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Csonka’s WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Review

October 31, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Brock Lesnar Crown Jewel
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Csonka’s WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Review  

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Csonka’s WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Review

Battle Royal For a US Title Shot: Humberto Carrillo won @ 12:40 [*]
WWE Championship Match: Champion Brock Lesnar defeated Cain Velasquez @ 2:15 via submission [NR]
Tag Team Turmoil World Cup Match: The Good Brothers won @ 32:00 [**]
– Mansoor defeated Cesaro @ 12:40 via pin [***½]
– Tyson Fury defeated Braun Strowman @ 8:05 via countout [DUD]
WWE United States Championship Match: Champion AJ Styles defeated Humberto Carrillo @ 12:35 via pin [**½]
– Natalya defeated Lacey Evans @ 7:25 via submission [**¼]
– Team Hogan defeated Team Flair @ 19:45 via pin [***]
WWE Universal Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match: The Fiend defeated Champion Seth Rollins @ 21:30 via pin [DUD]

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Battle Royal For a US Title Shot: Mass brawl to begin, Harper & Rowan work together. Maverick is gone, Slater is gone, Nese is gone. Kendrick is gone, Young is gone. More mass brawling, Mojo is gone, Sin Cara is gone, Titus is gone as slow brawling continues. Harper & Rowan kill Jose and he’s gone. They argue, Tozawa makes an error in judgment and gets involved. He’s killed and eliminated. Carrillo dumps Shelton, and Andrade attacks as Harper tosses Crews. Rowan eliminated Murphy, Truth is gone, Andrade is gone. Sunil is gone, and now Harper & Rowan are left with Carrillo & Cedric. Cedric battles back but is cut off and dumped. Truth then wins the 24/7 title. The geeks chase him away. Carrillo dropkicks Harper into Rowan, gets cut off and they work him over in the corner. Rowan then dumps Harper and Carrillo dumps Rowan and wins. Humberto Carrillo won @ 12:40 [*] This was a mess, just random brawling, no flow and a complete lack of effort all around.

– Cole & Graves are on commentary.

WWE Championship Match: Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez: Apparently Brock wants to go home early. Paul & Rey are at ringside. They circle, Cain throws leg kicks and Brock looks for a takedown, fails and they work to the ropes and separate. Cain follows with more kicks, strikes and knee strikes in the corner. The head kick, ground and pound follows by Cain, Brock gets the kimura and Cain taps. Champion Brock Lesnar defeated Cain Velasquez @ 2:15 via submission [NR] Well, it was short. I have no idea what you do with Cain next.

– Rey makes the save with a chair shot and Brock kills him and follow with chair shots on Cain. The F5 follows but Rey runs off Brock with chair shots.

– The Revival cuts a promo on tonight’s tag team turmoil match. They will prove that they are the best. The Viking Raiders promise destruction on the battlefield.

