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Csonka’s ROH War of The Worlds Grand Rapids 2019 Review

May 11, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
ROH War of the Worlds Grand Rapids
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Csonka’s ROH War of The Worlds Grand Rapids 2019 Review  

Csonka’s ROH War of The Worlds Toronto 2019 Review

– Coast 2 Coast defeated Alex Coughlin & Karl Fredericks @ 10:20 via pin [***]
Women of Honor Title Match: Champion Kelly Klein defeated Stacy Shadows @ 4:50 via pin []
– Dalton Castle defeated Cheeseburger & Clark Connors @ 9:20 via pin [***]
– The Kingdom defeated The Sons of Haku @ 16:45 via pin [**¾]
– Flip Gordon defeated Rhett Titus @ 3:45 via submission [**]
– EVIL & SANADA defeated The Bouncers @ 7:00 via pin [**½]
#1 Contender’s Match: Tracy Williams defeated Rush, Eli Isom, & PJ Black @ 10:35 via pin [***½]
ROH World Title Match: Champion Matt Taven defeated Mark Haskins @ 25:52 via pin [****]
– Jeff Cobb, Jay Lethal, Yuji Nagata, Hirooki Goto, & Satoshi Kojima defeated Bully Ray, Shane Taylor, Silas Young, & The Briscoes @ 23:25 via pin [***½]

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– Ian Riccaboni & Colt Cabana are on commentary.

Coast 2 Coast vs. Alex Coughlin & Karl Fredericks: LSG and Karl to begin, Karl quickly grounds the action and looks for an arm bar. LSG escapes and they work into some counters, standing switches and they work to the ropes. Ali tags in and so does Alex. They lock up and work to the ground and then separate. They push and shove, trade shoulder tackles, and Alex follows with a gut wrench suplex. He lays in uppercuts, Karl tags in and he follows with a slam. The lions work quick tags and double teams until Ali fights back and tags in LSG. Double teams follow and LSG covers for 2. LSG grounds the action, covering for 2. Ali tags back in and the slam and senton atomico follows for 2. Ali lays in chops, LSG tags in and he follows with strikes. Quick tags follow as Ali follows with a belly to back suplex and splash for 2.Alx runs them together and Karl gets the hit tag and runs wild with a dropkick and then John Woooooooooo. The elbow drop follows for 2. LSG cuts him off, Alex tags in and gets the crab. Ali makes the save and the double team catatonic follows for the win. Coast 2 Coast defeated Alex Coughlin & Karl Fredericks @ 10:20 via pin [***] This was a good opener with the lions showing more fire and C2C showing a more heel like side to their work.

Women of Honor Title Match: Champion Kelly Klein vs. Stacy Shadows: No code of honor as they brawl at the bell. Kelly works her over on the floor, and back in, Kelly controls with a cravat and knee strikes. Shadows escapes and hits a spinebuster. She talks trash and chokes out Kelly. The suplex follows for 2. Shadows now follows with strikes and then slaps her around but Kelly cuts her off with a clothesline. Shadows takes a phantom bump for no reason and Kelly follows with clotheslines. The German follows and Shadows fires back and takes Kelly down. She heads to the ropes and misses the Vader bomb. Knee strike by Kelly and that’s that. Champion Kelly Klein defeated Stacy Shadows @ 4:50 via pin [*½] Woof, this was not good at all. Thankfully it was short.

– Allure arrives and attacks and beats down Shadows. Kelly makes the save and gets blinded by the hairspray. Officials separate them.

– PCO can’t compete tonight so his match with Haskins is cancelled.

– Dalton Castle arrives. He says this won’t do, and wants to see something exciting. He tells them to leave and Burger takes the mic and refuses to leave, he came here to compete. He offers to make it a triple threat, but Castle refuses, because we don’t deserve him and neither do Burger or Connors. Burger says he’d beat Castle in 16-seconds like Rush did.

