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Csonka’s WWE 205 Live Review 4.11.17

April 11, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s WWE 205 Live Review 4.11.17  

Csonka’s WWE 205 Live Review 4.11.17

– Mustafa Ali defeated The Brian Kendrick @ 9:25 via pin [**¾]
– Rich Swann defeated Johnny Ocean @ 2:15 via pin [NR]
– TJ Perkins defeated Jack Gallagher @ 15:45 via pin [***½]

The Brian Kendrick vs. Mustafa Ali: Kendrick grounds the younger and fast high flier to begin, leading to some grappling. Ali then picked up the pace, hitting an arm drag and frustrating Kendrick. Kendrick took a quick powder, but when he came back in the frustration level only grew as Ali remained a step ahead of him and hit a RANA an then a high cross to the floor. Drew Gulak watches on backstage, Kendrick plays hide and seek under the ring, crawls out the other side and then posts Ali to take control back in the ring and pick up a near fall. Kendrick then worked a grounded cobra clutch, Ali fought out and then escape the captain’s hook and scored a roll up for 2. Ali avoids a charge, hits the dropkick and then clotheslines. Corner kick by Ali follows, and then hits the rolling neck breaker for 2. Kendrick then side steps a high cross, and turns Ali inside out with the leg lariat. Kendrick teased the burning hammer, Ali escapes and hits the big boot but Kendrick crotches him and stops the imploding 450; then locked in the captain’s hook for the win. BUT WAIT, Tozawa rang the bell to fool Kendrick and Ali never tapped. This allowed Ali to fight back, hit the imploding 450 for the win. LULZ TOZAWA. Mustafa Ali defeated The Brian Kendrick @ 9:25 via pin [**¾] Pretty good math overall, but the real story is the turn in momentum towards Tozawa, Tozawa is beautifully condescending as he gets even with Kendrick.

– Perkins is interviewed about his actions on Raw. Perkins says he may be playing “Neville’s advocate” here, he was the star of the CWC, and then Perkins came and stole an opportunity that belonged to him. Gallagher arrives and says he hopes they can have a gentleman’s battle tonight. Perkins tells him to basically fuck off.

Rich Swann vs. Johnny Ocean: Ocean attacks at the bell, and takes control by whipping Swann to the buckles repeatedly. Ocean got a lot in early, and may have actually yelled more than wrestled. Swann fought back, hit clotheslines and then a double stomp and running splash for 2. Swann then finished Mr. Ocean off with the phoenix splash. Rich Swann defeated Johnny Ocean @ 2:15 via pin [NR] This was a nothing match to set up the post match angle, and to be honest with you, the various angles with Dar & Fox do nothing for me; I just want to see the cruiserweights do cool matches.

– Post match, Swann spoke about being the one that was giving Alicia Foooooooooox gifts. Noam Dar returned and claimed that all of the gifts were from him. They argued and Alicia Fooooooooooooox made her way out, saying she believed Noam Dar. She claimed that their love was special, and knows that Swann has been eyeing her up. A delivery guy arrives, and Dar claims it is from him. Dar tells him to leave, BUH BYE. Dar gives Alicia the gift, and it’s a box of exploding powder. Fox looks like she wants to murder him.

– Austin Aries is interviewed backstage. He eats a banana and says that Perkins is blaming him for all of his failures. Aries knows what’s up, Neville wants a puppet and Aries is the puppet master. In three weeks, he will defeat Neville for the title, and Perkins won’t get in his way.

TJ Perkins vs. Jack Gallagher: Neville is watching on from backstage. Gallagher wants to work a clean and fair professional wrestling match, so he works a takedown and out grapples Perkins early before showing off a big to piss off Perkins. Gallagher shows off even more, fixing his hair and mustache, and scoring a near fall. Gallagher works a head scissors, but Perkins escapes and then they pick up the pace and Gallagher hits the dropkick and sends Perkins to the floor. Gallagher grabs William III, teases the Mary Poppins dive bit Perkins walks away. Back in and Gallagher continues to outwrestle Perkins, does his corner headstand and kick Perkins. He then misses a charge, gets sent to the floor and back in but right into Perkins, who attacked the leg with a DDT to set up the knee bar. Perkins took the heat, and continued his assault on the knee with an Indian death lock. Gallagher tries to fight back, but Perkins cuts him off and works a sharp shooter variation. Gallagher tried to battle back with head butts, but Perkins easily cut him off again by attacking the knee. Rolling suplexes by Perkins follows, and then back to the knee. Perkins transitioned to the butterfly lock, Gallagher escapes and hits an uppercut. The suplex follows and then another for the near fall. Gallagher tries to attack the arm, but Perkins hits a springboard forearm strike. They battle up top and Gallagher hits a super Saito suplex for the near fall. Perkins got folded in half, and bailed to the floor; Gallagher then followed, rolled Perkins back in and Perkins quickly locked in the knee bar and Gallagher fought and made the ropes. Perkins looked to attack the knee, but Gallagher fought it off and hit a back breaker, but couldn’t follow up due to the knee. Perkins dropkicked the knee, but Gallagher countered the wrecking ball dropkick by sing the ring skirt and hitting ahead butt. Back in and Gallagher covered for 2. They trade strikes, Perkins goes rapid fire and Gallagher connects with the head butt. Gallagher tried the dropkick but dropped to the mat, Perkins posted him and hit the detonation kick for the win. TJ Perkins defeated Jack Gallagher @ 15:45 via pin [***½] this was a very good main event, and I am happy to see that they got some time to work. Gallagher looked strong in defeat and the heel turn looks to be revitalizing Perkins, much like it did for Neville.

– Post match, Neville arrived to congratulate Perkins.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Average
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The Tozawa and Kendrick angle is fun, and the main event was good, but the middle of the show felt weak with the Swann/Dar/Fox angle. Solid show overall this week.