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Csonka’s Top 10 Lucha Underground Matches (S1 & S2)

March 15, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Welcome one and all to the latest LISTAMANIA column! Today, we’re going to look at the top 10 overall matches from the first two seasons of Lucha Underground. Both seasons of Lucha Underground are scheduled to debut on Netflix today, so I figured that this may serve as a guide for the very best matches if you plan not to just go episode by episode. You can read all of my full show reviews from the series at this link.

Episode 38 Falls Count Anywhere Match: Cage vs. The Mack
Episode 34Johnny Mundo, Hernandez, Jack Evans, and Super Fly vs. Alberto El Patron, Aerostar, Drago and Sexy Star
Episode 20Lucha Underground Street Fight: Champion Prince Puma vs. Cage
Episode 11King Cuerno vs. Drago
Episode 10Lucha Underground Title Match: Champion Prince Puma vs. Fenix
Episode 3Fenix Jr. vs. Pentagón Jr. and Drago
Episode 1Johnny Mundo vs. Prince Puma

Episode 3: Last Luchadore Standing Match: Fenix vs. Champion King Cuerno
Episode 4: Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr
Episode 6: Gift of the Gods Title Ladder Match: Fenix vs.Champion King Cuerno
Episode 12: Trios Tournament Match: Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma and Dragon Azteca Jr vs. Johnny Mundo, Taya and Cage
Episode 18: Lucha Underground Trios Title Match: Jack Evans, PJ Black and Johnny Mundo vs. Champions Rey Mysterio Jr. Dragon Azteca Jr and Prince Puma
Episode 21: Lucha Underground Title Match: Champion The Monster Matanza vs. Cage
Episode 23: Prince Puma vs. Dragon Azteca Jr.
Episode 24: Dario Cueto’s 4 A Unique Opportunity Tournament Semifinal Falls Count Anywhere Match: The Mack vs. Cage
Episode 25: Gift of the Gods Title Elimination Match
Episode 25: Death Match: Mil Muertes vs. King Cuerno

10. Trios Title Elimination Match: Champions Ivelisse and Son of Havoc vs. Prince Puma, Rey Mysterio Jr and Dragon Azteca Jr vs. Joey Ryan, Cortez Castro and Mr. Cisco vs. Fenix, Jack Evans and PJ Black [****¼] (Season 2, Episode 14 – 4.27.16): As soon as one member of a team loses, the whole team is gone. They are working this like a four-way with tags, so four in at a time. They did the whole do a lot of shit and then do a standoff opening, which then turned into everyone gets to hit a move and stand off again. We got some fresh bodies in and Vampiro actually said something smart when he said, “what the hell am I looking at.” They first three minutes were way to frantic, thankfully it slowed a bit so that you could actually digest what we were seeing. The Crew took control of things for a bit, Joey Ryan ran from Ivelisse at one point, and Jack Evans just chilled. It broke down into a series of dives, which was well done and brought the crowd back into it nicely. Joey Ryan cut off Ivelisse when she wanted to dive, so she slapped him and planted him with a German. Castro saved Ryan and laid out Ivelisse with a brainbuster. Ryan demanded the tag, he refused and Ivelisse rolled up Castro @ 7:50 for the first elimination. After the rare commercial break, Havoc, Evans and Puma were in. Evans got sent to the floor, allowing Havoc to run wild with the double stomp off the top and then the standing moonsault for a near fall. Jack Evans returned, worked over Ivelisse and then proclaimed that she was the baddest bitch in the building. It broke down, Ivelisse hit a code red on Evans but the ref was distracted. Black turned it around after a superkick kick and Evans pinned Ivelisse @ 13:55. We WILL have new champions. After the final commercial break, Fenix and Azteca worked some really nice back and forth and this started to greatly pick up my interest level now that we got rid of a bunch of bodies. It was good up and to this point, but this felt cleaner and started to come off as effortless from the remaining performers. Puma hit a 630 on Black, but then Evans saved the day with a kick to the dick. Evans would accidentally kick his teammates when he demanded that they hold Puma; this allowed Rey to enter and run wild. Rey played the hits, and looked good doing so. Puma and Azteca pulled off some cool double teams and followed it with dives. Rey then hit a split legged moonsault to pick up the anticlimactic win over Evans The final pin by Mysterio felt lackluster, but the overall match was very good. It obviously got way better once we got rid of some of the others and, because there was more room and it was easier to digest. Rey, Azteca and Puma winning was cool, as Rey (the legend) and Puma (the former champion) gives the titles more credibility, and also helps make Azteca come off as more important.