Dalton Castle vs. Cheeseburger vs. Clark Connors: Castle accepts and Connors & Burger attack and dump Castle. Burger dumps Connors and Castle cuts him off with suplexes. Connors is back and lays in chops to Castle. Castle fires back, Burger flies in with a high cross, but Castle cuts him off and follows with suplexes. Castle runs wild in Keds & skinny jeans, and slams Connors to the barricades. Castle grounds Burger and lays in elbows, covering for 2. Burge battles back, hits a RANA, and Connors runs off Castle and lays the boots to Burger. He then slams Castle to the barricade, and then follows with chops on Burger. Connors grounds things, knocks Castle back to the floor and gut wrenches Burger, rolls into another and Castle is back but runs into a hip toss. Castle then Germans them both, isolates Connors and hits the running knee strike. He then suplexes Burger from the apron onto Connors. Back in and bangarang is countered, and Connors hits the spear and locks on the crab. Burger breaks it up, and follows with shoteis. Connors takes him out allowing Castle to hit a Saito suplex and bangarang to finish Burger. Dalton Castle defeated Cheeseburger & Clark Connors @ 9:20 via pin [***] I liked this and thought it was good as Castle felt on and like his old self, and his heel persona is working very well.

The Kingdom vs. The Sons of Haku: Taven & Toga tease starting, and after some stalling, they do. They lock up and Tonga rakes the eyes and then works him over in the corner. Taven fights back with arm drags, and then an eye poke. Tonga follows with an arm drag, grounding Taven. Taven get to his feet, O’Ryan trips up Tonga and Los then trips up Taven. Hikuleo and Vinny tag in and they trade strikes and chops. Vinny cuts him off with kicks, strikes, and then runs into chops. Vinny runs away and Loa & O’Ryan tag in. They lock up, working around the ropes and O’Ryan looks to ground the action. O’Ryan follows with a shoulder tackle, but Loa cuts him off with a pop up flapjack. Tonga in and double teams follow, as Loa covers for 2. Tonga hits the dropkick and tags in Hikuleo. They continue to isolate O’Ryan, with Hikuleo laying in chops. Loa tags back in and O’Ryan fights him off and tags in Vinny. Tonga joins him and Vinny runs wild on him. He lays in ground and pound, and dumps Tonga where Taven works him over with strikes. Back in and Vinny covers for 2. Taven tags in and grounds the action while talking shit. O’Ryan tags in and follows with strikes. The Kingdom works quick tags and then double teams on Tonga, covering for 2. Taven follows with just the tip for 2. Tonga finally fights him off and tags in Hikuleo. The “little” brother runs wild on the Kingdom until O’Ryan chop blocks the knee. Loa takes out Vinny as Tonga joins in and the GOD hit the doomsday device. The Briscoes arrive on the stage, this distracts the Sons of Haku, belt shot by Taven and Vinny pins Hikuleo. The Kingdom defeated The Sons of Haku @ 16:45 via pin [**¾] This was a pretty good match that had fun moments and added to the GOD vs. Briscoes build, but I felt went a bit too long.

– Mark Haskins arrives and is upset he can’t face PCO tonight due to the Kingdom injuring him in Toronto. Haskins wants a shot at Taven, tonight. Taven is a dick so he refuses. Haskins says when Mike & Maria left they took Taven’s balls with him. Taven says he earned his title, and now accepts for later,

Flip Gordon vs. Rhett Titus: Gordon is here due to VISA issues costing him his run in the BOSJ. Titus wants a test of strength, he overpowers Gordon to begin but Gordon dropkicks him to the floor. back in and the senton atomico follows. Titus cuts him off with the corner spear and then lays the boots to him. The doctor bomb follows for 2. Titus grounds the action, but Gordon escapes and hits an enziguri. The missile dropkick follows. Gordon then rolls into an STF and Titus taps. Flip Gordon defeated Rhett Titus @ 3:45 via submission [**]This was ok as a late addition with Flip picking up a win with a possible new finish.

– Commentary breaks the news that Silver King has passed away.

EVIL & SANADA vs. The Bouncers: the Bouncers offer beers to LIJ, they accept and then mist their large opponents. The Bouncers quickly fight back and isolate SANADA with corner ass attacks. Bruiser follows with jabs, and then bites SANADA. SANADA works into counters and EVIL trips up the Bruiser and they work double teams. EVIL attacks Milonas and does the traditional baseball swing chair spot on the floor. EVIL tags in and works the arm as he taunts Bruiser. SANADA tags back in as LIJ work quick tags and double teams. They work the arm, and gets the paradise lock in the ropes. Milonas is taking a nap, Bruiser fights off a double suplex and suplexes LIJ. Tag to Milonas as he strolls mildly and hits the brawler slam on EVIL for 2. SANADA breaks up last call, they double team Milonas and suplex him. Bruiser is back in and the magic killer connects for the win. EVIL & SANADA defeated The Bouncers @ 7:00 via pin [**½] This was solid with the crowd liking it even though LIJ was in complete night off/play the hits mode.

