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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 8.18.16

August 18, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 8.18.16  

TNA Impact Review 8.18.16

– Moose defeated Eddie Edwards @ 6:11 via pin [**¾]
– Gail Kim defeated Jade @ 5:23 via DQ [**]
– DJ Z defeated Mandrews, Braxton Sutter and Spud @ 4:26 via pin [**½]
– Eli Drake defeated Mahabali Shera @ 2:40 via pin [NR]
#1 Contender’s Ascension to Hell Ladder Match: The Broken Hardys defeated The Tribunal, The BroMans and The Helms Dynasty @ 14:06 [***½]

– We get a video package, showing the events of last week where Ashley became the king of all men.

– Lashley arrives and has a stare down with Aron Rex.

James Storm is Pissed: Storm called out Brian Henber and said that he fucked up last week. Storm was upset because he hit the superkick last week and had Lashley beat, but Henber was too busy getting Borash out of the ring. The crowd chanted, “you screwed Storm” as Storm demanded a rematch. Rock and Roll Billy made his way out, and I am realizing that there are some unfortunate fashion choices in this ring. Corgan gave Storm the lip service about the ref’s decision being final, while Storm said that the crowd wanted him to have a rematch. Corgan heeled on Storm, claiming he was begging and couldn’t win the big one. This led to Storm getting a toolbox and getting a hammer, and said he helped build the company and would tear it down. Security then arrived, he ran down Corgan and said that he is office and knows nothing. Styles and Roode left, but he stayed because he believed. He then just ENDED a security guard with a beer bottle shot. Storm threatened to smash Corgan’s pumpkin, so Corgan suspended him indefinitely. Storm, as you would imagine, was great here. He had great material to play off of, between last week’s angle and the fact that they played on him being one of the last originals standing. Storm feels completely connected to what he is saying, is completely believable, and uses the emotion well. Corgan is generally not good and feels as if he’s playing a role (bad acting, way too forced) which took away from my enjoyment a bit.

– Moose discusses kicking Edwards’ ass, while Bennett said that Moose would do what he wanted. They’re continuing the slow build to their split that they started last week.

– Strom is escorted from the building. My guess is that he’s going to drink.

– Moose has lost his theme music, and is now using Bennett’s. Looks to be more of the slow build to the split

Eddie Edwards vs. Moose w/Mike Bennett: They did well establishing the speed vs. power dynamic early, with Edwards getting the better of things. He sent Moose to the floor, but a distraction by Bennett allowed Moose to hit the apron bomb; he then took the heat. He worked a solid heat, but got too over confident and went to run up the ropes for a high cross but when he jumped he ate a dropkick by Edwards. This allowed Edwards to make a comeback, and he hit the knee strike but Bennett distracted the ref and he got the phantom pin. Moose hit a lariat for a near fall, and then missed a spear in the corner. Edwards hit a RANA off the top; he then hit a dive onto Bennett. Moose then grabbed Edwards off the top and hit he sky high for the win. The Bennett stuff ruined the flow a bit for me, but they had the bones of a really great match as the chemistry was there. I’d lose to see them get 12-15-minutes with no bullshit.

– Maria met with Jade, and Jade didn’t want to play by her rules. To make sure Jade didn’t throw the match, if she loses, she never gets a title shot again. Maria totally ran down Allie again, continuing the built to that split which also gained steam last week.

Jade vs. Gail Kim: They worked a nice and even back and forth to begin, until Jade started to light up Kim with strikes and kicks for a near fall. They worked to the floor; Jade caught a high cross by Kim and hit a gut buster on the floor. Back in the ring and Kim countered the package piledriver and fired up with strikes and a head scissors. Kim then missed the high cross off the top, but Jade then missed the lionsalt and Kim got a cradle for 2. Kim countered a TKO into a cradle but they rolled onto Hebner and he couldn’t count, that looked back. Kim then hit eat defeat and Sienna ran in for the DQ. She laid out Kim on the floor with the AK47, and then hit the pounce on Jade in the ring. Maria then said Kim will never get a title shot because she failed, but she actually won so it made no sense. The match was ok for the time given, but the knockouts feel like a mess with the focus on the never ending Maria vs. Kim feud, there is just nothing to really care about there for me. One day these two will get an actual match that gets time and has no bullshit.

– Lashley promised a big announcement that will affect the X-Division. The X-Division guys (DJ Z, Mandrews and Sutter) all want a title shot and they have a match tonight.

DJ Z vs. Mandrews vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Spud: They all attacked Spud and laid the boots to him. This led to a series on pinning combinations and Mandrews hitting a moonsault to Sutter on the floor. Sweet dive by DJ Z followed. Spud teased a dive and then posed before DJ Z returned and worked him over. DJ Z is so good. Mandrews then cut off DJ Z momentarily, Sutter back in and they kept cutting each other off. Sutter suplexed Mandrews into the ropes and went up top but Spud pulled him off. DJ Z and Mandrews returned, DJ Z ran wild and hit a double DDT and pinned Mandrews. This was a typical Impact X-Division match, multiple men in a match that was too short and felt way too rushed to allow you to care or get really invested in anyone.

EC3 Answers Galloway’s Challenge: EC3 is here to discuss Galloway’s challenge from last week, and invites Galloway to the ring. Galloway thinks EC3 will decline the challenge, and says EC3 likely feels as if he has done nothing wrong. He says that EC3 has cheated him three times and wants a shot to get his title back. EC3 accepts the challenge, and then Aron Rex arrives. He is here to say that everyone has been watching Impact because they have been making noise and changing the game and that’s why he is here. This sort of conflict is what they love and he appreciates that they both want to fight for what they want. He respects them both and is excited to see the match. He talked with a management and he wants to see a clear-cut winner, so he will be the special guest referee for their match. An overall good segment, setting the EC3 vs. Galloway rematch, and Rex’s addition will likely set the stage for his first major feud in TNA.

