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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 12.07.15

December 7, 2015 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 12.07.15  

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Elimination Match: Roman and Friends defeated the League of Nations, Team ECW and The Wyatts @ 21:30 via [***]
Non-Title Match: Champion Kevin Owens defeated Dean Ambrose @ 19:10 via pin [**¾]
– Naomi and Sasha Banks defeated Brie Bella and Alicia Fox @ 5:25 via pin [**]
Non-Title Match: Lucha Dragons defeated Champions New Day @ 7:10 via pin [*]
– Ryback vs. Rusev went to a double countout @ 10:23 []
– Jack Swagger defeated Stardust @ 2:30 via submission [NR]
– Braun Strowman defeated Tommy Dreamer @ 2:39 via submission [NR]

TALKY, TALKY, TALKY, TALKY, TALKY, TALKY, TALKY, TALKY!: The League of Nations are in the ring to kick off the show. Sheamus reminded everyone that he’s the champion and beat Reigns in 5:15. He then put over the League of Nations, and then said there were no Americans in the group because the US doesn’t cut it anymore. He ranted a bit and then said that there were not four men on the planet that could match them. The Wyatt Family’s gimmick then hit and they appeared in the ring. Bray gave no fucks about their little league; they were here for the chaos. But before anything could happen, The Dudleyz and Dreamer arrived. Bubba promised to take things to the extreme, Bray cut him off and said they were out manned and out gunned. They revealed Rhyno as the latest member of their team, and just when it appeared we’d get the big brawl, Roman and Friends arrived through the crowd. They tried to create some chaos and a fresh feel to things by getting so many involved; overall it was fine, but largely the same thing they do every week.

Elimination Match: League of Nations vs. They Wyatt Family vs. Team ECW vs. Roman and Friends: It’s basically four way rules, if someone from your team loses, the whole team is out. So it’s the Raw Bowl. They worked for about five minutes and then Dreamer pinned Eric Rowan to eliminate the Wyatts. They needed to get someone eliminated because that was a lot of people out there and it was cluster-iffic. But man, Erick Rowan knows his role after eating a pin by Dreamer. I have to say, it was disappointing to see the most established group on the roster tossed early, but that’s another reason no one cares about the Wyatts. They worked through the commercial and post break, they had a huge brawl spot with everyone. They then did that “big man” stand off spot that you get in the Rumble of Battle Royal; this one was between Rhyno and Reigns. Yup. The Dudleyz ran wild for a bit and even hit a 3D, but Sheamus and Del Rio worked together and Bubba ate a brogue kick and was pinned at about the 11:00 mark, eliminating his team. We then got down to the League of Nations vs. Roman and Friends. They worked through a commercial, and when they came back Reigns ran wild and hit Superman punches and then Ambrose and the Usos hit dives. Sheamus held the foot of Reigns, allowing Del Rio to hit a superkick, but Reigns survived. He would then hit a spear on Sheamus, and pin the champion just days before the PPV. I get what they did there, they want it to look like Reigns can win heading into the PPV and further prove that Sheamus won only because of fuckery. But we’re already doing the pin the champion deal, and I am not a fan of that. I hate to say it, but Barrett and Rusev have NO MATCH booked at this time, let them eat the pin. But hey, I’m just a guy that likes to see champions booked well. The match was a good, but not great way to open the show. The beginning was a bit too chaotic (not in a good way) but then settled down and had some great moments towards the end.

– Renee tried to interview Sheamus, who was out of breath and pissed at her questioning. He promised to beat Reigns on Sunday and to make him pay later tonight.

– Next up we got a discount depot version of a Goldust and Booker T segment.

– Look Everyone It’s Tyler and Summer Rae made their way to the ring.

Champion Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler: They showed Ambrose watching on from backstage, eating popcorn and having a beverage. At least they changed it up and made it a bit funny, and fitting of Ambrose. These two worked a really straight forward grappling match here, mat wrestling, trading holds and just keeping things basic. It doesn’t do much for the live crowd, because you have to condition them to accept it, but it was done well. They then went into a more traditional WWE style match, during this JBL wanted to compare it to Vader vs. Foley because of one or two stiff forearms. Go home dude, you’re drunk. Owens mocking his opponents is also always fun, he comes off as the stereotypical bully, and an easy to hate one. Owens was dominating, and then Ziggler made a brief comeback. Owens cut him off my launching him into the post, the whole thing looked good from Owens’ intensity to Ziggler’s selling. They did a countout tease off of the spot, Ziggler survived and we got a commercial break. Post break Owens was in control until he accidentally posted himself. Ziggler tried to make his comeback but got tossed to the floor, but when Owens followed, he ate a DDT on the floor. We then had back and forth, Ziggler fighting to survive and getting near falls. Ziggler kept using the bad arm and hand, because he apparently thinks that selling means using the limb and then shaking it repeatedly. Anyway, Owens must have been just as annoyed as I was, because he then spiked him with the pop up powerbomb for the win. I have no issues with Owens being tested in a longer match prior to the PPV, because he won clean at the end and kept momentum. This was a match that was long for the sake of being long; they tried to get you emotionally involved with the post spot on Ziggler, but the work never locked in on it and Ziggler’s overselling by flailing around at times but ignoring it when he was on offense near the end did it no favors. The whole thing felt as if it was missing something, it just didn’t have much energy or a great hook to get me involved. It wasn’t bad, it was just there for me.