#1 Contender’s Match: Rush vs. Tracy Williams vs. Eli Isom vs. PJ Black: The winner gets an ROH shot on June 1st. they all brawl at the bell, with Williams and Black pairing off. They work into some fun back and forth and then end in a stand off. Rush & Isom clear the ring and Rush takes control, laying in chops. Isom fires back and then moonsaults to the floor onto Black. Williams cuts him off and hits a missile dropkick on Rush. Rush dumps him and follows with a tope onto the pile. Williams and Rush trade back in until Williams cuts him off with a leg drop. Isom back in and Williams cuts him off with a belly to back suplex. Rush hits the superkick, takes Williams up top and follows him up but Williams hits the DDT to the buckles. He arm bars Rush but Black makes the save until Isom hits him with the Kryptonite crunch. Black battles back, runs Isom into Williams, and follows with the high cross. The moonsault press gets 2. He RANAs Rush but the springboard moonsault misses. Rush Germans Isom, takes out Black and follows with kicks and tranquilo. He takes Isom up top, Williams joins in and we get the tower of doom. Black hits the springboard 450 but Williams then piledrives him. Williams and Isom work over Rush, but Rush fights them off and hits an apron dropkick to Black on the floor. Williams and Isom battle back and forth, trading chops and strikes. Superkick by Isom, and then hits an implant DDT for 2. Williams avoids the high cross, hits a lariat and piledriver for the win. Tracy Williams defeated Rush, Eli Isom, & PJ Black @ 10:35 via pin [***½] This was a very good match and easily the best thing on the show so far with everyone shining in a strongly laid out match. One they announced the title shot was for June 1st, it made sense for some one other than Rush (who I think gets the shot at BITW) to win.

Champion Matt Taven vs. Mark Haskins: Taven tries to attack with the belt but Haskins cuts him off and runs wild, hitting a suicide dive and then working him over on the floor. The apron PK follows and back in, Taven finally cuts him off with a shoulder tackle. They work into counters and Haskins hits a dropkick for 2. Haskins starts focusing on the knee of Taven, and locks on an Indian death lock. Haskins then picks him up and hits a spike DDT for 1 as Taven makes the ropes. Taven now stuns Haskins off the ropes and posts him, as he now focuses on the arm and shoulder. It’s all Taven now as he takes control on the floor. Back in and Taven grounds the action, still focusing on the arm and shoulder. Taven follows with divorce court and covers for 2. He again grounds things, as he keeps attacking the arm. Taven now arm bars him in the ropes, and then slams him into the stairs on the entrance. Taven looks for a countout win, but Haskins makes it back in. Haskins keeps fighting back, but Taven arm bars him again. Haskins fights for the ropes and barely makes it; Taven is frustrated now. Haskins fires up, absorbing strikes and throwing with everything he has left. He follows with a leg lariat and both men are down. Haskins fights to his feet, hits running elbows, but Taven stuns him off the ropes but Haskins fights back in and follows with a suicide dive. Back in and Haskins counters the climax into the arm bar, but Taven makes the ropes. Haskins now counters a cradle into the crossface, but can’t keep the hold so he transitions into the rings of Saturn. Taven makes the ropes, Haskins hits a dragon screw but Taven cuts him off and hits just the tip for 2. Taven follow with an enziguri and blue thunder bomb for 2. The frog splash misses and they trade pin attempts until Haskins hits the roll into the Michinoku driver for 2. They both look for a dropkick and work into the double down. They now trade strikes from the mat, Haskins follow with from Haskins with love and the double stomp connects for a great near fall! Taven hits the apron climax, just the tip and the frog splash… for 2! Haskins is alive! Haskins counters climax and rolls into the sharpshooter. He pulls Taven center ring, the crowd rallies him as Bully FUCKING Ray arrives and distracts Haskins. This allows Taven to low blow Haskins and hit the climax to retain. Champion Matt Taven defeated Mark Haskins @ 25:52 via pin [****] This was a great late addition to the card due to the PCO injury. This really great with Taven thriving in the heel role as well as Haskins delivering once again and thriving in the resilient challenger role. The final few minutes were really, really well done minus the final 10-secons with Bully Ray.

