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Csonka’s WWE 205 Live Review 7.02.19

July 2, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWE 205 Live Review 7.02.19
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Csonka’s WWE 205 Live Review 7.02.19  

Csonka’s WWE 205 Live Review 7.02.19

Tornado Tag Match: The Lucha House Party defeated The Singhs @ 10:58 via pin [***]
– Oney Lorcan, Jack Gallagher, & Tony Nese vs. Ariya Daivari, Mike Bennett, & Drew Gulak @ 18:18 via pin [****]

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– Oney Lorcan, Jack Gallagher, & Tony Nese meet backstage and talk about tonight’s main event and how dangerous Drew Gulak has become. Nese plans to win back his title, and make fun of Kanellis, before putting his over as dangerous. Lorcan promises chaos and stitches for Daivari.

Tornado Tag Match: The Lucha House Party vs. The Singhs: Metalik & Dorado are in for the luchas tonight. The2y play to the crowd and brawl, spilling to the floor. The luchas take control as they pair off, and Metalik hits the lucha arm drag and missile dropkick. The luchas follow with double teams for 2. The Singhs make the comeback, cutting off Dorado but Dorado fights back and hits a moonsault press for 2. The luchas follow with double teams and the cover gets 2. Sunil cuts off Dorado on the floor, and then crotch Metalik up top. They follow with double teams, covering for 2. Dorado back in and gets taken out with a spin kick. They lay the boots to Metalik, and then post Dorado. The Singhs dance around, working over Metalik and dance more. They follow with dancing and double teams, covering for 2. More double teams follow until Dorado makes the save. Metalik battles back, hits sling blade and gets dumped. Dorado back in and follows with strikes. The RANA connect and he fights them both off. The dropkick connects and then the high cross gets 2, as Sunil makes the save. Golden rewind by Dorado, Metalik back in and the luchas follow with dives. Back in and the lucha springboard into superkicks and that gets 2. They grab their “Bollywood Award,” but Kalisto takes hit away allowing the luchas to fight back. The V driver and ropewalk elbow and shooting star press finish it. The Lucha House Party defeated The Singhs @ 10:58 via pin [***] This was good but was all Lucha House Party as the Singhs continue to fail to impress overall with their limited heel act and limited in ring contributions.

– We get a Humberto Carroillo video package.

– Mike Kanellis is interviewed and is asked about his match last night on Raw and Maria’s pregnancy announcement. He’s asked about his emotional state and where is Maria. Mike talks about the emotional roller coaster but he is here on the orders of Drake Maverick. Maria will not be at ringside because they are not talking. It should have been the greatest moment of his life, but she told him in front of everyone that she was surprised he could get her pregnant. She called him a disappointment. Mike is disappointed in Drake because Drake has kept him from the Cruiserweight Title and he should be celebrating with his happy wife, instead Drake is celebrating somewhere with his happy wife. Drake will pay for what he did to his family, and Mike will prove to his wife that he really is man enough when he wins his match tonight.

Oney Lorcan, Jack Gallagher, & Tony Nese vs. Ariya Daivari, Mike Bennett, & Drew Gulak: Nese and Gulak begin… or not as Mike tags in. Gallagher joins him and we see Maria watching on. They lock up and work into counters, and Mike follows with a shoulder tackle. Gallagher rolls into a ball and then cradles Mike for 2.Lorcan tag in and charges at Daivari who bails so he lays in chops on Mike. He lights him up in the corner, but Mike fires back and they trade. Lorcan follows with uppercuts but Mike hits a lariat for 2. Daivari tags in and works over Lorcan with strikes and kicks. Lorcan fires back, but Gulak tags in and double teams follow on Lorcan as Gulak covers for 2. He hits a head butt, tags in Mike and he lays the boots to Lorcan and grounds him with a basement dropkick for 2. Daivari back in and Lorcan fights them off, Nese tags in and runs wild on the heels. He lays in chops on Daivari, Gallagher attacks Mike and Nese gets tossed onto the pile on the floor by Gulak. Gulak officially tags in and goes after Nese, covering for 2. He grounds the action, maintaining control and then follows with a lariat for 2. Daivari tags in and hits a clothesline and lays in kicks. Daivari grounds the action, cutting off the tag and delivers elbow strikes. Mike tags in and continues the attack. Nese fights off the suplex into a cradle for 2. Mike follows with grounded strikes, tags in Gulak and he hits an elbow drop for 2. Mike back in and Daivari joins him as the heels triple team Nese with an iconoclasm for 2. It breaks down, but Daivari cuts off the tag. Gulak backing and works a spinning toehold, but Nese kicks his way out but Gulak keeps control. He follows with kicks, but Nese cuts him off with the pump handle driver. Lorcan tags in and brawls with Daivari. Uppercuts follow and he dumps Mike and hits the running blockbuster on Daivari for 2. Gallagher tags in and they double team Daivari, and cover for 2. Gallagher takes him up top and Mike cuts him off, but gets dumped and Gulak dumps Gallagher and Lorcan dumps him and follows with a dive. High cross off the top by Daivari. Fosbury flop by Nese, and Gallagher flies with William III onto the pile. Back in and Gallagher hits the flying head butt but Gulak makes the save. Gulak tags in and the rest brawl on the floor. Gallagher cradles Gulak for 2 as Lorcan & Daivari fight to the back. Gulak flapjacks Gallagher, head butt by Gallagher, and Nese misses the 450 and Mike sneaks in and covers for 2. Nese finishes him with the cradled belly to back driver. Oney Lorcan, Jack Gallagher, & Tony Nese vs. Ariya Daivari, Mike Bennett, & Drew Gulak @ 18:18 via pin [****] This was a great main event, with everyone working hard and playing off of the established feuds well and bringing some great intensity to the match, and delivering a hot close to the show.

– Gulak attacks Nese post match as Daivari& Lorcan brawl back to ringside as Gallagher works over Mike, It’s pandemonium to close the show!

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The final score: review Good
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THE 411: This week’s episode of WWE 205 Live was another good show, with good wrestling, a great main event, and careful attention paid to the established angles. It’s such a fun and easy show to watch.