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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 9.12.16

September 12, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 9.12.16  

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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 9.12.16

#1 Contender’s Match: Sasha Banks defeated Bayley and Dana Brooke @ 12:38 via pin [**¾]
– Bo Dallas defeated Brandon Scott @ 1:13 via pin [NR]
Best of Seven Series: Cesaro [2] defeated Sheamus [3] @ 10:13 via pin [***½]
– Nia Jax defeated Alicia Fox @ 2:00 via kicking all of that ass [NR]
Non-Title Match: Anderson and Gallows defeated Champions Xavier Woods and Kofi @ 10:05 via pin [**¾]
– Jinder Mahal defeated Jack Swagger @ 3:18 via [*]
– Epico defeated Enzo @ 3:22 via pin [*]
Non-Title Match: WWE Champion Kevin Owens defeated Roman Reigns @ 13:15 via DQ [**½]
Non-Title Match: WWE Champion Kevin Owens defeated Roman Reigns @ 8:17 via pin [***¾]

– So WWE announced this before Raw…

– And then they announced this…

 photo VINCE_zpsr2q1et0h.png

– Optimus Prime introduces the last week in Raw video.

Mick Foley Talks: Mick Foley makes his way to the ring, and claims that things are about to heat up with Clash of Champions. He put over Backlash, but feels that they have the best women’s wrestling on Raw. He then brings out Charlotte, and Dana Brooke is with her. We also got replays of Sasha taking out Brooke last week and promising to come back for her title. Charlotte says she has something to say, and feels she is owed an apology. Brooke thought that Charlotte was going to apologize to her, but Charlotte says that Brooke owes her an apology. Charlotte said that if Brooke did not apologize their partnership was over. She half assed apologized, and as Mick was about to discuss Clash of Champions, Sasha Banks arrived. Banks says she is the face of the division and the boss of he WWE; she promises to take the title back at Clash of Champions. After an awkward pause, Bayley arrives. Bayley says that she’d love to see Sasha get her title match, but she beat Charlotte last week and she feels she deserves the title shot. Charlotte laughed at her, and Sasha says that they go way back, but she has no friends when it comes to the title. Charlotte and Sasha got pissy and Sasha threw her coat at her Charlotte says Sasha doesn’t call the shots, but Mick says that Charlotte doesn’t either, because he does. Charlotte tried to cause a rift between Bayley and Sasha, and Brooke says that Sasha and Bayley should face off for the right to face Charlotte and suggests a best of seven, Charlotte then tells her to shut up or she’ll get slapped. Mick books Sasha vs. Bayley and the winner gets the title shot at Clash of Champions. Charlotte yells at Brooke, who slaps Charlotte. So Mick adds Brooke to the match as well and that will start the show. Charlotte and Dana continuing their constant teases of a split is tired. The segment went too long, felt sloppy, and just not all that well done. Between the awkward pauses, Banks stumbling over her words, forcing Bayley to be an oversimplification of her NXT character and Charlotte’s constant need to speak so loudly, I had trouble getting into it.

– Charlotte has joined commentary.

#1 Contender’s Match: Sasha Banks vs. Bayley vs. Dana Brooke: Brooke sent Bayley to the floor and worked over Banks. Banks fought back and worked over Brooke in the corner and slapped her. Brooke sent Banks to the floor, but Bayley returned and took control. She hit the corner clothesline and got a near fall. Sliding clothesline by Bayley and then the knee drop followed, and Bayley covered for 2. Bayley continued control as Banks took a nap on the floor. Bayley worked the arm, and hen Banks woke up and pulled Brooke to the floor. Bayley and banks faced off as we went to the commercial. Post break, Brooke was working over Bayley. During the break, Brooke attacked Banks on the floor so Banks could take another nap. Bayley fought back, but Banks finally returned and got a sunset flip for 2. She and Brooke traded strikes, and then Banks set up Brooke and Bayley in the corner and hit her corner knees on Brooke as Bayley rolled out of the way. She got a high cross for 2 as Brooke made the save. Brooke hit clotheslines to both, and then worked ground strikes on Banks. She then worked over Bayley, set her up top and we got a tower of doom spot. Banks got the near fall on Brooke. Banks fired up and worked over Brooke, kicking her in the head and then getting the Banks statement. Bayley broke it up, Bayley to belly on Broke, but Banks ran in and cradles Bayley for the win. Technically Banks’ shoulders were down as well, which commentary did not mention. The first half of the match was really flat, but they did a better job after the break. Overall this was pretty good, but I feel that it was a bad choice to have Bayley lose already, that’s why Dana Brooke was there.

– We see that Cesaro beat Sheamus at a live event last week, so the series is 3-1 in favor of Sheamus. They face off later tonight.

