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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 3.30.20

March 30, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 3.30.20  

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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 3.30.20

From WrestleMania 35 – Winner Take All Match: Becky Lynch defeated Ronda Rousey & Charlotte @ 20:35 via pin to become the Raw & Smackdown Women’s Champions [***]
– Aleister Black defeated Jason Cade @ 0:35 via pin [NR]
– Kevin Owens & The Street Profits defeated Seth Rollins, Austin Theory, & Angel Garza @ 12:25 via pin [***]
– Asuka defeated Kayden Carter @ 1:05 via submission [NR]
Fro WWE Survivor Series 2019 – NO DQ WWE Title Match: Champion Brock Lesnar defeated Rey Mysterio @ 6:50 via pin [***]

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– We open with a video hyping Taker vs. Styles on Sunday. That leads to Taker talking about “Alan Jones” since they are begin real. You either have a big set or a big mouth, but your ass is writing checks your ass can’t cash. 10 or 15 years ago you wouldn’t have wanted to step to me or that roster, you were a big fish in a little pond and you waited until they all left but me. It was all business until you mentioned my wife, who does your move better than you do. You will pay the ultimate price in a bone yard, your idea. You want to be relevant at Mania, then I will make that happen, try me, I’ll make you famous, Bring those two ass clowns with you so you can feel the unholy trinity I’m bringing down on you, and you will rest in peace.

– Becky arrives in her big rig, the Becks Express.

– Becky Lynch is in the building and reminds us about her victory at last year’s Mania over Ronda & Charlotte, and we see the match.

From WrestleMania 35 – Winner Takes All Championship Match: Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey: They circle and Becky & Ronda brawl. Ronda lays in strikes, and then sends Charlotte to the floor. Ronda slams both on the floor, but Becky posts her. Charlotte then hits the fall away slam. Charlotte & Becky come face to face and they trade strikes, Charlotte attacks the knee and she looks for an arm bar but Becky cuts her off. Ronda back in and attacks both, but Charlotte attacks and stops that. They look to powerbomb her but Ronda gets the hanging arm bar until Becky knocks her to the floor. Charlotte cuts off Becky with a flatliner to the buckles. Knee drops follow as Charlotte takes control. Charlotte heads up top and Becky catches the moonsault into the arm bar but Ronda makes the save and Charlotte takes her out with a running knee. Charlotte hits natural selection to both for 2. She dumps Becky, and follows with chops on Ronda. Ronda fires up and attacks. The triangle follows, but Charlotte locks on a crab. Beck breaks it up, and DDTs both for 2. Becky follows with strikes and kicks, a head butt and Charlotte cuts her off. Charlotte up top and Becky follows her up and hits the XPLODER for 2. Ronda flies in with a high cross for 2. She hits judo throws and double arm bars them. They powerbomb her, and again but Ronda hangs on. They hit a third, Charlotte dumps Becky and covers Ronda for 2. Becky back in and rolls into disarmher on Ronda. Ronda powers up and buckle bombs Becky. She misses the charge and Becky gets the disarmher in the ropes, but Charlotte makes the save. Charlotte up top and hits a Spanish fly on Becky for 2. Ronda back in and Charlotte hits the suplex, but Becky attacks, but gets sent to the buckles. Charlotte boots her to the floor, and now works the leg of Ronda. She posts the leg and does the posted figure four. Becky breaks it up and Charlotte slams her to the barricade. The figure four into the figure eight follows for Charlotte. Becky flies in to break it up. Becky gets a table, slides it in and sets it up. Charlotte cuts her off, lays her on the table and heads up top. Becky cuts her off, Ronda joins in and they dump Charlotte. Ronda follows with strikes, working over Becky but Charlotte spars them both. Charlotte sets the table in the corner, slams Ronda into it and then spears Becky for 2. Charlotte then gets sent into the table, only a partial break. Becky & Ronda brawl, Ronda hits a jumping knee strike and rolls into Piper’s pit but Becky counters into the cradle and wins. Becky Lynch defeated Ronda Rousey & Charlotte @ 20:35 via pin to become the Raw & Smackdown Women’s Champions [***] The match was good overall, as they did a good job with the format and layout. The closing stretch was a bit clunky and I didn’t like them teasing a disputed finish following the botchy finish, but it worked overall, giving Becky her big moment, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it felt underwhelming as a Mania main event.

– Becky rejoins us and says Shayna’s the latest to try and take her championship. She has things to prove and doesn’t know who she is without the title. She knows she’s starting to get to Shayna, and knows Shayna wants to do the one thing Ronda didn’t do, so she can finally steal Ronda’s spotlight. Or she’ll lose and be back in her shadow. Shayna attacks and chokes out Becky, slams her to the announce table and lays her out.

Aleister Black vs. Jason Cade: Black quickly trips him up and black mass finishes it; Jason Cade was 28… Aleister Black defeated Jason Cade @ 0:35 via pin [NR] Thanks for coming, enjoy the catering.

– They hype Rollins vs. Owens.

– Vega announces that Andrade is injured and will not compete. She has a replacement, a new hot talent in WWE, Austin Theory.

