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Daniel Bryan Discusses Amazon Rainforest Fires

August 27, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
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– Daniel Bryan talked with William Beltran of Superluchas.com about the Amazon rainforest fires.

William Beltrán – Superluchas.com: At this moment there is great concern, especially here in South America: The fires in the Amazonian forest. It’s something that affects everyone, that affect all the world. What can you tell us about that topic please?

Daniel Bryan: “Yeah, so… I think is you know, is really sad because aparently there is hundred of thousands of indigenans people in the area that are losing their home but not only that… there is… is weird because I hate to get in the politics but there are people letting it’s burn so they can use the land for other things. So… I don’t know. As somebody who has environment concerns I’m very concern about whole situation for… Is more than just ok the environment, is the people who live there! That’s hundred of thousands of people and you can’t just move them on… to the city… right? That’s not the way how it Works. You know what I mean, they have been living there like… for the longest time remembed and they want to move them to the city and expect them to work in factories or something? I don’t know. It’s a tragedy and I hope it gets controlled soon becuase it’s a central part of the ecosystem”

William Beltrán – Superluchas.com: And then there is the issue of wildlife.

Daniel Bryan: “Yeah… You know, the diversity of species in the Amazon rainforest is higher than anywhere else in the world, and there is much that could be lost. There are species that could become extinct. And the interesting part is that we don’t know which species correlate with others. We cannot say ‘These specific species must be saved’. There is, for example, the kingdom fungi, fungi. There is no variety of fungi as large as the one that exists in the Amazon rainforest, and we do not know how many of them are necessary for the planetary ecosystem, because everything causes an impact. We already know the impact caused by the reduction in the number of bees and the danger it represents. However, it is a devastating scenario”.

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