9. No Mas Gift of the Gods Aztec Medallion Match: Sexy Star vs. Mariposa [****¼] (Season 2, Episode 15 – 5.04.16): This is a no quit match, between a crazy woman that held Star captive for six-months, so of course they started with a lock up as well as some clean and basic grappling. They worked a basic wrestling match, Mariposa took control for a short time, but Star fought back and applied a single leg crab. After three minutes of a mediocre and regular match, they finally spilled to the floor and actually showed some aggression. They started to use chairs as they continued the brawl on the floor. The fight went up the steps, with Mariposa even trying to rip off Star’s mask. They brawled into the rafters, new territory for the show, which is rare. Star got busted open during the fight, but she refused to quit. The Moth arrived and tried to take out Star, but the Mack made the save. Star is bleeding quite a bit here, and the match started to feel like an ECW special. Mariposa started to slam Star into the commentary table repeatedly, and the crowd loves this. They have done a great job of taking this from bland and regular to pretty great here. They finally got back into the ring at around the 14-minute mark, and as Mariposa applied a submission, Star screamed out “FUCK YOU… FUCK YOU MARIPOSA!” Star escaped and applied a rear naked choke, and the Mack returned to put a stop to that. The sick bastard even licked her blood, and the Mask returned to hit the stunner on Moth. Star then got the cross arm breaker, and Mariposa screamed out NO MAS. Star kept on with the hold and then tossed Mariposa to the floor and got her medallion. It started really slow, and felt like it wasn’t going to go anywhere, and then completely turned it around and not only delivered a great spectacle, but also saved the show from being completely lack luster. The stuff with Mack and Moth bothered me a little, but it played into the angle well and they ended up being small additions, and not determining factors, so I can roll with it. I didn’t feel that it was a match of the year contender, but it was one of the stronger matches this season, that’s for sure.

8. AZTEC WARFARE II [****¼] (Season 2, Episode 9 – 3.23.16): Fenix is #1 due to Catrina trying to screw him out of the title, he was #1 last year as well. #2 is Rey Mysterio Jr. With the way they did the set up and intros, the place was unglued for Rey and it felt like a huge deal. They had some nice back and forth and King Cuerno was #3. Cuerno got some good run, hitting his sweet suicide dive. Argenis is #4, he came in and they made sure to keep a good pace early, This felt fresh due to Rey being new to LU. Rey eliminated Argons with the 619 and splash combo at about 4-minutes in. Johnny Mundo was #5, and as he entered we took the first commercial break. That was a fun opening stretch, with good energy and a really fresh feeling with Rey interacting with the roster for the first time. After the break, Mundo and Fenix worked a series of near falls after dumping Rey. #6 was Joey Ryan, who handcuffed himself to the railing so that he cannot get eliminated. Famous B gave him a business card, and then business picked up as Prince Puma was #7. he brought energy to the match right away, hitting a huge springboard shooting star press to the floor. Jack Evens was #8 as the action was everywhere, and Rey eliminated King Cuerno with an arm bar submission. Everyone beat on Evans and then Mundo. Fenix and Rey worked together on Evans, and then Mundo saved him, and tried to get him to work with him. #9 was Taya, adding to Mundo’s ranks to face Rey, Puma and Fenix. They quickly isolated Rey, but Cage was #10. He ran wild, and this feels very well laid out thus far as we hit the second commercial break.

