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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 6.10.19

June 10, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Bray Wyatt WWE Raw 61019
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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 6.10.19  

Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 6.10.19

Handicap Elimination Match: Lars Sullivan defeated Lucha House Party @ 3:00 via pin [NR]
– Ricochet, Miz, & Braun defeated Lashley, Joe, & Cesaro @ 12:30 via pin [***¼]
– Lacey Evans & Alexa Bliss defeated Bayley & Becky Lynch @ 8:30 via pin [**¼]
Non-Title Match: Champions The IIconics defeated Jenny & Jill Boots & Tights @ 1:15 via pin [NR]
Raw Tag Team Title Match: The Revival defeated Champions Ryder & Hawkins & The Usos @ 8:30 via pin [**¾]
Non-Title Match: Kevin Owens defeated Champion Seth Rollins @ 12:15 via DQ [*]

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Seth Rollins Talks: Rollins has a chair with him as they detail his beat down of Brock Lesnar at SaudiMania III. He says that this is a new era of the Universal title. You can try and out wrestle him, fight him for it, or do things the hard way like Brock tried. No one has ever beat down Lesnar like he did last week. Baron Corbin arrives and no one is happy to see him. He makes fun of San Jose, and then says Rollins should worry about him and not Brock. Rollins laughs this off, but Corbin says the referee cost him their last match. He learned things while he was GM, and will have the ref punished and will get his rematch at Stomping Grounds. Corbin gets to handpick the special referee for the rematch, Rollins says Corbin has no friends to help him, and Sami Zayn arrives. He says he’s team Corbin here, and says that being champion isn’t good for Rollins. Sami says it will be better if Corbin was champion, for everyone if Corbin was champion. Rollins doesn’t buy this and knows if he helps Corbin, Corbin will help him. Kevin Owens now arrives. He has Sami’s back and agrees with Sami on Corbin becoming champion. This sets up Rollins vs. Owens for later tonight. It wasn’t bad, Sami & Kevin were fun, but was just the same old thing that they do every week, and that desperately needs to change.

Lars Sullivan vs. Lucha House Party: Lars attacks right away, Kalisto fights and flies into a freak accident and he’s gone at 0:25. Dorado in, caught, and the powerbomb finishes him at 0:56 Metalik is all alone, attacks with kicks and Lars slams him down and covers for 2, pulling him up. He then slams Kalisto onto the piñatas on the steps and then chokeslams Metalik for 2, pulling him up again. He posts Dorado, heads up top and the flying head butt finishes Metalik. Lars Sullivan defeated Lucha House Party @ 3:00 via pin [NR] This was a fine squash that should have happened last week.

– 24/7 Champion R-Truth is running from the gaggle of geeks backstage. They end up trapped in an elevator.

Cole Interviews Lynch & Evans: They argue right away as Lynch reminds Evans that she already tapped her out. Evans says she won’t stop until she gets what she wants. Lynch wants revenge for Evans costing her the Smackdown title. Evans claims that Lynch is afraid of losing it all and falling back into obscurity. Evans says she will win the tile at Stomping Grounds. Becky & Bayley face Evans & Bliss later tonight.

– Nikki Cross & Bliss meet backstage, and Bliss tries to play up that Bayley is actually evil and not who she seems. Bliss says maybe that’s why she’s friends with Nikki now, and Nikki will be in her corner tonight.

Miz TV: Samoa Joe is the guest tonight. Miz welcomes him to the show, but Joe corrects him and says he’s not the new champion, Rey stole it and he got it back. They show footage of Joe destroying Rey last week. Miz says Rey did the right thing, but Joe choked him out anyway. Miz doesn’t like that Joe brought in Rey’s family, namely Dominic. Joe doesn’t care and says he does what he does to get what he wants. Joe teases talking about Miz’s family, but Braun arrives. Braun wants a fight, but Lashley now arrives. Why is he here, he lost at SaudiMania III. He’s not done with Braun, and says that he wants a shot at Joe. Ricochet now arrives. Guess what, he wants a shot. Cesaro arrives; I’ll take a wild guess and say he also wants a shot. He attacks Ricochet as the others brawl. The faces eventually stand tall. While I appreciate trying to build up some US Title contenders, as much as you can with random talkies and no real story. why does every major promo segment turn into a revolving door with too many people largely saying nothing?

