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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 7.05.16

July 5, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 7.05.16  

TNA Impact Review 7.05.16

Ultimate X Match For The X-Division Title: Eddie Edwards won the X-Division Title @ 9:50 [***½]
KOTM Title Match: James Storm defeated Champion Eli Drake @ 5:25 via DQ [**½]
Street Fight: Jade defeated Marti Belle @ 5:40 via pin [**¾]
– The BroMans & Raquel defeated Decay @ 5:00 via pin [**¾]
THE FINAL DELETION: Broken Matt Hardy defeated Brother Nero Jeff Hardy @ 9:30 via pin [****]

FINAL DELETION SEGMENT: Matt’s groundskeeper reads a message that tonight will be violent, and not to try this at home. We then see the hardy family (Matt and Reby) holding a birthday party for Maxell. Today at sunset, the Final Deletion takes place; Matt instructs his man to prepare the battlegrounds for massacre.

Mike Bennett and Maria Talk: Bennett claims to be the greatest X-Division champion ever, and wants to cash in this title for his world title shot. He claims he is what TNA needs, and wants to cash this in tonight. Dixie Carter returned from her week off (for slapping Maria), and is not happy that Bennett has been disrespecting the X-Division title and it’s legacy. Bennett will have to defend his title one more time tonight before he can use option C. Bennett will have to face the entire X-Division roster in an ultimate X match. Watching Bennett throw a fit like a child was fun; this also after all of his gloating, the feels like a good way to ruin Bennett’s party. The only thing I dislike is the fact that they essentially just threw Ultimate X out there (we just had one not too long ago) with no real build.

Ultimate X Match For The X-Division Title: Champion Mike Bennett vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Trevor Lee vs. Andrew Everett vs. DJ Z vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Mandrews: Edwards rushed the ring and attacked Bennett right away, looking for revenge. We got the big brawl to begin, DJ Z scored with a dive and Spud climbed but Sutter stopped him and they revisited their recent issued. Spud got his mouth busted open and was taken to the back. They then worked a very fast pace, lots of counters and random one on one pairings until they did an everyone down spot at the 3-minute mark. Everyone got back up, Lee an Everett cut off Edwards and DJ Z, and then Everett helped Lee climb, but Bennett returned to cut them off. Bennett then tried to jump for the title and fell down, looking like a fool. We get that he’s not a high flier, but don’t make a guy you’re supposedly grooming for a main event spot look silly. Bennett then tried to climb and fell. Edwards returned and cut him off, and then hit a RANA off the corner. Edwards then hit a dive and took out Lee and Helms, Everett hit a big dive to the floor and then Sutter followed with a dive. DJZ felt left out, so he hit a dive. Mandrews and Lee battled, Lee sent to the floor and that led to Mandrews doing a big moonsault onto the pile of bodies. Bennett and Mandrews were in now, Mandrews sent to the floor and Bennett was alone but couldn’t get the belt. He then got a ladder out, but Edwards dropkicked that into his face. Edwards climbed, Bennett returned with the ladder and climbed; they battles center ring and Edwards kicked Bennett away and grabbed the title to become the champion once again. At about three-minutes in I was eye rolling this, as it felt so rushed and was just not clicking. Thankfully they recovered, turned it around and delivered a very strong and entertaining opening match.

– Galloway and EC3 got suspended for a post main event altercation last week.

KOTM Title Match: Champion Eli Drake vs. James Storm: Drake attacked right away, failed and was tossed to the floor. Storm rolled early on, until Drake got in a cheap shot as the ref tried to separate them. We got a basic heat by Drake, keeping Storm grounded, and making the occasional cover. Rock solid stuff by Drake, keeping control as expected, the crowd is into this because they love Storm. Drake grabbed the KOTM Title and the ref stopped him from sing it. They argued, and that allowed Storm to recover and fight back. Storm fired up, hit clotheslines and an enziguri. Sling blade followed, Drake tried to fight back but Storm hit the lung blower. Storm set for the superkick, hit it, but Drake rolled to the floor. Storm followed, but opted to break the count. Drake grabbed the title and hit Storm with it for the DQ. That was a solid first outing for these two, Strom dominated and appeared to have it won, so Drake took the intentional DQ, which allows the feud to continue. Drake came across smoother there; I think working with Storm will be very good for him.

