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Csonka’s WWE Smackdown Review 2.14.20

February 14, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s WWE Smackdown Review 2.14.20  

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Csonka’s WWE Smackdown Review 2.14.20

Smackdown Women’s Title Match Champion Bayley vs. Carmella @ 14:18 via pin [***]
– Sheamus defeated Apollo Crews & Chad Gable @ 3:35 via pin [**]
– Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan defeated The Miz & John Morrison @ 13:45 via pin [***]

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A Moment of Bliss: Alexa & Nikki arrive and welcome us to the show. They talk celebrity crushes and Nikki says Alexa love Brad Pitt and Alexa agrees. Carmella is the guest tonight. Alexa congratulates her on the win last week, and Carmella says she loves surprises and plans to win the title tonight. Mella is money. Alexa asks about the recent drama on social media and their past friendship. Carmella says Banks changed Bayley, and is hurt she lost the friendship. Bayley arrives and says that’s enough. All the sheep are riled up, she’s always pitied Carmella ad tried to take her under her wing. She calls Carmella a loser and mocks Alexa & Nikki. Nobody can touch her, Carmella says lets do this right now.

Champion Bayley vs. Carmella: They lockup and work to the ropes. Bayley hits a back elbow and shoulder tackle. Carmella fires back, ad grounds things. Bayley fights to her feet and makes the ropes. Carmella grounds her again, Bayley makes the ropes and follows with strikes. Bayley talks shit and Carmella fires back and the dropkick gets 2. Bayley cuts her off and covers for 2. She works her over in the corner, and hits a Saito suplex. Bayley up top and misses the high cross. Superkick by Carmella and that gets 2. The head scissors follows as Bayley powders. Carmella follows wit a suicide dive. Back in and Carmella up top and the high cross gets 2. Bayley then cuts her off on the floor. Post break and Bayley has things grounded. Carmella fights out and fires up. She follows with kicks and clotheslines. She follows with a RANA and the broncobuster. Carmella maintains control until Bayley to belly connects for 2. Bayley argues with the ref and misses the knee strike, gets dumped and stuns Carmella off the ropes. Carmella cuts her off and they work up top. The avalanche RANA follows for 2. She follows with cradles for near falls, superkick by Carmella and Bayley powders to the floor. She follows her out and gets posted. Back in and Carmella gets the code of silence, but Bayley counters out and pins her using the ropes to retain. Champion Bayley vs. Carmella @ 14:18 via pin [***] This was a good opener with Bayley stealing the win to retain.

– Bayley lays out Carmella post match, Naomi arrives and she and Carmella take out Bayley.

– King Corbin has been fined and banned from tonight’s show.

– Backstage, a pissed off Bayley says there was no controversy, she won. She will defend at Super Showdown against anyone and no one can touch her.

– They talk about Lacey Evans and tell a story about her on the day of the Rumble. She out a fan letter in her boot as she carries them as a motivational tool. She returns next week for an interview.

– Otis prepares for his date with Mandy and texts with her. Tucker calms him down as Otis wonders if Mandy loves him.

Sheamus vs. Apollo Crews & Chad Gable: They attack Sheamus right away as Gable takes control with rolling Liger kicks. Crews in and he follows with a dropkick. He and Gable work quick tags and double teas until Sheamus takes down Gable. He follows with the clubbing strikes in the ropes, Gable fires back and Sheamus fights him off. Crews in and Gable blind tags in and takes Sheamus to the floor. Moonsault by Crews and backing, Gable hits a missile dropkick. Crews hits the standing shooting star press for 2. Sheamus posts him, dumps Gable and the brogue kick finishes it. Sheamus defeated Apollo Crews & Chad Gable @ 3:35 via pin [**] Ok then.

– Carmella demands a rematch with Bayley.

– They hype Goldberg vs. The Fiend at SaudiMania.

– Hulk Hogan joins us via satellite. Let me tell you something brother. Hogan is hyped about becoming a two-time hall of famer this year. They ask him about Goldberg vs. the Fiend and Hogan says he felt Goldberg’’s power but also knows the Fiend. Bray interrupts NWO style and mimics Hogan. He’s followed Hogan’s advice and became champion. Hogan chuckles at this and wishes him luck against Goldberg. Bray then warns Hogan that there’s always room for one more on his wall.

– Sami & Cesaro arrive to mock Elias with a ukulele & cowbell. They are holding a protest concert due to the injustice against them. Elias interrupts and is here to stop this madness. He says Sami is trying to make his name off of him and Sami tells him to shut up. Elias is staging a counter protest and Sami tells him to come to the ring. Sam & Cesaro “perform,” but the crowd cuts them off. They try again and Cesaro goes wild with the cowbell. The crowd wants more cowbell, but Cesaro throws it away to the floor. The crow chants for Elias, drowning out Sami. Sami threatens to end his concert, which gets cheers. Sami then heels on the hometown as Elias attacks. They cut him off, Braun makes the save and chases them away while running over security geeks. Braun & Elias stand tall.

– Naomi rants about Bayley and she wants a title shot.

– John Cena returns on February 28th; my birthday.

– At SaudiMania, Bayley defends against the winner of Carmella vs. Naomi next week.

– Goldberg will be on the show live next week.

– Date time for Mandy & Otis following a beautiful video recap of their relationship so far. Otis arrives with roses to meet his peach. But Dolph is there and sits with Mandy, crushing Otis’ heart. Dolph Ziggler ruins everything.

– The Miz & John Morrison arrive for our main event. They run down the Usos and mock them, saying they have Reigns fighting their battles for them. They claim they are the greatest tag team of the 21st century. Reigns arrives and his partner is Daniel Bryan.

– King Corbin arrives in the crowd, he has a ticket.

The Miz & John Morrison vs. Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan: JIP as Reigns works over Morrison. Morrison follows with leg kicks, Reigns cuts him off and tags in Bryan. They double team Morrison, Bryan dumps Miz and follows with strikes on Morrison. The suicide dive follows, and back in, the missile dropkick connects on Morrison. He follows with grounded licks and covers for 2. They work up top and the avalanche RANA follows. Morrison fights back, dumps Bryan and Miz slams him to the barricades. Miz attacks Reigns off the Corbin distraction as Morrison follows with a dive. Post break and Miz is in control. Morrison joins in for double teams and grounds Bryan. Bryan battles back, Miz cuts him off and they workup top. Bryan slips out and crotches Miz. Morrison in and stops the tag and the shining wizard follows for 2. Morrison up top and the 450 misses. Tag to Reigns and Miz joins him. Reigns runs wild, hits clotheslines and a big boot. The superman punch Is countered, Morrison hits the disaster kick and covers for 2. The running knee strike follows again for 2. Morrison misses starship pain as Reigns follows with the superman punch. The spear is countered, Miz in and the skull-crushing finale follows for 2 as Bryan makes the save. He dumps Morrison and the suicide dive is cut off by Miz. Miz mocks Bryan and Reigns superman punches him. The spear follows for the win. Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan defeated The Miz & John Morrison @ 13:45 via pin [***] A good main event with horrible booking of the top contenders to the tag tiles losing to a thrown together team ahead of their title match.

– Corbin lays out Reigns post match.

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* AEW Dynamite (2.12.20) Review: 21:15
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The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
This week’s WWE Smackdown was another show that simply existed. At no point did the show feel interesting or engaging, and while they did some work in the women’s division to set up another title match, and the wrestling wasn’t bad. The show had so much filler that it just was a struggle to stay focused on it or care. The booking of the main event was also stupid and incredibly short-sighted.