– Dana Brooke walks backstage, sulking a bit. She runs into Charlotte and apologizes, so Charlotte yells at her to grab her bags. She does, because they are going to continue teasing this break up forever.

– The Shining Stars try to get R-Truth to invest in a time-share. They say if he makes the one time payment that he can even bring little Jimmy. Goldust takes Truth away. Cass is now there along with Enzo. They discuss that the Stars beat them last week, and Enzo says that they grabbed the tights. Enzo will face one of them (Epico?) tonight.

– Kevin Owens is there to mess with Tyler Phillips. Owens says Rollins is jealous because Triple H realized that he was better and that Reigns doesn’t belong in the same ring as him. He also says that Foley is jealous of Triple H because he was never on his level. Tonight he beats Reigns and he will leave Clash of Champions with the title. As Owens leaves, Jericho arrives and says that Foley pulled Owens from the Highlight Reel, so tonight he will have Sami Zayn on the show. Jericho then says that Zayn is a stupid idi… IT.

– Bo Dallas did a little poem before the match. He is the only one that can believe.

Bo Dallas vs. Brandon Scott: Dallas was very aggressive this week, Scott got in a bit when Dallas got too aggressive, but he quickly took back control and hit a series of back breakers. Cross Rhodes finished it. This was another fine squash as they try to reboot Dallas.

Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel With Sami Zayn: Jericho is upset that his best friend Kevin Owens can’t be on the show tonight. You can’t replace Owens, so you have to just go to the bottom, so Sami Zayn is his guest. Sami thanked Jericho for his “great” introduction, and Jericho said that he understands why Owens dropped him as his best friend. Jericho wants to know what Sami did to ruin his friendship with Owens, because it can’t possibly he Owens’ fault. Sami says the only thing he cares about is the Universal title, which he will hold one day. He then called Jericho a stupid idiot. Jericho said that Sami was like all of the fans, rude, condescending and a taker, but he is a giver. He as about to reveal that he gave the gift of Jericho, but Sami says that the gift of Jericho sucks, and promises that Owens will turn on Jericho, because he only cares about himself. Sami questions if there is any of the real Chris Jericho left, he and Owens got into wrestling because of the guys like Jericho, Malenko and Guerrero. Sami praises Jericho for his accomplishments, but says now he is nothing more than Owens’ bitch. Jericho says he has a text from Owens, but then hit Sami with the phone and the code breaker. Wrong number Sami. Jericho stood tall. It started slowly, but I felt they delivered a good segment here. Both guys need something to so and the relationships they have with Owens is an easy tool to play off of.

– We see house show footage (something that needs to be done more to make those events feel important) of Cesaro winning his match last week to avoid the sweep. Sheamus then did a pre-tape, noting that he’s been dominant and consistent, and will finish Cesaro.

Best of Seven Series: Sheamus [3] vs. Cesaro [1]: Sheamus tried to attack the back early, as Cesaro is still taped up and nursing injuries. Sheamus landed some corner should blocks, but Cesaro fired back with an uppercut and looked for the sharp shooter, but Sheamus escaped to the floor. Cesaro then hit the seated senton to the floor and then lit up Sheamus with another uppercut. Cesaro then got a near fall as they went to the commercial break. Post break, and Sheamus was working a back breaker. Cesaro managed to escape but ran into a knee strike, which stopped him in his tracks. Sheamus continued to work the lower back with kidney strikes; Cesaro slammed Sheamus to the corner, went up top and was cut off. Cesaro shoved him off the ropes and then hit a high cross for a near fall. They then traded strikes, beating the hell out of each other. Cesaro fired up with the uppercuts, but Sheamus hit a Finlay roll for a near fall. Cesaro countered the cloverleaf, and then hit the springboard uppercut for a near fall. Sheamus fought off the neutralizer, but Cesaro then rolled into the sharpshooter and Sheamus managed to get the ropes. Cesaro got the swing for a bit, but then had t let go and Sheamus got the back breaker for a near fall. Cesaro escaped the Celtic cross and gets a roll up WITH THE ROPES to pick up the win. I absolutely love the fact that Cesaro was so desperate to win that he resorted to cheating. This was a great match, showing a better sense of urgency from both guys, playing off of their established stuff better and again I love that finish.

– Rollins met with Foley backstage. Rollins wants to know why Reigns gets a shot to get into his title match. Foley says that Reigns was also wronged and that it was the fair thing to do. Rollins says that he wants no distractions so that he can get his title back. Rollins threatens to go to Stephanie, and Foley says she has nothing to do with Triple H’s actions. Rollins doesn’t buy this and claims that Foley is in Stephanie’s pocket. Foley gets pissed that Rollins would question his integrity, and tells Rollins not to get involved in the main event. Rollins says if Foley continues to back Stephanie, he’s just a fool. Good segment as they continue to tease that Stephanie did know about Triple H and that Foley is getting played.

