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Csonka’s WWE Worlds Collide Cruiserweights Collide 2019 Review

April 17, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s WWE Worlds Collide Cruiserweights Collide 2019 Review  

Csonka’s WWE When Worlds Collide: Cruiserweights Collide 2019 Review

– Tyler Bate defeated The Brian Kendrick @ 14:00 via pin [***½]
– Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews defeated Ariya Daivari & Mike Kanellis @ 13:20 via pin [***]
– Ligero defeated Albert Hardie Jr. & Gran Metalik @ 11:20 via pin [***]
– Jordan Devlin defeated Akira Tozawa @ 13:15 via pin [***½]

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Tyler Bate vs. The Brian Kendrick: They play to the crowd and lock up. Kendrick confirms that Bate is in fact a big strong boi, but is able to ground things and start working the arm. Bate works into slick counters and escapes. Kendrick grounds the action, but Bate escapes, hits a dropkick and follows with strikes. Kendrick powders, asking a child, “Why didn’t you tell me he was a big strong boi?” Bate follows but Kendrick slips back into the ring. eye poke by Kendrick, who takes control until Bate returns the favor and lays in strikes until he slams Kendrick to the buckles and covers for 2. They play some three stooges eye poke games, and Kendrick takes things to the floor and takes control. Kendrick follows with a suplex for 2. Bate finally fires up with a flurry of strikes, XPLODER, and running shooting star press for 2. Kendrick counters Tyler driver 97, but Bate counters sliced bread but Kendrick gets the captain’s hook. The big strong boi powers up and into the airplane spin. Bate finishes the spin and they both spill to the floor. Back in and Bate lays in uppercuts, the rolling kick but Kendrick counters the rebound lariat the first time but Bate hits it the second time and the Tyler Driver 97 finishes it. Tyler Bate defeated The Brian Kendrick @ 14:00 via pin [***½] This was a very good opener, with a nice mix of playfulness and competitive fire.

Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews vs. Ariya Daivari & Mike Kanellis: The heels stall, tagging in and out and Andrews finally get his hands on Daivari, but Andrews hits arm drags until Daivari slams him down by the hair. Andrews picks up the pace and starts working the arm. Daivari escapes and runs away. Flash & Kanellis tag in and lock up and Flash hits a RANA, trips up Kanellis and Andrews tags in and they double team Kanellis. Daivari cuts him off and tags in, laying the boots to Flash. Chops follow, they trade and Kanellis tags back in. He follows with a sliding dropkick for 2. Kanellis follows with rights, Daivari tags in and hits a neck breaker for 2. Kanellis takes out Andrews, and follows with clotheslines and big boot for 2. tags back in and grounds things. Flash fights to his feet, lays in kicks and fights for the tag. Andrews flies in with a high cross to both. Runs wild and hits a standing double stomp. The standing moonsault gets 2. He follows with a tornado DDT, Flash takes out Kanellis and the faces dump the heels and follow with topes. Back in and Flash gets crotched up top. Spinebuster by Kanellis gets 2. Flash cradles Kanellis for 2. Kanellis accidentally superkicks Daivari, stun dog millionaire by Andrews and Flash picks up the win with the swanton. Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews defeated Ariya Daivari & Mike Kanellis @ 13:20 via pin [***] This was an overall good tag match, with Webster & Andrews continuing to be a really fun babyface tag team.

Albert Hardie Jr. vs. Gran Metalik vs. Ligero: Hardie is the former ACH. Hardie attacks, they push and shove and Hardie takes out Ligero, and dumps Metalik. Ligero back in and takes control. Metalik cuts him off, and hits the missile dropkick for 2. Hardie dumps Ligero, and works over Metalik and the dropkick gets 2. Hardie locks on an abdominal stretch, and cradles him for 2. Ligero back in and cradles Hardie for 2. Hardie follows with chops, and the enziguri gets 2. Metalik now lays in chops but Hardie dumps him and hits a plancha. He works over Ligero, and lays in more chops. Metalik in and superkicks Hardie. Ligero lays in strikes. He and Hardie trade, but Metalik wipes them out. Sling blade follows and Ligero fights off the Metalik driver, but Metalik hits a dropkick and suicide dive on Hardie. The big splash connects on Ligero for 2. Hardie back in and eats an enziguri and Metalik driver for 2 as Ligero makes the save. Ligero hits a flurry of kicks, cuts off Metalik and hits the slingshot cutter. The tope follows. Back in and Hardie hits a German for 2. Metalik back in and then gets kicked to the floor. Ligero hits the tornado DDT and pins Hardie. Ligero defeated Albert Hardie Jr. & Gran Metalik @ 11:20 via pin [***] This was a good three-way, with everyone getting some time to shine.

Akira Tozawa vs. Jordan Devlin: They circle and Devlin lays in leg kicks. Tozawa fires back, grounds things and Devlin escapes. He works the arm, grounding Tozawa. Tozawa counters out and he attacks the arm. Devlin starts working the leg, and they work back to the feet. Tozawa then hits the kick and senton for 2. He lays the boots to Devlin, and covers for 2. Tozawa grounds things, but Devlin trips him up and works him over on the floor. Back in and the back breaker follows. Devlin lays in kicks, Tozawa fires back but runs into a uranage and standing moonsault for 2. Devlin follows with a slam, and grounds the action. Tozawa fires up, escapes, and hits the RANA and shining wizard. Tozawa up top and Devlin rolls to the floor, but Tozawa hits a suicide dive. Back in and the missile dropkick connects for 2. Devlin fights off the German, but Tozawa gets the octopus hold. Devlin fights, and counters into a back breaker. They trade chops, jab by Tozawa and Devlin cuts him off and they trade kicks and we get a double down. Tozawa finally hits the German for 2. Tozawa up top and gets crotched. Devlin follows him up, lays in strikes and looks for the Spanish fly but Tozawa fights him off and the senton eats knees. The snap Saito finishes Tozawa. Jordan Devlin defeated Akira Tozawa @ 13:15 via pin [***½] This was a very good main event, with Tozawa delivering again and Devlin continuing to shine.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
WWE When Worlds Collide: Cruiserweights Collide 2019 was a good and fun show, and while there was nothing must-see, it was a really easy watch.