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Csonka’s WWE Smackdown Review 9.10.19

September 11, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Gable WWE Smackdown 91019
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Csonka’s WWE Smackdown Review 9.10.19  

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“It’s good shit, pal.” – Vince McMahon

Csonka’s WWE Smackdown Review 9.10.19

– The Miz defeated Andrade @ 9:47 via pin [***]
– Nikki Cross defeated Mandy Rose @ 4:32 via pin [**]
– Heavy Machinery defeated Jimmy & Johnny Kickpads @ 2:20 via pin [NR]
Non-Title Match: Champion Bayley defeated Ember Moon @ 6:33 via pin [**¼]
KOTR Semifinal: Chad Gable defeated Shane McMahon @ 0:35 via pin [NR]
KOTR Semifinal: Chad Gable defeated Shane McMahon @ 8:55 via submission [**½]

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For Whom The Dong Tools: Taker arrives and says for 0-years these grounds have been his home, and he doesn’t know how many more times he can come home, but the titans were born here and he took a small part of all of those souls with him. They will not be forgotten but they will be here for all eternity. Sami Zayn arrives says he doesn’t know much but knows they respect legends and Taker is a legend. He puts over Taker’s history in MSG and says it has been Taker’s yard. He respects Taker and says that tonight, it shouldn’t be Taker opening the show, it should be him. He is the future of WWE, and while the fans want him to take out Taker, he’s here out of respect, to ask Taker to leave the ring. do the right thing, pass the torch, and MSG & WWE will be in good hands. Taker hands him the mic and teases leaving, Sami celebrates, but Taker comes back in and chokeslams poor Sami. It was what it needed to be, fans got the Taker entrance and a chokeslam on an annoying heel.

– Shane meets with Gable and praises him… but informs him that Elias is injured, and Shane will be taking his place tonight.

The Miz vs. Andrade: Vega is at ringside, while Nakamura joins commentary. They lock up and work to the ropes. Miz attacks the arm, but Andrade counters out until Miz follows with arm drags. Andrade backs him off and follows with chops an d traquilos. Miz then cradles him for 2. Miz then traquilos and dumps Andrade. Miz is distracted by Vega, and then cradles Andrade for 2. Vega distracts Miz again allowing Andrade to attack. The double knees follow and Andrade covers for 2. Andrade chokes him out in the ropes and takes the heat. He follows with rolling suplexes but Miz counters back to cut him off. He follows with strikes, but Andrade cuts him off and dumps him to the floor. Andrade follows him out and maintains control. Miz fires back and then gets whipped to the barricade. Back in and Andrade covers for 2. The senton atomico follows for 2. Andrade grounds things but Miz fires up and they work into a double down. They trade strikes, knee strike by Miz and follows with the neck breaker combo for 2. Miz follows with grounded kicks, but Andrade counters back and they trade chops. Miz follows with more kicks and hits running knees and Andrade then charges and gets dumped to the floor. Miz follows with a dropkick and tosses Andrade into Nakamura. Back in and the Andrade back elbow follows for 2. Andrade then misses the moonsault and Mi z hits the skull-Cushing finale for the win. The Miz defeated Andrade @ 9:47 via pin [***] Miz has a title match on Sunday so he needed to win here. They had a good match.

– Nakamura lays out Miz with Kinshasa post match,

– Shane makes fun of Gable for being short and officially names himself as Gable’s opponent.

– Mandy cuts a promo and says she’d be embarrassed to be Cross. Mandy is beautiful and Cross is ugly. She continues to mock Cross as Alexa arrives with Cross.

Mandy Rose vs. Nikki Cross: Sonya & Alexa are at ringside. Cross rushes the ring and attacks. She runs wild and locks on a sleeper until Mandy cuts her off. Mandy takes control, and ground the action. Cross firs up and follows with strikes. She slams Mandy to the buckles and follows with a bulldog. Cross heads up top and Sonya distracts her. Alexa takes her out as Cross misses the high cross, but cradles Mandy for the win. Nikki Cross defeated Mandy Rose @ 4:32 via pin [**] This was ok and served as further build to Sunday’s title match.

– Heavy Machinery makes smootheis backstage.

– Ember Moon meets with Bayley backstage and Moon isn’t happy with the new Bayley. Bayley says she did what she did to save the division. They argue and setup a match for later tonight.

