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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 12.09.19

December 9, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWE Raw 120919 Lana Rusev
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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 12.09.19  

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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 12.09.19

– Drew McIntyre defeated Matt Hardy @ 2:10 via pin [NR]
Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Viking Raiders defeated The Street Profits @ 3:10 via pin [***]
– Aleister Black defeated Akira Tozawa @ 3:40 via pin [***]
– Humberto Carrillo defeated Andrade @ 11:10 via pin [***½]
– Buddy Murphy defeated Zack Ryder @ 2:00 via pin [NR]
– Becky Lynch defeated The Kabuki Warriors @ 13:05 via DQ [**]
– Erik Rowan defeated Jeremiah Kickpads @ 1:20 via referee stoppage [NR]
US Title Match: Champion Rey Mysterio defeated AJ Styles @ 12:50 via pin [***]

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The Divorce of Lana & Rusev: Yes, this is a real thing. Jerry Lawler is the host and while he wanted to help the couple reconcile, they have decided to divorce and will sign that tonight. Lana and her fake lawyer arrive, while Rusev is out alone. Lana rambles about how she used to love Rusev when the fans didn’t. Rusev always made things about him and fame went to his head. Lana claims she’s smart and then blames the WE Universe for their marriage failing. She then rants about a restraining order, which she apparently waved according to Lawler. Rusev then shows footage of Lashley & Lana being arrested last week. She calls him a selfish monster and says no one will love Rusev like she loved him. Rusev says he wouldn’t want another like her anyway. Rusev sys this is ridiculous as Lana rants and he wants to sign the papers. Lana demands to sign first, calls him a loser and demands the dog. They argue over the dog and Lana signs. Rusev then demands something before he signs, and Lana asks if he wants sex again, calling Rusev sick like the fans. Rusev wants a match with Bob Lashley. Lashley arrives and says he’s going to ask Lana to marry him. Rusev says she’s all his and he doesn’t care because she’s bad. Rusev wants any match with Lashley, signs, and Lashley attacks. They brawl as Lashley beats down Rusev on the floor until Rusev battles back and puts him through the table. Well that was a segment that certainly happened. I will say that Lana & Rusev tried, but it was still bad TV.

– We see highlights of AOP kidnapping Owens last week.

– Kevin Owens is interviewed and says Rollins had AOP attack him, and did so because no one wants to follow Rollins and Kevin stood up to him. He was lucky to get away and that’s a problem for AOP. He meets with Rey and they hug, and Rey says if Kevin needs some back up, he has his back. He gives Kevin his pipe for support and Kevin goes AOP hunting.

– Drew cuts a promo about putting smiles on faces and talks about Matt having a new son last week, and then makes fun of him. They have known each other for a long time, but outside the ring, Matt has made poor choices, so reproducing is likely a bad idea. He offers to let Matt walk away from this fight to be with his son, and Matt attacks.

Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy: they brawl at the bell as Matt takes control and dumps Drew. To the floor and drew cuts him off, slamming him to the steps. Back in and Drew delivers ground and pound, follows with chops and then gets posted. Side effect by Matt gets 2. Drew counters the twist of fate, and hits future shock. The claymore finishes it. Drew McIntyre defeated Matt Hardy @ 2:10 via pin [NR] Squash

– Earlier today, Charlotte met with Becky Lynch and they agreed that they don’t like each other and Charlotte proposes they team up to face the Kabuki Warriors. Becky will instead face them in a handicap match tonight.

– Kevin is still looking for AOP. Mojo offers some direction, but is fucking with Kevin. Kevin slaps him and walks off.

– The Viking Raiders arrive, and are actually getting promo time. Erik says for weeks they have been searching for worthy opponents, but only found victims. They issue an open challenge and The Street Profits arrive.

– Batista is going into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Champions The Viking Raiders vs. The Street Profits: Ford runs wild at the bell, double teams follow and Ford hits a dive as Dawkins hits sky high and the Ford frog splash gets 2. They call for doomsday and Erik counters as Ivar joins in and takes control as the spin kick gets 2. Erik follows with strikes, quick tags follow as Dawkins tags in. He runs wild and picks up a near fall. Ivar cuts them off and the champions take control. Thor’s hammer finishes it. Champions The Viking Raiders defeated The Street Profits @ 3:10 via pin [***] While short, this was a good and energetic little sprint. But I highly question burning the match with the Profits like this on TV.