After the break, as Cage worked over Mundo and Taya until Mundo landed a series of kicks and then tossed Cage through the office window. Mascarita Sagrada was #11. Cage emerges from the office bloodied and lays out Mundo with weapon X on the floor. Puma hen hit a standing shooting star press and eliminated Mundo, shades of last year’s final two. Marty the moth was #12. Marty got some shine, laying about everyone out at one point and #13 was Drago. Jack Evans sold this like death was coming as we took out third break. The action has been really good so far, and they have incorporated the angles into the work very well. After the break, Drago misted Ryan, who was still cuffed to the barricade. Rey hit a big splash on Marty and Sagrada helped him pin Marty. Rey is getting good run here. #14 is The Mack, who hit a stunner on Marty as he was leaving. He and Cage went face-to-face and brawled in a call back to last year’s Ultima Lucha. #15 was Chavo Guerrero. We had action in the ring, on the floor and in the crowd. Chavo submitted Sagrada with the camel clutch. Mundo returned and killed Cage with a cinder block, allowing Taya to pin him #16 PJ Black, Puma hit a bridging German in Taya to eliminate her. The action continued everywhere, and Aero star was #17. He, Drago, Evans and Black continued their rivalry in the ring, Aero Star and Black got pins on Evans and Drago, leaving them to go face to face. Aero Star destroyed Evans with a destroyer off the top. #18 was Dragon Azteca Jr. Azteca Jr ran wild, worked over Black with a series of kicks and then hit a RANA on the Mack on the floor. He then hit a sweet over the corner dive onto the Mack. #19 was then Texano as we headed to a break. They are doing a good job of keeping the action going, continually building it and staying true to the stories to keep the intrigue.

After the final break, Texano hit a big dive onto the pile of bodies on the floor. He then eliminated PJ Black with a sitout powerbomb. The final man in at #20, on the order of Catrina, was former champion Mil Muertes. As Muertes made his way out, Pentagon Jr arrived and attacked him! He worked him over with chair shots, and the crowd LOVED it. Pentagon tossed him into the ring and Rey hit the big splash and Puma helped cover him and Muertes was gone, similar to how he was double pinned last year. Catrina then yelled at Vampiro for this, and demanded that he leave and slapped him. BUT WAIT! El Jefe has returned to the Temple, this is HIS TEMPLE and he is NOT alone. There is now a special 21st entrant into the Aztec Warfare, match, and it is MATANZA CUETO! SHIT JUST GOT REAL. Matanza stood off with who was left, they attacked and he tossed then all away. Huge powerslam to Fenix and he is gone and we WILL have a new champion! Matanza no sells a stunner from Mack, SICK German suplex and Mack is GONE. Another German to Aero Star and he is gone! Texano attacks with the bull rope, that fails and Matanza hits him with a sitout powerbomb and that is all for him. Matanza then goes to the floor and rips Ryan’s handcuff off the railing and tosses him in the ring. Rolling gutwrench suplexes to Ryan, and he is gone. Chavo, Puma, Rey and Azteca are left. They all talk and look to attack, but then Chavo attacks and tosses Azteca into the ring. Azteca fought and delivered a lot of offense, but the RANA was countered and then Matanza hit a chokeslam and Azteca was gone. Chavo tried to make a deal with Dario, which failed. Hit a standing shooting star press and eliminated Chavo. Puma and Rey are all that is left to challenge the beast. They tried to work together, Rey got tossed to the floor and Matanza then destroyed Puma with suplexes. The German connected and Puma was gone. Rey, who has been in the whole time, stepped back in and Matanza stalked him. Rey fought with all he was worth, slowly started to get some momentum but the 619 was countered the first time, but Rey did hit it. He went up top and went for the RANA, was caught and ate the big powerslam and that was that. That was great and on the level of last year’s match. Last year, they made a top star in Puma, this year they made a new monster heel in Matanza as he rolled on the major players in his debut. They again delivered awesome action, and while there were some slow parts, they also backed up the in ring with the story telling, which was strong and set up a lot of things to continue (Muertes vs. Pentagon as well as other angles). Rey had a great run, lasting to the end and then finally losing to the muster after 50-minutes. Lucha Underground knows how to put on a big time match, and they have it down to a science when it comes to their specialty matches.

