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Csonka’s WWE Clash of Champions 2019 Review

September 15, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWE Bray Wyatt Seth Rollins Clash of Champions, Braun Strowman
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Csonka’s WWE Clash of Champions 2019 Review  

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“It’s good shit, pal.” – Vince McMahon

Csonka’s WWE Clash of Champions 2019

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match: Champion Drew Gulak defeated Humberto Carrillo & Lince Dorado @ 10:10 via pin [***½]
WWE US Title Match: Champion AJ Styles defeated Cedric Alexander @ 4:57 via pin [**½]
Raw Tag Team Title Match: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode defeated Champions Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman @ 9:20 via pin [**½]
Smackdown Women’s Title Match: Champion Bayley defeated Charlotte Flair @ 3:55 via pin [**]
Smackdown Tag Team Title Match: The Revival defeated Champions The New Day @ 10:05 via submission [***½]
WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Match: Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross defeated Fire & Desire @ 8:05 via pin [**¼]
IC Title Match: Champion Shinsuke Nakamura defeated The Miz @ 9:30 via pin [**¾]
Raw Women’s Title Match: Sasha Banks defeated Champion Becky Lynch @ 16:00 via DQ [***¾]
WWE Title Match: Champion Kofi Kingston defeated Randy Orton @ 21:00 via pin [**]
No DQ Match: Erick Rowan defeated Roman Reigns @ 17:20 via pin [***]
WWE Universal Title Match: Champion Seth Rollins defeated Braun Strowman @ 10:55 via pin [***]

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WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: Champion Drew Gulak vs. Humberto Carrillo vs. Lince Dorado: Gulak attacks at the bell and is ready t scrap. Dorado & Carrillo battle back and clear Gulak to the floor as it quickly breaks down and Dorado flies to the floor to wipes out Carrillo & Gulak. He follows with a RANA, back in and Gulak cuts off Dorado, but Carrillo hits the high cross for 2. Gulak cuts off the run up arm drag, covering for 2. He grounds the action, working over the arm as Dorado takes a cat nap on the floor. Carrillo fires back, but Dorado hits an enziguri and then a high cross for 2. Gulak cuts him off with a gut buster for 2. He grounds the action, but Dorado battles back with a back handspring PELE kick. Rolling dropkick by Carrillo, basement dropkick to Gulak and the standing moonsault follows for 2. Carrillo & Gulak hit a doomsday device on Dorado on the floor. Back in and Carrillo hits a missile dropkick and covers for 2 as Gulak makes the save. Gulak takes Carrillo up top, follows but gets knocked off and Carrillo locks on a deathlock as Dorado attacks until Gulak takes him out and covers for 2. Dorado gets a cradle for 2. They trade pin attempts, strikes by Carrillo and they work into a triple down. Dorado and Carrillo work up top, Gulak cuts Dorado off and Dorado battles back and dropkicks Carrillo. Up top and the super RANA follows, Dorado then misses the shooting star press and Carrillo heads up top and the Aztec press connects, but Gulak posts him and cradles Dorado for the win. Champion Drew Gulak defeated Humberto Carrillo & Lince Dorado @ 10:10 via pin [***½] This was a very good and tremendously fun opener, with Gulak pinning Dorado as expected to keep the singles match with Carrillo in play.

US Champion AJ Styles vs. Cedric Alexander: Alexander hits a Michinoku driver right away for a near fall. He follows with a tope, and back in, Alexander hits the back handspring kick for 2. He follows with chops, an enziguri and Styles cuts off the springboard attack and suplexes him on the apron. The clash on the floor follows. Back in and Styles covers for 2 as he pulls Alexander up. The back breaker follows, and then the calf crusher is applied until Alexander makes the ropes. Styles follows with leg kicks, but Alexander follows with a back elbow and the slingshot flatliner connects for 2. Styles cuts him off with a reverse DDT, and looks to springboard in and hits the flying forearm. The clash follows for the win. Champion AJ Styles defeated Cedric Alexander @ 4:57 via pin [**½] I loved the shock and awe attack from Alexander to begin. But from there, Styles quickly dominated and won in a solid match. It was fun while it lasted but was also a bit disappointing.

