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Csonka’s WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Preview

July 14, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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WELCOME back to column time with Larry! Today, I am going to discuss and preview WWE Extreme Rules 2019, the final PPV ahead of Summerslam. So today I will breakdown and preview the event. Feel free to make your picks in the comment section. Thanks for reading! It’s wrestling, we love it and will disagree. The only rules are “have a take, be respectful, and don’t be a dick.”

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Aleister Black vs. Cesaro: For what has felt like years, Aleister Black has been trapped in a little room, looking for a fight, and begging someone to knock at his door. After an eternity, someone finally knocked at his door and we have a match for Extreme Rules, and the challenger is Cesaro. Now Black vs. Cesaro is a hell of a match on paper, and potential banger if they actually get time. But they can’t lose the goal here. As this is the big reset for Black and a guy that they seemingly have a lot invested into him with the whole reset and he should, at the end of the day, win clean and in largely dominant fashion. WINNER: Aleister Black

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Raw Tag Team Champions The Revival vs. The Usos: This one is a match I am looking forward to as both teams a are great and always step up and deliver on PPV, While the path to get here was rough, with the back shaving and poor Vince McMahon comedy at the beginning, the in ring is never in question with these four. They will step up here and likely have one of the best matches on the show, as they continue to show how good that they are, Hopefully there is no Elias interference and we just get a great wrestling match, and if that’s the case, I can certainly see a title change here, WINNER: The Usos

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US Champion Ricochet vs. AJ Styles: I am really looking forward to this one, as I feel that their interactions on Raw have been really strong but restricted. Here they will get more time, there won’t be any convoluted commercial breaks to stop the match, and they will have more freedom to deliver. Ricochet is an amazing performer, and AJ Styles is still AJ Styles so I think that if they limit the likely Club shenanigans that this one really has banger potential. This may be the match that I am looking forward to the most on the card. While Ricochet just won the title, I could see a title change here to solidify AJ’s heel turn and the reunion of the Club going forward. WINNER: AJ Styles

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Last Man Standing Match: Lashley vs. Braun Strowman: On July 1st, these two almost killed each other in a last man standing match on Raw, which Lashley walked away from and they killed Rey the next week. Braun allegedly suffered a ruptured spleen and a separated pelvis, but is back for this rematch. Anyway, if they can recreate some of that magic and intensity from their Raw angle, this has potential. Normally I’d be quick to pick Braun to win, but the angle has made Lashley look really strong and the alleged injuries are an excuse for Braun to take a loss. They may actually be heating Lashley up for something important here, so I think he wins. WINNER: Lashley

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Smackdown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Rowan vs. New Day vs. Heavy Machinery: In all honesty, the Smackdown tag team division has been a mess since the shakeup and poor reallocation of talents. We got away from Shane & Miz as a team, but the champions lost on PPV in a non-title match to the Usos with no follow up, New Day lost to Owens & Zayn on the last PPV but they got no follow up. The New Day scored wind on TV over the champions to get into this, while Heavy Machinery lost last month, but beat Owens & Ziggler on Smackdown to make this a triple threat… for reasons. So while I may think that the booking has left a lot to be desired, there are some positives here. Daniel Bryan & Rowan are a way better team than I could have hoped for. New Day are good & fun, and always deliver on PPV. Finally, Heavy Machinery are just wacky fun but can also go and did really well on PPV last month. I think they only made this a triple threat to really tease a title change. I think that this will be good, but I also feel it’s the wrong time to take the titles off of Bryan & Rowan. WINNER: Champions Daniel Bryan & Rowan

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The Undertaker & Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre: It’s been an interesting time for Roman Reigns since his return, they did the Shield’s last ride as Moxley left, had a match with Drew at Mania that left a lot to be desired, beat up Elias, feuded with Shane and lost to him at SaudiMania III, beat Drew last month and will now team with Taker to make sure he can finally overcome “the best in the world Shane McMahon.” Ideally, this feud ends here, but it likely continues in some form. Ideally, Drew pins Taker clean and moves onward into stardom instead of being Shane’s lackey. Or ideally, Taker just doesn’t wrestle, he & the company stop prostituting his legacy for shit matches and a payday and we move on. I am over Shane, they aren’t serious with Drew, Reigns has been disappointingly bland since his return, and Take just needs to get in the fucking bin. I don’t care about this match at all; I just hope it doesn’t suck. WINNER: The Undertaker & Roman Reigns