 photo All Night Long_zps0lbozhho.gif

7. All Night Long Lucha Underground Title Match: Champion Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo (Season One, Episode 32) [****¼] – These guys have a great history in the promotion, which brought us to this match. Puma scored the first fall, but Mundo came back and rattled off four consecutive falls. He did so with a cradle and holding the ropes, using a crow bar on Puma, the moonlight drive and then the starship pain. We were 16-minutes in and Puma looked to be on is way to losing the title. Puma, desperate to score a pin, speared Mundo off of the bandstand through four tables to get his second pin of the match. Two minutes later he scored with the spinning Michinoku driver to make it 4-3 Mundo. Four minutes later, the springboard 450 evened up the match. Mundo had tried to run away to play prevent defense, but the returning Alberto El Patron got involved and stopped Mundo from running, which led to the tying fall. I generally dislike the interference, but it makes complete sense here and also sets up the big Patron vs. Mundo match, which we will get coming from this. The one good thing about Lucha Underground is that it never feels odd when someone wins without using their finish, and that is an aspect that is appreciated. Puma made the big comeback in the final seconds and hit the 630 to put Mundo away and keep the title. It’s not easy to put on a long match in 2015, as many wrestling fans are not conditioned to sit through them. Look at the divided opinion of the recent one-hour draw ROH did. Also, by announcing that this match would last the whole show, you can set yourself up for fans not caring in the early portions. They worked a bit conservatively early, but between the multiple falls (which were done well) and the pacing of the final half of the match and the placement of the big moves, I felt they succeeded in delivering a very good match. What also adds to the success is the play off of the established relationship between the guys from the very first show, the fact that Mundo was a great heel and Puma is so easy to root for along the integration of Patron. It all made sense, it all worked and we got a great match out of it. This is an example of doing a one match show the right way.

6. The Prince vs. El Rey: Prince Puma vs. Rey Mysterio Jr [****½] (Ultima Lucha Dos) : After the commercial break, they shook hands and we were off. They worked a nice back and forth to begin, with Rey keeping up but not being able to out do Puma. The crowd was great early, and it was obvious early that they were going for the basic story; Puma is the younger, stronger and faster wrestler, but Rey is the more expedited wrestler and “The King.” Rey had started to put some run together, but Puma took control and was using all of his advantages (younger, stronger and faster) to try and break Rey down. The battle went to the floor, where Rey managed a RANA, sending Puma into the apron. After Rey’s sliding Frosty the Snowman splash, they returned to the ring, where Rey kept control and scored a near fall. They worked into a pretty sensational series of counters, leading to Rey hitting the tornado DDT for a near fall. Puma finally was able to break out the strength, catching a RANA, transitioning into a northern lights suplex and then into the deadlift suplex for a great near fall. They battled up top, and Rey hit a reverse RANA off the top and scored a near fall. This is really strong so far, with both guys playing their roles very well. Rey looked for a head scissors, but Puma hit the lumbar check and blue thunder bomb for another near fall. Puma countered the 619, hit a kick and then he hit a 619! The 450 connected, but Rey survived! Puma hit the Bennadryller, which connected again for a near fall as Puma went for a cocky cover. Puma kept on the attack, went up top and looked down on Rey and then MISSED the 630 as Puma took too long. Rey ten hit the RANA into the pinning combo for a near fall, both men were down and the crowd was still hot for this. Rey was able to fight off Puma, but the 619 was caught and pulled Rey back in and went for a tombstone, but Rey countered and spiked Puma on his head. 619, springboard into the RANA and cradle, and Rey picks up the win. That was an excellent match, and one that I feel the show needed. I loved the layout, the pacing and the work as it felt similar to the KUSHIDA vs. Liger match from earlier this year; the old lion going on the hint one last time, but this time, the old lion won the day. I am not sure that was the best of ideas, but the main event delivered. Puma is great, but Rey more than held his own here. I am not sure how many more singles performances like this he has left in him, which made it pretty special.

