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Csonka’s WWE 205 Live Review 9.17.19

September 17, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s WWE 205 Live Review 9.17.19  

Csonka’s WWE 205 Live Review 9.17.19

– Lince Dorado defeated Ariya Daivari @ 12:20 via pin [**]
– Jack Gallagher defeated Brian Kendrick @ 2:55 via DQ [NR]
– Tony Nese defeated Oney Lorcan @ 15:25 via pin [**¾]

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Lince Dorado vs. Ariya Daivari: Daivari talks shit and Dorado attacks, and Daivari powders so Dorado follows with a plancha. He then hits a moonsault to the floor. Dorado then hits a RANA off of the barricade. Back in, Dorado up top and then jumps down and follow with a head scissors. Daivari dumps him and Dorado is favoring his knee. Daivari follows him out and rolls him back in and then whips him to the buckles and covers for 2. He grounds the action, but Dorado counters back and hits a springboard high cross for 2. Daivari cuts him off with a DDT for 2. He grounds the action again, Dorado fights to his feet and gets slammed back down. And he grounds things again. Dorado fights up to his feet again. Fires back, but Daivari works a sleeper until Dorado cradles him for 2. Dorado sorta hits a back handspring kick, follows with rights and chops. the spin kick follows and then a dropkick. The enziguri connects and the top rope high cross follows for 2. Daivari then crotches Dorado up top and hits iconoclasm for 2. He charges and dorado cuts him off with a superkick, and a pair of moonsaults. Daivari cuts him off with a uranage for 2. the hammerlock lariat is countered and they trade pin attempts. The Daivari powerbomb follows for 2. They work up top, Dorado fires back and knocks Daivari to the mat. The shooting star press connects as Dorado sorta got hung up on the ropes Kidman style and Dorado wins. Lince Dorado defeated Ariya Daivari @ 12:20 via pin [**] This was ok, but really flat and contained some really awkward exchanges.

Jack Gallagher vs. Brian Kendrick: Tozawa is at ringside. Kendrick looks to ground the action. But Gallagher counters and he grounds things, attacking the arms and covering for 2. Kendrick counters but Gallagher hits a dropkick. Gallagher does the corner headstand, and then drops down into a backdrop. To the floor and Gallagher slams him to the barricade. Kendrick shoves Gallagher into Tozawa, they argue and Kendrick attacks with a kendo stick for the DQ. Jack Gallagher defeated Brian Kendrick @ 2:55 via DQ [NR] Kendrick bests him down until Tozawa stops him; there was no heat at all for this. Kendrick then attacks Tozawa to silence. An absolutely DEAD segment; it was bad.

– Humberto Carrillo says that he had the title won on Sunday, and if he gets Gulak one on one, he will win and become the champion.

Tony Nese vs. Oney Lorcan: They brawl at the bell and Lorcan follows with a double sledge. He hits a slam, knee strikes and then chops. He follows with strikes, and then dumps Nese to the floor. Lorcan follows him out and Nese tries to run away and then posts Lorcan. He whips him to the barricades, and then through the announce table. Lorcan manages to beat the count but Nese lays the boots to him. He follows with a slam for 2. Nese grounds the action. The spin kick connects for 2. Nese whips him to the buckles, covering for 2. The delayed suplex connects and the cover gets 2. Nese grounds the action, working a body scissors. Lorcan fires back and escapes, powering to his feet and lays in chops. Nese cuts him off stunning him off the ropes. The springboard moonsault misses as Lorcan rolls away. Lorcan lays in more chops, uppercuts and follows with corner elbows and then the running blockbuster. To the floor they go and Lorcan slams him to the barricades. Back in and Nese fights off the half and half, but Lorcan hits a big lariat for 2. Lorcan lays in chops, Nese fires back and they work into counters until Nese hits a standing double stomp for 2. Lorcan counters the sunset driver and heads to the ropes but Nese cuts him off. The running Nese is countered with a dropkick and they work up top. Lorcan looks for the avalanche half and half, Nese fights him off, but Lorcan uppercuts him to the floor. Lorcan gets tripped up by Gulak and Nese cradles him with the tights for the win. Tony Nese defeated Oney Lorcan @ 15:25 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good at best, they tried, but there was no real fire, no one cared and the finish didn’t do it any favors.

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There has been a lot of speculation about the status of 205 Live going forward, with a lot of concerns over lack of interest and crowd reaction. The crowd last week didn’t care but the show overcame and I felt was good. This week’s episode of WWE 205 Live was a really poor effort, with a crowd that didn’t care, nothing special in the ring and just no energy to it at all. The show thrives when the 205 Live guys go out and have quality matches, where they pull the crowd in most of the time. That didn’t happen at all here. This was the worst episode of the show in quite some time.