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Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak vs. Tony Nese: Back at Stomping Grounds, Drew Gulak pinned Akira Tozawa to win Tony Nese’s cruiserweight championship in a great match. The following Tuesday, Tony Nese defeated Akira Tozawa in a great match on 205 Live in order to earn his championship rematch here tonight. These two have history going back to EVOLVE, came into WWE together, are former allies on screen, and then turned rivals and have had great matches in the past. I expect them to have a really good and possibly great match here, but think that Gulak retains and continues on with his title run. WINNER: Champion Drew Gulak

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Handicap Match: Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley vs. Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss: Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss last month, but Bliss got a rematch when Nikki Cross pinned Bayley. I have really liked the Bliss/Cross, and they were doing some great teases of adding Nikki to the match until she lost to Bayley for reasons. Anyway, I find the entire Bliss/Cross way more interesting that the actual tile feud and rematch here, as Bayley & Bliss had a fine match last month but traditionally don’t have the best chemistry. I see Bayley retaining here, but again am more interested in the Bliss/Cross feud. But with all that being said, things changed on Raw as Nikki Cross was added to the match after winning a beat the clock challenge to select the match stipulation here. So the story here is still all about Bliss & Nikki, which again is the more interesting thing. They also heavily teased a Sasha Banks return as Nikki told Bayley to find a friend, and the Banks return makes sense here. I’d love for Banks to be there to even the odds, continue Bliss & Nikki’s angle, and then have Banks turn on Bayley and build to them at Summerslam. WINNER: Champion Bayley

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WWE Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Samoa Joe: Kofi Kingston has been rolling as WWE champion, winning almost all of his matches, overcoming, hitting his move and winning like a strong champion to the surprise of many. WWE lucked into he Kofi angle, but they followed up on it very well. He’s moved on from Bryan, beat Owens and survived a feud against Dolph Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… iggler. Kofi was looking for a new challenger, and he got one. Samoa Joe lost the US Title at Stomping Grounds, and while on a different show than Kofi (fucking wildcard rule) all he had to, since it’s pro wrestling, is show up and kick Kofi’s ass to earn a title shot. But all kidding aside, Kofi has had a great run as champion so far, Joe is absolutely great and their recent face to face on Smackdown was extremely well done and added a lot to this feud. I suppose that a title change is possible, but doesn’t feel very likely to me. I may be very wrong, but if Heyman was “in charge” of Smackdown and this title I’d buy into a title change more as he loves Joe. I think that this could be really good to great, and am really looking forward to the match. I believe that Kofi retains, and will move onto face Brock at Summerslam, where Brock wins and heads into the Fox deal as the champion on Smackdown. WINNER: Champion Kofi Kingston

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Winner Takes All Extreme Rules Match: Universal Champion Seth Rollins & Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs. Baron Corbin & Lacey Evans: This is a winner takes all extreme rules tag team match, if the challengers win they take the titles, but if the lose, they can never challenge Seth & Becky again. That is my hope here, because these two feuds have gone on way too long, the matches haven’t been good and have lacked the right kind of heat. In theory this feels like the best way for Becky & Seth to lose, because it’s not one on one, you can create a finish that feels like the faces got fucked, and if you really want you could add some real heat on Corbin by having him pin Becky to win it… BUT… the next WWE PPV is Summerslam and while already mostly sold out/already sold out, I just cannot see Baron Corbin main eventing one of the big four PPVs when the roster is so loaded. I honesty have low expectations for this one, the singles matches were not good, it should have ended some time back and despite Rollins playing the company man (understandably so) and claiming that WWE is the best shit ever, this has overbooked mess of a match written all over it. I think that the titles changing hands would be a horrible idea, and that Becky & Seth should retain. WINNER: Universal Champion Seth Rollins & Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch


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