Ricochet, Miz, & Braun vs. Lashley, Joe, & Cesaro: Braun and Lashley begin. They work into some back and forth, counter and Braun doing lucha rolls. He and Miz follow with double teams, but Joe cuts off Miz, allowing Lashley to take over and tag in Joe. He follows with jabs, head butts, and tags in Cesaro. He grounds the action, but Miz battles back and Ricochet tags in and runs wild on Lashley & Cesaro. He follows with a Sasuke special. Post break and the heels have taken control, with Cesaro tagging in and grounding Ricochet. Ricochet battles back with a RANA into a cradle for 2, but Cesaro then levels him with an uppercut. Lashley back in and Ricochet follows with an enziguri and John Wooooooooooo. Miz tags in and lays in kicks on Lashley. The knee strikes follows and he cuts off Joe, but Lashley misses a charge. DDT by Miz on Lashley and then one on Cesaro follows. He lays in kicks on both until Lashley cuts him off with a flatliner. Joe tags in and hits the senton for 2 as Braun breaks that up and Miz fights off Cesaro, Braun takes out Lashley on the floor, and Cesaro gets the swing on Miz for a long time. Ricochet breaks u the sharpshooter with a code breaker, and Braun tags in. He runs wild with tackles in the ring and on the floor. Back in and Joe makes the save. He then bails, grabbing the belt and running away. Lashley takes out Braun and Cesaro uppercuts Miz for 2. Miz counters the Gotch and hits the skull-crushing finale, and Ricochet finishes it with the 630. Ricochet, Miz, & Braun defeated Lashley, Joe, & Cesaro @ 12:30 via pin [***¼] This was a good and fun tag match, but hopefully Cesaro isn’t hurt badly as he was favoring his knee and hope to the back post match.

– Sami meets with Corbin backstage.

Becky & Bayley vs. Bliss & Evans: Nikki Cross is at ringside. Bayley and Bliss begin, with Bayley running wild and beating down Bliss. Bliss cuts her off and tags in Evans, who hits a slingshot elbow for 2. Bayley fights back, tags in Becky and she lays in rights on Evans, but Evans cuts her of and tags in Bliss. Lynch works her over, but Evans pulls Bliss to the floor. Bayley attacks, and Becky joins her on the floor. Post break and Bliss cuts off Becky in the ring and misses the double knees moonsault and comes up holding her knee. Evans tags in and grounds Becky, laying in strikes. Becky battles back, but gets cut off and Evans covers for 2. She takes out Bayley, but Becky dumps her to the floor and hits a sliding dropkick. She dumps Bliss, and back in, Evans works over Becky in the corner, and the neck breaker follows for 2. Evans then misses The Merosault, tags to Bayley and Bliss, and Bayley lays the boots to her and then sunset flips her into the buckles, covering and for 3 as Evans makes the save. It breaks down, women’s right on Bayley and Bliss eats knees on twisted Bliss. Women’s right on Bayley and she pins her. Bayley loses in her hometown, shocking. Lacey Evans & Alexa Bliss defeated Bayley & Becky Lynch @ 8:30 via pin [**¼] This was ok, but had moments where it was clunky and disjointed,

– Shane talks on his phone and meets with Sami Zayn. Sami wants to be the ref for tonight’s main event to prove that he can be the special referee for Rollins vs. Corbin at Stomping Grounds. Shane then repeats what Sami said, and Sami calls him a genius. That sounds like every writer meeting with Vince right there.

Paul Heyman Talks: Heyman says he’s disturbed at the animosity between Rollins & Lesnar, He runs down their interactions recently, and is disgusted that the fans cheer for Rollins, calling him a thug. He now reuses to tell us when Brock’s cashing in, that’s good, false advertising is bad. He teases that Lesnar may be here or may be at Stomping Grounds. As usual, Heyman is really good here, but just comes off as killing time when Brock isn’t around.

– Truth and the geeks are still in the elevator. Truth has had a phone this entire time, but doesn’t have any bars as EC3 pulls out a fork and teases cannibalism.

– The IIconics have demanded top competition and brought in San Jose’s finest.

