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Dakota Kai Thinks Her Heel Turn Was Justified

December 12, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Dakota Kai NXT Takeover: WarGames

In an interview with TV Insider, Dakota Kai spoke about her heel turn against Tegan Nox at NXT Takeover: WarGames and her belief that the turn was justified. Here are highlights:

On planning the turn at WarGames: “It was always a thing that we were going to do. In terms of how it was executed, that wasn’t until we were really told about the War Games match. I think there were thoughts if this could be a thing I could pull off, but there was a lot of fuel to the fire there personally and with the story as well. Being away from the wrestling ring for nine months really does give you a lot to think about.”

On transitioning back to the ring after her injury: “That’s always going to be a thing in the back of anyone’s mind — not just an ACL injury, but any big injury. I was super nervous. My first match back was actually live on the USA Network. That was hell. Rehab doesn’t really stop with an injury like that either. You can’t let it get to you. You just have to keep going.”

On her heel turn: “It is weird, but at the same time, I am myself. I feel justified all this is happening. This isn’t just something where I just lost my temper and did this. I think a lot of people can actually see I’m justified. Rhea [Ripley] said I needed to prove myself to be on the team. Having a match against Shayna Baszler, who nobody else has beaten (except for Kair Sane), what does that mean? It means Mia Yim comes out and gets picked for the team? That’s not fair. I think a lot of people saw that was unfair as well. I think people can see this is a justified thing that I’ve done. It’s not a random change in character. It was dumb. I essentially should have been on their team. I think that plays a lot into it, too.”

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