– Drake rants about Storm losing his KOTM title. Lashley arrives and gives no fucks. Drake says he may take all of Lashley’s titles, which amuses Lashley. Lashley plans to make history tonight, and says Drake will get his chance. Lashley and Sienna bump into each other, and she warns him not to get cute.

– And then we got his glorious piece of video…

– Eli Drake arrived to cut a promo, with the crowd actually chanting, “Dummy, yeah!” he complained about not being on last week’s show and ran down James Storm for failing against Lashley. He deserved a rematch, and ran down Lashley for not being man enough to face him for that title. Mahabali Shera arrived, who is most certainly not Lashley. Shera told him to shut up and fight him.

Eli Drake vs. Mahabali Shera: Shera controlled early with his power game, looking completely uncoordinated and clumsy in his offense. Who in the hell thought this was a good idea? Drake eventually avoided a charge and put some offense together before missing an elbow drop. Shera hit a flapjack, but Drake countered the sky high and hit the blunt force trauma for the win. That was not good and felt completely counter productive. If you want to make Drake a star you need to put him in positions to succeed, and getting dominated by Mahabali Shera in a horribly sloppy match (on Shera) doesn’t do that in any way shape or form. Drake did the best he could here, but this was not well thought out.

– Dixie and Corgan meet with Lashley and want to know what his news is tonight. Lashley says he doesn’t have to run shit by them because he has the power, and he is going to the ring.

Lashley Gives No Fucks: Lashley makes a couple of security goofs hold the KOTM and X-Division titles as he talks. He is the best of the best because he holds all of the gold. He then calls out Dixie and Rock and Roll Billy. Lashley explains that he holds all of the power, he is a businessman and is making them richer. Tonight he plans to change the entire company. Dixie and Billy put over Lashley, and ask what he wants. Lashley says he is unifying the titles, and the X and KOTM titles are going away, and he is declaring himself the undisputed champion of pro wrestling. Billy says he’s the new president, and Lashley can defend the titles separately if he wants. Lashley then runs down the garbage KOTM title and says he made it something, and then threw it down. The X-Division title was the heart of TNA, but he ripped that heart out and destroyed the division, and tossed that title down as well. Dixie was insulted by his actions. Lashley didn’t give as shit and said he’s see them at Bound for Glory. Billy said that he changed his relationship with the company, and Dixie says he will defend his title before Bound for Glory. There will be a battle royal next week with the winner getting a title shot. This is a polarizing segment, on one hand I love Lashley’s attitude and the way his character comes off here. It’s really good and he’s been great. But it also really feels as if they gave him the extra titles and had no end game as to how to get them off of him. They really could have made a guy or two by winning the titles off of him, but then again, you just can’t have Lashley dropping matches prior to the Bound for Glory PPV. They basically booked themselves into a corner while trying to pop the audience numbers with the king of all men title victories, but at least Lashley still looks like the most dominate force in the company.

– Rock and Roll Billy says that they will have a new X-Division champion soon.

#1 Contender’s Ascension to Hell Ladder Match: The Tribunal (Dax and Baraka) vs. The Broken Hardys (Broken Matt and Brother Nero) vs. The Helms Dynasty (Lee & Everett) vs. BroMans (Robbie E and Jessie Godderz): Brother Nero is wearing a cool coat like Broken Matt and has some freaky contacts in. They brawled for 15-seconds and then went to a commercial. After a four-minute commercial break, we came back to brawling and Brother Nero climbing the ladder. The Tribunal cut him off as broken Matt stayed at ringside, not participating. The Tribunal targeted Brother Nero as they tried to get revenge for last week. They then attacked matt on the floor as the BroMans took control in the ring. They battled with the Dynasty as Brother Nero wiped out Baraka on the floor with a high cross from the top. Broken Matt finally got involved and tried to eat Everett’s hand. He then tried to eat Lee’s leg before working over the BroMans and trying to bite off their faces. He tried to attack Raquel, but she slapped him and the BroMans made the save. They worked him over, set up the ladder and climbed but the Tribunal broke that up. Baraka did the afraid to climb gimmick, so the BroMans took them out and then they hit the BroDown off the ladder. Jessie dropkicked a ladder into Baraka’s face and Robbie then hit the boom drop onto a ladder. Everett then took out the BroMans with ladder shots as Broken Matt worked over Dax, Robbie got shoved off the top, Lee and Everett then put a run together and powerbombed Jessie into a ladder. Broken Matt tossed Everett, and Brother Nero returned and Broken Matt hit a side effect onto a ladder. Everett returned and took out Broken Matt, Brother Nero rode a ladder in and took him down as he climbed. Broken Matt climbed and got the contract, winning for the Broken Hardys. While not an out of this world ladder match in terms of big spots and such, I did think that everyone worked hard and that they constantly built well to the finish. it was enjoyable and overall very good.

– Next week: EC3 vs. Galloway with EC3’s BFG Title shot on the line (Aron Rex as referee), #1 contender’s battle royal.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Good
The 411
Tonight’s episode was a good show overall, playing well off of last week’s very good effort and also setting things up well for next week. I like the James Storm angle, they are doing well with slow burns in regards to Moose/Bennett and Maria/Aliie and I dig the Broken Hardys. TNA is presenting consistent and overall enjoyable TV right now, not all is perfect (X-Division is non-existent, Kim vs. Maria is so tired) but the overall show remains strong and easy to watch.