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Csonka’s WWE 205 Live Review 8.20.19

August 20, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s WWE 205 Live Review 8.20.19  

Csonka’s WWE 205 Live Review 8.20.19

Captain’s Challenge Elimination Rules Tag Match: Oney Lorcan, Jack Gallagher, Akira Tozawa, Humberto Carrillo, & Isaiah Scott defeated Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari, Michael Bennett, Angel Garza, & Tony Nese @ 39:03 via pin [***¾]

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Oney Lorcan, Jack Gallagher, Akira Tozawa, Humberto Carrillo, & Isaiah Scott vs. Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari, Michael Bennett, Angel Garza, & Tony Nese: This is elimination rules. Team Lorcan hits the ring and they all brawl with the faces clearing the ring and grabbing umbrellas and doing Mary Poppins dives to the floor. The faces take the ring and Lorcan and Gulak officially begin, locking up and Scott tags in. He grounds Gulak, working the arm and they then work to the buckles as Gulak lays in strikes. Scott then follows with a head scissors and strikes. Gulak cuts him off and Garza tags in as Scott follows with arm drags. Carrillo tags in as double teams connect. They pickup the pace and work into counters. The trousers are off for Garza and he sneak attacks Carrillo. The heels lay the boots to him and Gulak tags in and follows with strikes and a suplex. Mike tags in and he works over Carrillo in the corner. The suplex follows as Gulak tags in and grounds the action. Carrillo then cradles him for 2 and tags in Tozawa. He runs wild and the apron cannonball follows. Back in and the missile dropkick follows, Mike in and Tozawa gets the octopus hold. Mike powers out and hits the neck breaker for the elimination. Gallagher head butts Mike and pins him right away. Nese in and Gallagher counters out and follows with a dropkick. Daivari cuts him off and Nese is upset by this. Gallagher misses the corner dropkick, and Daivari dumps him to the floor. Back in and Nese hits the sunset driver for the elimination. Scott is in and they lock up and work to the ropes. Nese follows with elbows, but they work into counters as Scott fires back with a diving elbow for 2. He lays in rights, but Nese trips him up but Scott cuts him off and covers for 2. Garza tags in and takes control, hits the superkick and covers for 2. He grounds the action. As we see footage from backstage where Kendrick blames Gallagher for Tozawa losing and them arguing over last week’s finish. They set up Gallagher vs. Kendrick for next week. Nese now grounds Scott, Scott fights to his feet and tags in Garza. Scott dumps Nese but Garza slams him to the apron and then the steps. Daivari tags in and covers for 2. He follows with jabs and whips Scott to the buckles, covering for 2. Gulak tags in and lays the boots to Scott and grounds things. He works the arm and tags in Garza. He maintains control, attacking the arm. Scott fires back, escapes and they trade chops. Superkick by Garza but Scott rebounds with a lariat. Nese stops the tag and hits a German, Lorcan blind tags in and the half and half is countered and Nese hits the double stomp for 2. They trade, Lorcan counters the sunset driver and the half and half finishes Nese. Lorcan wants Gulak, but Garza is in and Carrillo joins him. Carrillo takes him down and hits the standing moonsault for 2. Scott in and double teams follow. Scott attacks Gulak, kicks Garza and double stomps Gulak on the apron. The draping double stomp follows on Daivari and then hits the swerve stomp on Garza for 2 as Gulak makes the save. Gulak follows with chops, rakes the eyes and Scott gets tripped up and Gulak attacks and the Argentine cutter finishes Scott. Lorcan & Carrillo are left for the faces and Garza begs off and they trades with Carrillo. Carrillo battles back, superkick by Garza and backing covers for 2. Daivari then hits the neck breaker for 2. He grounds the action, as Kalisto challenges Daivari to a match for next week. Daivari follows with a lariat for 2.Gulak tags back in and locks on the camel clutch, thusly humbling Carrillo. Carrillo fights out but Gulak cuts him off. Garza tags back in and follows with chops. They work into a double down, tags are made and Lorcan runs wild on the heel team. The double blockbuster follows and then a wild tope wipes out Gulak. He tosses him over the announce table, brawls with the heel team and Gulak hits him with a chair shot for the DQ elimination of Gulak. He continues to attack, and then leaves. Carrillo in and Garza crotches him up top. Daivari hits iconoclasm and tags in Garza. He follows with a corner dropkick and covers for 2. Carrillo battles back with the springboard head butt and tags in Lorcan. He runs wild with chops, an uppercut and corner attacks on Daivari. Daivari hits the desperation superkick and misses the frog splash. Loran then cradles him countering the hammerlock lariat for the elimination. Garza in, and Carrillo hits the disaster kick for 2. Garza cuts him off and coves using the ropes for 2. Carrillo then cradles him for 2. They battle back and forth, enziguri by Carrillo but he flies into a dropkick and Garza covers for 2. The inverted slingshot suplex and running kick follows for 2. Garza heads up top and the moonsault misses. Carrillo cuts him off and heads up top, hits the missile dropkick and the twisting splash from the top finishes it. Oney Lorcan, Jack Gallagher, Akira Tozawa, Humberto Carrillo, & Isaiah Scott defeated Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari, Michael Bennett, Angel Garza, & Tony Nese @ 39:03 via pin [***¾] This was a really good match that continued Lorcan vs. Gulak, continued the rise of Carrillo, and setup matches for next week through the screen in screen segments.

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The 411
This week’s episode of WWE 205 Live was quote literally a one-match show in the best way possible. The match was very good, a ton of fun and felt like an old school Survivor Series match in that it told multiple stories at once while providing fresh match ups and giving the newer faces time to shine.