– We get FINAL DELETION hype.

Street Fight: Jade vs. Marti Belle: I appreciate the fact that they aren’t in wrestling gear, and are going old school with the jeans. They brawled on the floor; Belle grabbed a trashcan full of hardcore toys and worked over jade with a cookie sheet. Jade tried to make a comeback, but Belle kicked a trashcan lid into her face. Belle then used the kendo stick, but Jade no sold her and challenged her to hit her more. Jade then took it away and laid into Belle with shots, put a trashcan over her head and laid in more kendo shots. A dropkick by Jade followed, and the cover got 2. Belle countered the package piledriver, and Jade landed on a trashcan. Belle got her baton, but Jade had nunchucks. She fought off the baton attack, hit a shotgun dropkick and laid a chair in the ring. Package piledriver and that is all. This was an overall fun match, a little sluggish in the middle, but a good and dominating win for jade, which should get her closer to a rematch for the knockouts title.

– We get FINAL DELETION hype.

FINAL DELETION SEGMENT: We now see Jeff Hardy at his house, chilling before the massacre. Matt has sent a drone to spy on him, and the doorbell rings. HE DRONE SPEAKS TO HIM and several smaller ones invade the home, so Jeff destroys them with a guitar. There is even a hologram message from Matt, regarding the FINAL DELETION. Jeff chases the larger drone away, and then gets on his dirt bike and chases it. Matt then boards a riding mower, and defaces Jeff’s crop circles.

Mike and Maria Talk… Again: Mike and Maria are upset about the way he lost the X-Division title, so Billy Corgan heads to the ring. They kiss up to Corgan, and Maria feels she should be the president of TNA. Before Corgan can even talk, Dixie makes her way out. Maria doesn’t trust her, and wants to know if it will be “you or me?” She rants and repeats it several times, and Dixie says she will not be going anywhere. She then says Mike and Maria manipulate everything; she wanted them to make a difference, not to become a joke. Bennett demands to be in the Destination X main event, or they will walk. Corgan outs a stop to Maria’s bitching, and says they are acting like spoiled children. Bennett had what he wanted, but he blew it and lost the title. He says that they can quit if they want to, but Bennett says that they will stay and at Destination X, Bennett will run the show. The segment made sense considering what they have been doing and with the motivations of Bennett and Maria; but I have no interest in this power struggle angle at all of the on air performances of Corgan.

– Matt’s groundskeeper prepares the battlefield for massacre. Matt demanded gasoline be poured generously on the battlefield, because it takes a lot of fuel to delete a Brother Nero.

– Lashley was asked about Eddie Edwards winning the X-Division title. Lashley gives no fucks about that little stunt show, because he’s a fighter.

The BroMans & Raquel vs. Decay (Abyss, Steve & Rosemary): As Decay made their way to the ring, Jessie hyped Big Brother After Dark, and said he had a secret. His special hidden cameras show Rosemary and Bram making out backstage. This led to the BroMans attacking and the match began. Raquel and rosemary began in the ring, it was fine as Rosemary beat her down Jessie and Robbie then double teamed Steve, but Abyss made the save and Steve hit a clothesline to take control over Jessie. Decay worked the heat, which was well paced and kept things moving nicely. These two teams have good chemistry, which I never thought that they would. Robbie got the hot tag, ran wild on Steve and hit the boom drop. Jessie tagged din, Abyss cut off Robbie as Jessie got the Boston crab on Steve. Rosemary made the save, Raquel in for the save. They spilled to the floor, Steve cut off Robbie, and Abyss chokeslammed Steve, but Robbie moved out of the way. Jessie took out Abyss, BroDown on Steve and the BroMans win. That was fun, and gets the BroMans back into the tag title mix (sure there’s not a lot there, but it gives them a right to challenge for the titles).

