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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 7.08.19

July 8, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Paul Heyman wwe Raw 7-8-19
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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 7.08.19  

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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 7.08.19

Elimination Match: Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins defeated Andrade & Zelina Vega @ 14:20 via pin [***]
Two out of Three Falls Match: The Miz, & The Usos defeated Elias & The Revival @ 11:45 via (2-1) [***]
– Lashley defeated Rey Mysterio @ 0:55 via pin [NR]
– Cesaro defeated No Way Jose @ 1:10 via submission [NR]
– The Viking Raiders defeated Jimmy & Johnny Boots & Tights @ 1:20 via pin [NR]
Non-Title Match: Champion Ricochet defeated Luke Gallows @ 3:00 via pin [NR]
Non-Title Match: Champion Ricochet defeated Karl Anderson @ 4:30 via pin [**½]
Beat the Clock Match: Bayley defeated Sarah Logan @ 4:32 via pin [**½]
Beat the Clock Match: Nikki Cross defeated Dana Brooke @ 2:43 via pin [NR]
– Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre defeated Roman Reigns & Gary El Janitor @ 2:00 via pin [NR]

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Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins vs. Andrade & Zelina Vega: This is an elimination match, because wrestling during commercials is the devil. For the second week in a row, Raw starts with a match. Becky easily outwrestles Vega to begin, follows with strikes until Vega connects with a kick and DDT for 2. Vega follows with more kicks, she chokes her out and Becky fires back, hits a suplex and Andrade tags in. Rollins joins him and they lock up, working to the ropes and Andrade work into counters and works the arm. They trade arm drags, and work into a stand off. Rollins hits sling blade, dumps Andrade and follows wit a suicide dive and another as Becky tags in and suplexes Vega and the disarmher finishes Vega @ 5:10. Lacey arrives, and Becky attacks until Rollins pulls her off. Post break and Andrade works over Rollins, lays in chops and the sliding kick for 2. Andrade heads up top and gets cut off, but then knocks Rollins away but Rollins pops up, gets caught in the tree of WHOA and eats a double stomp for 2. Andrade now hits rolling suplexes until Rollins does the deal and counters into a falcon arrow for 2. Rollins follows with rights, the springboard knee strike and then covers for 2. Rollins heads up top and Andrade tosses him to the floor. RANA by Vega, Lynch takes her out, Andrade arrives and Becky saves Rollins and is down, allowing Andrade to attack. Back in and Andrade hits the double knees for 2. Becky takes out Vega, and Rollins hits the blackout for the win. Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins defeated Andrade & Zelina Vega @ 14:20 via pin [***] This was good stuff overall, with Rollins & Andrade being especially fun. I did hate how they were really heavy handed that the match could cause issues with Seth & Becky, and did a spot here to advance that. It just felt unneeded as they haven’t had any issues in their limited time on TV and felt like they were forcing an unnecessary narrative.

– Post match, Corbin attacks Rollins while Evans takes out Becky.

– Corbin & Evans gloat backstage about thier attack and claim they will be the new power couple and ruin Seth & Becky’s relationship.

Paul Heyman Talks: Guess what, he’s Paul Heyman and he’s Brock Lesnar’s advocate. He talks about Extreme Rules in Philly, two things he knows a lot about. He claims Brock will cash in on Sunday… and then basically says he’s fucking with Seth & Kofi, but only he and Brock know for sure.

– We get footage of last week’s Braun & Lashley near death angle. They face off in a last man standing match at Extreme Rules.

– Drew & Shane meet Tony the garbage man and offered to have him team with Reigns against them tonight.

Two out of Three Falls Match: The Miz, & The Usos vs. Elias & The Revival: Dawson grounds an Uso to begin, but I guess Jimmy cuts him off with arm drags until Elias tags in. He follows with strikes, a clothesline and more strikes. The slam follows as Dash tags in and things break down. Miz runs wild on Elias. Elias runs up the ramp and shatter machine gets a fall for the champions @ 3:05. Elias is still gone as the Revival takes control, isolating an Uso. Dawson grounds the action, Jimmy fights and sends him to the post. He fights off Dash and tags in Jey who runs wild on Dash. The Samoan clambake connects but Dash rolls through on the high cross for 2. Dawson tags in and lays in strikes and follows with a brainbuster for 2. Jey tags in Miz, and Miz hits Skull-crushing finale to even things up @ 11:00. The Usos follow with superkicks, dives and the big Uce finishes it. The Miz, & The Usos defeated Elias & The Revival @ 11:45 via (2-1) [***] This was good, the Revival & Usos working matches will always bring me joy, but unless Elias was hurt, his booking here was stupid.