Champions The IIconics vs. Jenny & Jill Boots & Tights: Kay hits a big boot at the bell and follows with kicks. Royce tags in and the IIconics pose. Royce follows with knee strikes, and the double team knee strike finishes it. Champions The IIconics defeated Jenny & Jill Boots & Tights @ 1:15 via pin [NR] In a shocking turn of events, the IIconics actually won a match on TV.

Reigns comments on his loss to Shane at SaudiMania III, noting that Shane only won because of Drew. Reigns says he will kick ass and take names at Stomping Grounds.

Shane’s Celebration: Shane & Drew arrive. Shane says he’s seen a lot of special things in WWE, and Reigns was something special and a future gall of famer already. Shane puts over his list of accomplishments, which are impressive, but he didn’t beat Shane. He says Reigns gave his best, but he shouldn’t be ashamed that he lost to the best on the world. Drew helped Shane train and be ready to defeat Reigns, and Drew’s emotional support allowed Shane to win. Drew runs down San Jose, and says when Reigns loses, it turns heads. Drew promises to hurt and humiliate Reigns at Stomping Grounds before besting him. Shane now pops some champagne, and pours drinks for he and Drew. Shane drinks from his BITW trophy. Shane brings out the Revival, but says no drinkies for them unless they win the tag titles next.

– Ryder & Hawkins comment on tonight’s title defense, and say that their story isn’t over just yet.

Champions Ryder & Hawkins vs. The Usos vs. The Revival: Dawson and Ryder begin with Dawson taking control and tagging in Dash. Hawkins joins in and the champions clear out the Revival. Ryder and Jey work into some back and forth with Ryder hitting a flapjack. Hawkins tags in but the Revival take him to the floor and slam him to the barricade. Post break and Hawkins is trying to fight back, and but the Revival work quick tags, but Jimmy tags in and dumps them, follows with a dive. Back in and the high cross follows for 2. He lays in strikes, and the Samoan drop also gets 2. Hawkins tags himself backing, Ryder joins him and the double team neck breaker follows for 2. Jimmy counters the rough Ryder, Jey tags in and superkick follows. One for Hawkins and then one for Dash and Ryder as well. Jey hits the top rope splash but Dawson had blind tagged in and stole the pin. The Revival defeated Champions Ryder & Hawkins & The Usos @ 8:30 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good, with a fun closing stretch and the expected tag title change.

– Rollins comments on tonight’s match with Kevin Owens, and is ready for Sami as the special ref.

– The 24/7 geeks are still trapped in the elevator. Truth keeps calling Maverick Hornswoggle. The elevator opens and they all attack Truth until he escapes back into the elevator.

– Firefly Funhouse time. Mercy tried to eat Ramblin Rabbit and they fought. Bray threatens to get the fiend. Bray then kills Ramblin Rabbit with a giant mallet, making breakfast spread out of him, since he’s delicious.

Champion Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens: Sami Zayn is the special ringside referee. They lock up and work to the ropes. They work into counters, and Rollins cradles him for 2. The roll up follows, and Sami takes the ref and Kevin eventually kicks out and then attacks the ribs of Rollins. Rollins fires up Sami gets involved again, and Rollins takes things to the floor. Sami distracts Rollins, allowing Kevin to attack the ribs and hit a DDT on the floor. Post break and Rollins tries to fight back, but Kevin maintains control and mocks him while doing so. Rollins eventually fires up and hits sling blade, but Kevin cuts him off with a gut buster. He heads up top but the senton eats knees. Kevin then cuts off the suicide dive, and they trade superkicks and both men are down. Rollins up top, Sami in and causes the distraction and Kevin cradles him for 2. Rollins dumps him and hits a suicide dive, also hitting Sami. The blackout follows, but Sami pulls out the ref and they argue. Sami checks on Kevin, Rollins grabs him and Sami DQs him. Kevin Owens defeated Champion Seth Rollins @ 12:15 via DQ [*] This was a bunch of overbooked bullshit that ruined what could have been one of the few good things on the show.

– Post match, Rollins looks to beat down Sami, but Corbin arrives and beats down Rollins until Rollins fights him off with a chair. He hits Sami with the chair. He hits blackout to stand tall.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
This was your typical, lifeless edition of WWE Raw, filled with promos that largely say nothing, some build to the next major show, and nothing special in the ring happening. It was a show.