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Csonka’s WWN Mercury Rising 2016 Review

April 26, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWN Mercury Rising
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Csonka’s WWN Mercury Rising 2016 Review  

Csonka’s WWN Live Mercury Rising 2016 Review

– Chris Hero defeated Zack Sabre Jr. @ 26:55 via pin [****¼]
– Drew Gulak defeated Fred Yehi @ 9:27 via submission [***]
– Tracy Williams defeated Matt Riddle @ 12:59 via submission [****]
Anything Goes Match: Ethan Page defeated Anthony Nese @ 13:10 via pin [**½]
SHINE Title Match: Champion Taylor Made defeated Nicole Matthews @ 7:57 via pin [*]
FIP Title Match: Caleb Konley retained the FIP Title @ 13:30 via [**½]
Evolve Title Match: Champion Timothy Thatcher defeated Sami Callihan @ 16:30 via pin [**]
– Kota Ibushi, Johnny Gargano & TJ Perkins defeated Will Ospreay, Tommy End & Marty Scurll @ 22:59 via pin [****¾]

– Zack Sabre Jr. is out and wants to fight “that big fat ass” Chris Hero right now.

Best In The World Challenge Series – The Rival: Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Chris Hero: The angle here is that ZSJ is doing this best in the world series, and Hero is offended because he thinks he is the best of all time and noted that he’s knocked out ZSJ two times in their only matches. Hero powdered to the floor and allowed the crowd to have some fun before they got to action. They did some back and forth, and then ZSJ started to light up hero with forearms and uppercuts. They spent some time on the floor, and ZSJ landed uppercuts and then worked HOLDS on the floor to maintain his advantage. ZSJ was doing his customary arm work, when Hero turned the tide and tried to attack the arm of ZSJ. ZSJ cut him off and then targeted the ankle of Hero. They are playing off of each other so well, they know each other, so they are smartly countering the known spots of the other, like ZSJ catching Hero on the senton and getting the arm bar. Hero took it back to the floor, where he got a solid advantage and beat down ZSJ with forearms and elbows. Hero would actually repeatedly challenge ZSJ to hit him and say, “go ahead and kiss me you bitch,” shake off the strike and lay in a harder one to ZSJ. The crowd loves this; Hero has beaten poor ZSJ down and is almost playing with him as he continues the attack. This was a great back and forth match, with hero looking to maintain his dominance of ZSJ and ZSJ trying to prove that he can beat Hero and lay claim to being best in the world. I really like that ZSJ has slowly shown more of a mean streak, which commentary also commented on. ZSJ using the roped and the count more than ever plays so well as he is showing his desperation. ZSJ even used a chair on the floor to continue punishing Hero’s arm. This kept escalating with both guys demanding the other hit them. The action and violence grew continuously as the match went on and it was quite awesome. Hero busted out a cravat driver, as both guys dig deep into the repertoire. Even with Hero largely destroying ZSJ at times, Hero had his left arm worked on a ton and he sold it well. I REALLY liked this, but once we hit 19-minutes the crowd was less into it, and it started to feel a bit long. Hero hit a great stuff piledriver for a near fall, and that seemed to help get the crowd back into things. Hero repeatedly kicked as ZSJ and asked, “who do you think you are, do you think you’re Bryan Danielson? You’re not, I’m the best in the world.” ZSJ countered the Gotch piledriver, and got the hanging kimura, but Hero again escaped and they continued to go back and forth. Hero hit repeated elbows to the back of ZSJ’s head, and finally put him away. Chris Hero defeated Zack Sabre Jr. @ 26:55 via pin [****¼]This was a great match, as these guys work very well together. I enjoyed the story being told and even the fact that “the good guy” doesn’t always win. Not next level, but an absolutely tremendous start to the show.

– Hero cut a post match promo, and said he has another show to go to. Best in the world is played out, he’s the greatest of all time and he is out.