5. Lucha Underground Title Match: Champion Mil Muertes w/Catrina vs. Pentagon Jr vs. Prince Puma – [****½] Season 2, Episode 7 – 3.09.16: After the way that Muertes kicked ass last week, Pentagon and Puma smartly attacked Muertes and tried to work him over early. It didn’t last long as Muertes went into monster mode and worked over both guys. They did a good job early of teasing Pentagon and Puma working together, they allowed Muertes to play monster, but they also did not forget the issues between Pentagon and Puma. After some dives, we worked to the floor and they brawled in the bleachers. The crowd was way into this, and not only were they keeping a tremendous pace going, but moved between the dynamics of the feuds well. We got a section with Pentagon and Muertes as Puma was down on the floor after an apron bump. Puma recovered, and we got dives from both he and Pentagon. While it wasn’t like they had an agreement, Pentagon and Puma were both clearly working over Muertes with the dives before they brawled into the crowd. Pentagon was able to take out Puma for a bit, leading to a high cross from the crowd onto Muertes. Muertes kept fighting like the monster he is, Puma returned with a shooting star press form the crowd. Puma and Pentagon had a nice series in the ring, including puma hitting the 630 but Muertes returned to stop that noise. Puma and Pentagon lit up Muertes with something like 8 superkicks to finally drop him, leading to another really good series between Pentagon and Puma. Pentagon hit the package piledriver on Puma, and went to break the arm but Muertes hit a spear on him to stop that. A spear on Puma turned him inside out, and then Muertes hit the flatliner on both men and pinned them both. In a way I am not a huge fan of the double pin, but I do appreciate the champion looking strong and taking advantage of his foes being too consumed with each other, allowing him to pick the bones and win. This was an awesome spectacle, with every one playing their roles well, some great action and carnage trough out. Sometimes three-way matches week very uneven, but these three made it look easy. One of the top Lucha Underground matches overall and the best of this season.

