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Csonka’s WWE Fastlane Preview

March 9, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Daniel Bryan Kevin Owens WWE Fastlane

WELCOME back to column time with Larry! Today, I am going to discuss and preview the WWE Fastlane PPV. So today, I will break down and preview the show. Thanks for reading! It’s wrestling, we love it and will disagree. The only rules are “have a take, be respectful, and don’t be a dick.”

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Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade: These two have been great together as of late and as far as in ring action, have been the best thing on Smackdown. This has potential to be great as long as they get the time, Andrade really feels like a new age Eddie Guerrero in how he works with Rey and Rey looks like he loves working with him. I’m still holding out for a possible hair vs. mask match down the line, but this may steal the show before the show before the PPV proper even begins. WINNER: Rey Mysterio

Big E & Xavier Woods vs. Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev: WHY? Seriously. There is no reason for this match other than to simply add another match and New Day is popular. The Nakamura & Rusev union is lazy because they have nothing else to do with them. Quite honestly, this would be a perfect place for Sanity vs. The Good Brothers, and I don’t know, you can have commentary try and sell that with a win, the winning team could be close to a title shot. Crazy fucking idea, I know. WINNER: New Day

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WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match: The Revival vs. Chad Gable & Bobby Roode vs. Ricochet & Aleister Black: This right here is a match with a ton of potential. The Revival are great, Ricochet & Black have been great together, Gable is awesome, and Roode is a tremendous and smart tag worker who should be a great anchor for this match. I think this may be really great if they let these guys do their thing and don’t over complicate the booking. Following their recent losing streak, I see the champions retaining here. WINNER: The Revival

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WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos vs. Shane McMahon & The Miz:While I am really looking forward to the Raw tag title match, I can’t say the same for this one. I love the Usos, they are great, but I am over the Shane McMahon stunt show. While I really like Miz, I’m just not into the angle with he and Shane and likely Mania match to follow. The Usos retain and likely move onto a feud with the Hardys. WINNER: The Usos

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WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: Sasha Banks & Bayley vs. Nia Jax & Tamina: Banks & Bayley are very good, and were the right call as the first champions. But they have a big task ahead of them here to get a good match out of The Rock’s relatives. Tamina is useless, and Jax isn’t that much better most times. Banks & Bayley should retain here, and I HOPE they book them vs. Io &Kairi at Mania. A man can wish because that match will rock. WINNER: Sasha & Bayley

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WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Asuka vs. Mandy Rose: Asuka and the Smackdown women’s title have been completely lost in the shuffle due to all the shine being on the Raw women’s title match. I’m hoping that Mandy is just challenger of the month, because while she’s improved, I don’t have high hopes for this one. Hopefully Asuka retains and gets something interesting for Mania. WINNER: Asuka

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Becky Lynch Goes Joins WrestleMania Raw Women’s Title Match With a Win: Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch: These two have delivered very good to great matches this year, and I see more of the same here. Becky winning makes the most sense to lock in the triple threat, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rousey involved here. WINNER: Becky Lynch

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The Shield vs. Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley: This is the latest Shield reunion, and hopefully this one goes well and no one gets injured. The Shield should take this one, and also set up Roman’s Mania match as well. Drew & Lashley are good and traditionally, Shield trios matches deliver, so this one has a chance to deliver, despite Corbin’s involvement. He’s really no good. WINNER: The Shield

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WWE Championship Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Kevin Owens: This was supposed to be Kofi vs. Bryan, but Vince brought back Owens and put him in the match. Owens looked good in his return match, and Bryan has been delivering, so this one is strong on paper. Bryan should retain here, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kofi and possibly Sami Zayn involved. That should set up Bryan vs. Kofi & Owens vs. Zayn, or a possible four-way for Mania. WINNER: Daniel Bryan

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns after a long hiatus to the 411 Podcasting Network. On today’s show, 411’s Larry Csonka discuses Jushin Liger’s retirement, Tommaso Ciampa’s neck injury, previews the WWE Fastlane PPV, and discusses his recent medical issues, which led to his absence in early 2019. The show is approximately 33 minutes long.

Liger – 3:30
Ciampa – 6:20
Fastlane – 9:40
Personal Update – 23:45