Drew Gulak vs. Fred Yehi: These two recently had a match at Evolve 56, where Gulak won, but in victory refused to shake Yehi’s hand because he had not earned it yet. They worked an even and clean opening back and forth, and then Gulak hit a throw and took control. Gulak simply grounded Yehi and worked to keep him grounded. I love this style, especially when they do something different. Yehi worked an escape, punching at the knee of Gulak, which led to him working the knee as his escape route. Gulak escaped a koji clutch with an ankle lock, and worked that for a bit. Yehi fought him off, and when he fired up DROPPED to the mat. Why you ask? It was because “his leg gave out” and he sold that, which allowed Gulak to attack. It’s not that damn hard to sell the leg. Yehi tried to fight back, had issues because of the knee, and then Gulak got a dragon sleeper out of nowhere, and Yehi had to tap. Drew Gulak defeated Fred Yehi @ 9:27 via submission [***] This was a good match overall, not anything special from either guy in terms of a MOTY or anything, but it was clean, well worked and enjoyable.

– Post match Gulak told Yehi he had great potential, and offered him a spot in Catch Point. He accepted. Good, they need to do something with Yehi and soon.

Matt Riddle vs. Tracy Williams: They are fighting because they want to fight, and also because Williams has lost twice to Riddle. Williams took Riddle down and went right work on the legs of Riddle, which is fine but Riddle was up and no selling the work right away prior to being sent to the floor. Williams hit a high cross off the top and to the floor onto Riddle. Five seconds later, Riddle was up and hit a springboard kick onto Williams. Seriously. They did the big back and forth striking battle; Williams took control and worked over Riddle. Riddle sold the beating well as it happened, but tends to forget it when he does the big comeback. Good submission work from Williams, making things look really effortless as he dominates the match. In the rise of Riddle, Gulak’s consistently great performances and Perkins getting run again, it gets lost how good Williams is. Riddle countered a high cross with a knee strike ands then fisherman’s buster for the near fall. Dead God Williams hit a lariat and Riddle went to do the flip sell and spiked himself on his head. Some great counters, including Riddle countering the piledriver into the Alabama slam and right into the heel hook. They kept going and getting crazier, including the high end DDT off the ropes from Williams and then the crossface and Riddle TAPPED. Tracy Williams defeated Matt Riddle @ 12:59 via submission [****] That was a hell of a match, as those two have a hell of a chemistry. Riddle’s selling bothered me a bit and took away from things, but overall it was still a very good and skillfully worked match; they made it look easy.

Anything Goes Match: Ethan Page vs. Anthony Nese: Nese is a dick and called Page fat, so we got this match. Commentary made this a segment about Page working for an anti-bullying center in Canada. If you follow the product you will not be surprised but a match with (insert Premiere Athlete Brand Member here) has next to no heat. When Nese got “the heat,” he only got reactions of weapons of impacts, “ohs and ahs” and then silence. It’s almost like a forced bullying feud with a member of the roster people really don’t care about was a bad idea. Page made a comeback and used the ladder, even doing the Terry Funk tribute. Page actually swung a chair at Nese (who did the flip sell) like a baseball back; it got a reaction, and then was used as a transition spot/near fall. Page made a ladder bridge, they went up top and Page slipped down and hit a powerbomb through the ladder. Package piledriver on the chairs and that was that. Ethan Page defeated Anthony Nese @ 13:10 via pin [**½] This was a match, a lifeless and clumsy match with no heat a lot of the time. They tried, they failed, but they tried. Page looked like he was doing everything in his power to will the people to care, and while they never really got there, his performance was good. Nese and Konley just need to go away for a while, they’ve been over exposed and no one really cares about them these days. I’m not saying to never bring them back, but the fan base needs a break from them. The ending stretch saved it, but this was average at best, especially considering the stipulation.

– Next up they are ding a segment in appreciation of terry Funk. Why? Because, he’s TERRY FUCKING FUNK that’s why. Sabu and I Dream of Jeanie came out the ring, Sabu threw a chair at Funk, and they hugged it out. Mick Foley then arrived and gave Funk a plaque. He said the WWE HOF is going on right now, and he could be there, but he had Funk indict him into the WWE Hall of Fame, and he wanted to be here tonight to pay tribute to Funk. Funk thanks the fans and wrestlers, and praises Sabu and Foley as two of his favorite. Earl Cooter and Larry Dallas arrived, because of course they do. Cooter wanted to show Funk what he had, did the “I’m not booked” joke, and Funk told him he shouldn’t be. The crowd chanted that Cooter was a jobber and then shut the fuck up, because no one likes Larry Dallas. Cooter attacked Sabu, so Funk beat down Dallas with rights. Sabu got back and used a chair and Funk punched Larry Dallas not nearly enough times. Foley couldn’t fins Socko, so he pulled off his sock and jammed it down Dallas’ gullet. Cooter ate Socko as well, and that was that.

