where the Briscoes retained the titles.

Marty Scurll, PCO, Brody King, & Flip Gordon vs. Mark Haskins, Bandido, Tracy Williams, & PJ Black: Williams and Marty begin. They lock up, working into counters and Marty works into slick escapes but Williams counters into a cravat. He grounds the action, and Marty gets pissed. They shove each other and everyone is in for a stand off. Bandido tags in and Marty attacks, but Bandido his a RANA and dropkick. Gordon tags in and slaps Bandido and King tags in. King follows with chops, and hits the big boy lucha arm drag. Bandido fires back, hits a superkick and enziguri. The RANA follows, and Haskins and Marty tag in. Haskins works him over with kicks, and then grounds the action. Williams tags back in and double teams follow. Williams starts working the arm and Black joins in for double teams. Bandido tags back in and the double stomp follows. The running kick follows for 2. Haskins back in and Marty fires back, but Williams tags in for double teams and Black flies in with a stomp for 2. The pendulum follows, Williams then flies in with a springboard leg drop for 2. Marty dumps him and Villain Enterprises rushes the ring. Tope by King! PCO follows with a dive as well. Marty then covers Williams for 2. King tags in and follows with chops. PCO tags in and the side slam follows. PCO heads up top and the swanton follows for 2. Marty tags back in and they triple team Williams, and the double chokeslam follows for 2. Gordon tags in and follows with kicks and chops. He chokes out Williams, tags in King and then Marty tags in as Williams fires back with a Saito suplex. Bandido tag in and hits a tornillo but King cuts him off, but Bandido counters out and King gets posted. PCO in and Bandido catches the high cross and hits the powerslam. He follows with a corkscrew dive to the pile on the floor. Gordon slides in a chair, Williams stops him and Gordon runs up the ramp. Knee strike by Bandido, but Marty counters back with a lariat. Haskins in and fights off King & PCO, but they cut him off and Haskins then dumps them and hits suicide dives. Marty cuts him off, Black hits a superkick, gets dumped and Williams brawls with King. King fights off the piledriver, but Williams posts him and hits the missile dropkick. They all brawl to the floor, and PCO hits the PCO-sault onto the pile on the floor! He rolls Bandido back in and Bandido hits an apron sunset bomb on PCO. Haskins works over King, but eats a big boot, rights and the sitout powerbomb for 2. The ganso bomb is countered and Black flies in with a double stomp and Haskins hits knee strikes, 21-plex by Bandido and Black hits the springboard 450 for the win. Lifeblood defeated Villain Enterprises @ 17:35 via pin [****¼] While Gordon was extremely limited here due to his injury, this was an absolutely great, wild, and all action tag match that delivered big time. They all got a chance to shine, the crowd loved it and it was a complete blast to watch. This was simply a great outing.

NEXT WEEK: Champions Villain Enterprises vs. Shinobi Shadow Squad for the six-man titles and Champion Kelly Klein vs. Karissa Rivera for the women’s title.

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This week’s episode of ROH TV was another really good and enjoyable show. I get that the heavy recap style won’t be for everyone, but we’ve gotten great main events in back to back weeks and some good angle advancement over the usual bland and forgettable ROH TV formula.

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