– We get highlights of Drake Maverick’s 24/7 honeymoon; his wife is the MVP of these things.

– At the arena, Drake hides as his wife looks completely annoyed. Drake asks her to come in his crate so that they can fuck, but she rolls her eyes. He promises a better honeymoon following tonight’s show, she promises to get her fuck on with him then. Drake celebrates and the geeks arrive and chase away.

– Shane & Drew offer a drink salesman to be Reigns’ partner tonight.

– Rey says he beat doctor’s predictions, is back and is hungry. He issues an open challenge for tonight. Lashley arrives.

Rey Mysterio vs. Lashley: Rey attacks right away, using his speed and hitting and running with kicks. The DDT follows and then a 619. Lashley cuts him off and hits the spear for the win. Lashley defeated Rey Mysterio @ 0:55 via pin [NR] while great for Lashley, it was idiotic to hype Rey’s big return and destroy him in under a minute. I feet that it devalues Rey more than helps Lashley.

– Lashley beats on him post match and throws him onto a pile of referees. Lashley says last week, he was the only man standing, and will be the last one standing on Sunday.

– The Club walks. Charly interviews then and AJ says he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation.

Cesaro vs. No Way Jose: Jose attacks on the floor, back in and he follows with strikes. Cesaro cuts him off with uppercuts, just lighting Jose up and follows with a gut wrench suplex. The swing follows, and the sharpshooter finishes it. Cesaro defeated No Way Jose @ 1:10 via submission [NR] A fine squash for Cesaro.

– The Street Profits hype Extreme Rules. It was something.

– Commentary relives the Mike & Maria angle from last week. Mike gives Maria flowers backstage and apologizes. They love each other, but Maria loves ice cream and sends Mike to go and get some. He asks if she wants non-fat, which triggers Maria’s anger.

– Interview time for Nikki & Bayley. They will compete in a beat the clock challenge tonight, and the winner picks the stipulation between Bayley & Bliss at Extreme Rules. Nikki says that she’s nervous about tonight and has to win for Bliss. Bayley says that Nikki is being used by Bliss. Nikki says Bliss is right and that Bayley is just jealous. Bayley will face Sarah Logan and Nikki will face Dana Brooke. Bayley promises to beat the clock, and Nikki says she’s tougher than Dana and will do anything for Bliss and she will win.

– Truth & Carmella search for Drake. Truth says he needs his baby back, the geeks & drake run through and Truth runs the wrong way.

The Viking Raiders vs. Jimmy & Johnny Boots & Tights: Erik dominates at the bell, working both over and Ivar tags in and the powerbomb and top rope splash gets 2 as Ivar pulls him up. Erik hits a powerbomb/slam combo and Thor’s hammer finishes it. The Viking Raiders defeated Jimmy & Johnny Boots & Tights @ 1:20 via pin [NR] Death and destruction.

– The 24/7 geeks arrive and run away.

– Reigns in interviewed, and says he’s the one playing mind games with Shane & Drew.

– Ricochet cuts a promo about facing Styles and how he looked up to him, he beat him last week, but was beat down, He knows what’s about to happen tonight, and will have to fight all three of the Club. The Club arrives. AJ says they know who Ricochet is, and tells him to slow down and appreciate the moment before Gallows stomps a mud hole in him. AJ shows footage of last week’s angle and reunion.

Champion Ricochet vs. Luke Gallows: They brawl at the bell until Gallows hits a chokeslam for 2. He follows with strikes, but Ricochet fires back and then runs into a big boot. Gallows grounds things, following with strikes and head butts. Ricochet fires back, but Gallows decapitates him with a lariat. Ricochet then gets the sunset flip for the win. Champion Ricochet defeated Luke Gallows @ 3:00 via pin [NR] This was fine for what it was, which was to set up a gantlet scenario for Ricochet.

– AJ proposes Ricochet vs. Anderson next and Ricochet accepts. He should have said fuck off and went to dinner.

Champion Ricochet vs. Karl Anderson: Anderson attacks at the bell, but Ricochet fires back and hits the springboard clothesline for 2. AJ distracts him allowing Anderson to take control back. He grounds the action, but Ricochet fights back to his feet, and then runs into a spinebuster for 2. Anderson follows with strikes, but Ricochet cuts him off with an enziguri, AJ distracts him and Ricochet then wipes out Gallows with a dive and then the kick flip moonsault onto AJ. Ricochet posts Anderson and hits the corner dropkick and the 630 finishes it. Champion Ricochet defeated Karl Anderson @ 4:30 via pin [**½]

This was a solid match to add to the build for Styles vs. Ricochet on Sunday.