4. From Lucha Underground (S2 – 6.15.16) – Six to Survive #1 Contender’s Match: Fenix vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Ivelisse vs. Johnny Mundo vs. Taya vs. King Cuerno [****½]: Eliminations are by pin or submission only. Mundo and Taya worked together, which was expected. They tried to take out Ivelisse, but failed when Fenix made the save. Pentagon and Fenix actually worked together a bit, which was interesting. Early on they are doing a lot of on eon one, two on one with the others on the floor. They mixed in a few dives, Cuerno and Fenix had some really fun back and forth. Cuerno looked to have Fenix finished, but MIL MUERTES RETURNED and speared Cuerno out of his boots. He then powerbombed him, and Mundo hit the end of the world to eliminate Cuerno in the first five minutes. I tend to be annoyed by interference, but considering that Catrina just freed Muertes from a glass coffin in Cuerno’s trophy room, I think we can allow it. In other words, it made complete sense in the context of the story that they are telling. Also, Mundo being the cowardly opportunist works perfectly for his character. As long as the whole match is not this way I am cool. After the commercial break, Fenix had a crisis of conscience, and he didn’t want to fight Ivelisse. This allowed her to put some offense together as Taya and Mundo tried to work over Pentagon. Taya and Mundo again went after Ivelisse; Ivelisse fought back and managed to get Taya by herself. She even managed a near fall. Taya would crash and burn on a moonsault, but then almost immediately hit a northern lights and a double stomp to eliminate Ivelisse at around the 14-minute mark. That part of the match was solid, but unspectacular, with the finish feeling rushed due to the lack of selling on the missed moonsault. Following the second commercial, and we’re down to the final four. Mundo and Taya have worked well together. Pentagon started to abuse Taya with kicks and chops as Fenix and Mundo brawled on the floor. All four spilled to the floor and Pentagon continued to destroy Taya with kicks. Mundo looked to help and challenged Pentagon to get into the ring. He did and they exchanged strikes. Really good intensity here from both, until Taya distracted Pentagon allowing Mundo to take him down. All four were then back in the ring, Taya got to run wild and hit the northern lights and double stomp on Fenix for a near fall. Mundo and Taya had control here, and almost had the double pin on Fenix. Fenix started to fight back, and then Pentagon took out Taya with the running package piledriver at around the 23-minute mark, Down to three as Pentagon, Fenix and Mundo all battle for the title shot. Mundo was checking on Taya post break, and then returned to the ring. They all took turns chopping the hell out of each other, and then Pentagon took a powder and drank someone’s water as he sat on the steps. Mundo connected with the sitout powerbomb on Fenix and got a near fall. Fenix connected with the kick and went to the floor with Mundo, when Pentagon connected with a dive to take out both. The crowd is great here, really into the final three. Big striking exchange by Pentagon and Fenix on the floor, they are great men. Mundo then scored with a big corkscrew dive to the floor. Mundo took Fenix back into the ring, and worked him over with elbow strikes. Fenix tried to make a comeback but ran into a Spanish fly for a near fall. Pentagon broke it up, but ate a hangman’s neck breaker for a near fall. Mundo maintained until Fenix and Pentagon worked together and Fenix hit a double stomp out of the corner. Pentagon and Fenix did a wacky wheelbarrow deal and landed on Mundo, which ended in an elimination. That didn’t come off as well as they had hoped. Mundo is gone after 36-minutes. And now we’re down to Fenix vs. Pentagon, something I originally thought might be a featured singles feud this season. After some not so kind words, they went to action with Pentagon working for submissions. Fenix escaped and then he started to work his submission game. They worked some innovative spots, and then Fenix hit a cutter into the dragon sleeper. Pentagon escaped, so Fenix hit the triple jump arm drag and then a sweet tornillo. Back in the ring Fenix looked to gain more momentum, but Pentagon curt him off and punted him off the ropes. Pentagon then hit the destroyer for a near fall. Both men looked exhausted, Pentagon headed up top but Fenix cut him off and went up top with him for a SUPER RANA! But only for a near fall as Pentagon survived. They went back and forth, sling blade by Pentagon and another. Fenix then managed a desperation superkick and they did a double down. Fenix missed a double stomp and Pentagon leveled him with the superkick and Fenix melted to the floor. Pentagon then hopped off the apron and hit the destroyer on the floor! BAH GAWD THESE MEN HAVE A FAMILY! Both men looked dead on the floor, Pentagon was the first to move and rolled Fenix back into the ring. He looked for the package piledriver, but Fenix countered into the sitout reverse piledriver (dude buster/jig’n tonic) for a near fall. They then battled from their knees, exchanging strikes. They then slapped the shit out of each other, Fenix hit a superkick but then Pentagon returned fire. ANOTHER destroyer by Pentagon, and then the package pilerdriver connected and Fenix finally fell. The first half was good, but I was a little worried about them stretching the match through the entire show. But then Pentagon and Fenix were the stars of the second half and everything clicked, the intensity grew the action was great and this ended up as a completely awesome match.

 photo Aztec Warfare_zpsayrykc7k.gif

3. Aztec Warfare (Season One, Episode 9) [****½] – This was the first time Lucha Underground did a one match show, and it was a tremendous success. I thought that the match did a very good job of playing off of the storytelling that they did in the first eight episodes. Through out the match we constantly revisited feuds (Sexy Star vs. Chavo, Blue Demon returning to get revenge on Chavo, King Cuerno vs. Drago, Mundo and Puma vs. Ryck and the Crenshaw Crew) and played off of all of the groundwork that had been done. Over and over again I have discussed the storytelling of the promotion and the way that they have effectively produced quality episodic TV. By establishing these characters and feuds, and then revisiting everything here, I felt that the work paid off well as they worked to crown the first champion. The finish of the match was the real highlight work wise. By skipping the over the top rope rules, we were able to have all of the wild dives to make sure that this did not become another monotonous battle royal. As we weaved through all of the feuds and previous pairings, we ended up with Puma vs. Mundo, which is a revisit to the debut show’s main event. They had worked together (and against each other) through out, but it was their pairing that was able to finally pin Mil Muertes and leave us with the rematch from episode one. They worked a completely entertaining closing stretch, kicking out of the big moves, but also playing off of the first match that they had. In the end, Puma scored the pin with the 630 to become the first ever champion. This was tremendous action and some beautiful storytelling and another example of doing a one match show the right way.