– The OC beats down Alexander post match.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: Champions Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman vs. Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler: Braun and Roode begin as Braun shoves him down with ease. Roode looks to work a headlock but Braun shoves him away. Dolph tags in and attacks as Roode distracts Braun but Braun runs wild and clears out Roode and then mauls Dolph. Seth tags in and double team follow, with Seth covering for 2. Dolph battles back, tags in Roode and Seth dumps Dolph and follows with strikes on Roode until Roode dumps him and Dolph hits a DDT on the floor. Roode whips him to the barricade and back in, covers for 2. Dolph tags in and follows with strikes. He grounds the action, Seth hits a jawbreaker but Dolph hits a fameasser for 2. Roode back in and follows with chops and a suplex for 2. He chokes out Seth, but Seth avoids her blockbuster and hits one of his own. Seth cuts off Dolph but Dolph sunset flips him for 2. The sleeper follows, but Seth counters, doing the deal with a falcon arrow and tags in Braun. He runs wild on Dolph and runs over Roode & Dolph on the floor. Back in and Braun hits corner clotheslines, but Dolph rakes the eyes and posts Braun. Braun fights off the Roode DDT and Seth tags in with the superkick and Dolph trips him up but Seth hits sling blade and a suicide dive until he runs into a spinebuster for 2. Roode sets for the DDT but Braun takes him out (accidentally running Dolph into Seth) and then gets dumped. DDT by Roode and we have new champions. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode defeated Champions Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman @ 9:20 via pin [**½] This was a solid match with the expected finish.

Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair: Charlotte immediately hits the big boot for 2. Bayley powders and Charlotte chases and back in, follows with chops until Bayley cuts her off. Charlotte fires back, follows with an overhead suplex and covers for 2. Bayley powders again, Charlotte follows and slams her to the barricades. Back in and Charlotte covers for 2. She works over Bayley in the corner, follows with strikes and then starts attacking the knee. Bayley counters the figure four into a cradle for 2. Big boot by Charlotte, she lays the boots to Bayley but Bayley exposes the buckle, slams Charlotte into it and retains. Champion Bayley defeated Charlotte Flair @ 3:55 via pin [**] This was ok while it lasted, and a fine heel win for Bayley. I loved her bolting post match as well.

Smackdown Tag Team Champions The New Day vs. The Revival: Woods & Dash begin, Woods attacks and take out Dawson until Dash attacks the previously injured knee. Big E attacks Dawson on the floor as Woods fires back on Dash. Big E blind tags in and they double team Dash as Big E covers for 2. Big E plays him on the apron, follows with strikes, and Dawson takes out Woods allowing Dash to attack Big E as the challengers take control. Back in and Dash covers for 2. Dawson tags in and double teams follow on Big E and the cover gets 2. Dawson takes control, woks double teams with Dash and the cover gets 2. Dash grounds the action, Big E fires back but gets cut off in the corner. Dawson grounds the action and covers for 2. Big E powers up, but Dawson slams him to the buckles. Big E manages to cut off Dawson, hits a belly to belly on Dash and tags in Woods. Woods is fired up and runs wild on the challengers. He fights both men off, hits the honor roll and the DDT follows for 2. Dash attacks his knee, Big E misses the suicide spear and eats shatter machine on the floor. Woods fights for his life, gets chop blocked and shatter machine follows, but they refuse to cover and look to punish Woods’ knee some more. Dawson locks on a deathlock and Woods fights and has to tap. The Revival defeated Champions The New Day @ 10:05 via submission [***½] This was very good, with The Revival basically dismantling the champions by attacking Woods’ knee and taking out the bigger man to focus on the weaker Woods. The Revival have now won the NXT, Raw, & Smackdown tag team titles.

Women’s Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. Fire & Desire: Mandy and Nikki begin, and Mandy follows with a slam. She celebrates so Nikki attacks and mocks her. The dropkick follows and Sonya tags in and Nikki cradles her for 2. Alexa tags in and they double team Sonya as Alexa hits a suplex for 2. Mandy tags in and Alexa follows with strikes. Alexa slaps her a few times and hits the double knees moonsault for 2. The 24/7 geeks run through, which is stupid during a title match. Sonya tags in and takes control, working over Alexa. It breaks down as Nikki takes control, heads up top and the high cross follows for 2. Alexa tags back in and heads up top, but Sonya runs Nikki into the ropes and Sonya slams Alexa to the mat and tags in Mandy. The high/low follows but Nikki makes the save. Nikki tags in and heads up top and jumps down, takes out Sonya, avoids the V trigger and hits the anarchist suplex for the win. Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross defeated Fire & Desire @ 8:05 via pin [**¼] This was solid with the champions retaining as expected.

