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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 8.12.19

August 12, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Sasha Banks WWE Raw
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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 8.12.19  

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Csonka’s WWE Raw Reunion Review 8.12.19

– Samoa Joe defeated Sami Zayn @ 0:45 via submission [NR]
– The Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler @ 3:50 via submission [**½]
– Ricochet defeated Elias @ 3:35 via pin []
Two Out of Three Falls Match: Andrade defeated Rey Mysterio @ 5:35 via 2-0 [***]
– Drew McIntyre defeated Cedric Alexander @ 8:45 via pin [***½]
– Robert Roode defeated No Way Jose @ 1:20 via pin [NR]
– The Viking Raiders defeated Jimmy & Johnny Kickpads @ 1:30 via pin [NR]
WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Match: Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross defeated The Kabuki Warriors @ 8:45 via pin [**½]
Non-Title Champion vs. Champion Match: Seth Rollins defeated AJ Styles @ 9:20 via DQ [**½]

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Seth Rollins Talks: Seth says he didn’t know if he had enough to beat Brock, because Brock is a beast. He came into that match not at 100%, but emptied the tank and the fans came alive for him and he went to a place he’d never been, a place they could only go together and he knew he had what it took to slay the beast. He’s Seth Freakin Rollins and is the Universal Champion. The OC arrives and congratulate Seth on his win, but Seth now has to worry about AJ. AJ has a lot to prove and challenges Seth to a match to prove that he’s the better champion. Seth used to respect AJ, but not anymore, and accepts. They shake hands and AJ tells Seth he better be scared. A fine babyface promo after his big win for Seth, and I am down for the match tonight.

– The Street Profits do their thing backstage, Dawkins is dehydrated from the Summerslam after party. Sami interrupts and tells them how shitty WWE really is and that it will suck their soul from them. They set him up to talk shit about Joe, who is standing behind him, and Joe will give him an opportunity to say his peace in the ring and calls him Kevin Owens’ water boy.

– The King of the Ring tournament returns on next week’s Raw.

– We get highlights from the recent near death experiences of Roman Reigns.

Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn: Sami attacks at the bell, but Joe quickly cuts him off with head butts and chokes him out. Samoa Joe defeated Sami Zayn @ 0:45 via submission [NR] This was awesome for Joe, but Sami is just such a wasted guy these days, one they care nothing about.

– Joe forgives Reigns following false accusations, but refuses to forgive the fans.

– Dolph arrives, not dressed to compete. He’s met with Goldberg chants, and calls Miz a coward and says he hopes he’s happy. Miz didn’t have a chance against him and came up with a master plan to take him out. He’s not medically cleared to compete and Miz screwed Miz. Too damn bad for you… but he then attacks Miz and beats him down.

Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz: JIP as Miz cuts off Dolph with a knee strike. They trade strikes, Miz takes control and follows with more knees. The charging knees follow, and then the clothesline. Miz up top and follows with the double sledge. Miz follows with kicks, but Dolph then cradles him an avoids the charge as Miz post himself. The zigzag follows for 2. Miz counters the superkick and locks on the figure four. Dolph fights and rolls the hold but Miz gets it back and Dolph taps. The Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler @ 3:50 via submission [**½] This was solid and a nice win for Miz.

– Dolph talks shit post match like at Summerslam so Miz hits the skull-crushing finale.

– Becky gets promo time. Becky is here to give Natalya respect, but is coming for all that did her wrong. Get me before I get you; game on.

– Elias talks about getting speared by Edge and Summerslam. He knows someone will interrupt and calls them out, but no one comes out. Ricochet then arrives. Ricochet says people interrupt him because he sucks. Elias will embarrass him tonight.

Ricochet vs. Elias: Ricochet hits a head scissor and dropkick for 2. He follows with elbows but Elias fires back and beats him down. The backdrop follows for 2. Elias grounds things, but Ricochet works back to his feet but Elias maintains control. Ricochet fires back, hits John Woooooo and follows with strikes. They blow a head scissors spot and Ricochet hits an enziguri. The suicide dive then misses. Elias grab a guitar and the ref stops him allowing Ricochet to hit a superkick. The sunset flip follows for the win. Ricochet defeated Elias @ 3:35 via pin [*½] This was short and sloppy and not a great rebound win for Ricochet.

Two Out of Three Falls Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade: Vega is at ringside. Andrade attacks at the bell, but Rey hits a RANA and Vega trips him up and Andrade cradles him for the pin with Vega’s help @ 0:30. they pick up he pace, Rey hits a head scissors but Andrade cuts him off up top and then they trade strikes and Rey follows with an enziguri and then RANAs him from the apron and to the floor. Back in and the splash follows for 2. They work into counters and Andrade hits the back elbow for 2. Andrade follows with strikes and kicks, but misses the double knees. Rey follows with strikes and then a destroyer for 2. The 619 misses and Andrade cradles him for 2. Rey hits an enziguri, the 619 follows and Rey heads up top and the frog splash eats knees and Andrade hits the hammerlock DDT for the win. Andrade defeated Rey Mysterio @ 5:35 via 2-0 [***] This was a good little sprint and great win for Andrade. Now they just have to follow up on it… like a possible KOTR win next week.

– Cole interviews Steve Austin via Skype. Austin puts over Seth’s Summerslam performance. Cole then hypes Austin’s new show that debuts after tonight’s Raw.

– A disappointed Rey walks backstage, and is interviewed by Charly. He’s never lost two falls in a row like that and isn’t sure where he’s going from here.

– The Street Profits are back and Dawkins is asleep.

– Drew promises to end Cedric’s fairytale tonight. “I am going to take my boot, I’m going to cave his skull in, and then, his little fairytale will be over.”