– Jericho vs. Zayn is official for Clash of Champions.

Nia Jax vs. Alicia Fox: Last week, Nia Jax defeated Alicia Fox’s friend. Fox lost her shit backstage to set up Jax’s first real main roster challenge. Jax controlled at the bell, sending Fox to the floor. On the floor Fox hit a big boot and tried to work her over, but she got slammed to the post and then the barricade repeatedly. Jax even yelled, “ DO YOU WANT TO GET CRAZY” as she slammed her into the barricade. Jax then speared Fox through the barricade. And that’s that, Jax wins because she kicked all of that ass. That was really good as far as putting Jax over as a monster goes; they’ve handled her well so far.

– Medical personnel are making sure that Alicia Fox is not dead.

NEW DAY TALKS: New Day served BootyOs to fans, out of Big E’s boots. They were his boots because he came to the ring in just his socks. New Day is mad at Doc and Karl because entertainments their thing and they tried it last week. “Don’t touch our thing” says Woods. They burned the Old Day footage, which is for the best. Doc and Karl wasted 5:37 of the fans time last week, and you could have done so much in that time. So they apologize for the segment last week and say it will never happen again as long as they are the WWE tag team champions. Doc and Karl arrive and mock New Day for pandering to a stupid crowd, and then say that they will rip off their unicorn horns and take the titles at the Clash. Man, I appreciate them burying the horrible segment, but this feud has really diminished by enjoyment of the New Day. It feels the same every week since they have been locked into this horribly booked feud. And, before the tag title match, we get to see the match here. Why? Because they have killed this feud through poor booking, and have no idea how to get to the PPV without doing this match is the likely answer.

 photo Vince fuck you_zpskcit0gta.jpg

– Oh come on it’s funny!

Non-Title Match: Anderson and Gallows vs. Xavier Woods and Kofi: Kofi and Woods controlled early, keeping the pacing fast and also using good double teams. Gallows tagged in, Kofi almost slipper as he hit a high cross for near fall. Gallows tossed him to the floor, allowing Anderson to lay the boots to him. Gallows and Anderson worked the heat, working a no nonsense section as they isolated Kofi and were more vicious with the attack. They sent Kofi to the floor again, doing a count out tease. Kofi made it back in, but Gallows and Anderson kept control and worked over Kofi in their corner. I appreciate the straightforward approach here. Gallows finally missed the elbow off the second rope and Woods got the hot tag. He ran wild on Anderson, scored with the honor roll and picked up the near fall. Anderson tried to fight back, as he and Woods traded strikes center ring. Woods hit the DDT, went up top and hit the rope walk elbow drop, but Gallows made the save, Kofi returns, it breaks down and the boot of doom, followed by the magic killer finished Woods off. I was not the biggest fan of them doing the match here tonight, but with that being said I appreciate the change in the presentation of Anderson and Gallows. The comedy bullshit was not working at all, so this was a reset. Between the match, which was pretty good, and the promo bashing the shit segment, they certainly tried to fix the issues here this week.

– They hype Wednesday’s Cruiserweight Classic Finale, and the debut of the cruiserweight on Raw next week.

– Jinder Mahal arrived and is billed as the man of peace. He left WWE because he felt anger and rage. He has let that all go, and found inner peace. He wants to share the gift of peace, and is getting the “what” treatment from the crowd. Jack Swagger, who apparently still has a job, then arrives. They intentionally played Mahal hard and the foreigner, not speaking English the whole time in hopes that Swagger would get a huge reaction. Didn’t really happen.

Jack Swagger vs. Jinder Mahal: Mahal faked being nice to Swagger, and attacked and worked him over in the ropes. They worked to the floor for a bit, Swagger tried to fight back but when they got in the ring Mahal kept control. Mahal is working a completely boring heat segment and no one really cares that is there live. Swagger made the come back as one dude yelled out “WE THE PEOPLE.” Mahal countered the Vader corner bomb, hit a neck breaker and won. This was not good at all; no heat, uninspired work and it didn’t connect with anyone. Also, if I am Jack Swagger, I am reassessing my career choices.

– Phillips tied to interview Swagger and says that his contract expires soon. Swagger breathed heavily and walked away.