IC Champion Shinsuke Nakamura vs. The Miz: Sami is at ringside, wearing a neck brace following Taker’s attack on Smackdown. They lock up as Sami does commentary on the house mic. Miz grounds the action, but Nakamura counters and misses kicks as Miz hits jabs. Miz follows with chops, a running boot and covers for 2. Miz takes Nakamura to the floor and throws Sami’s mic away. Sami distracts Miz allowing Nakamura to attack. Nakamura follows with knee strikes, and back in, lays in kicks. Miz counters back and attacks the knee. He follows with strikes, kicks and corner knees. Miz up top and the double axe handle follows for 2. Miz goes back to the knee, but Nakamura counters the figure four into an arm bar. Miz rolls and cradles him for 2. The DDT follows that for 2. Miz follows with kicks but Nakamura cradles him for 2. Nakamura follows with kicks, an enziguri and snap German. Nakamura grounds things and the Kinshasa is countered and Miz attacks the knee and locks on the figure four. Nakamura fights, and makes the ropes. Nakamura then cradles him for 2. Miz lays in kicks, Sami trips him up and Nakamura hits a Kinshasa to the back of the head and covers for 2. Nakamura sets and Kinshasa is countered, skull-crushing finale by Miz and Sami takes the ref to stop a pin. Miz chases Sami, Nakamura cuts him off and back in, hits Kinshasa for the win. Champion Shinsuke Nakamura defeated The Miz @ 9:30 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good, but the expected bullshit hurt it a bit as Nakamura retained.

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks: Lynch attacks, slapping Banks and beats her down. Banks battles back, but Lynch rolls into a disarmher as Banks escapes. She powders, so Lynch dropkicks her on the floor and follows her out. Lynch follows with strikes, follows with kicks and back in, Lynch to the ropes but Banks pulls her down and lays the boots to her. Banks grounds things, following with kicks. The cover gets 2. Banks grounds things again, and follows with a running meteora for 2. Banks celebrates, and follows with a face buster and kicks, covering for 2. Lynch counters a slam, follows with corner kicks but Banks fires back and flies off the ropes into a dropkick. They trade strikes, clotheslines by Lynch follow and the suplex connects. Lynch lays in knee strikes, Banks counters into a banks statement, but Lynch powers out and hits an XPLODER. The second rope leg drop follows for 2. Lynch takes her up top, they trade strikes, and Banks fights her off and follows with meteora for 2. Banks follows with running knees and looks for a banks statement, they work into counters and Lynch locks on disarmher until Banks makes the ropes. Lynch follows with a basement dropkick, heads up top and hits the missile dropkick for 2. Lynch looks frustrated here, so she lays the boots to Banks. Banks cuts her off, backstabber, another and the banks statement follows. Lynch fights, makes the ropes and rolls to the floor. She gets a chair, slides it in and then grabs another with the ref distracted and nails Lynch. The running knee strike follows for 2. Banks gets the chair again, the ref takes it so Lynch grabs it and nails the ref as Banks moves; that’s a DQ. Sasha Banks defeated Champion Becky Lynch @ 16:00 via DQ [***¾] Lynch attacks Banks with chair shots, but Banks runs into the crowd as Lynch chases and they brawl into the stands. Lynch works a disarmher, they continue to go deeper into the crowd and into the concourse. Back into the arena and they brawl back to the ring. Banks spears Lynch into the barricade. Lynch fights back with chair shots and uses the chair to lock on the disarmher. Refs and agents break it up as the champion stands tall. This was a very good match with an invested crowd and great angle to set the rematch for HIAC.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton: This match is extremely personal so they start off with a crisp lock up and work the ropes. Lock up again and Orton follows with a shoulder tackle. They lock up and Kofi looks to ground things but Orton follows with a back elbow. He grounds the action, and then follows with a shoulder tackle. Kofi picks up the pace, hits a back elbow and follows with forearms until Orton powders. Back in and Kofi follows with chops and strikes, but Orton pokes the eye and follows with kicks and suns Kofi off the ropes and shoves him from the apron into the barricade. Orton follows wit a suplex on the floor, and then suplexes him onto the announce table. He does it again, and back in, Orton covers for 2. Kofi fires back with a dropkick, but Orton fakes an injury and then posts Kofi. They work to the floor, Kofi fires back and Orton then slams him off of the steps. Back in and Orton covers for 2. Kofi fires back with a clothesline for the double down. Kofi follows with a springboard chop, a then more chops and a dropkick. The clothesline follows, and the boom drop connects. Trouble in paradise is countered into the 2k back breaker for 2. The draping DDT is countered as Kofi dumps Orton. Kofi follows with a tope and fires up. Back in and Kofi heads up top and Orton counters the high cross into a cradle for 2. Orton counters SOS into a dropkick for 2. Kofi follows with kicks, eye poke by Orton but Kofi hits SOS for 2. Kofi up top, gets cut off and Orton looks for a superplex, but Kofi fights as they trade strikes. Orton then catches him with the snap slam for 2. The draping DDT follows. Orton sets for an RKO, but Kofi cradles him for 2. RKO by Orton connects and the cover gets 2 as Kofi makes the ropes. Kofi counters the punt and hits trouble in paradise for the win. Champion Kofi Kingston defeated Randy Orton @ 21:00 via pin [**] This is supposed to be a highly personal match, Orton brought Kofi’s family into it and said Kofi is basically shit while Kofi put him through a table, embarrassing him. So starting with a crisp lock up before working into the standard Orton match didn’t set the proper tone for this match. Where was Kofi’s thirst for revenge? Where was Orton’s desire to prove himself right and win the title? Coming off of the heated Becky vs. Sasha deal, this felt like a heatless house show match and a disappointment in terms of a world title match. The work was perfectly solid but never got past that as Kofi continues his runoff underwhelming title matches, and going too long and working the Orton formula didn’t help. Please move the fuck on from this feud.