Drew McIntyre vs. Cedric Alexander: Both men will be part of the KOTR tournament next week. Alexander attacks with a dropkick at the bell, they trade strikes and Alexander dumps him. He follows with a tope, and back in, hits a missile dropkick for 2. Drew fires back, and follows with a razor’s edge to the buckles, and that gets 2. He follows with chops, and then works a head and arm choke. Alexander fights to his feet, but Drew follows with a big boot and overhead toss for 2. Drew grounds things again, lays in clubbing strikes but Alexander follows with the back handspring kick. The enziguri and tornado DDT follows for 2. They work up top, Alexander is cut off as Drew follows with an avalanche catatonic for 2. Drew dumps him and follows with chops. Alexander counters back and posts him and then hits the lumbar check on the floor. Alexander beats the count, but the suicide dive is caught and he’s suplexed onto the ramp. Back in and Drew looks for the claymore, but Alexander collapses. Drew picks him up and Alexander cradles him for 2. Drew heads up top and Alexander hits the Spanish fly for 2. Drew fights off the lumbar check, but Alexander counters the inverted Alabama slam into a victory roll for 2. Drew then takes his soul with the claymore for the win. Drew McIntyre defeated Cedric Alexander @ 8:45 via pin [***½] This was really good, Alexander lost but looked great and got to shine in defeat.

Robert Roode vs. No Way Jose: They lock up with Roode laying in chops and strikes. He then lays the boots to Jose, but Jose fires back and then runs into the spinebuster. The DDT finishes it. Robert Roode defeated No Way Jose @ 1:20 via pin [NR] A fine squash.

– Charly interviews Paul Heyman. Heyman is in a mood and is pissed because Brock doesn’t get a rematch. He just leaves.

The Revival vs. Lucha House Party: The Revival take control right away, working over Dorado and picking up near falls.. Truth is chased by the 24/7 geeks leading to the match being stopped. The Revival hit the Hart attack and pin Truth. Kalisto hits salida del sol and Carmella helps Truth win back the title. Truth and Carmella run away. Truth sneaks back into the arena and then heads backstage under the tron. He claims he’s the 72 time 7/11 European TV champion. Elias lays him out with the guitar and wins the title.

– Here is the latest on the attempted murders on Roman Reigns. They run down the entire saga. Reigns will face Buddy Murphy (who Rowan attacked at Summerslam after Buddy implicated him in the attempted murders) on Smackdown tomorrow.

– Natalya arrives with her arm in a sling. She fought hard, but Becky outwrestled her and she tapped out. She has a dislocated elbow and needs an MRI. She takes nothing back but will face Becky once again. She says her dad spoke with her in her dreams and told her she was proud. SASHA BANKS RETURNS and hugs Natalya and then lays her out. She attacks the injured arm and dumps Natalya and then slams her to the steps to “thank you Sasha” chants. Back in and Banks lays the boots to her until Becky makes the save. They brawl to the floor and Banks takes control and then lays in chair shots on Becky. Banks slaps her around and slam her to the steps; great return angle for Banks here.

The Viking Raiders vs. Jimmy & Johnny Kickpads: Ivar runs wild at the bell, Erik tags in and just rag dolls fools. Ivar join back in and double teams follow. Thor’s hammer finishes it. The Viking Raiders defeated Jimmy & Johnny Kickpads @ 1:30 via pin [NR] Your weekly Viking raiders destruction match.

Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. The Kabuki Warriors: No Paige at ringside as she’s off having another surgery. Bliss and Sane begin, with Sane hitting a running cross body as Asuka follows with kicks and they then work double teams. The challengers take control and Asuka covers for 2. Post break and Nikki is in control, working over Sane and grounding the action. Sane hit a jawbreaker, and rolls for the tag as Asuka runs wild with kicks and a knee strike. The German follows and Bliss blind tags in and cuts of Asuka with a DDT for 2. Nikki back in and Asuka fights them off, and tags in Sane. The Alabama slam connects and she heads up top follows wit ha high cross to the floor. Back in and the insane elbow connects for 2 as Bliss makes the save. She sends Asuka spill to the floor and Bliss posts her, and Nikki hits the purge and Bliss finishes with twisted bliss for the win. Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross defeated The Kabuki Warriors @ 8:45 via pin [**½] This was solid, and it’s nice to see the tag titles get some attention.

AJ Styles vs. Seth Rollins: The Good Brothers are at ringside. Styles looks to attack the ribs, but Seth fires back and take early control and traps Styles in the tree of WHOA. The dropkick follows, but Styles fires back and attacks the ribs. Seth hits the superkick, Styles is pulled to the floor and Seth follows with a suicide dive but Styles cuts him off. Post break and Styles continues to attack the ribs and covers for 2. They work to the apron and Styles teases the clash but Seth escapes and trips him up. Back in and Styles unloads with a flurry of strikes and kicks, but Seth hits sling blade. He does the deal with a falcon arrow for 2. They work up top and Seth looks for a superplex, gets cut off but Seth hits he superkick as the Good Brothers get involved and send Seth to the mat. The ref tosses them to the back, they work into counters and the Good Brothers attack for the DQ. Seth Rollins defeated AJ Styles @ 9:20 via DQ [**½] This was a solid match designed to protect both champions and to give Seth & Ricochet allies moving forward.

– Ricochet arrives to make the save but gets cut off. BRAUN then arrives and saves Seth. He cleans house and powerslams Styles. He hits another and stands tall. Braun hands Seth the title and they shake hands.

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Tonight’s Raw was a solid overall show, with some good wrestling, the KOTR announcement, some new allies, and the big return of Sasha Banks to set up a program with Becky Lynch.