– We get an intermission, why? Because Scurll, Ospreay, and Callihan are coming from WrestleCon and need some time to recover.

– They address that Ivelisse was hurt, and is out of her scheduled title match. They then brought out SHINE Champion Taylor Made, with Val and Andrea, to discuss the situation. Val banished the WWNLive dude, and then said there would be no title match. Luscious Latasha is out to answer the challenge… yup. She’s apparently undefeated in SHINE, apparently no one from SHIMMER was available. Andrea attacked her and laid her out. Val then kept talking. Treven the WWNLive dude told her the title will be defended, and announced Nicole Matthews, well that’s better.

SHINE Championship Match: Champion Taylor Made w/So Cal Val & Andrea vs. Nicole Matthews: Matthews hit the ring and attacked right away. They brawled to the floor, where they went back and forth. Matthews hit a suicide dive onto Andrea and Taylor, but when they got back in the ring, Taylor took control. This was really clunky, and had no real flow to it. Matthews made a comeback with clothesline and a suplex for a near fall. More slow back and forth, Matthews hits a bridging German for a near fall. Matthews then locked in a lion tamer, but Val distracted the ref. Andrea in and hits a big boot on Matthews. UGH. Taylor hit a cutter and that was enough for the win. Champion Taylor Made defeated Nicole Matthews @ 7:57 via pin [*] That was a bad match with a worse ending.

FIP Title Match: Champion Caleb Konley w/Val and Andrea vs. Maxwell Chicago vs. Gary Jay vs. Jason Cade: This is one on one, with tags or lucha rules to bring in a new man. Konley and Chicago tried to do comedy and at 11:35 PM ET, it was not welcomed. Partly because it was bad, partly because I want this to move along. This amused the crowd, they liked Chicago but it felt like too much bullshit. I get that Chicago is fun live, it doesn’t translate well to a show that is running long in my opinion. Thankfully it broke down into a normal match, and worked in some entertaining multi-man spots. Cade then fired up and hit some dives (including a 450 to the floor), and this is getting better. Konley started to toss guys out to get an advantage, and then powerbombed Jay to the floor onto the other guys. Jay then got to run wild with suplexes on all three men, stacking them in the corner. he then got near falls on all three of his opponents. Everyone took turns laying each other out, and Chicago got a near fall from the tiger driver. Andrea got involved and tossed Cade to the floor, and Konley then hit a Michinoku driver off the ropes for the anticlimactic victory. Champion Caleb Konley retained the FIP Title @ 13:30 via [**½] It went too long, and the finish was bad, but thankfully they worked themselves out of horrible and into a fine match.

EVOLVE Championship Match: Champion Timothy Thatcher vs. Sami Callihan: They are heavily playing up Thatcher’s arm injury, which caused him to lose earlier today via submission in a non-title match. They charged at each other, and Thatcher used his bad are right away to lay into Callihan with an elbow strike. Thatcher then went into protective mode, trying to keep the elbow away from Callihan, which allowed Callihan to find an opening and get control of the match. They went to the floor, and Callihan worked the arm in the barricade. Every time Thatcher tries to fight back, he gets slowed because Callihan finds an open and then goes right back to the arm. They are working a smart match, playing off of the established injury, but they aren’t getting much back from the crowd, who feels exhausted. They went back to the floor, and this slowed to a crawl with Thatcher getting a bit too much one armed offense. They are working hard, but even those there live have commented on how quiet it is getting during this. There is a point where in the ring, you need to make some changes to see if you can get the crowd into what you’re doing, and they simply did not do that here, and it is suffering due to that. They traded suplexes, and then head butts and forearm strikes. Callihan hit a powerbomb and then worked into the London Dungeon, but Thatcher made the ropes. Callihan ripped off the arm wrap and then hit the Cuerno killer and Thatcher again kicked out, that would normally have been a hot near fall, but they got next to nothing. Callihan then repeatedly hit jump kicks to Thatcher, who then head butted Callihan and won. Champion Timothy Thatcher defeated Sami Callihan @ 16:30 via pin [**] I was a big fan of Thatcher, but he was on a run of not so good matches. The dead crowd did not help and Sami didn’t bring any fire.