2. Lucha Underground Title Match: Champion Mil Muertes vs. Fenix – [****½] Season 2, Episode 8 – 3.16.16: These two have been connected since early in season one, was one of the best feuds during the season and put on the best match in that first season. They have an awesome history, work well together and the audience is invested in their story. They did the anticipated power vs. speed match, with nods to their previous matches, including Muertes going after the mask of Fenix. Muertes cut off a dive by Fenix, which busted him open. With the mask already ripped open, the bleeding was obvious. They again played into the Grave Consequences match, where Muertes bit at the cut and spit out the blood of Fenix. They brawled into the crowd, and while Muertes was dominating, Fenix got his hope spots. Fenix hit a dive from the crow, which got the crowd going even more, but ate a powerbomb onto the commentary table. Catrina and Muertes shared some smoochies, and that delay allowed Fenix to mount another attempted comeback. In another ode to Grave Consequences, Fenix hit the double stomp on the apron and then he ripped open Muertes’ mask. Muertes was enraged at this and hit a spear and then ground and pounded Fenix as his blood splattered on the mat. Muertes introduced a chair, but Fenix used it and smashed him with it repeatedly and the beast was bleeding. Fenix scored with the double jump 450 for a great near fall. The crowd was awesome here as Muertes ht a sick uranage for another near fall. Fenix again fought back, hitting a delayed German for another near fall. This is so great. They battled up top and Muertes hit a DDT off the ropes and both men were down. Muertes went for the flatliner, but took his time and Fenix scored with a rollup and the bridge for the win and we have a NEW CHAMPION! That was simple awesome, easily on the level of their Grave Consequences match; these two can do no wrong together.

 photo Grave Consequences_zpsihb7jcqa.gif

1. Grave Consequences Match: Fenix vs. Mil Muertes (Season One, Episode 19) [****½] – They basically had a mini-day of the dead ceremony to bring out the coffin, which was nice touch. Mil Muertes and Fenix have wrestled previously, Muertes won the first match early in the series and then they had a match a few weeks ago. Fenix got a surprise win there and since then has basically stolen Muertes’ woman, Catrina. Not so much that he tried to steal her as Catrina left Muertes and started making out with Fenix. It is what it is. Muertes hit a suicide dive as Fenix made his entrance and they immediately brawled. Damn skippy, this isn’t a grappling bout. Lots of brawling, and then when Fenix tried a suicide dive, Muertes tossed the coffin into his face. Muertes ripped the mask open (almost all the way off), undid the turnbuckle and took the metal screw and then jacked Fenix with it, and he was busted open. Fenix did a big time blade job, and Muertes bit at the wound and then spit out the blood (YOU SICK FUCK!). That was a great visual, but was really nasty at the same time. They brawled all through the crowd and Muertes powerbombed Fenix onto the announcer’s table. Through the first half they didn’t really address the coffin, but Muertes finally brought it into the ring and then suplexed Fenix onto it. This is petty damn wild. Muertes hit a lung blower as Fenix sat on the top rope, and Fenix was just dripping blood here. They brawled into the crowd again as Muertes used chair shots on Fenix, but Fenix fought back and knocked Muertes to the floor and then hit a dive to the floor onto Muertes. Muertes was just brutal in his attack, and they simply did such a great job of selling the feud with the work that they did. As they continued to battle, Muertes accidentally clotheslined Catrina and laid her out. Muertes paused to show emotion, allowing Fenix to battle back. They did such a good job of avoiding the trappings of this kind of match, refusing to constantly go for the coffin and waiting until the end. Fenix hit a double stomp to send Muertes into the coffin; Catrina licked Muertes’ power stone and threw it into the coffin with him. That was insane, it won’t be for everyone because of the use of the blood, but this was an awesome fight that served as a tremendous conclusion to the feud at the time. The promotion did a great job of presenting the casket match, a match people stopped caring about eons ago, as something fresh and exciting. That’s an achievement in itself. After doing a re-watch, there is just a magic that this match has that edged it above the other matches, and after two seasons, remains the top match the company has produced.

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