– Post match Dean Ambrose came to the ring with his snacks. This led to Ambrose tossing his popcorn and drink onto Owens and leaving. Ok.

– Bray Wyatt cut a promo; apparently Braun Strowman is going to eat Tommy Dreamer later tonight.

– The Miz meets with Neville backstage. Miz wants to repackage Neville, and make his a star. They then brought in Donny from that new USA show. Donny liked Neville and blew off the Miz.

Alicia Fox and Brie Bella vs. Sasha Banks and Naomi: This is the follow up to last week’s Brie vs. Sasha match. Brie and Fox controlled for the first little bit until Tamina got involved and Team BAD then took control. They worked the heat on Fox for a while; Brie then got the hot tag and had things in control. Sasha grabbed Brie’s leg, distracting her enough for Naomi to ht the rear view and that was that. This was a perfectly fine match, used to give Team BAD momentum.

– New Day then came out and they all danced with unicorn horns on their heads. It was glorious.

– The Usos are out for commentary.

– New Day then cut a promo about giving donations to the League of Nations and also giving free name suggestions to Kim and Kanye. They are upset about Sunday’s tag title match, and have no need for ladders. They did a demonstration about how to save a cat from a tree without the use of a ladder.

Champions New Day (Kofi and Big E) vs. Lucha Dragons: The Dragons tried to control early, but Cara dove right into Big E’s arms and ate an overhead belly to belly on the floor; we then went to a break. After the break Kalisto ran wild for a bit, but got cut off New Day laid the boots to him. Kofi and Kalisto blew a head scissors spot prior to the tags to Big E and Cara. Things fell apart there, Woods blew his trombone and the Usos kicked his ass. The Dragons won with a roll up on a distracted Kofi. I was not a fan of booking this match (we already saw Sheamus lose tonight), this started fine, then fell apart and then went with the cliché Raw distraction finish. This was the first thing I really did not care for on the show. The best part of the whole thing was the Usos/Woods deal.

– Roman Reigns spoke with Baby Girl Renee Young. He’s going to win the title at TLC, but if Sheamus wants to teach him a lesson tonight, he’ll take him to school.

MIZ TV IS STILL A THING: Miz claimed he as going to have Paige appear as well, but that it wouldn’t happen now. I do not believe you Miz. Ric Flair and Ric Flair’s daughter then made their way to the ring. Miz spoke about the new confident Charlotte and her new self-serving attitude, and Charlotte shot him the mean mug. Ric claimed he was proud of her, and also said he’d be in her corner at the PPV on Sunday. Charlotte took offense to the claims of the Miz, but then Miz pressed her to answer Paige’s allegations that she’s changed, but she refused. Miz kept pressing the issues, and Ric started to get pissed. Charlotte eventually got pissed, and explained that Paige was a piece of gothic trash. After she ran down Paige, Miz then gave a great little smile and announced that Paige was in fact here. Paige wanted Charlotte to say this all to her face, but Ric pulled Charlotte back. Paige slapped the shit out of Ric and even did a little strut. He told Charlotte to get her, and we got a short brawl before Paige bailed. On one hand, this came across better than that bullshit they did a few weeks back with the horribly forced Reid Flair deal. The bad news is that there are no defined faces and heels in this division, because according to WWE, “bitches be crazy” is all they subscribe to. Paige turned and no one wants her as a heel, Charlotte is the new face but no one likes her; I feel like this is all about trying to figure out who the worst person is, and neither are really likeable. When this was all said and done, I felt as if there was no one to really root for or to fully hate; no one really came out of this segment better off, what a mess.

Ryback vs. Rusev: This is a follow up to last week’s match, where Ryback won via countout when Lana got hurt. Rusev was stalling on the floor, which led to Ryback doing the wackiest/most dangerous plancha you’ve ever seen. Rusev took control back and we went to a commercial. Rusev controlled post break, working the arm of Ryback. Which arm? Hard to tell because Ryback sold both of them and then used them with little selling. Ryback made the comeback, Rusev took a powder and they ran around the leg. Lana faked the injury, leading to Rusev attacking and applying the accolade on the floor. I guess it’s a double count out, because they didn’t do an official announcement. It was a whole lot of nothing and bland action to get to that finish, which will likely lead to a PPV match.