– Seth Rollins arrives and says he has business to deal with. He wants to fight AOP. Kevin arrives and Seth says this doesn’t concern him, and he doesn’t need that pipe. Kevin says Seth knows they aren’t here, but they will be and they will attack him. Seth refutes this as the AOP arrive backstage and head to the ring. Post break and Seth is begging Kevin off, and Kevin looks to beat his ass but Seth bails. Kevin isn’t buying Seth’s bullshit and Seth leaves. Kevin says when he’s done with AOP, he’s coming for Seth. Kevin calls out AOP, they appear on the screen and cut a promo, which Kevin mocks. Sami Zayn then arrives with Mojo Rawley. He’s here due to having a managerial license, allowing him on both shows. He’s a liberator and sets people free. He wants to free Kevin, but Kevin needs to apologize for what he did to Mojo. Mojo rants at Kevin and Sami tries to calm him down. Mojo isn’t scared and says everyone is tough with a pipe. Kevin stuns him and Sami runs away. Kevin beats down Mojo with pipe shots and stands tall.

– Backstage, Kevin searches for AOP.

Aleister Black vs. Akira Tozawa: They lockup and work into counters, Black grounds things and sweeps the leg. Tozawa fires back, Black cuts him off and fakes the spin kick as Tozawa avoids him and backs off. Black follows with kicks and strikes, Tozawa counters into a RANA and the suicide dive is cut of with a flying knee strike. Back in and black mass finishes it; he’s dead, Jim. Aleister Black defeated Akira Tozawa @ 3:40 via pin [***] Black looked amazing. Fatality.

– Black vs. Murphy is official for TLC.

– Charly interviews Humberto Carrillo. Vega & Andrade arrive and set up a match for tonight.

– We get a video package for Liv Morgan, allegedly coming soon to Raw.

Andrade vs. Humberto Carrillo: Vega is at ringside. Andrade attacks right away, Carrillo quickly battles back but Andrade cuts him off and covers for 2. He grounds the action and then follows with a back elbow and chops. The sliding kick then gets 2. Andrade delivers more chops, Carrillo fires back and follows with a high cross and arm drags. He then hits a moonsault to the floor. Post break and Carrillo hits a high cross and enziguri. The standing moonsault follows for 2. Carrillo follows with clotheslines, chops, they work up top and Andrade cuts him off with a double stomp for 2. He lays the boots to Carrillo, and the double knees miss as Carrillo follows with a missile dropkick. The Aztec press is off the mark but he covers for 2. Andrade hits the spinning back elbow for 2. He heads up top and misses the moonsault, lands on his feet and the double knees follow. Carrillo counters back with a dropkick and Vega gets involved, Andrade runs into her and Carrillo gets the cradle for the win. Humberto Carrillo defeated Andrade @ 11:10 via pin [***½] This was really good stuff, with Andrade & Vega’s shenanigans finally costing them.

– Vega & Andrade argue post match.

– Rey cuts a promo ahead of tonight’s match with AJ.

– Kevin Owens is hunting AOP.

Buddy Murphy vs. Zack Ryder: They lockup and Buddy starts working him over with strikes. Ryder fires back, but is quickly cut off. Buddy grounds him with knee strikes and kicks, covering for 2. Ryder fights back, hits a missile dropkick and broski boot, sending Buddy to the floor. Buddy lays out Hawkins, back in and the V trigger and Murphy’s law finishes it. Buddy Murphy defeated Zack Ryder @ 2:00 via pin [NR] Squash.

– Kevin finds AOP’s SUV and busts it up with the pipe. They attack and kicks his ass, PIPES FALL, and mastermind Seth is there to lay him out with blackout.

– Seth arrives on the stage and asks the fans what they want from him. They used to get along but it all went wrong. He did everything right, doesn’t take nights off and laid it all on the line for them. He defends them in the media, but has constantly been disrespected. He didn’t have anything to do with AOP, but you all worship Kevin, who couldn’t lace his boots, and he let it slide. He wasn’t aligned with AOP, that was the truth, but what does he have to do, die in the ring? He beat Brock twice and won the title twice for you and it wasn’t enough. It’s time for him to push back, and their fiction has become fact. He is now with AOP, and they arrive and they leave together.

– Owens is stretchered out and placed in an ambulance.