Seth Rollins, Austin Theory, & Angel Garza vs. Kevin Owens & The Street Profits: Vega is at ringside. Kevin & Theory begin, with Kevin attacking right away with strikes. The Profits follow with double teams and Ford follows with a tope. Post break and Garza cuts off Ford. The pants are off as Theory tags in as the heels ground Ford and take the heat. Ford quickly fights back, tags in Dawkins and he runs wild until Seth cuts him off. Quick tags by the heels follow as they isolate Dawkins and keep him grounded as Garza takes over. Seth takes over off the tag, keeping things grounded. Sling blade follows but Dawkins fires back and tags in Kevin. He runs wild on Garza, and the swanton connects for 2 as Theory makes the save. It breaks down. Ford MISSES a tope and lands flat ass on the floor (Theory wasn’t ready for him and didn’t catch him). Fuck sake, really? Kevin hits the stunner and wins. Kevin Owens & The Street Profits defeated Seth Rollins, Austin Theory, & Angel Garza @ 12:25 via pin [***] This was good but I think the heels needed the win more here, especially with the change to the tag title match. Thankfully the Owens promo next played well coming off the loss.

– Seth lays out Kevin with the blackout post match. Post break, Kevin says Seth kicked some sense into him, and says this lace was build in spite of Seth because he came to WWE an entitled dip shit and he can see that. Kevin knows he has a past to deal with, but he isn’t delusional like Seth. Seth isn’t a God, he has all the same accolades as Seth, but he didn’t get them on his own. None of Seth’s accomplishment cane n his own either, and he needs to be honest with himself. The past doesn’t matter so come Saturday, they will finally battle one on one, and Kevin will beat him and take his first Mania moment from him and burn it down.

– They hype Edge vs. Orton via a great video package. Edge cuts a promo and talks about Orton calling him a junkie for being Edge, and Edge agrees, because he loves it so much. He loves the fans and came from them, they are all junkies for this. If you aren’t, you’re just taking up space. He talks again about Orton being handpicked for Evolution and getting by on his family name just being ok. But Edge says grit is making your own hall of fame career fighting to come back after 9-years to end things on your own terms. Orton lacks passion and only has it when Edge is around because he make shim better. That scares Orton, and the voices told him to make a horrible mistake. You almost had me thinking it could be over, but you attacked my wife, talked about my little girls and pulled me back in. Edge is a man who dove through a faming table just to grab the torch Orton took for granted. This time, Orton is falling but he won’t pull him back out, he’ll just push him down deeper, so deep he’ll never come back out. Edge is great; it’s a travesty that Edge/Orton isn’t happening in front of a live crowd…

– Asuka gloriously rants at Carter.

Asuka vs. Kayden Carter: This is a rematch from last week’s WWE Main Event. Carter attacks right away but is quickly cut off. Carter battles back with a dropkick for 2. Asuka follows with German and head kick; the Asuka lock finishes it. Asuka defeated Kayden Carter @ 1:05 via submission [NR] Nobody’s ready for Asuka.

– Post match, Asuka delivers a promo on Bliss & Cross, or shares a delicious dumpling recipe.

– We get footage of Charlotte attacking Rhea outside the PC today.

NO DQ WWE Title Match: WWE Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Rey Mysterio: Rey gets his pipe so Brock powders. Rey chases and Brock cuts him off with body shots. He then hits clotheslines and dumps Rey, and slides him across announce tables. Brock then overhead belly to bellys him onto the table and pummels him at ringside. He post Rey but Rey counters the F5 and posts Brock. Brock is back up and starts hitting Germans. Dominic appears to throw in the towel, Brock refuses and Rey low blows Brock. Dominic low blows him as well and Rey follows with pipe shots. Dominic lays in chair shots and the double 619 follows, Dominic hits a frog splash and Rey hits one as well for 2. Brock Germans Dominic, F5 to Rey and that’s all. Champion Brock Lesnar defeated Rey Mysterio @ 6:50 via pin [***] While far from great, it was certainly fun and gave us a brief tease of Rey winning after Dominic, who apparently learned to cheat from his father Eddie, got involved; it was good.

– They run down the Mania card.

Brock & Paul: Paul starts doing his usual shtick, great delivery as always and hits the heavy hype for Mania and specifically Brock as the man in this go home position. He’s the beast to slay, the conqueror to conqueror, Drew has stepped up and is special… compared to the guy on the street or dumb as sin the gym, he’s special. Compared to the talented locker room, is special. The Rock was special, but he was decimated by Brock. Hulk Hogan was special, and destroyed by Brock. Randy Couture, John Cena, the Undertaker, all special and all legends, but ended up not so god damn special just Brock’s bitches. The claymore is effective, but Brock’s fought through more and dominated. Brock knows the claymore is coming now, and either the will counter it or well will find out if the claymore can end Brock. Paul says they will be in this same spot next year, talking about how Drew failed ad got beaten fugly by Brock. Drew will walk into Mania special, and will walk out Brock’s bitch. Paul killed it.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 102. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Jerome Cusson break down the Dark Side of the Ring special on Chris Benoit as well as Steve Austin’s interview with Bret Hart. Steve Cook then joins the show for a retro review of NWA-TNA PPV #1. The show is approximately 153–minutes long.

* Intro
* Breaking Down Dark Side of The Ring on Chris Benoit: 2:00
* Thoughts on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions With Bret Hart: 1:05:20
* NWA-TNA PPV #1 Retro Review: 1:29:29

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– End Scene.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
I have really enjoyed the promos on Raw as of late, the no crowd has helped them, as it shows you how much the stifled wait for a crowd response, corporate speak delivery kills all impact and emotion. It’s amazing that just letting people talk more normally works. Overall, tonight’s episode of WWE Raw was good with effective promos, good throwback matches, effective squashes and the hard sell to Mania.