Jack Swagger vs. Stardust: This was joined in progress. Swagger was dominating, and then Del Rio and Colter came out. Apparently Lana and Colter are not allowed in the League of Nations. That allowed Stardust to take control of things. Titus O’Neil is on commentary, and explains that he wants Stardust to go back to being Cody. Swagger fought back and got the patriot lock for the win. Del Rio attacked Swagger with a chair and sent him to the floor. Swagger then got a chair to even the odds and then chased him away and Del Rio bumbled around like a goof. Swagger then asked Colter what his deal was, and he sped off in his scooter. Well that’s one way to set up their match, not particularly a good way as it came so late, but it was a way.

– And now we get Adam Rose’s horrible gossip segment.

– We see Del Rio and Colter backstage, and Del Rio was pissed about tripping on the scooter, and told Colter he didn’t need him. Well that’s that then.

– Ambrose and Owens will have a contract signing on Smackdown.

Tommy Dreamer w/Bubba, Devon and Rhyno vs. Braun Strowman w/Wyatt, Rowan and Harper: They just announced that these eight men will have an elimination tables match at TLC. Strowman dominated the match, working the big man power move set from the WWE 2K16 CAW menu. Strowman won with the standing hug. It was what it was, a match to make sure you know that Strowman is a monster.

Sheamus Wants to Teach Roman Reigns a Lesson: There are tables, ladders and chairs in the ring. Reigns makes his way out first and tells Sheamus to come out and give him his lesson. Reigns talked about the first Shield match at TLC, and how he’s climbed the ladder, losing friends and gaining enemies. He climbed for the top and won the title, but Sheamus brogue kicked him to the bottom of the ladder. He said he’s win the title back at TLC, and called out Sheamus again. The promo was rough, filled with lines designed to pop the crowd, and the reactions Reigns got were mild at best. Sheamus came out to what is best described as dead silence for some banter, telling Reigns that he is delusional if he thinks he will win the title. They had some of the most polite and heatless back and forth you can imagine. Reigns made a joke about Sheamus not having balls by using potatoes and tater tots as his describer, and Sheamus actually replied with “sticks and stones.” This is main event promo work in 2015 ladies and gentlemen. This as so boring and repetitive…

Reigns: “I thought Irishmen had potatoes…. It looks like you just smuggled in some tater tots”
Sheamus: “WHY I OUTTA!”
Reigns: “Come in here.”
Sheamus: “Nope.”
Reigns: “Come in here.”
Sheamus: “I am not going to.”
Reigns: “Come in here.”
Sheamus: “No thank you.”
Reigns: “Come in here.”
Sheamus: “Get rid of the chairs.”
Reigns: “Ok, now what tater tot?”
Sheamus: “Get rid of the tables.”
Reigns: “Ok, now what tater tot?”
Sheamus: “Not gonna do it, there’s a ladder in there, get rid out it.”
Reigns: “I’m going to throw the ladder at you.”
Sheamus: * moves *
CROWD: “Tater Tot! Tater Tot! Tater Tot!
Reigns: “Sheamus is SCUURED, come on in son.”

And then after that painful exchange, they started t fight around ringside and the crowd went mild. They started to use the toys, and the crowd reacted to the weapons shots because they are conditioned to, but they weren’t got or invested in this fight. Reigns finally speared Sheamus through a table as Cole and JBL tried to sell this as Austin vs. Rock heading into Mania 17. This segment was specifically designed to make no one care about either of these men, their feud of the PPV match. You know what sucks? I think these guys will have a good PPV match and could have a good feud, but not with the high school drama club scripting things out.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Get on my level.”

The final score: review Bad
The 411
This was an overall lazy and uninspired show. So much late set up for the PPV, with a crowd slowly dying as the show just continues to exist. The main event angle sums up everything that is wrong right now. Poor scripting, a champion no one wants because of how he had been booked for so long vs. the guy people are still rebelling against because they don’t think he’s the guy that should get the spot. The thing is that I think they can both work, but like so much booking this year, it feels as if no one is truly put in a position to succeed. No one could possible succeed with the booking and verbiage of that final segment. For a show that is designed to be the “hard sell” for their PPV/special event, it failed. The show stared off ok, but then it fired up the engines and went full on Thelma & Louise. The end result is a bad show overall. And guess who was smart enough to stay off TV this week…

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I just want a reason to care, to get invested, and they aren’t giving me any.


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