Tag Team Turmoil World Cup Match: Roode & Dolph vs. Lucha House Party (Dorado & Metalik) begin. Dolph & Dorado begin, working to the ropes and Dorado follows with chops and a RANA. Dolph fires back, hits a dropkick and tags in Roode. Dorado cuts him off, follows with strikes and the golden rewind. Double teams follow for 2. Dorado back in and Roode cuts him off. He lays the boots to Dorado, and Dolph hits the fameaser for 2. Dolph grounds the action, tags in Roode and they isolate Dorado in the corner. The suplex follows for 2. Dolph back in and follows with rights. Dorado fights off the superplex, hits the high cross and Roode tags in. Dorado fights him off and Metalik tags in, runs wild and follows with leg kicks and follows with the missile dropkick for 2. they cut of Dorado but Metalik gets the cradle for 2. Dolph cuts him off with the superkick and the DDT finishes him @ 5:35. Ryder & Hawkins are in next. They attack, dump Dolph and double team Roode for 2. Hawkins is dumped, and the spinebuster/zigzag eliminates Ryder & Hawkins @ 6:55. Heavy Machinery are in next. Tucker and Dolph grapple, Tucker takes him down and follows with a catapult. The high cross follows. He misses a charge, Roode in and follows with chops. Dolph gets in a cheap shot, tags in and follows with elbow drops for 2. Roode back in and they continue to isolate Tucker. He gets dumped and Roode follows him out and lays in chops. Back in and Roode covers for 2. Dolph tags back in and Tucker fires back, but gets cut off as Dolph misses a charge in the corner. Tag to Otis. He runs wild, starts dancing and follows with a suplex and the caterpillar is cut off. Tucker attacks, but Roode fires back until Otis catches him and the compactor finishes Roode @ 13:20. The New Day is next. Big E and Tucker brawl, they work into some passes and into a double down. Kofi tags in and attacks Otis, but Otis cuts him off with a slam. He hits a corner splash and the caterpillar follows for 2. Tucker back in and Kofi fights them off with a DDT on Tucker and hits trouble in paradise on Otis. Tucker follows with a suplex on Big E, but he misses the high cross. The midnight hour finishes it @ 17:25. The B team is next. Axel works over Big E, follows with ground and pound as they work double teams for 2. Dallas grounds things, Big E fires up and Axel tags in but Big E fights them off. He dumps Dallas, Kofi hits a dive and the big ending finishes it @ 19:35. The Revival join the match and Kofi and Dawson lock up, work to the ropes and Dawson takes control, Dash tags in and double teams follow. He lays in chops, but Kofi counters back and hits a dropkick. Dash cuts him off with a powerslam for 2. Dawson in and keeps Kofi grounded. The suplex follows for 2. Dash grounds things, Kofi tries to fight back and hits SOS. Dawson in and Kofi keeps fighting, hits a dropkick and Dash cuts off the tag. They follow with double teams and cover for 2. Big E makes the save and Kofi cradles Dawson for the [email protected] 25:00.The Revival beat down the New Day, hit shatter machine on Kofi and leave. The Good Brothers arrive and magic killer is countered, Kofi hits the running double stomp but Anderson cuts him off. The magic killer finishes Kofi @ 26:50. The Viking Raiders arrive and they brawl as the Raiders take control. Erik follows with knee strikes, and Anderson takes out his knee as Gallows dumps him. Gallows follows with a suplex for 2. He grounds the action, Erik fires back and tags in Ivar. He runs wild on Anderson, works over Gallows and hits a lariat on Anderson. The Raiders follow with double teams but Gallows cuts off Ivar, posts Erik and double teams follow for 2. Ivar cuts off magic killer, gets dumped and the magic killer finishes it. The Good Brothers won @ 32:00 [**] This was ok, but really uneven. The crowd was in and out of it and it felt really long and lethargic overall. The winners were a surprise and this should set up a tag title match.

– Rey cuts a promo on Brock and says he will make him pay for what he did to Dominic.

Cesaro vs. Mansoor: Mansoor is over big as you’d expect. They lock up and work to the ropes. They work into counters, but Cesaro overpowers him until Mansoor hits an arm drag. Lock up again, off the ropes and Cesaro follows with a shoulder tackle. Mansoor counters back and follows with a standing moonsault for 2. Cesaro cuts him off but Mansoor follows with a dropkick and Cesaro kills him with an uppercut to cut of the suicide dive. Cesaro whips him to the barricade and back in, hits the double sledge off the top for 2. Mansoor fires back but Cesaro cuts him off and covers for 2. He follows with uppercuts for 2. Cesaro grounds the action, follows with a sleeper and a belly to back suplex for 2. Cesaro heads up top, but flies off into a dropkick from Mansoor. The jawbreaker follows, Mansoor lays in chops, an enziguri and head scissors follow. Mansoor follows with a tope. Back in and Mansoor follows with the high cross for 2. The tornado DDT follows for 2 again. They tease a ref bump and Cesaro cheap shots and cradles him for 2. Mansoor follows with a neck breaker for 2. Mansoor up top, gets cut off and follows with the superplex for 2. Mansoor counters the Gotch into a cradle for 2. Cesaro hit he pop up uppercut for 2. The crossface follows, the crowd rallies for Mansoor who counters out and hits the superkick for 2. Cesaro cuts him off, follows with uppercuts but Mansoor counters into a sunset bomb. Mansoor back up top, and the moonsault follows for the win. Mansoor defeated Cesaro @ 12:40 via pin [***½] You play to your audience and these people loved Mansoor. They wanted him to look good and pairing him with Cesaro was smart to accomplish that. It worked, Mansoor worked hard, has potential and they had a very good match with an invested crowd.

– Mansoor gets the post match interview, and is really emotional. This was the most important match of his life, he was nervous but the people gave him the confidence he needed. He dreamed of this moment, and he’s here.

– Seth Rollins is interviewed about tonight’s match with the Fiend. He ends this tonight, he didn’t start it but will end it and burn it down.

– NXT will be part of Survivor Series this year.