Will Eddie Edwards Take His Talents To The Heavyweight Division?: Borash is in the ring with Edwards, and asks what his decision will be regarding Destination X. Edwards is about to reveal his choice, but Lashley interrupts. Lashley puts Edwards over as a good guy and great X-Division champion, but Lashley is the most domain at champion in wrestling and he ends careers. Edwards isn’t afraid, he’s broken bones in this ring and he still finished matches, and even won with a broken elbow. Lashley is completely condescending here in a great way. Lashley warns him that he ends careers, like Kurt Angle. He took down Galloway and EC3, they will never be the same. Lashley then says they should make history, next week, they face off, title for title. If Edwards wins, he gets both titles. If Lashley wins he rips out the heart of the X-Division and holds both titles. Edwards accepted. Lashley then tossed Edwards down, hit an overhead suplex but when he went for the spear, Edwards dropped him with the running knee and posed with both titles. I loved this, first of all it was a well done segment, Secondly we get a title vs. title match that actually means something, and finally, Lashley just carries himself so well and comes off as the most unlikable man in the building. Edwards also held things up well on his end, which was great to see as promos are not his strong suit. This was very good, and I expect the match to be as well.

– We get a pre-taped interview with the suspended Galloway and EC3. They blamed each other for last week’s loss, and Galloway claimed he’s a better wrestler and a better man; EC3 is just a good looking entertainer. EC3 says that he beat everyone, and the title belongs to no man it is earned. Galloway says EC3 is always in his way, and challenged EC3. EC3 is game, saying that next week they are back and he is now Galloway’s problem. EC3 promised to kick Galloway’s ass next week.

– We see the referee arriving for the FINAL DELETION as Matt plays a violin in the ring. Matt apparently saw him in his premonitions. He also made the referee promise to not resuscitate Brother Nero under any circumstances. Brother Nero arrived for battle on his motorbike. BROTHER NERO… I KNEW YOU’D COME!

THE FINAL DELETION: Broken Matt Hardy vs. Brother Nero Jeff Hardy: The first thing I want to say is that I wish that people would stop trying to say that this was something completely original; this was a mix of the wackiness of Lucha underground combined with the wacky shit Generico and Ibushi did in Japan for DDT, wrestling in the woods and fighting on Kayaks. That is not a knock on this, it is just something that needed to be said.

As for the FINAL DELETION, this feels like something Matt has had in his mind forever, and for whatever reasons could never do until now. They filmed this like a final battle in a fight movie or a video game, in a ring in the woods with spotlights and tiki torches. They had wacky camouflaged weapons under the ring and dramatic music playing the entire time. Matt was gloriously insane here, yelling “DELETE” repeatedly as he beat on Jeff with various weapons. At one point, Jeff climbed into a tree and misses a swanton and went through a ladder. Matt lit fireworks and shot them at Jeff, who used a trashcan lid as a shield. Well that is just a normal Friday in North Carolina. Jeff then chased Matt with fireworks, lading to Matt using a bat as a shield and then they fought into the pond. Matt thought Nero was flushed, BUT WILLOW appeared from the water and attacked. The groundskeeper tasered Jeff, and Matt covered for the win.. BT NO, the groundskeeper was in the Willow costume, as if by magic! They then fought into a pit, where Jeff choked out Matt. He climbed a giant sign and we got a life before your eyes video, and then Matt set the sign on fire and Jeff fell off. This allowed Matt to cover for the win, and claim the hardy name.

I love the wackiness of Lucha Underground, I love wacky B-Movies that are often more times bad than good, but I still love them anyway. I also appreciate that TNA actually tried to do something out of their wheelhouse, because every time they tease something bold then tend to fold on it. This was something that had to be done all the way, you can’t half ass crazy, you have to embrace something like this and Matt and Jeff really did that. I am not even sure how to rate it, but it was entertaining as all hell and I think they accomplished their goal. I am not sure anyone else in the company could pull it off, but the brothers made it work. I laughed, I was entertained and it certainly was different, and I appreciate that.

* End scene.

* Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Very Good
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While the show was good and set up next week very well (and Lashley and Edwards did some fine work) you have to check it out for the Final Deletion.