– Post match, Catch Point hits the ring. Gulak still does not understand why he and his men have not gotten the title shots that they deserve. Gulak claims that Thatcher makes his own rules and takes short cuts, and head butts women. Gulak says Thatcher is a disgrace as champion. Thatcher says he is still champion, and will defend it against each and every one of them. He then leaves the title in the ring, and says he will reclaim it when he gets his redemption. Even Thatcher knows he’s had some bad outings as of late. Catch Point all look at the title, and Gulak picks it up. Gulak then poses with the title as Riddle bails. I have no real clue what they were doing there. Did Thatcher actually vacate the title or is he maybe playing mind games to fuck with Catch Point and will them “reclaim it” when he feels he deserves it? If he isn’t messing with them and vacated it, why couldn’t we do a title change and play off of the injury thing? Why do the injury angle if that wasn’t the goal behind it?

The Six Man Tag Team Tradition Continues – Days Of Future Past: Kota Ibushi, Johnny Gargano & TJ Perkins vs. Will Ospreay, Tommy End & Marty Scurll: We’re starting this match 3 hours and 24 minutes into the show. They worked clean and basis stuff early, keeping a methodical pace and making it feel as if they are going to go long. They worked their way to Ibushi vs. Ospreay, and that got a great reaction. These two worked a really fun and quickly paced set, with some slick counters. After Ibushi and friends got some run, Ospreay was able to slow up Gargano and then lads took the advantage and worked the heat on Gargano. Good choice, as TJP is a heel and Ibushi needs to be saved for a big hot tag. I need to watch more Scurll, dude is fun in the ring and has a great villain presence. And that’s what they did; Gargano sold for a while, Ibushi got a short hot tag, and then it broke down with everyone hitting everyone in a three on three battle. They traded superkicks, Ospreay was isolated and TJP and Ibushi worked him over. Things then got fast paced, with rapid-fire offense and the Europeans jus wrecking Gargano with all of their signature stuff. They then worked over TJP, and did a sweet triple team elevated cutter spot for a great near fall. Ibushi then came in to save the day, ran wild until Ospreay cut him off and then Gargano returned with spears and a suicide dive. Ibushi hit a moonsault and a 450 by TJP, and Scurll made the save and they have the crowd back big time. We then go the big signature move buffet and EVERYONE is down! Scurll did the broken fingers spot on Ibushi, Gargano hit a dive onto the pile on the floor and then End hit a moonsault onto everyone! This is beautiful madness. They then poured into the crowd and brawled. Ibushi and Ospreay battled onto the top of the setting in the bar area, it was hard to see them and then the both hit a moonsault onto the pile of guys. Ibushi and Ospreay then returned to the ring and had a hell of a sequence until the others returned. We then got Ibushi hitting the big powerbomb and that was all. Kota Ibushi, Johnny Gargano & TJ Perkins defeated Will Ospreay, Tommy End & Marty Scurll @ 22:59 via pin [****¾] They had a lot to work against after a really soft middle of the show, but they worked their asses off, got the crowd back and delivered one hell of a main event. It was exactly what it was supposed to be in the best way possible in terms of delivering an all-star tag.

– They all showed respect post match. Ibushi and Ospreay embraced, Ospreay had one hell of a weekend.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 109. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Steve Cook look at the latest news, breakdown NXT vs. AEW (4.22.20), while Jerome Cusson joins to talk Dark Side of the Ring Jimmy Snuka & The Death of Nancy Argentino. The show is approximately 145-minutes long.

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* News Roundup: 2:10
* AEW Dynamite (4.22.20) Review: 32:05
* NXT (4.22.20) Review: 56:55
* The Head to Head Comparison: 1:25:10
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The final score: review Good
The 411
WWN Mercury Rising 2016 is a good show, with a great opener, amazing main event, but a really flat middle portion, which hurt it. Make sure to catch hero vs. Sabre, Williams vs. Riddle, and the main event.