Tyson Fury vs. Braun Strowman: Fury gets a big Apollo Creed like entrance while Strowman stands in the ring, dumbfounded like Ivan Dago in Rocky IV… before he killed Apollo. They lock up and separate. Lock up again, Strowman backs him off and they break. Lock up again. Strowman tries to throw hands but Fury follows with body shots. Strowman looks to work the arm, but Fury counters out and Strowman levels him with a big boot. Strowman follows with clubbing strikes, body shots and head butts. He woks him over in the corner, but misses a charge and posts himself in a shock of shocks, never saw that before. To the floor, and Strowman cuts him off by slamming him to the apron. Strowman take a lap but Fury cuts him off with a kick. Back in and Fury hits a drop toehold, big boot and covers for 2. Strowman cuts him off, follows with body shots and clubbing strikes. Fury does an Undertaker sit up, hits a big boot, hesitates and Strowman follows with a slam. Strowman to the floor, takes a lap and runs over Fury. He does it again, and back in, Fury follows with a big right and Strowman spills to the floor. Strowman gets counted out. Tyson Fury defeated Braun Strowman @ 8:05 via countout [DUD] This was horrible, sloppy, Fury looked gassed, and it just didn’t work even in a wrestler vs. celebrity way. So will say to give Fury credit for trying to work a match, but bad is bad; so, $12 million well spent.

– Braun lays him out with the powerslam post match.

– The 24/7 geeks chase Truth. The Singhs arrive and Truth runs into a door and loses the title.

WWE United States Championship Match: Champion AJ Styles vs. Humberto Carrillo: The Good Brothers are at ringside. Styles attacks right away, taking control and working over Carrillo in the corner. Styles follows with knee strikes, but Carrillo battles back with a RANA. The springboard arm drag follows and Styles powders. Back in and Styles hits ushigoroshi, and grounds the action. The back breaker follows for 2. Styles keeps things grounded. Carrillo counters back with a handspring elbow, but Styles quickly cuts him off and covers for 2. The brainbuster follows for 2. Styles keeps it grounded again, Carrillo starts to fire back, they trade and Carrillo hits a jawbreaker and arm drags. The standing moonsault follows for 2. Styles counters, but Carrillo ends up hitting a double jump high cross for 2. Styles looks for ushigoroshi, but Carrillo counters out and they work into a double down. They work to the apron. Carrillo fires away with kicks, and dropkicks Styles to the floor. Carrillo follows with a tope, and back in, covers for 2. Styles follows wit a flurry of strikes and covers for 2. Carrillo tweaks his knee, Styles looks for the calf killer, gets it but Carrillo fights and makes the ropes. Carrillo fires back with an enziguri, heads up top and the moonsault misses a s he land son his feet, grabbing at his knee. Styles hits the flying forearm for the win. Champion AJ Styles defeated Humberto Carrillo @ 12:35 via pin [**½] The match was solid but didn’t really play to the strengths of Carrillo, and he never really got to shine before losing, again, to Styles clean. It also never got out of second gear,

– Hogan cuts a promo, hyping tonight’s match against Team Flair.

Natalya vs. Lacey Evans: Natalya is wearing a shirt over her gear. Evans is also wearing a shirt over her black bodysuit. They lock up and Evans hits a shoulder tackle. Lock up again, they work into counters and Natalya cradles her for 2. They are shaking hands and babyfacing it up. Evans grounds things, Natalya powers up and she grounds things. Back to the feet, elbow strike by Evans, and Natalya dumps her. Evans trips her up on the apron, hits a slingshot dropkick and covers for 2. She grounds the action with the cobra clutch, Natalya counters out but Evans trips her up and the slingshot elbow drop follows for 2. She grounds thing again, but Natalya counters out and follows with a suplex and dropkick. The sharpshooter is fought off, Evans hits a suplex and the Mero-saut connects for 2. The suplex follows, Natalya cuts her off on the ropes and the clothesline and sharpshooter follows for the win. Natalya defeated Lacey Evans @ 7:25 via submission [**¼] This was like most of their Raw matches, it was ok, nothing wrong with it, clean work and the crowd did like it.

– They hug and cry post match; it came off like a really nice moment.

