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Dana Brooke on How Ronda Rousey Elevated Her Career

March 16, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WWE Raw Rousey Image Credit: WWE

– Dana Brooke was recently interviewed by NBC Boston, and she discussed how Ronda Rousey coming to WWE helped the women’s division and how working with Rousey elevated her career. Here’s what she had to say (via Fightful):

Dana Brooke on how Ronda Rousey helped the WWE women’s division: “When Ronda Rousey came in, it was a blessing for the women’s division because it brought a bunch of eyes that we never had and elevated the women’s division. I was very grateful for that. I came out with a little chip on my shoulder and I cut a promo saying, ‘I’m not a household name, this is me, this is my life. I busted my butt for so many years to be at this point and you come in and you’re right there. I just want to prove to the world that I’m not afraid of anybody, I will definitely go toe-to-toe with anybody.'”

On how Rousey elevated her: “She elevated me, she pushed me to my limit, she pushed me to my potential. I got to work with her at WWE live events, it was great. I earned Ronda’s respect I feel. At the end of the day, I learned a lot from a loss than I feel I would have learned from a win. I learned a lot about myself, my limits, my boundaries. I was pushed to the ultimate test. In my eyes, that’s a win.”

Brooke worked an angle with Rousey in March 2019. They faced each other in a one-on-one match on WWE Raw on March 18 of that year. Rousey won the match in under a minute.