– Enzo and Cass made their way to the ring. He’s not afraid of Epico, promises to give him a dirt nap, where Epico will soil his pants

Enzo w/Cass vs. Epico w/Primo: Enzo had control for a few seconds, and then as the ref broke them up, Epico pulled him to the ropes and took control. Epico hit his trio of suplexes, and that got 2. Enzo escaped a suplex, but then got rolled up, Epico had the tights, but Enzo kicked out. Enzo fired up, landed right and then hit the DDT. He went up top, Primo distracted him and Cass then laid out Primo. Epico hit him with a suicide dive, and Enzo then dove off the top onto Epico. Enzo tried to suplex Epico back into the ring, but Primo pulled a Heenan, picking the leg and holding onto the foot to allow them to score the win. This was another bad match, the only difference in this one was the fact that the crowd cared about Enzo and made noise. Enzo is such an awkward wrestler, which has its charm art times and can be hidden in a tag, but he is horribly exposed as a singles worker

– Rollins and Owens talk backstage. Rollins hopes that Owens wins tonight, so they can go one on one and he can rip Triple H’s golden boy to pieces. Owens then says he figured Rollins wanted Reigns in the match so that Reigns can do all the work so that Rollins can swoop in and take the title. Owens runs down all of the help that Rollins has needed over the years, and says that Rollins is jealous that he is no longer Triple H’s guy. He also reiterated that Rollins has been a complete failure since his return. Owens then said that Rollins has been rebuilt, redesigned and replaced. Foley arrived, broke up the party, and warned Rollins not to get involved in the match.

Non-Title Match: WWE Champion Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns: If Roman Reigns wins tonight, he gets added to the Owens vs. Rollins match at the Clash. Owens powdered to the floor right away, Reigns followed and worked him over on the floor. Back in and Owens attacked the ribs and took control back, talking shit to Reigns about Reigns thinking he’s the guy. Back to the floor they go, with Reigns whipping Owens to the barricade. Back in the ring and Owens started to fight back again, hitting a lariat and then the running senton for 2. Owens grounded Reigns, working the chinlock; Reigns was able to power out and connect with the belly to back suplex and then hit a series of clotheslines. Reigns was fired up and went for the Superman punch, but Owens bailed out the floor. Reigns followed, but Owens was ready for him, hitting a superkick and posting him to take us to the break. Post break, Owens again had the heat and worked the chinlock. Reigns slowly made a comeback, but just as he got going, Owens sidestepped him and Reigns posted himself. Owens was in control and then Seth Rollins arrived and attacked for the DQ. This part of the match was completely average, and it felt that they were stalling to get to the DQ. It wasn’t bad, didn’t do much to make me care.,

– Rollins beat on Owens until referees arrived to break it up. Foley flipped out at Rollins and then restarted the match.

Non-Title Match: WWE Champion Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns: So same stipulations I suppose. Owens worked over Reigns and yelled that this was on Foley. He and Reigns went back and forth, and then Reigns turned Owens inside out with a lariat. Reigns with the corner lariats followed, he set Owens up top and they battled for position, Owens bit Reigns, but Reigns went back up top, but Owens was the one that hit the fisherman’s suplex off the ropes and got a near fall. Frog splash by Owens followed and that was only good for 2. Owens yelled at Reigns to stay down, but Reigns fired back with rights, but Owens hit a superkick and after mocking Reigns missed the cannonball. Owens countered the spear, but Reigns hit the Superman punch for the near fall. They brawled to the floor, Reigns hit the drive by. Back in the ring, Owens hit the superkick and then two cannonballs. Reigns countered the pop up power bomb and then did the one armed sitout powerbomb for the near fall. Rusev returned, ate a Superman punch, but the distraction allowed Owens to hit the pop up powerbomb to score the win and keep the Clash match as a singles. It also gets us back to Reigns vs. Rusev. This second match, which was worked almost like a G1 sprint, was words more interesting and I loved it because both guys went from going through the motions to fighting with everything they had. It also locked us into our world title match as well as our US Title match.

– Post match, Rusev beat down Reigns as Lana looked in approvingly Rusev then locked in the accolade. Rusev stood tall to close the show.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Mama says these my magic shoes. Mama said they would take me anywhere…”

The final score: review Average
The 411
This was a roller coaster of a show quality wise. Hour one wasn’t bad, mostly average and fine, but nothing to make you feel as if you need to keep watching the show. Hour two was VERY strong, with the Highlight Reel coming off well, the quality Sheamus vs. Cesaro match, the awesome squash by Nia Jax where she killed a woman and the rehabilitation of Anderson and Gallows, which was needed. Hour three then started off poorly like last week, but the overall package with Owens, Reigns, Rollins and Rusev pulled it back together. Overall a better show than last week with ease, it still has its issues, but they did a good job of locking in the Clash of Champions matches. I am not sure if the Cruiserweights are the answer, but they have to be better than the stuff we’ve been getting the last few weeks in hour three.

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