Heavy Machinery vs. Jimmy & Johnny Kickpads: Tucker dominates at the bell and just tosses one of the Kickpad brothers around. A big lariat follows. Otis tags in and hit corner splashes and the caterpillar. The compactor finishes it. Heavy Machinery defeated Jimmy & Johnny Kickpads @ 2:20 via pin [NR] Delicious squash.

– Shane meets with Owens and says he’s reconsidered the $100,000 fine and makes Owens the referee for tonight’s KOTR semifinal match. Owens is not thrilled about this.

– Erick Rowan arrives and says all of his life people didn’t get him. They all think someone controls him and that changed last week. Look him in the eyes and see what it is that makes him tick. He’s a mastermind, not a mindless brute. Reigns arrives and hits the superman punch. To the floor and Rowan cuts him off and they brawl into the crowd. Superman punch by Reigns and security arrives but Reigns hits another and Rowan powerbombs “a fan” onto the pile of security. Rowan then wipes out Reigns and security with a running cross body, drags Reigns up the ramp and beats him down on the stage. Reigns fires up with another superman punch, ground and pound but Rowan hits him with the boom camera to stand tall. Good angle to continue the build to Sunday’s match.

– Charlotte joins commentary.

Champion Bayley vs. Ember Moon: Moon attacks at the bell with a dropkick and follows with arm drags as Bayley powders. Moon follows and then cuts cutoff when Bayley slams her to the barricade and follows wit a knee strike. Back in and Bayley maintains control, slamming Moon to the buckles. She grounds the action, follows with hip tosses and Mon fires back with an enziguri and springboard high cross for 2. The powerbomb is countered and Bayley knocks Moon to the floor. Moon then cuts off the suicide dive, but Bayley avoids the eclipse and the Bayley to belly finishes it. Champion Bayley defeated Ember Moon @ 6:33 via pin [**¼] This was ok, but so far the Bayley character doesn’t feel like it’s evolved at all in the ring since turning heel. Hopefully that changes on Sunday.

– Kofi arrives and says it is good to be back in the World’s Greatest Arena. He said the building would always have a special place in his heart, because it’s where he decided to step up to one of the biggest stars in WWE to prove that he belonged. He whipped him in the ring, out of the ring, and the cherry on top was when he put him through a table. The entire Garden was chanting his name, and then he knew one day he would be back as the WWE Champion. He mentioned the kids in the audience, and how some might be too young to remember, so he aired the footage of the boom drop on Orton from 10 years ago. That was a very small taste of what he was going to do to Randy Orton at Clash of Champion when he remains the WWE. Orton arrives and called him stupid. Orton told Kofi he’s won the title 7 times, and the Royal Rumble twice, but none of that matters. He was going to take the WWE Championship on Sunday because Kofi has spent the last 10 years pretending to be something he’s not, whether it was the fake Jamaican accent or the fake power of positivity shit. Kofi then attacked and took Orton out with a chair shots. Kofi set up Orton to put him through a table but the table collapsed, so Kofi set him up on a different one with a chair shot. Kofi then climbed up a flight of stairs and put Orton through the table like 10-years ago. He then celebrated and fired up the crowd; really good segment.

Chad Gable vs. Shane McMahon: Owens is the special referee. Shane mocks Gable and Gable hits chaos theory and pins Shane for the win. Chad Gable defeated Shane McMahon @ 0:35 via pin [NR]

– Shane grabbed the mic and then said the match was now 2 out of 3 falls. Gable made his way back to the ring and talked to Owens, and then Shane blindsided him. He then slammed Gable into the announce table and threw him into the timekeeper’s area.

Chad Gable vs. Shane McMahon: We continue on as Shane is in control. He follows with kicks and a slam. Gable counters into a crucifix but Owens slow counts it. Shane follows with strikes, Gable fires back and hits the rolling Liger kick and neck breaker. Gable heads up top and the moonsault connects for a slooooooooooooooooooow 2. Owens hates himself right now. Shane cuts Gable off wit a TKO for 2. Shane grabs a chair, Owens stops him and Gable locks on the ankle lock and Shane fights but Gable drops down into the grapevine and Shane taps. Chad Gable defeated Shane McMahon @ 8:55 via submission [**½] This was solid and served its purpose, and thankfully the right man won.

– Post match, Owens told Shane he did everything he could. Shane then attacked Owens when he turned his back, and fired him, because THIS FEUD MUST CONTINUE.

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This week’s episode of WWE Smackdown was a solid go home show for Clash of Champions, and while there wasn’t a lot of good wrestling, they did a nice job of setting the stage for Sunday’s PPV with the Kofi vs. Orton segment being the best part of the show.