– The Street Profits talking backstage is still a thing. KING BOOKAH arrives.

NO DQ Match: Roman Reigns vs. Erick Rowan: Rowan tried to kill Reigns on several occasions so Reigns doesn’t wait for the bell and starts kicking Rowan’s ass until Rowan fires back and they brawl to the floor. Thank you, it’s not that hard. Rowan slams him to the barricades, off the steps and follows with strikes. He misses a charge and runs into the steps. Reigns gets a kendo but Rowan hits him with the steps. They brawl into the crowd; Rowan throws a trashcan at him and is in control. Reigns battles back and hits the drive by at ringside. Reigns dismantles an announce table, but Rowan runs him over with a cross body. Back in and Rowan follows with ground and pound, and then follows with elbow drops and a splash. The flying shoulder tackle follows for 2. Rowan follows with kicks, but Reigns fires back until Rowan hits a side effect for 2. Reigns dumps Rowan but Rowan posts him to cut him off. He slams him face first off of the apron and the big boot follows. Back in and the cover gets 2. Rowan tosses the steps into the ring and Reigns cuts him off with a Samoan drop for 2. Reigns avoids a charge and hits Rowan with the steps, superman punch and that gets 2. Rowan rolls to the floor, Reigns follows and charges but gets powerbombed through the announce table. Back in and Rowan covers for 2. Back to the floor they go and Rowan attacks with the ring bell and they walk and brawl into the crowd. Reigns fires back, but Rowan claw slams him through a table. He carries Reigns to the stage, but Reigns hits him with a pipe and runs the boom camera into Rowan and does it again. The superman punch follows and Reigns then charges and runs into a big boot from LUKE HARPER! The Bludgeon Brothers reunite and start destroying Reigns. The claw slam connects and Rowan wins. Erick Rowan defeated Roman Reigns @ 17:20 via pin [***] First of all, YAY LUKE HARPER! Secondly, while far from great, they played to the stipulation and angle well. The match had its moments, but was uneven and while it started well, they lost the crowd a bit. But overall, I think it accomplished its goal and ended up a good match.

WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins vs. Braun Strowman: Braun runs wild at the bell with shoulder tackles, but Seth counters the powerslam and takes out the knee. He lays in a trio of superkicks, hits the high fly flow and that gets 1. Braun counters blackout into a slam and then tosses Seth around. Braun connects with head butts, and then body shots. Braun misses a charge and posts himself. Seth flies in with a springboard knee strike, hits another and then gets caught and swatted down. Seth rolls to the floor and Braun mows him down with a tackle and then another. He whips Seth to the barricade and Braun misses another charge and crashes into an announce table. Seth then hits a suicide dive, another as Braun crashes into the table, which crumbles apart. Braun counters the suicide dive but gets posted and eats a superkick. He’s on the announce table and Seth heads up top, and Braun ruches up and tosses him off. Braun up top and Seth runs back up and gets knocked off. Braun then hits a top rope splash but comes up holding his knee and then covers for 2. Seth works a sleeper, Braun fades and then powers up and escapees but Seth hits blackout for 1. He hits another for 2. The third also gets 2. Braun then looks for a powerslam, his knee gives out and Seth hits the pedigree and the blackout for the win. Champion Seth Rollins defeated Braun Strowman @ 10:55 via pin [***] This was a very Heyman style main event, big moves, big spots and booked I the style of the Rollins vs. Brock matches. It worked, covered up Braun’s shortcomings, and was a good match but not exactly main event quality.

– Post match, The Fiend lays out Rollins on the stage with Sister Abigail.

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– End scene.

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The final score: review Average
The 411
WWE Clash of Champions 2019 was a solid to pretty good show, but a mixed bag overall. There was some good wrestling, some good angles, but also some flat stuff and things that didn’t land like Kofi vs. Orton. It was far from a bad show, but had potential to be much more than it ended up being.