The Kabuki Warriors vs. Becky Lynch: Becky attacks Asuka right away, and follows with strikes and a suplex. Asuka powders. Becky takes out Sane as Asuka attacks. She lays the boots to Becky and chokes her out in the corner. The running ass attack follows, and Asuka follows with kicks, covering for 2. Post break and Sane has Becky grounded. Becky fights back, dumps Asuka and Sane tags in as Becky follows with clotheslines. Strikes follow and then the XPLODER connects. Becky hits DDTs for 2. To the ropes and the Asuka cuts her off, Sane follow with strikes and slams Becky to the mat. Sane up top and leaps over Becky as Asuka misses the missile dropkick. The XPLODER follows but Asuka counters into the Asuka lock. Becky counters into an Asuka lock of her own but Sane makes the save. Becky takes out Sane on the floor, cuts off Asuka but eats a knee strike as all three are down on the floor. Back in and the shining wizard gets 2 for Asuka. They trade, Sane in and they look for doomsday and it connects for 2. The insane elbow eats feet and Becky hits the uranage on Asuka but Asuka breaks up disarmher. They brawl on the floor, and an Asuka chair shot leads to a DQ. Becky Lynch defeated The Kabuki Warriors @ 13:05 via DQ [**] The match was ok, not as good as last week’s version with Charlotte, but again suffered from the same issue in that the tag team champions of the word have trouble beating one person, despite allegedly being the best in their division.

– Post match, Sane puts Becky through a table with the insane elbow. This will likely set up the title match on Sunday, with Charlotte & Becky challenging for the titles.

– AJ cuts a promo on winning titles and possibly ending Orton’s career.

– The n.W.o (Hogan, Hall, Nash, & Waltman) are going into the WWE Hall of Fame.

– Charlotte meets with Becky and they agree to team together. The Kabuki Warriors then kick the shit out of Charlotte in the hall.

Erik Rowan vs. Jeremiah Kickpads: Kickpads tries to steal the mystery pet and runs away. He sneaks back in the ring and Rowan runs back in. He kills him with the claw slam three times and we get a ref stoppage. Erik Rowan defeated Jeremiah Kickpads @ 1:20 via referee stoppage [NR] I have no idea what the hell this angle is supposed to be.

– The Kabuki Warriors challenge Charlotte & Becky for a title match on Sunday.

– Charlotte & Becky agree that they want a TLC match with the Kabuki Warriors on Sunday.

The Street Profits do a weekend update spoof, hyping TLC.

Champion Rey Mysterio vs. AJ Styles: They lockup and Styles grounds things early on, looking for pin attempts but Rey cradles him for 2. Styles cuts him off but Rey counters into a sunset flip for 2. Styles runs him over and grounds things. Rey fires back and dumps Styles. The dropkick follows and follows with a springboard moonsault to the floor. The Good Brothers arrive and Styles attacks, and posts Rey. Post break and Styles has things grounded. Rey tries to fight back but flies into a dropkick for 2. Styles dumps him and backing, Styles misses a charge and Rey hits an enziguri. The sunset bomb to he barricade follows. Back in and they trade, head scissors by Rey and the seated senton follows for 2. Styles counters the moonsault but Rey counters into a tornado DDT for 2. Styles cuts him off with the alley-oop but Rey hits an enziguri. The 619 hits Karl as he saves Styles. Rey takes him out, ushigoroshi by Styles and that gets 2. They work up top, Styles tries to counter but it looked bad and he then hits a powerbomb and the clash but Orton arrives, distracts Styles and Rey cradles Styles for the win. Champion Rey Mysterio defeated AJ Styles @ 12:50 via pin [***] Overall, a good main event with a flat finish to likely set up Styles vs. Orton on Sunday.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 73. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Jeremy Lambert break down the latest WWE releases & discuss who could be next. The guys then preview ROH Final Battle & NWA Into The Fire 2019. The show is approximately 109-minutes long.

* Intro
* Breaking Down The Recent WWE Releases: 2:25
* Batista and the n.W.o (Hogan, Hall, Nash, & Waltman) are going into the WWE Hall of Fame: 28:35
* Previewing ROH Final Battle 2019: 40:50
* Previewing NWA Into The Fire 2019: 1:19:25

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The final score: review Average
The 411
Hour one was rough, with more of the Lashley/Lana/Rusev drama, Drew killing Matt Hardy, and then a fun sprint with the Viking Raiders winning, but I question the call in terms of how the Profits lost so quickly in an un-hyped match. Hour two saw Kevin Owens humiliate Mojo, Aleister Black deliver a fatality to Akira Tozawa, a really good Andrade vs. Humberto Carrillo match, Buddy Murphy killing a man, and Seth revealing himself as the dark overlord; an improvement to be sure, and a good hour overall. Hour three saw a bit of a downturn with the set up for Becky & Charlotte vs. The Kabuki Warriors (the set up was good, the match was only ok), another Rowan angle with his wacky pet, and a good Styles vs. Mysterio main event. Overall, while it’s the usual to just call Raw a bad show, I found this week’s effort to be solid overall. There was some good wrestling, the right guys winning, and some matches officially added to TLC. It was a solid show.