Team Hogan (Roman Reigns, Rusev, Ricochet, Ali, & Chad Gable) vs. Team Flair (Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, & Shinsuke Nakamura): Corbin finally dropped the slacks and has real fucking gear now. Ricochet is wearing a full body “Superhero” themed outfit. Gable and Nakamura begin, Gable grounds him and looks for an ankle lock, Nakamura escapes and Gable follows with suplexes for 2. Nakamura cuts him off, Corbin tags in and Ali joins him and hits dropkicks. The enziguri and rolling x-factor follows for 2. Lashley & Rusev tag in, but Lashley tags out to Drew. The trade strikes, Rusev takes control and follows with a spin kick for 2. Ali tags back in and double teams follow. Drew cuts him off, Corbin tags in and Ali heads up top but Corbin dumps him. Lashley tags in, takes control and covers for 2. He grounds Ali, Ali fights to his feet but Lashley hits a clothesline for 2. Ali gets dumped and Orton attacks. Nakamura in and follows with bad vibrations. The sliding German follow for 2. Drew tags in and follows with chops. He tosses him across the ring but Ali cuts him off with a tornado DDT. Tag to Ricochet and he runs wild with strikes, a head scissors and the springboard clothesline. The lionsault follows for 2. Corbin distracts him and Drew hits the inverted Alabama slam. Orton tags in with stomps, grinding things to a halt. Lashley back in and follows with the delayed suplex for 2. Corbin tags back in, and he grounds things. Ricochet fires back, and the sunset flip follows for 2. Corbin cuts him off with a lariat, tags in Drew and he follows with a suplex for 2. Lashley joins in and Ricochet fights back, hits an enziguri and the rewind kick on Orton. Tag to Reigns, he runs wild on Team Flair, drive by on Orton, one for Lashley and works over Corbin with clotheslines. The big boot and leg drop follows. Orton blind tags in and eats a superman punch or 2. It breaks down, ankle lock by Gable, Kinshasa by Nakamura, claymore to Ricochet and Rusev makes the save, and brawls with Lashley. Rusev takes control until he’s dumped, big dog dive by Reigns, and back in, the spear is countered into an RKO for 2. Orton sets for the concussion kick, but Ali & Ricochet attack, Gable joins in and Reigns spears Orton for the win. Team Hogan defeated Team Flair @ 19:45 via pin [***] This was slow and ok for the first half, but was redeemed by the second half and ended up being good overall. Nothing special, but good.

WWE Universal Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match: Champion Seth Rollins vs. The Fiend: The shitty red lighting is back as The Fiend caries his dismembered head lantern to the ring, that’s a bold move cotton. They brawl at the bell, The Fiend works him over in the corner and slams Seth down. The Fiend chokes him out in the ropes, follows with strikes but Seth hits sling blade. The blockbuster follows and then the flying knee strike and The Fiend mows him down. The Fiend follows with strikes, they brawl on the floor and into the crowd. They slowly battle and Seth follows with strikes and a superkick. The blackout on the floor follows, The Fiend pops up and slams Seth to the apron. The Fiend follows with strikes, and misses a spear and crashes through the barricade. Seth grabs a table, sets it up and then hits suicide dives to near silence. He hits The Fiend with the top of the announce table, pulls out another table, and stacks it on the other. He follows with chair shots, and there are no fucks to be given by this crowd. Seth gets the sledgehammer. Lays The Fiend’s head on a chair but The Fiend cuts him off with a mandible claw. Seth escapes, but The Fiend clears off an announce table, “snaps” his neck and poses. The Fiend follows with strike, lays Seth on an announce table and misses the senton as Seth covers for 1. Seth follows with chair shots. He lays The Fiend on the other announce table, heads up top and The Fiend pops up and cuts him off and tosses him through the stacked tables. The Fiend pulls up the mats on the floor, Seth counters sister Abigail with an enziguri. He hits The Fiend with the steps, and blackout on the floor follows or 2. Seth follows with chair shots, lays The Fiend on the staging area and The Fiend hits sister Abigail for 2. The Fiend follows with strikes, they head back to ringside and then to the entrance ramp. They fight on the stage, blackout by Seth. The Fiend pops up, superkicks and a fourth blackout follows, a fifth and sixth connects. Seth hits a seventh blackout. And then an eighth. The superkick follows and another. Another superkick sends The Fiend off the stage and we get fireworks. Seth stupidly checks on him, get blinded by the electrical malfunction and The Fiend gets the mandible claw, hits sister Abigail and wins the title. The Fiend defeated Champion Seth Rollins @ 21:30 via pin [DUD] Peak WWE, not pulling the trigger at HIAC, wasting it here AFTER the draft, which means either the Fiend or Brock will be shifted to Raw, likely the Fiend. They also didn’t learn with the atrocious lighting, which made it hard to see here at times, Finally, Seth Rollins vs. The Fiend is a special kind of bad, because when you thought HIAC was bad, they actually made it worse. Some complain about moves not mattering and finishers not working, well, they have assassinated Seth’s entire arsenal in these two matches. Outside of a few moments, nobody cared about this, There was no heat, no energy, and no reason to become emotionally invested. They missed the mark at HIAC, doubled down and tried to fix it here, and while I can go with the title change being the right call, this match simply sucked, and felt as if it lasted an hour.

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The final score: review Very Bad
The 411
WWE Crown Jewel 2019 was a BAD professional wrestling show, Brock & Cain basically nothing and instantly pits Cain into booking hole, and Fury vs. Strowman & Seth vs. the Fiend were just straight up trash. Mansoor & Cesaro was easily the best match, while Team Hogan vs. Team Flair was good, and the rest was fine, but as a complete package a waste of nearly 5 hours as they took a hot crowd and by the end, made them apathetic.