– Taven gloats about his wins and lists all the guys he’s defeated. PCO arrives and brawls with Taven. He hits the pop up powerbomb and tombstone. The PCO-sault then follows and PCO stands tall with the ROH Title.

– Blind Kenny King arrives and reminds us about his Honor Rumble win. he then runs down Muta for blinding him with his evil mist. He will have his special eye surgery tomorrow, but tonight, will do one more nigh of blind commentary, using his special senses.

Jeff Cobb, Jay Lethal, Yuji Nagata, Hirooki Goto, & Satoshi Kojima vs. Bully Ray, Shane Taylor, Silas Young, & The Briscoes: Lethal & Jay begin. They lock up and Jay hits a shoulder tackle, and follows with a RANA. They tease finishers and Lethal hits the cartwheel dropkick. Mark & Goto tag in. They brawl right away, and Goto hits a shoulder tackle and follows with a hip toss. Mark fires back with strikes, and a flying shoulder tackle. They work into a stand off and Taylor & Cobb tag in. They trade strikes, Taylor rocks him but Cobb lays in chops. Taylor hits a tackle and Cobb cuts him off with a dropkick. Bully tags in and talks shit and attacks Kojima. Kojima tags in and Bully attacks. They lock up and then trade shoulder tackles. Kojima takes him down and then collapses as he tries a slam. Bully follows with chops, but Kojima fires back with machinegun chops. The corner forearm follows, he heads up top and Bully cuts him off with a press slam. Nagata tags in and Bully tags in Young. They lock up and work into counters. They trade strikes, Nagata follows with leg kicks, and pulls an arm bar but Young makes the ropes. Nagata focuses on the arm, tags in Cobb and he follows with head butts. Lethal tags in and hits the slam and elbow drop for 2. He knocks Taylor to the floor but Bully tags in and cuts him off. Taylor tags in and they make a wish. Taylor then pummels him with strikes, Lethal fires back, but Taylor hits a head butt to stop that. Mark tags in and covers for 2. Jay tags in and lays in uppercuts. Lethal manages to cut him off with an enziguri and tags in Cobb. Kojima joins in and hits a slam. He takes out Bully and knocks him to the floor. Goto in and follows with strikes, and the clothesline and suplex follow for 2. Cobb back in and follows with a delayed suplex. Jay cuts him off with a lariat and Mark tags in. He follows with strikes, Young tags in and lays in kicks and strikes. Bully back in and he follows with crossface strikes. Taylor in and follows with body shots. Taylor now lays in chops, Cobb fires back but Taylor hits a knee strike. Cobb cuts him off with a German. Tags to Kojima & Bully, and Kojima runs wild with strikes, The faces rush the ring and clear things out as Kojima hits the cutter on Bully for 2. Mark cuts him off and Goto cuts him off with ushigoroshi as it completely breaks down. lethal injection on Taylor follows. Young cuts him off and hits the anarchist suplex. Nagata cuts Young off and hits the XPLODER. Jay cuts him off with the dropkick and Cobb then hits Jay with the swinging suplex. Sleeper on Bully but Bully escapes with a suplex. Kojima back in and Young trips him up. Bully gets his chain and Haskins steals it from him. The faces run wild on Bully and Cobb & lethal follow with topes. LARIAT by Kojima and Bully is done. Jeff Cobb, Jay Lethal, Yuji Nagata, Hirooki Goto, & Satoshi Kojima defeated Bully Ray, Shane Taylor, Silas Young, & The Briscoes @ 23:25 via pin [***½] This was a really good an fun main event, with a good layout and everyone working hard. They worked good pairings throughout and the crowd really enjoyed it.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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* Intro
* Being a fan during the Monday Night Wars: 2.30
* Initial Reaction of WWE Buying WCW: 12.20
* Review/Look Back on The Final Nitro: 23.10
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The 411
ROH War of The Worlds Grand Rapids 2019 was the weakest show of the tour on paper, and while it delivered some very good and even great wrestling, ended up a solid show.