– Post match, AJ attacks and the Good Brothers lay out Ricochet with the magic killer. AJ then teases he clash off the second rope, and grabs the mic. He’s a good guy and will leave some of Ricochet left for Sunday as long as he stays down. Ricochet gets up and AJ levels him with the springboard forearm as the Good Brothers held him up.

– They hype Saturday’s EVOLVE anniversary show.

– Drake finally makes it back to his wife and still has the championship. Troth appears and chases him away.

– Shane & Drew find a limping janitor and want him for Reigns’ partner tonight. Shane offers him $5,000 and he accepts as Shane just tells him to go out there and stand there, doing nothing. Shane says they will get him a mask. Hmmmmmmmmm…

Bayley vs. Sarah Logan: Logan’s WWE Main Event work has finally paid off as she’s back on Raw. They lock up working to the mat and Bayley starts going for pins. The high cross follows for 2. Bayley hits a knee strike, but Logan hits a pop up head butt, sending Bayley to the floor. Back in and Logan hits John Wooo and covers for 2. Bayley fires back, tackles her and follows with strikes. Logan hits a dropkick, covering for 2. The inverted cloverleaf follows, but Bayley makes the ropes. The crowd loses interest, chanting CM PUNK. Bayley battles back, hits clothesline and Logan then cuts her off with a clothesline and covers for 2. Bayley fires back, hits the sunset bomb into the buckles and wins. Bayley defeated Sarah Logan @ 4:32 via pin [**½] This was solid, with Logan working really hard in her rare time on TV.

Nikki Cross vs. Dana Brooke: Brooke bails to the floor and stalls, high-fiving Bayley. Nikki chases, but Brooke then tosses her to the floor. Nikki battles back and they trade cradles. Nikki follows with rights, kicks, and Brooke then cuts her off. The swanton misses, and Nikki then goes for a backslide but Brooke cradles her for 2. The purge finishes it, Nikki Cross defeated Dana Brooke @ 2:43 via pin [NR] It was what it needed to be.

– Nikki tells Bayley that Bayley doesn’t know what a real friendship is, but she will show her at Extreme Rules because the stipulation for Bayley vs. Bliss on Sunday will be a 2 on 1 handicap match. Nikki will help Alexa win the title and tells Bayley to go and find a friend (the set up for Sasha’s return?) to slap some sense into her. Bayley slaps Nikki and hits Bayley to belly. She follows with the top rope elbow drop.

– Mike brings Maria ice cream and pickles, but she says she can’t eat them because it’ll make her fat. She then says she’s not sure that he’s the one that got her pregnant. Hopefully they can book Maury Povich for this angle.

– Corey Graves interviews Seth & Becky. He asks about their personal relationship, and if they lose the title for the other. Becky calls Corey an Emo pretending to be a proper journalist and says they will win and those dopes will get no more chances. Seth adds, “what she said.”

– The Street Profits randomly hype Extreme Rules again; good work if you can get it.

– Shane demands a better intro from Greg Hamilton and sorta gets it. Drew promises to beat respect into Reigns tonight and on Sunday. Shane then reveals that Reigns’ partner is Gary El Janitor.

Roman Reigns & Gary El Janitor vs. Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre: Reigns runs wild on Drew to begin, but Drew counters the superman punch and hits a head butt. Drew posts Reigns and Drew slams El Janitor into he ring. Shane tags in and El Janitor hits an enziguri and springboard clothesline, the back handspring kick follows. CEDY LIVE BABY! The tope follows and then Drew takes him out with a claymore. And Shane pins El Janitor. Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre defeated Roman Reigns & Gary El Janitor @ 2:00 via pin [NR] This was a fine go home angle for Sunday’s match, and was cool to see Cedric get some shine… until he got destroyed and pinned by fucking Shane.

– Reigns runs off Shane & drew and then Cedric unmasks, like the plan worked all along, but it failed and Roman exposed his little buddy as a failure. Roman is a shitty friend.

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The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
Raw is still a work in progress, but like last week, started off with some promise and an actual match. They did some solid build for Extreme Rules, but the show was bogged down by the Mike & Maria bullshit, the odd segments with the Street Profits, and just an oddly done main event segment where the faces looked like idiots.